New Consolidated Dining Facility at Camp San Luis Obispo
As many of you know, Camp San Luis Obispo has been without a Consolidated Dining Facility (DFAC) for several years. Through the hard work and support of people like LTG (R) Herbert Temple and politicians to include Senator Diane Feinstein and U.S. Representative Bill Thomas, Camp San Luis Obispo garnered the funding for a new, state-of -the-art, facility. It replaces the old consolidated DFAC facility (bldg 817) that was built in 1942 and de-commissioned in 2005. The old DFAC had outlived its ability to adequately and safely serve the installation. That same year, Congress approved add-on funding for the new project. In November of 2006, the Adjutant General of California, Major Gen. William H. Wade II presided over a groundbreaking ceremony celebrating the years of effort that were about to come to fruition. Soon after the groundbreaking, Sundt Construction began to perform construction management and on-the-ground supervision of the project for Alutiiq Global Solutions LLC, the Prime Contractor for the project. To ensure quality control and effective coordination during the construction process, Mr. Tom Oliver of Camp San Luis Obispo Headquarters was assigned to act on behalf of CSLO and the Facilities Directorate at Joint Forces Headquarters as the construction coordinator. In a period of less than eighteen months, the $9.1M, 16,079 square-foot structure went from rendering; to concept; to a reality. The new facility will meet the dining requirements of up to 500 customers per meal. The facility will support two serving lines and has two large dining rooms which can easily separate to four dining rooms. The new DFAC will greatly enhance Camp San Luis Obispo’s ability to provide the highest quality of customer support to both tenant and transient users of the installation. On January 17, 2008, Alutiiq and Sundt hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony to recognize the completion of the physical structure. The next phase of the project will focus on furnishings to include tables, chairs, plates, silverware etc. In addition, vendor contracts, hiring actions and other events will take place to prepare the facility to

service the tenants and permanent party of the installation. The current plan is to begin utilizing the facility in the June/July timeframe with a grand opening ceremony to occur in August.

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The CSLO History Corner
Can you correctly identify the area or location in the picture?
Be the first person to correctly answer our mystery building quiz and receive a Camp San Luis Obispo Coffee Mug and be identified in the next Shot ’n Shell. Mug compliments of the CSLO Museum! To identify the mystery building and win the mug, please send an e-mail to: Saundra.Peralta@us.army.mil
Last Quarter Winner: Ms. Stephanie Kendrick, Headquarters, correctly identified the old Amphitheatre (now located on Cuesta College property). Built in 1944, this Spanish mission inspired amphitheatre saw troop entertainers such as Bob Hope, Judy Garland and Bob Crosby to name a few.

COL Thomas Bullock
COL Thomas Edward Bullock is quite a guy. At the young age of 95, Thomas “Pop” Bullock, is currently providing his insight and memoirs of his time at “Camp San Looey” via his filmmaker son, Tom P. Bullock. From high school in Oakland, Bullock had his heart set on attending West Point. He was even appointed to West Point during his last year of high school where he was also a member of the ROTC. Then, on the eve of his high school graduation came the Great Depression. He gave up his dream of West Point in order to help support his family (4 sisters) ...but still keeping his military dream alive, he enlisted in the National Guard in the fall of 1930 with the 40th Division, 143rd Field Artillery and became one of four NCO’s "Chief of Section" Sgt. when they were still a horse-drawn unit! He also has some interesting accounts of having to gently push live-fused high explosive shells out of the barrel with a rammer-staff when there were misfires. This was one of the dubious responsibilities of the "Chief of Section" which was his designation during most of his years at Camp San Luis Obispo. During WWII and for many years afterward he remained a member of the California National Guard as an infantry intelligence officer, finally retiring with the rank of Colonel. We are fortunate to have Colonel Thomas “Pop” Bullock re-live his training encounters and memories of Camp San Luis on video. His son, Tom Bullock, a filmmaker in San Francisco, has captured hours of “Pops” true stories and hilarious moments (like the time General Story ordered his driver to take him up a steep hill in a Harley-Davidson side car, and then tumbling out on his head in front of the troops). More of Pop Bullock’s stories will be available on DVD in the near future… so watch for it, what a wonderful gift for anyone who ever wondered what it was really like here ...way back when!

