On 16th Nov`2011, Shri.Sanjay Kale, an RTI activist had filed a case with a Judicial Magistrate First Class court at Rahata, alleging that Shirdi Sansthan's four trustees, with the help of the Sansthan's vehicle department Chief, prepared fake bills and recovered Rs 1.67 lakh as transport allowance from the Shirdi Sansthan Trust. On, 02nd Mar`2012, under Section 156(3) of CRPC act, the Judicial Magistrate First Class of Maharashtra's Ahmadnagar district's Local court directed the Shirdi police to conduct a probe & register a case against these trustees of the Shri Sai Baba Sansthan,
who are accused of swindling funds to the tune of Rs 1.67 lakh between 2004-2007, from the Shirdi Sansthan Charitable Trust by allegedly submitting fake travelling bills.

Also, in separate RTI investigations a News Channel found another Scam in Shirdi's Shri Sai Baba Hospital. It was revealed that the Doctors who were operating at this Hospital for a Salary of Rs.35,000/- were being given Incentives to the tune of Rs.50 Lakh, Rs.60 Lakh and also Rs.95 Lakh by the Shirdi Sansthan ! And due to such incentives the Doctors have been said to be operating on some poor people who did not even need any operation !

And more than the poor patients, preference was being given to the patients who had any influence or reference of the Shirdi Sansthan Trustees or Politicians.

Also, Sai Devotee & Social Activist Shri.Manu Gidwani, who has been long visiting Shirdi, has several allegations against the Shirdi Sansthan Trustees regarding which he had also written several times to the Chairman and the CEO of the Shirdi Sansthan, but till date had got no reply from any of them. His allegations: 1) Some of the Trustees from outside Maharashtra have given forged addresses of within Maharashtra so as to become a Trustee of Shirdi Sansthan Trust. 2) Do the Sansthan Trustees belong to the common-man or Politicians because if Shri Anna Hazare was told by the Government to not to enter politics then why was the Government meddling into the affairs & running of a Temple. 3) Why were Politicians made Trustees of Temples and not devotees like the Grand Children of Mahalsapati, Laxmi Bai etc who had done true seva for Baba. 4) There are Agents in the temple who charge a fat amount from devotees for a fast and easy Darshan. And the Amount they get is the divided amongst several people in the temple. 5) Why VIP's / devotees who come by Helicopter get Darshan ahead of the other non VIP devotees.

"yOu can fOOl all the peOple sOme Of the Time, yOu can fOOl sOme Of the peOple all the Time, but yOu cannOt fOOl GOD any Of the Time !"

rOhit beHaL

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