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Chapter 1

It was a bright day in the hidden village. Young Link was walking around the city, gazing at the technology. The village
was so advanced, even so advanced that the outside world was not able to see the utopia. ‘This is not Atlantis,’
Young Link thought, “but definitely as close to it as possible.” All of a sudden, Young Link heard shouting from behind
him. “Hey! Listen!” a boy screamed. Young Link turned around and saw his friend Ramón coming towards him. “Hey
Link,” Ramón panted, “wanna duel?” Link smiled, and unsheathed his sword.


Ramón was shocked as he fell to the floor. “Wow Link,” Ramón said, gasping for breath. “You’re tough!” All of a
sudden, what felt like an earthquake started to happen. Everybody came out, and looked around. Nothing was wrong,
but all of a sudden all of the technology turned off. A twilight portal appeared at the top of the village. Out of the portal
came a shadowy figure. He said what sounded like a dark magic spell, and everybody but Young Link fell to the floor.
The shadowy figure came to Young Link, laughed, and then kicked him across the face. Young Link fell, motionless.

“Hey! He’s waking up!” said an unknown voice. Link felt like his body hadn’t been used for 15 years. As he woke up,
he saw a badge on his tunic. It looked like a badge of a pig. Link looked up, and a boy smiled at him. “My name’s
Lucas, Link. How do you feel?” Link stood up, shocked that the boy knew his name. “How… how long have I been
asleep?” he stuttered. Lucas laughed, and replied, “15 years. he stuttered. Lucas laughed, and replied, “15 years.
The unknown destroyed your village. Good thing we got there in time and hooked you up on a Porky badge or you
wouldn’t be alive right now!” Link looked at the badge on his shirt. “So… where am I?” Link asked.
“You’re in New Pork City, this is where me and Ness are staying for vacation. Jeff decided to come along too.”
“Where’s Ramón? Where’s Zelda? Where’s everyone in my village?”
“They’re dead.” A voice said inside a building. The boy slammed open the door. “I’m Ness.” Ness said. “Pleased to
meet you Link. Sorry about your home.” Link looked at the sky in shock. What had happened? All of a sudden, it
came back to him. He dueled Ramón, and then a figure came out and used dark magic. It all seemed like a dream.

Chapter 2

Link looked around. The whole city was like a carnival. Buildings everywhere. That’s not the part that surprised him
though. All of a sudden he saw a plane shrouded in darkness come out of the sky. All of a sudden, Ness looked
worried. “Get down,” Ness whispered, “hopefully they won’t see us.” They did, and two jackal-looking creatures fell
from the plane. The plane hit the breaks, almost as if they were watching the battle with popcorn and soda. Link
unsheathed his sword, ready to fight.


The two beasts fell on the ground, and a dark figure jumped out of the plane. “General Fox from Sector 1 of the
Unknown’s Army. Put your hands in the air or prepare to fight.” the fox said. Lucas jumped in and said. “We refuse to
give into your ways! PK FREEEEZE!” Lucas used his PSI, but the pilot’s reflector stopped it. “Suit yourself,” the fox
said, “and prepare to die.”


Fox fell back. “Don’t think this is the last of me!” yelled Fox as he jumped into his plane. Ness yelled, “C’mon! We
don’t have much time, let’s go back to Onett and devise a plan!” Lucas pressed a button on his shoe, and a plane that
looked exactly like the enemy plane appeared. “This is our Pure Arwing MK I. It’s still got a bit of darkness on it, but
it’s almost finished. We added some PK boosters so we can shoot our home-made weapons.” Lucas told me. We
jumped in the plane and sped away to Onett.

Chapter 3

As the Pure Arwing landed in Onett, the three warriors stepped into the drug store. “Hey hey! They’re back!” the boy
behind the counter said, excited. “Hey Jeff,” Ness said, “any spottings?” The boy behind the counter, or “Jeff”, faced
his head towards the computer. He smiled and snapped his fingers. “Yep, down near Yoshi’s Island, also a spotting
down near Bridge of Eldin. We’re gonna have to split up. Ness and Lucas, you guys hit Yoshi’s Island. Link, you go to
the Bridge. Here.” He handed Link an earphone. “This is our telecommunication. In the center of the earphone is a
button, that will enable video communications.” Link looked at the purple earphone and stuck it in his ear. As Link
started to walk out the door, Jeff stopped him. “Wait! Test it out. Press the purple button.” Link stopped and pressed
the button. A hologram of Jeff shot out in front of him. Link smiled and said “It’s working.”

