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If you would like to donate to this great cause as either an independent contributor or a corporate sponsor . lost his brave battle with cancer on September. Enjoy the show! Henry Scott Cermak Bernie Timms.Julie Toon Pawley our productions. Pat Reed. Patty Shoelkopf. Advisory Board Members If you would like to donate to a special fund that will Mike Pilgreen. President……………………………. directed by Mike Pilgreen... The Seahawk Theatre Guild. As our program continues to grow. From The Seahawk Theatre Guild A very warm welcome to Seahawk Stage Production’s Fall presentation of the fun packed musical.Bernie Timms Henry. SC 29926 Seahawk Stage Productions is the performance entity for the drama program at Hilton Head High School. We would also like to say a very special thank you to our advertising sponsors.Sharleen Gleason Henry’s dad. your support is needed more than ever to help us continue our work —Inspiring Young Actors — and providing them the best opportunity for a true theatrical experience. . Terry has provided his lighting design Board Member……………………. please send a check to the RET Foundation. Amanda O’Nan. as well as the cast and crew of Footloose would like to dedicate these performances to Board of Directors honor Henry Cermak. It includes students from the Performing Arts. 29th Vice President………………………. a Hilton Head Middle School student. We are extremely proud of the hard work and dedication exhibited by all the students involved in this production and would like to thank their families for supporting them during the long rehearsal and performance schedule. and other (Be sure the check has Henry Cermak's name on it in the departments at the school who wish to be part of the collaborative effort necessary for memo section).Nancy Snavely Secretary……………………………. Inc. The quality of our productions is only made possible through the generosity of our sponsors and donations from the public.Colleen Nichols expertise for many. Dr. Visual Arts. 14 Wells East Drive. has been a stalwart supporter of Treasurer……………………………. “Footloose” . We sincerely thank you for your support of our theatre program. Inc. President Seahawk Theatre Guild. Rita continue to raise money to help pay for Henry’s medical Liedags Compton expenses. Terry Cermak. each production. there has never been a better time than now. Hilton Head Island. many of our shows.

guiding them with a warm heart and an open mind.Terry Cermak Program Design/Layout………………………………. …. dynamic songs have been added.Rita Liedags Compton Costumes…………………………………………………. What he isn’t prepared for are the rigorous local laws.……….Peggy Trecker-White Choreograph………………………………………………. her roughneck boy friend tries to sabotage Ren’s reputation. To the rockin’ rhythm of its Oscar-nominated top 40 score (the soundtrack album reached number one on the Billboard charts and has sold over 15 million copies!) to which new.Heather Carter Bernie Timms Program cover & poster design/layout:……………. including a ban on dancing. Kenny Loggins and Jim Steinman Director………………………………………………. Based on the original screenplay by Dean Pitchford Lyrics by Dean Pitchford Music by Tom Snow Stage Adaptation by Dean Pitchford and Walter Bobbie Additional Music by Eric Carmen..Sharleen Gleason Sound Board…………………………………. When the reverend’s rebellious daughter sets her cap for Ren. Ren is prepared for the inevitable adjustment period at his new high school.Ross Jones/ Patty Shoelkoepf Produced by special arrangement with The Rodgers & Hammerstein Organization .. The ban is the brainchild of a preacher determined to exercise the control over the town youth that he cannot command in his own home....Mike Pilgreen Music Director ……………………………………………. …………. FOOTLOOSE celebrates the wisdom of listening to young people.. with many of the locals eager to believe the worst about the new kid. Sammy Hagar....Steve Metropolis Light Board…………………………………….Molly Decker Lighting Design……………………………………………..…. When Ren and his mother move from Chicago to a small farming town. Footloose — The Musical One of the most explosive movie musicals in recent memory now bursts onto the live stage.….

He would also like to work on stage & in stand-up comedy. Michael White . ductions. Footloose is his 1st performance with Seahawk Stage Productions. Special thanks the Philadelphia Phillies for finally winning the world series. Big thanks to the whole cast & crew. Alex Meeks . He plans to study journalism & continue his theatre work.Vi Moore Alex has done many shows at Main Street Youth Theatre and is excited to do a production at plays at Hilton Head Christian Academy. Julie@ToonPawley. ‘The Nerd’. He wants to thank all of his friends & family for their support & everyone who made this production possible. is performing in his 4th show with Seahawks Stage Pro. and the cultural enrichment ductions. being ‘Wait until Dark’.Ren McCormack— Brennen. and ‘Big River’.Chuck Cranston Michael is a senior at HHIHS. Enjoy the show! Emily Cupit .Willard Hewitt Jean-Luc has been in theatre for 4 years and has acted in many www. INC. ‘Oliver!’ and ‘Beauty and the Beast’ and two shows at the school she attended last year. & a wonder. This is his first year at HHIHS. a senior at HHIHS. She’s had such a great time getting to know the cast & can’t wait to take part in another! Thanks to Pilgreen. Mrs White & they provide to Hilton Head Island Ms Compton. She is a sophomore and hopes to do many more plays. Cast Bios JULIE TOON PAWLEY Brennen Reeves . In addition. Thanks & enjoy! Julie Toon Pawley Yates Wilburn . He is also very interested in film and plans to pursue it through college.ToonPawley.” Thanks to everyone who has put time in and made this show a success and hopes you enjoy! Seahawk Stage Productions Marissa Nichols . REAL ESTATE BROKER. “I am excited & privileged to work with such a great cast.Rusty Emily is a sophomore who is excited about her first show at HHIHS. She has done two shows at Main Street Youth Theatre. .Reverend Shaw Moore—Yates has starred in 3 & Bernie Timms other plays with The Seahawk Stage Productions.Ariel Moore—Marissa is a junior here at HHIHS & is thrilled to take part in her 4th show with Seahawk Stage Pro. Proud supporter of ful group of directors. he has also Jean-Luc McMortry . 843-785-8006 formed in at least 20 other musicals including 2 at The Arts Centre Toll Free: 1-800-845-3520 of Coastal Carolina.

