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Worship Attendance: Total
155(8:00 am) 115(10:45 am) 270
1412 W. Swallow Road
Education Hour Attendance: Fort Collins, CO 80526
Adult Bible Study: 56 Sunday School: 38 970-226-4721
Pastor Ralph Patrick
Deaconess Claire Rueffer
Total Regular Offerings: $3,626.35
Needed weekly to meet budget: $8,290.24
November 23, 2008
Last Sunday after Pentecost

ADULT BIBLE CLASS. .. Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall LUTHERAN CHURCH!
NURSERY & KINDERGARTEN . . . . Preschool Rooms
GRADES 1- 2 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Peter
GRADES 3-4 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Abraham We give thanks to God that you are joining us today!
GRADE 5 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Isaac Many of our guests are seeking a home church where they
JR. HIGH . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Jacob
SR. HIGH . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . Youth Room can be part of the Fellowship of Our Lord Jesus Christ.
Peace with Christ is a congregation that is a family not an
“organization”. We are small enough to allow people to
know each other by name, and yet large enough to offer
opportunities for growth and service. What we “specialize”
NEXT WEEK'S PRESS DEADLINES in is not programs or productions, but simply The Gospel
SCRIPTURE READINGS (ESV) of Our Lord Jesus. Christ, His Word, and the Cross are
Green sheet articles are due by what provide the foundation for faith and ministry. If you
First Lesson: Isaiah 64:1-9 3:00 p.m. Wednesday are interested in learning more about Peace With Christ
Second Lesson: 1 Corinthians afternoon.
1:3-9 Broadcast articles are due Lutheran Church, please call the church office at 226-4721.
Gospel: Mark 13:24-37 December 21 Pastor Patrick would welcome the opportunity to visit with
you personally.

sometimes called “Christ the King” Sunday. power that crushes His enemies and reaches out to rescue us.” . Use the hymn marker to mark the Psalm for the day. and KFKA. on-demand.issuesetc. Issues.THE TIME before the service may be used for prayer and ******************************************************* “Today is the last Sunday of the Church year. talks about the power of God. Read through the worship bulletin and familiarize yourself with the service. Listen to what you want when you want to at: www. A few moments spent this way will help make the service more meaningful. Greeley (AM1310) at 9:30 a. is produced by Lutheran Public Radio and hosted by LCMS Pastor Todd Wilken. Advent is a Latin word that means “before coming”. (Isaiah 64:1-9) Listen to The Lutheran Hour Message on KOA. thus indicating that we enter into a time when we prepare for the first coming of Jesus as a baby born of the Virgin. May the Lord grant you His grace and mercy throughout this new church year. Etc. Denver (AM850) at 6:00 a. LUTHERAN TALK RADIO: You can listen to Issues. We are reminded in the service that as king Jesus will one day come again to establish once and for all His heavenly kingdom. Andrew Spallek.m. Next Sunday the new church year begins with the First Sunday in Advent. Etc.m. The Rev. Andy Spallek. NEXT WEEK’S LUTHERAN HOUR MESSAGE: “How Then Can We Be Saved” Guest Speaker: Rev.

because He wishes to save people. 23). too. at the home of Norma Thaemert. http://cph. Everyone should imitate Fair and Luncheon! Your generous donations of time. who have faithfully used these gifts. on Sunday. and be. Net sales topped $5. then of the other or call 800-325-3040 Bible study will follow at 1:00pm led by Pastor Cas- persen. so don’t forget to check were necessary for that reason. Come be praised just as Christ praises faithful businessmen (Matthew enjoy a festive holiday tradition of fun. The cards—individual and boxed--for sale (Birthday. December 14. All ladies are welcome! living saints pray for others. at 10:30a. We will meet at the church to carpool to Norma’s home. The second service is the strengthening of our see you all there! faith. should friend. and FOOD made this year’s event enjoyable AND profitable. at PWC and Angela Myers will anything other than that the saints should be honored. or that hostess. your dime stocking/mites and a saints themselves. A READING FROM THE BOOK OF CONCORD LAST SUNDAY IN THE CHURCH YEAR APOLOGY OF THE AUGSBURG CONFESSION ARTICLE XXI: THE INVOCATION OF SAINTS [Our adversaries] absolutely condemn Article XXI because we do not require the invocation of saints. The adversaries do not tivity. The third honor is the imitation. crea- the saints according to his calling. food and fellowship! We hope to 25:21. November 23rd.). All Occasion. still is not necessary. coming from Thrivent. examples of mercy. 4-7) ****Many beautiful items are still available for purchase in the Sunshine Hall through Sunday. we also are encouraged to believe all the more that grace truly superabounds over sin (Romans 5:20). (paragraphs 1.December 2nd at Noon: The meal will be ca- copyright tered so there isn’t a need for anyone to do any cook- 2005 by Concordia Publishing House. On no other topic do they LWML Executive Board: The next LWML Executive Board meeting will be speak more smoothly or wordily. TAG . Yet they are not able to prove held Sunday. since they are the greatest. should be amplified. as though invoking dead saints Holiday Cards: The Holidays are fast approaching. visit for the meal so there will be enough for everyone. These party. To purchase a copy of Concordia. The 2:00p.000 with an additional $650 require these true honors. Please sign up rights reserved. first THANK YOU to ALL who participated in the LWML Craft of faith. We should thank God because He has shown sary. All ing during this busy time of the year. November 30. even if it were not dangerous. Thank You. When we see Peter's denial forgiven. Anniver- first is thanksgiving. Used by permission. Condensed from CONCORDIA: THE LUTHERAN CONFESSIONS. All older adults are welcome to attend. which. at gifts. stop by the Sunshine Hall today! cause LWML Regular Meeting: The next meeting will be our annual Christmas He has given teachers and other gifts to the Church. etc. . So. we also have all types of other special occasion Our Confession approves honoring the saints in three ways. Please bring cookies to share. They argue only about invocation. out the LWML cards available for purchase in the Sunshine Hall! In ad- dition to holiday cards. There are napkins and gift wrap for purchase.

