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Initial applicants may fabricate a mock girder to meet the audit requirement. connections between buildings. experience. and the construction industry that says. Need proof? Ask your competition. that assesses everything from management goals to the steel shipped out the door. There are currently three Paint Endorsements available: P1. or bridges on private property.Outside Quality Management Company provides independent.Sophisticated Paint Endorsement . is having a reputation for doing good work vital to your firm? Participation in the Certification program provides specifiers.5—Bridge Welding Code. epoxies. Also.5 sophisticated paint. Simple or Major Bridge fabricators that furnish fracture critical bridge members may qualify for the fracture critical endorsement. The sophisticated Paint Endorsement is based on industry standards and manufacturers’ storage. specifiers. “Quality is built-in!” How much time. major steel bridge. The projects include both rolled beams and built-up girders. These bridges typically have welded and bolted splices in multi-span projects. Facilities should be capable of executing a typical three girder lay down and full assembly. single span highway overpasses. These are typically rolled beam bridge. surface preparation.Enclosed P2. AISC Certification provides you with a management tool. specific to the steel industry. Visit www. money. They are also pedestrian bridges. and equipment to deliver a quality project every time. Fabricators must demonstrate a familiarity with procedures required to produce fracture critical members in accordance with a fracture control plan as defined by AASHTO/AWS D1. and productivity do you lose to nonconformance? By implementing the quality management system. Fabricators continuously tell us how Certification has improved their business by reducing errors and increasing communication.Be certified Certification is a statement to owners. and general contractors with assurance that a fabricator has the personnel. Note: Major Steel Bridge Certification requires experience making girders. Simple Bridges can be short.Sophisticated Paint Endorsement . The Sophisticated Paint Endorsement is designed to evaluate the qualifications of structural steel fabricators who apply sophisticated coatings such as zincs. knowledge.org/mockgirder for instructions. . quality audits for the American Institute of Steel Construction’s Certification program. Be Progressive! Be Proactive! Be AISC Certified! certification levels simple steel bridge.Covered P3. you can reduce production errors and increase the quality of steel fabricated in your shop.Sophisticated Paint Endorsement .aisc. These projects may interface with contracts for state transportation departments. application and curing requirements. owners. Companies in both categories have a quality management system that supports fabrication practices necessary to meet the contract requirements for bridges—including a welding quality assurance system in accordance with AASHTO/AWS D1. or multi-coat systems in their plant shops following fabrication. urethanes. The majority of these projects comply directly with state transportation departments’ provisions. endorsements fracture critical.

” — RONNIE MEDLOCK BRIDGE TECHNICAL SERVICES DIRECTOR TEXAS DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION . During shop visits. LLC. third-party audits are conducted yearly by Quality Management Company. technical support. Is there a process by which all detail drawings are approved by the owner? Are detailing personnel knowledgeable of the required codes and specifications that govern each project? Is there a functioning system to control drawing revisions. than have your shop just keep repeating them? fees A cost schedule for the AISC Building Certification Program can be found by visiting http://www. and observe production procedures and equipment to assure that proper quality standards are met. Does management review and effectively communicate quality requirements and project requirements throughout the firm? Does management provide equipment. Is there a written quality assurance system that is maintained and understood by quality and production personnel? Does Quality Control have the authority to stop nonconforming work and inform operations for corrections? “Nothing says better that a bridge fabricator can be expected to produce a high quality job than AISC Certification. Furthermore. and trained personnel to meet each project’s quality requirements? engineering/drafting.org/fabcertfees. Is fabrication in accordance with contract documents and specifications? Are products shipped in accordance with approved detail drawings? Is there a written procedure for the disposition of nonconforming product when discovered during in-process or final inspection? quality. auditors review project records and requirements. Wouldn’t you rather have QMC find inefficient practices. Here is an example of what is assessed: general management.aisc. QMC is an independent firm using professional auditors trained and experienced in structural steel and audit science. In our service to the public.auditing In addition to the internal audits performed by each fabricator. interview personnel from the shop floor to the president’s office. key qualifications independently audited: The certification process reviews a fabricator’s business and facility. independent audits are a good resource for fabricators. approvals. Are materials ordered in accordance with the design drawings and specifications and checked for conformance upon receipt? Are there procedures in effect to assure purchased product and subcontracted fabrication is furnished to contract requirements? operations. The certification is a cornerstone of that confidence. Having an outside set of eyes look at your business can confirm good procedures and identify obstacles that may be costing you time and money. Each auditor has performed hundreds of audits. we must be confident that steel delivery and performance will not be compromised. and clarification of incomplete issues with the customer’s representative? procurement.

670. so why do contractors pressure engineers to waive AISC Certification as a project requirement? If you are involved in a project where Certification is in jeopardy.org AISC doesn’t lobby for any one fabricator. just ask us At AISC. Army Corps of Engineers. The list of current specifiers requiring the use of an AISC Certified fabricator includes structural engineers and architects from all 50 states and within every service market within the building industry. AISC can provide you with the tools needed to protect yourself and your project’s Certification requirement.resources for fabricators www. If you want to know more about AISC Certification and how it can improve your business.org/nomorewaivers for more info.qmconline.7520 or certinfo@aisc.S. 312. Hearing it form AISC tends to be more credible than hearing it from a fabricator who is trying to get a big contract! certification demographics There are currently over 600 AISC Certified fabricators within the United States and that number is steadily growing. No more waivers! Certified fabricators do the job right the first time. Visit www.AISC certinfo@aisc. please contact us at: 866.org .ASK. you will find information to aid in the auditing process. not a requirement. including: checklist for Bridge Certification mock girder requirements current AISC audit policies Answers to your most frequently asked questions AISC codes and specifications for free download QMC’s staff is committed to making the auditing process as simple and straightforward as possible.aisc. we understand that being Certified is a choice you make.aisc. Also included in this list are federal and state departments including more than half of the state DOTs and the U.com At Quality management Company’s website.org www. we simply support the need for the fabricator to be AISC Certified. In addition. we will come to your area and educate anyone in the construction food chain regarding the AISC Certification program.

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