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Respiratory questions

1. What type of resp failure:

Low p02 and normal pCO2?
Low pO2 and high pCO2?
2. Pink frothy sputum which disease?
3. Low FVC and a normal to high FEV1/FVC ratio? Obstructive or restrictive?

4. Low FEV1 and fev1/fvc ratio is less <75%? Obstructive or restrictive?

5. A 50 year old smoker comes into hospital with a cough, rigours and
pleuriticpain. On examination he has a diminished expansion and
bronchial breathing? Whats up?
6. Patient is in hospital for a hip replacement and becomes unwell, she has a
cough and is sob, what does she have and what species is responsible?
And just for jokes how would you treat it?
7. Severity scale for pneumonia?
8. Lady coming back from spain, fever, myalgia, malaise, and now
developing a dry cough? CXR shows bibasal consolidation. Go! Oh and
you might as well tell me how to treat it!?
9. A HIV patient has a dry cough, dyspnoea, fever and bilateral crepitations,
what is the cause of his pneumonia? Organism?
10.A patient is recovering from a chest infection and they become ill again
and redevelop a fever, what could be one of the possible diagnosis? o/e
reduced chest expansion and stony dull to percussion, something shows
up on the cxr what is it?
11.Young male presents with a cough, lots of sputum and some haemoptysis,
he has had measles as a child and has also had whooping cough what
does he have? What are the clinical findings? And what might you see on a
12.A young un comes to hospital with cough wheeze and failure to thrive
what is it?
13.Patient comes in with haemoptysis and dyspnoea, gradually getting worse
and has he first noticed it two months ago, clubbed HPOA and cachexia.
What is the cause? He also has ptosis, meiosis and a dilated that
related and how? And list the symptoms of carcinoma of the lung....
15.Young child, sob particularly worse in the morning and has also noticed
some red itchy patches at the elbow and wrist....cause? and what is the
16.Gentleman, ex smoker has had a productive cough for the past three
months and has had this before, likely diagnosis?
17.A known COPD sufferer has increasingly tachypnoeic, has fatigue, ankle
swelling, cyanosed andthe second heart sound is splitting, they have a
low pao2 and a high pac02. What may be happening and are they a pink
18.65year old male with SOB, cough, sputum. o/e tachypnoeic, accessory
muscles in use, hyperinflated and redcued expansion... likely diagnosis?