college campus performances. Thanks. Thank God for these new relationships and pray that vorite pie to share and have it in the more LCK congregations would learn about this great outreach oppor- kitchen before the service. Pray that those who have received the training may be filled Scrip Fundraiser: The holiday shopping season is upon us. Gospel through radio broadcasts. please see Paul Rubel. The first camp was a great success. also see Paul Rubel. which shares the may order any available card and receive it the following Sunday. We will be beautifying the church for the Advent Season with the Hanging of the Greens. an LCK leadership training program completed by more than attend and bring a food item. mark through these schools. Please sign-up to Monday: With thanksgiving for the success of the Korean Bethel Series. Pray that the Good News will reach students and parents alike Before you finalize your plans for Thanksgiving. We will have a gift exchange ($5 limit. After the 7:00pm service. as short-term missionaries partnered vited to come and enjoy fellowship with with two LCK congregations to host the camp. Dec. 450. and that the relationship will continue to grow. Pray for the expansion of KLH’s efforts to supporting the Youth! connect people with local congregations. *********************************************************** Wednesday: For the peaceful reunification of North Korea and South Elections of officers and members of boards and committees at Korea. . Pray that the farmers will feel God’s love through these gifts. If you have a name that you would like our congregation to nominate for a Thursday: With thanksgiving for the development of new relation- specific position. vote on the delegate early next year. Please see to many who have suffered. along with juice and GOOD FREE coffee! Sign-up in the Narthex. In May. everyone is in. SECOND ANNUAL THANKSGIVING EVE PIE SOCIAL Friday: For the LCK’s new ‘congregational English camp’ program. the letter on the bulletin board for a list of open positions. If you would like venture that operates four collective farms south of Pyongyang. your calendars for November 29th at 9:00am. Hope to see you there! Korea. Please with God’s spirit of power. We will LCMS was able to supply these farms with 400 agricultural sprayers. online Stop by the Youth Table and see what is available. LCMS World Mission is partnering with a joint these names at the November 23 Voter’s Meeting. Please bring your fa. Remember. generating 35 new out- our Christian family.7:00 pm. YOUTH ACTIVITIES Senior High Christmas Party . and publishing.lcmsworldmission light work! Yummy treats will be provided. which would reunite families and bring the Good News of Jesus the Rocky Mountain District convention in June 2009. to be a lay delegate for this convention. tunity Saturday: For the educational ministry of the LCK’s six kindergar- tens. consider purchasing gift cards from the Youth as part of your Christ- mas giving. 7th 4:30 pm. We have many cards for immediate purchase and you Tuesday: For the Korean Lutheran Hour (KLH). reach contacts. We would like to vote on ships in North Korea. many hands make www. Questions contact Kerri Fagan at 691-0190. Senior High Youth and their parents are invited. Paul which will help to improve crop yields.Sunday. Thank you for media.000 Christian clergy and lay leaders from all denominations in please) . Corrie Kaiser and her parents are hosting the party at their home.

