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Training Children to be Independent

Original list can be found at PLAN.pdf or in her book: Teaching Your Children to Fly

Adapted from Merrilee Boyack

AGE 3 Dress Self Toilet Trained Brush Teeth Pick Up Toys Say Prayers Wash Walls Obedience Personal Vitals (bday, age) Yes Maam/ Sir AGE 7 Wash Dishes Learn Nutrition & Body Care Clean Toilets Pull Weeds Savings Account Read w/Comprehension Get up by self w/alarm clock Know Articles of Faith Learn Proper Table Manners Money Management Learn Proper Etiquette Baptism Clothing Keep Personal Planner AGE 11 Arrange for Own Haircuts Clean Refrigerator Clean Cupboards Straighten Drawers Straighten Closets Bake Pies Bake Bread Beginning Meal Planning Cook Several Meals Ironing Mow Lawn Use Weed Whacker Garden Maintenance Babysitting Class Use Camera Basic Knit/Crotchet AGE 15 Career & College Prep Interviewing Resume Prep Drivers Permit/ Practice Follow Assembly Instructions Plan & Build something w/dad

AGE 4 Make Bed Make own Breakfast Make Sandwiches Beginning Room Cleaning Clean Glass Tables Begin Articles of Faith Learn Proper Manners Get Allowance Floss Teeth AGE 8 Grooming Hair & Nails Personal Talent Development Clean Mirrors Read Scriptures Daily Sex Talk (near 8th bday) Care for Pet How to build a fire Set Personal Goals Bake a Cake Mix Set Table Properly Maintain Journal Purchasing Use Email AGE 12 Read Newspaper Current Events & Politics Public Speaking Make/Keep Dentist Apt Understand Basic Filing Beginning Genealogy Order Something by Phone Order Something by Mail Order Something by Net Shopping and Sales Check Fluids in Car Paint Interior/Ext of House Babysitting Mending Clean Windows Use Filtered Internet AGE 16 Get License! College/Career Prep Arrange for Car Insurance Cell Phone & Pay for it! Checking Account Get a Job!

AGE 5 Straighten Rooms Vacuum Empty Garbage Can Set Table Clear Table Make Own Lunch Canned food Warm up Outfit Matching Memorize Phone/Address AGE 9 Mop Floors Bake Cookies from Scratch Read Scriptures Daily Emergency Prep First Aid Fill Car with Gas Wash Car Clean Interior of Car Hammer Nails Saw Wood Cook Vegetables Write Letters Wilderness Survival

AGE 6 Take Shower Dusting Unload Dishwasher Load Dishwasher Clean Sinks Water Plants Call & Answer Phones Laundry Care Beg Personal Planning AGE 10 Beginning Sewing Exercise Program Rent Video Clean Stove Clean Oven Make 6 Salads Use Blower Place a Collect Call Use a Pay Phone Place L Distance Call Wrap Presents Sew Buttons

AGE 13 AGE 14 Party Planning Basic Int. Decorating Advanced Cooking Class Food Storage Basics Grocery Shopping & plan Debit Card Own Budget Book Interest/Debt/Securities Pay House Bills Ident. Skills to get job Use ATM Advanced Politics/Law Certify CPR Acco. Parent to Vote Type w/out Looking Change Flat Tire attend Movies Alone Basic Mechanics Herb/Prescription Use Struc.House Repairs Memorize S.S# Memor. Seminary Script. Make-Up Care Clean Garage Laundromat how to Sell Items on Internet Public Transp how to Firearm handling Personal Defense Ironing AGE 17 & 18 Focus on school, job, college prep, mission prep, etc because you are officially trained for the real world!