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U.S. Air Force Auxiliary Civil Air Patrol
Squadron 103— Camp San Luis Obispo

Want to do Ground Team Search & Rescue ? Fly Aircrew for Search & Rescue and more ? Work with Youth Programs ? Age 12-18: FLY ?: 5 Powered & Glider Flights Learn Leadership, Teamwork, & More

You probably heard about Civil Air Patrol a lot on TV and Radio in September in the search for the lost Aviator, Steve Fossett… If you were watching KCOY TV Channel 12 News, you would have seen Squadron 103’s Cadet / 2Lt Robert Fredericksen and Captain Rich Bingham interviewed about their experiences as Ground Team Members during the search and how local teenagers participated in areas the search up to 8000 feet in elevation. Civil Air Patrol conducts about 95% of all search and rescue missions for the U. S. Air Force Rescue Coordination Center at Tyndall AFB, in Florida. The Civil Air Patrol also serve Homeland Security in flying missions to help our fighter aircraft train in intercepting small aircraft. See http://www.cap.gov for pictures and news and to see the types of Community Service we provide as volunteers.
Editors Note: The Civil Air Patrol is a tenant of Camp San Luis Obispo and provides valuable assets to the Installation in the way of helicopter and ground support as part of their mission. These young people learn valuable military attributes through their membership and support the California National Guard.

You have seen our cadets here on the Post in their Air Force Blues or BDU’s during the month of February for our Statewide Cadet Programs Conference and also during August for the Annual Encampment. The encampment is a week long “basic training” for approximately 280 cadets from all over California and a few from other states who participate in teaching and learning teamwork, discipline, military courtesy, and drill. We are the “control tower” at O’Sullivan Airfield for National Guard helicopters to land… we are looking for volunteers to help with this task as well. We are located in Building 1005, across from the Achievement House behind Cuesta College. Cadets meet Tuesdays from 1830-2030 hrs and Senior Members meet the 2nd Tuesday at 1930-2030 hrs. For more information contact: http://sq103.cawg.cap.gov Or contact Capt. Rich Bingham, Commander, at 773-5145

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Governor Schwarzenegger announced that the California National Guard of Camp San Luis Obispo has won the 2007 Governor’s Environmental and Economic Leadership Award (GEELA) for its Dairy Creek Erosion Control Project. GEELA is the California's highest and most prestigious environmental honor. The award program recognizes individuals, organizations, and businesses that have demonstrated exceptional leadership for voluntary achievements in conserving California’s resources, protecting and enhancing the environment and building public-private partnerships. The Dairy Creek Project was implemented to protect the federally-threatened Steelhead Trout, the California Red-Legged Frog, and to stabilize California National Guard (CA NG) training lands. The CA ARNG initiated erosion control measures along Diary Creek on Camp San Luis Obispo. The CA NG in cooperation with the Morro Bay National Estuary Program, the California Department of Fish and Game, the California Conservation Corps and other groups implemented erosion control measures that stabilized the hillsides adjacent to Diary Creek. These erosion control measures decreased sediment into the Morro Bay Estuary; which enhances the Steelhead Trout habitat, and preserves training lands serving CA ARNG units and other federal, state and local agencies that utilize Camp San Luis Obispo for training. Award recipients are chosen in eight different categories based on their strength in eight specific areas including results, transferability, environmental impact, resource conservation, economic progress, innovation and uniqueness, pollution prevention, and environmental justice. Accepting the award on behalf of Camp San Luis Obispo at the ceremony that took place on Tuesday, November 20th in Sacramento, were; Doug Bryceson, MAJ (R) Mark Johnson, Chris Long, Michael Moore and Pete Waldburger. The Governor's Environmental and Economic Leadership Awards program was established in 1993. The award program is administered by the California Environmental Protection Agency and the Resources Agency in collaboration with the State and Consumer Services Agency, the California Department of Food and Agriculture, and the Business, Transportation and Housing Agency.

Before mitigation

After Mitigation

Congratulations to the Winners of the 2007 NGB Environmental Security Awards!

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The 349th Quartermaster from Camp San Luis Obispo has landed in Tallil AB, Iraq and is assuming their support mission. Major Mario Acevedo (Camp San Luis Obispo’s Director of Plans, Training, and Security) is the commander of the 349th QM Co.

Excerpt from the 349th Quartermaster company Muleskinners Tribune, dated 1 October 2007

LSA Adder, Tallil AB, Iraq (September 14, 2007) - Today was a special day for the 349th Quartermaster Company, as it was the day we officially assumed the support mission in Iraq.

This was the day of the Transition of Authority ceremony. The ceremony started with the chaplain saying a prayer, a speech was made, the outgoing unit (40th QM Co. [DS]) furled their guidon and gave up control of the mission, the incoming unit (349th QM Co.) unfurls their guidon and assumed the mission. As soon as that was done, there were more remarks, the chaplain said another prayer, and the Army song was played to end the ceremony. After the ceremony was done, this is what Major Mario Acevedo, Commander of the 349th QM Co., had to say: “It was a day that has been long in coming.”

- Give ‘em a High 5!!!


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