In 1971. Sunday Saturday: Psalm 149. Daily Prayers: There will also be some time to discuss parenting topics and to support one another in Christian Sunday: With thanksgiving for two successful English camps held at LTU this year. the knowledge of the Law. Class will be in the nursery and your Korea – Nov. the LCK is home to more than 5.” Operation Christmas Child . If you are Prayer and Study looking to help with the Children’s Christmas Service. please contact Deaconess Claire. that from ******************************************************** this men may know Him.Thanks to the generosity of the mem- Bible readings for the week: bers of PWC we have collected 58 shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child. please let your child’s Sunday School teacher know that they will be participating in the Service. etc…. a Bible story. ity.November 29 School. Matthew 21-22 Friday: Psalm 148. Matthew 23-24 Parents of Little ones 2-3 years old. If you haven’t already. the Law and the Gospel. Children’s Christmas Service will be Wednes- day. Luther Quote: “The knowledge of God is twofold: one is called get costumed. Matthew 13-14 dren! Monday: Psalm 144. These will be given to needy children throughout the US and the world. You and your lit- tle ones are invited to a class for parents and chil- dren. Thank you for sharing the love of Christ with these chil- Sunday: Psalm 143. fol- church. Matthew 19-20 Thursday: Psalm 147. so if you would like your child to be a part. December 17th at 6:30pm. . Pray that you have any questions. Ask that God would continue to provide dedicated love. Please contact me if volunteers to come and serve as short-term English teachers. the other that of the Gospel. Matthew 15-16 Tuesday: Psalm 145. Marilyn Lasich invitation into a deeper relationship with Him. AND we are practicing the program during Sunday Date: November 23.. Matthew 17-18 Wednesday: Psalm 146. I hope you can join us. For the first The LCMS began mission work in Korea in 1958. songs and activ- about 40 congregations. the Lutheran Church in Korea (LCK) became an LCMS partner 30 minutes there will be a play/social time. for God has given these two doctrines. Matthew 25-26 School has begun here at PWC. please have your child attend Sunday School so they can learn the music. 16-30 younger children are also welcome. Peace and Blessings to the students who hear the Gospel at these camps would accept God’s you. This is a wonderful way to introduce your children to Sunday School and Bible Stories.800 members in lowed by a snack. Today.

Flowers on the Altar in Loving Memory of Marj Hamill We are in need of musicians and vocalist to participate in our services to enhance the ser. obligations. Nursery: Barb Spanjer Jana Black aged to attend a new group led by Pastor Patrick entitled Acolytes: Wyatt Allerheiligen Zachary Prevedel “Exploring the Faith”. at 7:30 Crucifer: p. There is no cost. or start a FED Choir Director: Deaconess Claire new subscription please let Marcy know by December Elder of the Month: Dale Heermann 1st. in Pastor’s office.Congregational Meeting. The price is now $20. then you are encour. Simply bring your bible. THOSE SERVING NEXT SUNDAY vice and give you the opportunity to glorify the Lord with your gifts! Please see the list November 30 8:00 am 10:45 am Greeters: Steve & Barb Julie Cheuvront posted in the Narthex. This year’s meeting is November 23 8:00 am 10:45 am scheduled for 1:00pm today. at 1:00pm THOSE SERVING TODAY Please plan to attend the annual congregational meeting which is held in compliance with Church Bylaws. and questions. Elections and budgetary business will be voted in addi. Organist: Ann Caspersen Elder of the Month: Dale Heermann .83.m. Your attendance is needed to make Greeters: Elenore Lund Hazel Maiorka decisions which give guidance to the Church Council for the com. We do have some music available if Reader: you are not sure what piece you would like to do. We will meet on Mondays. Guest Book: David Nierman Julie Cheuvront ing year. Reader: Ray Kaiser Michael Rohlfs tion to other matters pertaining to church business. TODAY. Contact Deaconess Claire or Marilyn if you Guest Book: Ann Rodenbeck have any questions. or Audio Support: Chris Dunker David Nierman expectations. Ushers: Chris Dunker Larry Siegfried Chuck Black “Do you have questions about the Lutheran Faith—or Christian Faith in general? If so. Chris Dunker please let Marilyn Lasich know---391-4946 Nursery: Mackenzie Cheuvront Acolytes: Krissy Petago Julie Roth Crucifer: Katie Petago Robin Toomey **************************************************** Audio Support: David Nierman Chris Dunker The Lutheran Witness Organist: Norma Thaemert Adult Choir Director: Kelley Pichel If you would like to renew your subscription. Ushers: David Nierman Larry Siegfried **************************************************** Richard Lund Bill Cheuvront Brian Lacey Chuck Black If you are interested in serving on the Altar Guild. sign-up where you would be able Spanjer to take part.