Lucas piloted the Pure Arwing as Ness and Link talked and enjoyed the view. Eventually, they landed at the Bridge of
Eldin. Link jumped off as the Arwing sped away. He saw a couple of people lying down. He walked up to them, but
noticed they were just trophies. All of a sudden, he heard the Arwing coming back. Link looked, and saw just another
Dark Arwing. General Fox jumped out, as well as another jackal. “Well well well,” the General said, “If it isn’t Mr.
Sword Boy. Back for more?” Link smiled, and replied, “Back for more? If anything, you’re just gonna lose again.” The
general frowned, and shot his blaster. Link was hit, and he fell on the ground in pain. The fox laughed. “Ye, I’m going
to be beaten by you, again. Luco, back on the ship.” The jackal did a bounce and fused with the Arwing. “Get up, fairy
boy. I’m not letting you get out of this one.”


Fox slid on the pavement of the bridge. “Nice slashin there,” he said, “But I was going easy on ya. Here’s a gift for
your troubles.” The Fox sped away in the Arwing, and Link heard a ticking noise. His eyed widened, and he spoke
into the earphone. “Jeff, this place is about to explode, get me out of here!” He paced back and forth waiting for a
reply. “Link, Lucas is on his way, he’ll be there in about 30 seconds.” The earphone finally spoke, but was 30 seconds
too much time? All of a sudden, he saw a bright white light in front of him. The bomb went off, and Link went flying
through the air, his earphone falling out.

Link awoke, but he had no idea where he was. It looked like he was in a two dimensional area, but that is impossible.
He looked around, and he noticed he was two-dimensional. He heard a beep, and a green robot came towards him.
Weird thing was, the robot spoke. “Hi,” the robot said in a low-pitched voice, “Who are you?” Link raised an eyebrow,
and replied, “I’m Link. Am I 2D?” The robot laughed, and said, “Yes, you’re in an area called Mario Bros. It’s a place
that defies physics, which is what I like about it. By the way, I’m Jerry.” Link felt like he was hallucinating. “Ok, how do
I get out of here?” Jerry looked, and said, “There’s an exit if you go into the pipe.” Link thanked him and went into the
pipe. Surprisingly, Larry followed him.

Chapter 4

Link was back in a 3D area! Although, it looked like it was ruins. A mustached man in a white suit was lying down and
sipping some Mushroom Cola. He stood up suddenly when he saw them, and shot 3 fireballs. Link hit each of them
with his shield. “Calm down! We’re your allies, not enemies, Mario!” Larry said. Mario put his hand down and sipped
his cola. “Who’s your friend, Larry?” Mario asked. “I’m Link.” Link said. Mario’s eyes became wide, and he
immediately shot 10 more fireballs. “Y-you’re Link?? You’re part of Unkown’s Army! Get out of the Mushroomy


Link stopped attacking. “I’m not part of Unknown’s Army! I’m against them, I haven’t even been awake for 15 years!”
Mario raised an eyebrow. “Hmm… well, I guess I won’t attack you then. Cola?” Mario offered some Mushroom Cola.
Link stepped back and said, “No thanks.”

After watching the sky for about 5 more minutes, Larry finally broke the silence and said, “What are we gonna do
about this army?” Mario sat up and told Larry, “Luigi said he had a plan. Let’s go to the mansion. Oh, but first I gotta
get changed.” Mario jumped into the pipe and into 2D land. Link stood up, and sighed. “I can’t believe this all has
happened.” He stared at the sky, wishing that he was back in the hidden village. Larry put his arm on Link’s shoulder
and said, “I might be a robot, but I still have feeling. I know what you mean, and I’m sorry.”

