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2011 SCHOOL YEAR 2012

Public-Policy Resource Theme-Packet Sent To Participating High Schools Nationwide

America's History & Heritage


Our September & October public-policy resource packets totaled over 200 pages of exciting classroom materials focusing on the history & heritage willed to us by our Nation's Founders. CONTENTS OF THE PACKETS INCLUDE:
Declaration of Independence American War for Independence (American Revolutionary War) Articles of Confederation Constitutional Convention of 1787 (Philadelphia Convention) U. S. Constitution Ratification Debates Federalists vs. Anti-Federalists Federalist Papers Anti-Federalist Papers. These packets will be used by classroom teachers as standard features of their citizenshipeducation curriculum. In other words, this material is not time-sensitive and will be used year after year to inform high school students about our Founder's Vision & Values. Therefore, NOW is the ideal time to get this timeless material into the hands of the teachers in your local area high school(s), so they can begin to present this material in their various classes - contemporary issues, government, economics, civics, political science, problems of democracy. The long-term results of this program will be the creation of a positive influence on the intellectual, moral and civic understanding of our Nation's teenagers and on our Nation's future. Please help us reach & teach these young Americans at this time!

Philosophy Matters

Maximum Individual Liberty Minimum Government Intervention versus

Minimum Individual Liberty Maximum Government Intervention


NOVEMBER 2011 (continued next page)

Barnyard Economics: The Modern Little Red Hen

A Time- Honored FABLE About

Freedom Rewards



Enterprise Complacency



Moral Decay

Falling Living Standards

Social Dependency

This 50-page theme-packet is foundational. It will be used as a permanent ( year after year ) feature of the high schools' economics, government, contemporary issues, and public-policy issues curriculum streams.

November 2011 Volume XXXIII

Number III


DECEMBER 2011: The True Story of the Financial Crisis (8pp) Cause and Effect: Government Policies and the Financial Crisis (10pp) "Human Action And Inaction" Caused 2008 Financial Crisis, Report Concludes (2pp) How Government Economic Policies Caused the Financial Crisis of 2008 (3pp) The Affordable Housing Scam (7pp) Financial Crisis Was Avoidable, Inquiry Finds (4pp) "It's Going To Happen Again" - Financial Meltdown Committee Head (1p) Government Starts Fiscal 2012 With Deficit National Debt Up 35 Percent During Obama's Partial Term; 40 Percent in Bush's Last Term Obama vs. Bush On Debt 3 Ways Of Looking At Government Debt Federal Debt Tops $15 Trillion After Two Years OF ObamaHere's Your Change Does Government Spending Help Mitigate A Recession - Experts and Influencers Agree / Disagree CBO: Stimulus Hurts Economy In The Long Run Obama Defends His Economic Stewardship At G-20 Meeting Poll: Majority Blame Obama For Economy How Will History Judge Obama's Economic Policy? A Nobel Rebuke to Obama's Economic Policy Obama Finds Economy Makes Politics a Hard Sell on Bus Tour Business Leaders Air Growing Unhappiness with Obama Obama's Economic Policies Were Not Pretty, But They Were Right With Recovery Slowing, The Jobs Outlook Dims Recession Officially Over, US Incomes Keep Falling Downward Mobility Democrats Seek $1T Tax Hike, $3T Deficit cut From Super Committee GOP Offers New Revenues in compromise; Democrats Reject Startup Creating Fewer Jobs Why Our Children's Future No Longer Looks Bright Young-Old Wealth Gap Hits Record Against The Grain: Bill Cosby: "I'm 76 and Tired." Our January theme-packet will begin our intensive, comprehensive, and balanced coverage of the entire process leading up to the November 2012 elections.

NOW is the ideal time to ACT to activate this exciting citizenship-education activity in your local area high school.


Much of the material in our monthly - September thru May of each school year National public-policy resource theme-packets is foundational in nature. This material will be used by classroom teachers year after year as a standard feature of their citizenship-education curriculum. Because this material is not time sensitive, teachers can plug it into the curriculum stream at any time during the school year - at the teachers' discretion. Some of the material has a strong "current events" component; hence, it's more time sensitive and will be used at once upon receipt from our office. However, because we deal only with "big" national public-policy issues, even these packets are useful to classroom teachers on an ongoing basis. This is because they form the core of teacher-preparation resource files, which the teachers will update with additional, current, related information as it becomes available. This will insure that the theme-packets have the maximum educational impact possible. The "bottom line" is this - participation in this exciting program can begin at anytime during the school year, and all nine (9) theme-packets for the current school year will be sent to the schools no matter when during the school year the school's participation is activated. Our January theme-packet will begin our intensive, comprehensive, and balanced coverage of the entire process leading up to the November 2012 elections. This coverage will continue right through the November 2012 elections Presidential, Congressional, and State-level contests.

Please keep in mind that many of the students exposed to this material will be eligible to vote in 2012. Now is the ideal time to implement this program in your local area school(s). Please let us hear from you soon.

JANUARY 2012: It's a long, long while from January till November TRACKING THE TREK to the White House & the Capitol 2012 GOP primary / caucus calendar - January 3 to June 26 Iowa Caucus Results New Hampshire Primary Election Results South Carolina Primary Election Results NEWS & VIEWS - Remarks by the President on the Economy in Osawatomie, Kansas PRO - Obama Strikes Populist Chord with Speech on G.O.P. turf / The Most Important Speech of his Presidency. CON - When Obama's Music Stops, Class Warfare Starts / Our Marxist Wizard of Oz / Inequality Talk Will Get Obama Nowhere ANALYSIS, OPINIONS & COMMENTARY: 2011 - The Year the Wheels Fell Off / The Worst Economic Recovery Since the Great Depression AGAINST THE GRAIN: Contrarian Perspectives - 10 Reasons the U.S. is No Longer the Land of the Free FOCUS ON FUNDAMENTALS - Taqiyya for Kids (This theme-packet totals 100 pages of resource material for teacher preparation / student-study classroom use)