Sign 5:30 Sign--up to bring your family‘s Thrivent Elections 9:30 am Sign--up in the favorite appetizer. Saturday Thanks. list poinsettia in the November 25 memo line and give to Lu Buchholz. disposable diapers. Cleve & Nancy Moore. Sign Congregational Meeting 1:00 pm Narthex. St. We would like Friday Office Closed to vote on these names at the November 23 Voter’s Meeting. Your help will be a blessing to those in need! Coordinators: Dave & Tina Nierman. the 7th and 14th. so mark your Worship Services 8:00 am & Today (Communion) 10:45 am calendars for Saturday. sheets. please see Paul Rubel.00 each. If you have a name that you would like our congregation to nomi- nate for a specific position. blankets. Pie Social 8:00 pm **************************************************** Elections of officers and members of boards and committees at Thursday Thanksgiving Service 9:00 am the Rocky Mountain District convention in June 2009. We will be collecting in the big November 30 (Non-Communion) 10:45 am boxes in the Sunshine Hall the first two Sundays in De- Education Hour 9:30 am cember. also see Paul Rubel. please indicate that on the sign- Service 7:00 pm up sheet. If November 28 you would like to be a lay delegate for this convention. Cost is $9. 224-1312 . Please sign- up on the bulletin board in the Narthex. Paul November 29 ****************************************************** It’s time to think about the St.Poinsettia plants are available to purchse to help beautify the chancel on Christmas Day. Their great- est need in addition to packaged and canned food items are: children’s cold weather clothing. 203-1169. Tuesday Make checks payable to PWC. Johns had a break-in sev- LWML Executive Board 10:30 am eral week ago. We will vote on the delegate early next year. If you’d like your plant to go to November 26 Thanksgiving Eve a shut-in or nursing home resident. Please November 27 Office Closed see the letter on the bulletin board for a list of open positions. ACTIVITIES THIS WEEK Season‘s Opener Everyone is invited. Monday M ‘n M’s 7:00 pm November 24 Poinsettia Plants for Chirstmas Day . You may pick up your plant after Christmas Day service. John’s food pantry and Sunday Worship Services 8:00 am & clothing closet again. and all their food was taken. Red and Wednesday Bible Study 8:45 am white are available. and personal items. December 6th at November 23 Education Hour 9:30 am 5:30--7:30pm.

Isa Orozco-Peterson The gift of a “Green Christmas” for local families in need: This is our 5th year of partnering with local Lutheran Congregations to provide families in need with Christmas Trees & Decorations. traditional holiday concert brings together four ma- jor choral ensembles. TODAY after the congregational meeting. please call Anderson. If you or your family would like to help cut and/or de- liver Christmas trees & decorations to the families. so be sure to sign the In Our Prayers: We remember - bottom of your ballot. **************************************************** Pray for a blessed Thanksgiving week & safe travel for family & friends. Friday & Saturday. Join Us! Pray for leaders in our church. Ryan Behm at 222-5678. please stop Wednesday at 7:00pm at the election table on your way out of church and vote for local Thanksgiving Day: Thursday at 9:00 am chapter leaders. with refresh- ments to follow the singing. Door prize winners of $25 grocery store gift cards will be drawn from eligible voters. 5 & 6 at 7:30pm. Dale Heer- mann. Carolyn Brown. Doughnuts and coffee today are provided by your lo- cal Thrivent Chapter. (make sure this one only runs this Sunday) This popular. we will be handing out a schedule of Those who are not able to attend church: Marie Rubel. or recovering from important.elect Obama & all government Fall concert at 3pm at First Presbyterian Church. If you are a Thrivent Financial member. Thanksgiving Services ern Larimer County Chapter of Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Thanksgiving Eve and Pie Social: are TODAY. Vera Rueffer) Church office by Friday. Viola Monahan. Deaconess Claire (her grand- like to purchase lights & decorations. including Synodical **************************************************** President. Christmas services for all the churches that contribute to this Margaret Ziehm. Genevive Inscho. Chapter board elections for the North. . $10 Admission ($5 for CSU students & youth). Tickets are $10 ($7 for seniors & students).Today’s the day to VOTE. Alice Boehnke. **************************************************** Marilynn Hudson. Those who have Lost loved ones: Carol & Ann Cas- If you have extra Christmas items that you can donate or would persen (Carol’s mother). Griffin Concert Hall. 531 S. June Schwarck.. District ALL-CHORAL HOLIDAY CONCERT WITH AMAHL & President. Randy Golter. THE NIGHT VISITORS. 1400 Pray for a blessed congregational meeting today Remington St. Mary ministry. Ave. Gerald Kieschnick & Rocky Mtn. University Center for the Arts. please drop them off to the mother. Christians being persecuted for the Faith in India. come to a concert sure to lift your spirits and put you in the Advent-Christmas mood! The Laudamus Chamber Chorale will hold its “New Beginnings” Pray for President . Arline Young. Barb Holder. Thanks for voting! Your involvement is Those who are ill. Along with the delivery of the trees & decorations. hospitalized. Evelyn Marweg. surgery: Kevin Rodenbeck. Dec. December 12th. College officials.