Colleen Nichols Sarah Smith .Wendy Jo Patty Shoelkopf Cecilia is a junior at HHIHS. . is her first musical show ever. Please call us at most recently he played Carlino in Wait Until Dark. act. Seahawk Stage Productions.Ethel McCormick . The Guild welcomes new members and volunteers in every area. teachers and bright & glittering. paint and dance. Georgia. John Quindlen Geoffrey Jackson—Wes Warnicker He is new to the stage. Pat Read Cecilia Coly . She is very The Seahawk Theatre Guild is a volunteer group of parents. beach and fruit salad. then to law school to become a music entertainment lawyer.Ana in a sophomore and this performance possible. He is well known for his dance moves at the technical theatre classes for their contribution to pep rallies. She also loves music and wouldn’t be able to live without it. piring model and the Seahawk Theatre Guild appreciates him stepping in at the last minute to help us with Footloose.Coach Roger Dunbar No show could happen without a lot of hard work. Lee is an as- (843) 785-8006 to get involved. Cecilia also enjoys long walks on the Sharleen Gleason.Principal Clark Bernie Timms Sarah is a junior a Hilton Head Island High School. She has done shows elsewhere. This is his first performance with Sea- We are pleased to recognize the students of the hawk Stage Productions. encouragement and support. She’s a senior in HHIHS.Urleen Special Thanks Jo’Vonna was born in Savannah. She would like to thank her grandma for all Amanda O’Nan her love. Drew is a junior at HHIHS. This is her Julie Toon Pawley first appearance on stage. Lee Williams—Cowboy Bob Lee has graced the stage for many Seahawk Stage Productions. She loves to help the ones who need it and is a community members who have organized to provide support of every kind to very good listener. he just turned 18 and loves working with Linda Behling the school newspaper and looks forward to continuing his educa- tion in Journalism Rebecca Lines & everyone who helped make this Ana Gonzalez . this show. Behind the Scenes Cast Bios Drew Pawley . He is also a Life Scout and is working on his Eagle rank. Jo’Vonna Aléxis Jordan Davis . After she graduates she wants to go to college and double major in music industry & music performance with a vocal concen- tration. Dr. This is her 2nd show here. Kudos to those who influenced him to be in Footloose. sing. She has been singing since she was two. but she did tech for ‘Wait Until Dark’ and previous shows. and has a taste for adventure. She loves to draw.

Katie is really excited for Footloose and is looking forward to being in more . love and support. P for letting her join in! She absolutely loves all the other people in the show. & advanced choir. Cast Bios Cast Bios Taylor “Roxie” Piscitello – LuLu Nikki Wynans—Ensemble . She gets her inspiration from Lee Williams who “dragged me along into the theatre and encouraged me to follow in his foot. Scott and Colleen Nichols Katie Crawford—Ensemble www. & the Twilight series! Carson Fludd — Betty Blast Carson is a junior at HHIHS and is performing for her 1st time on stage. She loves theatre and looks the amazing Footloose cast & looks forward to many more shows. While she loves to perform/entertain. but she has been in several others at her church. Samantha Wheatley—Ensemble Born in Dale City. grateful to Mr. dance Katie is a sophomore at HHIHS. She is the first and only member of her family to be Tony Ross—Ensemble . Although Footloose is her 6th play. it’s her was has helped the group previously as a tech in Wait Until Dark and wants to thank her mom for her encouragement and Pilgreen 1st production with the school and it won’t be her last! for giving her the opportunity. He enjoys being the center of atten. She is ecstatic to be a part of such an incredible cast! She is in 10th grade. Robert would like to thank the HHIHS She is new to the stage and is enjoying the experience.Nikki is a Junior at HHISC .Tony is a sophomore at HHIHS and this interested in visual and performing arts and is thrilled to be a part of is her 1st production sophomore. He likes to sketch.nicholspro. Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for the Season steps” . This is the 1st show that he has appeared in at HHIHS. He sang in the Hilton Head Youth Samamtha is a sophomore at Hilton Head Island High School - Choir for more than 3 years. Kim loves Hanson.This is Roxie was born in 1992 in Pennsylvania and move to Hilton Head her first performance with Seahawk Stage Productions—Nikki at the turn of the century. She’s been in several shows at Main Street Youth Theatre. this is her first show with Sea- hawk Theatre. He also Connecticut. Markell Shaw – Bickle . would like to thank her parents for their encouragement. Virginia he moved to HHI aged 2. She would like to thank her She would also like to thank her family & friends for their support.Irene—Samantha is a sophomore at HHIHS. This is his first production at HHIHS but he has been in many productions at MSYT.Kim loves to perform.Markell is sooooo excited to be in Foot- loose. Samantha Bjur . sing. She drama department for picking him to be present in the Footloose. This is her 1st musical at the (843) 347-3700 school. but this will be her first with Seahawk Theatre Productions. She has been in several shows up there and is enjoys sailing & volunteering at the Boys & Girls Club. forward to being in more shows. Mom for giving her the inspiration and courage to get involved in this production Robert Malo—Jeter. She looks forward to performing in many more shows. Kim Mikouchi – Mrs Dunbar/Cowgirl . Travis. having just moved from the cheerleading team. act and dance.Carson would like to thank her grandparents for their love and support. Sushi. Gavin—Robert is a freshman at HHIHS. Molly Decker – Light Board Operator tion & shocking audiences with his amazing voice! He is also on Molly is a brand new junior at HHIHS. and hopes to be in other shows here. One Tree Hill.