They continued to stare at the sky until they heard a rumbling in the distance. They turned around quickly and saw a
beam of blue light coming towards them. They dodged, and standing there was a dark bounty hunter. “My name is
Samus,” Samus coldly said, “and I’m the general of the Unknown Army’s Sector 3. I have been sent to take you out.”

Dark Samus panted, and gasped, “Haha. You’re good. But not good enough…” She took out a smash ball, and
smashed it until the contents of it were running through her veins. She prepared to fire the Zero Laser… then
immediately fell to the ground. Standing behind her was a person who looked exactly alike the dark one, only with an
orange suit. “I am the real Samus,” Samus said, “And I’m part of the rebellion. I have brought the Frigate Orphean by
request of Mario. Please, come in.” A giant ship landed. Mario jumped out of the pipe, and exclaimed, “LET’S-A GO!”

Chapter 5

Link was beginning to get used to his new life. He felt like something was missing. He sighed, and walked along the
Frigate. Larry was lying down and recharging, and Mario was sipping his Mushroom Cola. Link continued to walk until
he found the piloting station where Samus was. “Who was that?” asked Link. Samus turned around, and sighed.
“That was a clone of me. I was holding off some of their troops once when I got a surprise kick from the leader of the
Unknown Army. I fell, and the last thing I saw was little shadow bugs emit from my back. Then I fainted.” She bobbed
her head, and shaked her head. “That Dark Samus has been following me around ever since. I can’t seem to kill it…”
All of a sudden, the ship rumbled violently. Link almost fell, and yelled “What the hell?” The rumbling stopped, but
voices could be heard outside. The two of them slightly opened the door, and saw two men in camo have Mario and
Larry by the throats. They were whispering.

Samus started to press some buttons on her arm cannon, and then it started to glow. “Move away,” she muttered
under her breath. Link followed the order, and Samus shot a huge beam at the two men. They both fell on the ground
unconscious. The two fighters quietly tiptoed along the floors of the ship.

Finally, they reached the main dock. Samus went to the control panel, and hit a shield. “Shield activated,” a feminine
robot voice emitted from the control panel. Samus nodded, and gave Link a gesture to follow her. The second she did
that, the doors shut, and an alarm went off. Maniacal laughter was heard over the intercom. “So,” the voice said
coldly, “you think you can defy me? You think you can just rebel and expect to win without any consequences? Well,
THINK AGAIN!” More maniacal laughter. Samus raised her arm cannon if defense, and Link unsheathed his sword.
The doors burst open, and two giant koopas came out. “Fear my pets!” the voice said, and the intercom shut off.


The koopas fell on the ground, exhausted. The intercom turned on, and the voice said, “Well well, it seems that
there’s more power in you than I expected. Oh well! Here’s the next batch of fighters!” Out of the broken hallway
came two soldiers. “Kept you waiting, huh?” one of the soldiers said.


The two fighters heard an angry slam over the intercom. “Try as you will, but if you continue, you will DIE!” The
intercom shut off, and everything became back to normal. Samus looked out the window, and said, “We’re here.”

Chapter 6

The sky at this mansion looked grim. As Link, Mario, Larry, and Samus stepped out of the ship, they heard the
mansion rumble. A slim figure stepped out of the mansion. He was skinny and pale, and looked a lot like Mario, only
he had green clothes on. “Hey bro, you’re here!” Luigi shouted as he hugged his brother. “What took you so long?”
Mario dusted off his shoulders and said, “Invasion on the ship. I swear, the Unknown Army will stop at nothing to kill
us.” Luigi nodded, and opened the doors to the mansion. “Come on in!”

The five of them stepped inside and felt a chill run down their spine. Luigi looked around nervously, and then said, “All
right, well, I bet you guys have had a long day. You can stay here for the night, then we’ll head directly to Corneria to
take down Sector 1. Follow me to your beds.” Link was put on the 2nd floor. As he lay there, he thought. What was
tomorrow going to be like? Where’s Corneria? Are we actually going to survive? Link thought about this, then gently
fell asleep.
Link suddenly woke, but he had no idea where he was. He was lying down on a wet, soft material of some sort. He
stood up, and immediately, his eyes shot open. He wasn’t at the mansion any more. His surroundings were dark and
mysterious, and it looked like there was yellow-ish acid lava below. He heard faint laughter, and walked off to the next
platform… then felt something rip on his back. He felt his tunic burning, so he batted it on the ground until it stop. He
heard more laughter, and he looked at the sky. Standing right above him was a woman, although she didn’t look right.
Link fell in fear as she laughed more.


