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Cold-room & Freezer-room Pre-installation Check list

Section 1 To be completed and signed for ALL Bromic Modular Cold-room & Freezer-room installed by Bromic Refrigeration


Todays Date :

Project / Customer name

Contact Name

Contact Number

Room Type
Freezer room or Cool room?

Room Size

Refrigeration System?

Slide In Left

Drop In Right

Model Is room under cover Other (Specify) Yes / No

Door Hinge?

Shelving Required?

Bromic Carrier Kerb-side


Freight (Tick) Delivery to? (Tick)

Or Nominate preferred Into Store

Note: Into Store is not standard delivery and will incur an extra cost.

Section 2

To be completed for ALL installations conducted by Bromic Pty Ltd - or its authorised representative or Agent.


Is a Bromic Installation required? YES / NO

Required Installation Date

IMPORTANT: a minimum lead time of 5 working days is required for all Bromic installations.

Do you require a Site Survey?


Bromic recommends a site survey to confirm site suitability. Please contact Bromic on (02) 9748 3900 to arrange an authorised representative or Agent.

Note: All boxes below must be marked YES or NO - relevant information must be provided for installation to proceed

Has a floor plan & details of the store layout been provided? Is there adequate flat & level floor space for relevant room size? Has the location of the door and refrigeration unit been determined ? ensure adequate clearance from other appliances eg aircon units?

Must accompany this form

Floors that are NOT level or solid may impact adversely on the room operation Mark on the diagram provided on next page

Cold-room & Freezer-room Pre-installation Check list

Is there adequate Ceiling Height? (Please indicate actual height)
(Yes or No) Allow 2350mm for std Slide in unit & 2900mm for Drop in unit 1090mm - opens to the right

Adequate clearance for door to open?

Adequate Power? (Note: If No, does customer have electrician?) Adequate Ventilation? Have all the relevant approvals been received ? eg.Land Owner, Building Codes (if required) etc.

Single Phase 240V 10,15 or 25 (32) amp depending on unit size Condensing units GIVE OFF HEAT sufficient ventilation must be present to keep room ambient below 35 at all times Bromic is not responsible for any approvals.

Use the diagram below to indicate the position of where your modular room/s is to be located in relation to your site layout. Also show where the door and refrigeration unit are to be positioned.

Cold-room & Freezer-room Pre-installation Check list

Additional Room Requirements (Tick)
All exclude gst Bell Internal Coving Control Housing Weatherproof Protective Roofing (units in uncovered areas) Internal Light Switch Protective cover for Refrig. System (units in uncovered areas) Strip Curtain Internal Analogue Temp. Gauge Door Protective plate Door Switch Remote temp. alarm Other
Section 3

$50 $89 $140 From $500 $45 From $80 $300 $20 $205 $350 From $300

DELIVERY / INSTALLATION DETAILS To be completed for ALL Bromic modular coldroom requirements

Install at

Deliver to

Note: we must have access to deliver at least one day prior to installation

Delivery Date

Site Contact

Phone No.

Special Instructions

Signature & Name in full

I/We confirm that all installation requirements as per this document have been checked and are correct. I/We agree that any variation to the above may incur additional costs. Completion of the above information is necessary to assist in the provision of correct product and installer for the coolroom. I/We accept that Bromic reserves the right to vary the installation costs should the information above prove inaccurate. Bromic reserves all of its rights in the event that the description of the site in not accurate.