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Seventh Semester
Mechanical Engineering
Time: Three Hours Maximum: 100 marks
Answer ALL questions

PART A - (10X2=20 marks)

1. What is mechatronics? Give four examples.

2. Describe various elements of measurement system with help of a block diagram.
3. What is meant by hysteresis error of a transducer?
4. What is switch bounce?
5. Writh the function of accumulator register.
6. List the factors to be considered for the selection of microcontroller.
7. What do you mean by electronic counter?
8. Draw the ladder rungs to represent two switches are mormally open and both
have to be closed for a motor to operate.
9. Mention any four statements in problem definition of mechatronics system
10. What are the various movements of robots?

PART B - (5X16=80 marks)

11. A) (a) What is meant by sequential control? Explain a pnumatic circuit for
sequential control of double acting cylinder. (14)

(b) What is the response time of a transducer? (2)


B) (a) Briefly explain the mechatronics system components. (10)

(b) Explain various control approaches used in mechatronics system. (6)

12. A) (a) What is the transduction principle and explain atleast five effects to which
transduction can be attributed. (8)

(b) Write short notes on light sensors. (8)


B) (a) Explain the construction and working of tachogenerator. (8)

(b) Discuss the working principle of thermocouple with suitable diagram. (8)

13. A) (a) With a block diagram, explain the use of microcontroller for a house hold
application. (14)

(b) List th various application of microcontroller. (2)


B) (a) Write a program to divide 8-bit numbers and to store the result in memory
again by microprocessor using 8085. (6)

(b) Discuss the working of microprocessor controlled traffic signal system. (10)

14. A) (a) Develop a PLC program of a circuit that could be used with a domestic
washing machine to switch on a pump to pump water for 100s into the machine,
then switch off and switch on a heater for 50s to heat the water. The heater is then
switched off and another pump is to empty the water from the machine for 100s. (8)

(b) What is meant by internal relays? Explain. (8)


B) Briefly explain how data handling is carried out in PLC. (16)

15. A) (a) Compare the traditional design and mechatronics design with suitable
example. (8)

(b) Explain the robot control circuit diagram of a pick and place robot. (8)


B) What is the objective of the engine management system, and explain its working
with a block diagram. (16)