The woman laughed some more, and Link’s jaw dropped when she morphed into Dark Samus.


Dark Samus laughed so hard it seemed that she was dying. As she morphed, Link’s eyes became wide, his jaw
dropped, and he felt like he was falling. Standing there was…


As the clone of Link fell to the ground, Link stepped over and looked at it. A clone of himself… Could this really be?
He had to time to ponder such questions, as Dark Link stood up and grabbed a Smash Ball, just like Dark Samus had
in the Mushroomy Kingdom. He trapped Link in the Dark Triforce, and he swung for the finishing blow…

Link screamed, and sat up. Mario, Luigi, Samus, and Larry were around him. He was back in the mansion, and he
could feel the sweat on his forehead. “Woman laughing… Dark Samus… clone of me…” he muttered quickly, before
fainting back on the pillow.

Chapter 7

Link walked outside of the mansion after waking up. The nights at the mansion might have been creepy, but the
mornings were beautiful. He took in the fresh air while letting his mind wander. “So…” a voice said behind him. He
quickly turned around, and saw it was just Samus. “How are you liking the rebellious always quick paced life?” Link
sighed, and said, “It’s exciting. How long have you lived like this?” Samus sat down, and put her hand to her chin. “I
think 2 years. I’ve gone through countless injuries, although I won’t retire this life until the Unknown Army is finished.”
She then took her helmet off. All of a sudden, Link was hit with a force. Her face was beautiful. He had seen some
good-looking gals before, but nothing compared to this. “W-well…” Link stuttered, “When are we leaving for
Corneria?” Samus looked at the Frigate Orphean parked a bit away. “30 minutes. Get ready.”

20 minutes later, everybody was warming up for a fight. Mario was shooting fireballs and sipping some Mushroom
Cola; Larry was testing out his blaster and refueling his oil tank; Luigi was dancing; Samus was running and shooting
blasts from her arm cannon; Link was swinging at a dummy Luigi had brought out. Samus stopped, and told
everyone, “All right people, listen up. You’re warmed up, so now I want you to suit up into your green outfits. This
shows that we a part of the resistance. Is everyone ready to fight?”

Everyone shouted yes.

“Good! Then GO CHANGE!”

Everyone but Link and Samus ran inside. Link already had his green tunic on, so he had nothing to worry about.
Samus entered the Frigate to start it up. As she stepped inside, Link heard a twig snap behind him. He pivoted
around cautiously, but he saw nothing. Then he heard it again. He decided to take a walk and see if there was
anything in the forest.

As he walked, he heard owls coo-ing and coyotes awooo-ing. Link looked around, and then all of a sudden, a wolf
came out of the blue and swiped at him. Link quickly dodged and swung his sword at the beast. The wolf howled
angrily at the cut across his stomach, and they kept fighting until they were back at the mansion.

The wolf lay on the ground to rest. “Garhhh…” the wolf said, “I’m just looking for food. Please give me some?” Link
raised an eyebrow, and then saw an amazing opportunity. If he befriended the Wolf, he could convince it to join their
team! “I’ll give you as much food as you want,” Link told him, “if you help us fight the Unknown Army.” Wolf smiled,
and raised a paw. “Deal.

Chapter 8

Everyone stared out the window of the Frigate Orphean as it past through the skies of the Mushroom Kingdom.
Everyone’s faces looked pale and grim. “So…” Larry said, breaking the silence, “how long until we reach Corneria.”
“5 hours.” Samus replied, checking her Arm Cannon Clock. “We’ll be there around 1:00. Here, I’ve mapped out an
attack plan.” Samus laid a blueprint down.

