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Most of the links listed below are to databases for California or Federal law that are free of charge. A link to a database for doing many free public records searches is also included, as well as two links to databases that can be very useful for checking out the reputation of companies and individuals to determine their reputation. NOTICE: NEWEST LEGAL LINKS AS OF JULY 6, 2013 ARE LISTED IN BOLD A new legal research site which has ratings of Judges in several states, including California and certain Federal judges so you can check out your Judge before you appear before them. Searchable database of all published California Supreme Court, Court of Appeal and Appellate Division of the Superior Court decisions all the way back to 1850. Searchable by citation, party name and by using terms. Database of all opinions for the last 120 days. Note that this database will include some unpublished opinions. Only published cases can be cited or relied upon unless they fall under an exception. See California Rule of Court 8.1115. Searchable database of the text of all the 29 codes of California law. This is an updated site as of March 25, 2013. Database of the entire California Rules of Court. Database of all California Judicial Council Forms. Page listing all of the Courts in the State of California. Page with links to law libraries, websites and more. Spanish language version of the California Courts homepage. Excellent website with an extensive list of California cases that deal with the issue of attorney fees awards, both before and after entry of judgment. Awesome website with many FREE public records searches for most states, including California. Awesome website and a great resource for digging up information on dishonest companies and individuals. Another great resource for digging up information on the general reputations of companies and individuals. Findlaw homepage for legal professionals. Good resource for legal research. Findlaw homepage for California legal research. A great resource for legal research. Findlaw page for searching many city and county municipal codes. Another great resource for legal research. Find a public law library near you. Excellent website from the Legal Information Institute at the Cornell University Law School with the full text of each and every Code Section for all of the many Title and Code Sections in the United States Code. The entire text of other Federal related laws and statutes such as the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy and Civil Procedure, Federal Rules of Evidence and more, can be found by doing a search using the box in the upper right hand corner of the website from the Legal Information Institute for which a link is provided above. Search Court records for the Federal Courts. You can search bankruptcy, civil, criminal and other types of Federal Court cases. FREE to sign up, and if your bill is less than $10.00 per calendar quarter you do not have to pay. Extension for Mozilla Firefox that allows you to get the most out of Pacer. One subscriber informed me that this cut his Pacer bill in half! Webpage all about California discovery law. Very extensive. Webpage with an extensive law library for Federal and State laws. Over 21,000,000 articles and books Webpage which states their mission is to provide access to published United States legal opinions, Codes and legal resources without charge. Webpage from Google where legal research can be performed for free. This one is great. Anything from Google has a lot of content. Webpage for the Sacramento County Public Law Library. Webpage for Atkinson Baker Court Reporters that has a deadline and filing date online calculator for depositions and other legal matters. Webpage for the UCLA Law School library. Good resource. tm Webpage for James Publishing with a great list of the most essential objections to be used at trial. I have purchased many of their books in the past so I know this link is useful. Webpage from the Daily Journal which has some great articles on various areas of the law. The Daily Journal is also approved by the California State Bar as a continuing legal education provider. For $35.00 California attorneys can complete CLE tests online and more. Great resource for everyone, articles are written by practicing attorneys, commissioners and Judges. Great webpage. They have a question and answer forum that is free and you can search for subjects of interest. Webpage for the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Central District of California. A great resource for bankruptcy. Webpage with an extensive list of mediators. Webpage all about the Unfair Competition Law and Consumers Legal Remedies Act in California. Webpage for the Public Library of Law which claims it has one of the worlds largest free law libraries. Webpage for the Public Law Library. Great page with many links to resources for searching California and Federal law. Webpage with many links where recent decisions of the United States Supreme Court, all of the United States Courts of Appeal, and other Federal Courts can be searched and viewed.


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