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Higher Business


Homework Booklet

Hamilton Grammar
Formal Homework will be issued in the form of past paper questions, normally
2 pieces of Homework per unit.

Due to not having any end of unit assessments, homework therefore takes the
place of such assessments in order for the teacher to build evidence on how
pupils are performing, coping and can aid the teacher in identifying gaps in

Homework is a good preparation for the NAB Assessments and the final

Additional Homework may be issued which may involve:

 Reading texts or articles

 Watching prescribed Television programmes
 Researching the Internet
 Preparing revision notes
 Converting notes into mindmaps, bullet points or other non-traditional
learning methods

Remember when doing the homework…

Command Words

Identify similarities and differences between two or more
Describe Provide a thorough description
Examine closely taking account of strengths and weaknesses
in an argument; offer reasons for and against
Distinguish Identify the differences between two or more factors
Give a detailed response (definition and explanation) as to
how/why something may benefit/hinder
Identify Give the name or identifying characteristics of something
Justify Give reasons to support suggestions, conclusions
Outline State the main features

Higher Business Management Homework Booklet M. McGowan 2

Business in Contemporary Society
Homework 1

1 With particular reference to Scotland, explain the term 2


2 Compare and contrast sole traders with partnerships. 8

3 Using a local business as an example, explain how the 4

organisation would use the factors of production.

4 Franchising is a form of business enterprise. Identify the 8

advantages of this for:

i) the franchiser
ii) the franchisee

5 Compare the objectives for a public limited company with those 3

for a charity.


Homework 2

1 Additional finance may be necessary to launch a new product. 4

Identify 2 suitable sources of finance. Justify your choices.

2 Identify 5 stakeholders of a high street bank and describe how 10

the interests of these stakeholders might differ

3 Socio-cultural trends affect operations of any business. Describe 6

3 socio-cultural trends which might affect the operations of a high
street bank.

4 Stagecoach was founded in Perth in 1980. Over the last 25 years 5

or so it has expanded into one of the world’s biggest rail and bus
groups. Discuss the methods of growth companies like
Stagecoach may use.


Higher Business Management Homework Booklet M. McGowan 3

Business Information and ICT

1 Carrying out market research does not necessarily guarantee success 6

in the market.
Why might information gathered by an organisation be of little use to

2 Multinational companies depend on effective communication. 6

Using examples, discuss how technology is being used to
improve global communication.

3 To make quality decisions you need quality information. 8

Describe the features of quality information.

4 The use of e-mail is increasing worldwide. Although it has many 5

advantages, there are also disadvantages. Explain the
drawbacks to an organisation of using this form of

Decision Making

1 Identify a strategic objective of a bank and describe 2 tactical 3

decisions which could be made by the managers of the bank to
achieve the objective.

2 What is the role of the manager in a high street retailer? How 6

does this role contribute to the overall success of the business?
10 marks)

3 How could a SWOT analysis help the decision-making process 6

in an organisation?

4 Identify the stages of the structured decision-making model and 10

relate them to a school considering the purchase of a minibus.

Higher Business Management Homework Booklet M. McGowan 4

Internal Organisation


1 An organisation may choose to organise its activities by function. 9

Describe other organisational forms which may be used, making
references to the type of organisation for which each may be
2 The larger burger chains have branches in most of our large 8
towns. They operate within a centralised organisational structure.
Describe the features of:
(i) a centralised structure
(ii) a de-centralised structure
3 A major high street retailer (Marks and Spencer) may decide to 8
de-layer. What does this mean and what effects on the
organisation does de-layering have?

Higher Business Management Homework Booklet M. McGowan 5

Homework 1

1 At Christmas time, toy manufactures often face the problem of 8

not being able to obtain stocks of the most popular toys ( eg.
PlayStation 2). Toy manufacturers produce updated versions in
order to extend their product life cycle. Identify and describe 4
other means of extending the life of a new product.

2 Discuss the factors which would contribute towards a good 5

product mix for an organisation.

3 Explain how the elements of the marketing mix are connected 4

4 Distinguish between penetration and skimming pricing. 8


Homework 2

1 Discuss how the Scottish Tourist Board could make use of the 9
Internet to ‘market’ Scotland?

2 Many companies selling branded goods (eg Levi and Pepsi-Cola) 4

are moving into new markets such as China.
Describe the benefits of holding a brand name.

3 Describe the importance of R & D to an organisation. 4

4 Select 2 of the following methods of market research and 8

describe each, discussing their advantages and limitations:
(i) Face-to-face interviews
(ii) Postal survey
(iii) Focus group.

Higher Business Management Homework Booklet M. McGowan 6


Homework 1

1 Describe the factors influencing a purchasing manager’s choice 10

of suitable suppliers of materials and services.

2 A furniture manufacturer chooses to use the JOB method of 6

production. Describe the advantages and disadvantages of this
method over FLOW production for the furniture manufacturer.

3 Discuss the factors which must be considered when deciding on 6

the most effective channel of distribution for a product.

4 Discuss the factors which must be taken into account when 3

setting a stock reorder level.


Homework 2

1 The British Standards Institute (BSI) Kitemark is an indication of

product quality
(i) Name 2 other quality standards. 2

(ii) Describe the benefits of a quality standard to both an 4

organisation and its customers.

2 Manufacturers have to transport goods to retailers. Describe the 4

external factors which might result in transport difficulties.

3 Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of a centralised 6

stock control system.

4 Zara, a Spanish fashion store, keep their stock levels low and 4
restock every 2-3 weeks.
Describe the risks to an organisation running with low stock

Describe what is meant by the term “just in time stock control” 5

and explain its advantages.


Higher Business Management Homework Booklet M. McGowan 7

Homework 1

1 (a) Identify the parts of a cash flow forecast (cash budget) 4

(b) Explain how a cash flow forecast might be used. 8

2 (a) a manager might use ratios to identify problems of:

 liquidity
 profitability
 efficiency.

Describe what these ratios would show about the organisation’s 9

performance. Your answer should refer to the relevant ratios.

(b) Give examples of decisions which could be made as a 4

reaction to poor performance identified by these ratios.

Homework 2

1 Identify the problems with accounting information which might 4

hinder decision making.

2 Discuss the importance of the Annual Accounts in showing 4

whether or not an organisation has achieved its objectives.

3 How might the use of a spreadsheet help in ratio analysis? 5

4 Government aid helped finance the new development. Describe 4

and justify 2 other sources of long term finance which could be
chosen by firms undertaking such large scale developments.

5 Discuss how managers would use a budget 4

6 Identify 2 liquidity ratios, give the formula for each and explain 6
the ways that they might be used.

Higher Business Management Homework Booklet M. McGowan 8

Human Resources
Homework 1

1 Describe the changing patterns of employment that have 4

occurred in the UK during the past 20 years.

2 When recruiting staff, what is the purpose of an interview and 10

how should it be conducted to be as effective as possible?

3 In addition to an interview, some firms give applicants special 6

tests. Identify and describe 2 such tests.

4 Explain the uses which a Human Resource department might 6

make of a staff database.

Homework 2

1 Launching a new product or service may require the

organisation’s existing staff to
undergo training.

(i) Identify the objective of such a training programme for the 5

existing staff of an organisation.

(ii) How does this type of training differ from an induction training
programme? 5

2 Some employees may feel that their employer is discriminating 9

against them because all people doing the same job are not
receiving the same pay. Explain the steps employees cant take
to have the situation remedied.

3 Describe the role of each of the following in supporting 6

employees and employers when disputes occur in the
(i) Trade Unions
(ii) ACAS


Higher Business Management Homework Booklet M. McGowan 9