“There are 5 sectors and an elite sector in the Unknown Army. Each sector has a generic soldier and a general,
excluding the elite sector. Right now we’re focusing on Sector 1. Generic soldiers are Lucarios; they are quite slow.
Don’t give them too much damage though, as they get more powerful as they take more damage. Now, I’ve laid out a
blueprint of Corneria. There’s a base at the center. There are 3 tunnels. Mario and Luigi will take Tunnel 1; Larry and I
will take Tunnel 2; while Wolf and Link will take Tunnel 3. At the center is the main lab, where we will meet and,
hopefully, destroy Fox and Sector 1.”

Link interrupted her, and asked, “What’s the difference between each tunnel?”
“Technically, there is no difference that I know of. All that I know is in the tunnel you will see a hell lot of Lucarios.”
Link nodded.

As the hours ticked down, they entered the Lylat System and began their descent. The team could definitely see what
Samus was talking about. There was a huge dome in the middle of the city, and then three big pipes. The pipes
stretched on for a while. They led to a huge skyscraper, which was at least 3 times bigger than the dome. “All right,
let’s go. Don’t make too much noise.” Larry said. They started their attack on Sector 1.

Link and Wolf jumped down to the pipe on the far right. As Link unsheathed his sword, he said, “All right, get read to
fight like there’s no tomorrow.” Wolf nodded cautiously. Link counted, “1…2… THREE!” They burst open the door, and
attacked rapidly. What they saw was… no one. Absolutely no one. They both raised an eyebrow and kept walking on.
As they neared the end of the seemingly endless pipe, they climbed the staircase to the skyscraper. They met up with
Samus, Larry, Mario, and Luigi at the top. All of them looked puzzled, and Samus, Link, and Luigi all said at once,
“There was no one.” Samus cursed under her breath, and said, “They must have saw us coming. Anyway, let’s keep
going.” They pressed the button on the elevator and rode up to the top.

Chapter 9

The team reached the top, and expected to see all the soldiers compiled into one place. What they saw surprised
them. There was a pod in the middle of the room. “Are… are you serious?” Samus yelled. “They used an ESCAPE
POD! How could I have not seen this coming?” Link stepped into the pod. Instead of being able to see the technology
up close, he felt a weird sensation in his whole body. The pod started to glow, and all of a sudden, he fainted.

Link woke up just as quickly as he had blacked out. He wasn’t in the building anymore; he was on a huge airship. “P-
please, let me go…” an old man said in the distance. Link looked up, and saw Fox having an old man by the throats.
“We’re done with you, so we’ll just keep you in the storage room until we’re finished.” Fox shoved the old man into a
door on the plane, then turned around and saw him. “YOU!” Fox screamed angrily. All of a sudden, his whole team
appeared in a burst of light. Samus instantly looked at Link and screamed. “What happened-“ Link said, but then
noticed his voice was very high-pitched. He looked, and by god, he was Young Link! This would have been good
news, but then Lucarios surrounded the whole team. Fox laughed and stepped towards them slowly. “You know,
Sector 1 might be only the first sector, but we’re also one of the most powerful. We are the second sector to have the
power of time-travel, with the first being the Elite Sector. So, prepare for death my friends.”



“Drats!” Fox screamed angrily, a huge frown covering his face. “Well, it looks like I’ll have to take care of this! LUCO!


“N-no…” Fox gasped, struggling for breath. “T-this can’t be… I have failed the unknown army… I was defeated by a
child… a mere child… Luck has never blessed me, so I g-guess… t-this is it…” And like that, he exploded in a rush of
Shadow Bugs. Young Link looked at the ground where Fox has just been. ‘1 sector down, 5 to go…’ Link thought. He
then remembered the old man they had trapped. With that, he ran to the inside of the ship.

Chapter 10

“My name is Ganondorf” the old man inside the cage told the team. After the death of Dark Fox, the team had rushed
inside the ship. All guarding Lucarios had stepped down in fear.

At this point, I had stopped, cuz 1. I was starting to write another Brawl fanfic which
was a parody of star wars, 2. Writers block, and 3. Coming back from the cape.

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