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Batch: 2008- 2012

Branch: Information Technology Semester VIII

Course Code - 07213803 Course Name Software Testing and Quality Assurance. Credit Points 03 Teaching Hrs/Week 2 Practical Hrs/Week 2


To study advanced concepts in Software Testing


Software Engineering

Unit I

Topic Name Testing Principles



Need of testing, Basic concepts errors, faults, 06 defects, failures, test bed, unit testing, integration testing system, system testing, regression testing, alpha, beta and acceptance testing , functional testing, performance testing, recovery testing, white box testing, black box testing, verification and validation . Testing Life Cycle Roles and activities, 06 Test Planning forming a test team, develop test plan review Test Cases design strategies black box approach random testing, equivalence class partitioning and boundary value analysis. Test case design strategies white box approach test adequacy criteria, coverage and control flow graphs, paths, loop testing, mutation testing. Test execution build test data, life cycle of defect, defect tracking, defect detection stages, defect detection stages, defect types, defect severity, defect analysis and prevention.


Test Management


Software Metrics

Scope of software metrics, Classifying software 04 measures, Measurement basics representational theory, scales, meaningfulness, What to measure GOM technique, Control flow structure, product quality metrics MTTF, defect density, customer problems, customer satisfaction, function point, Metrics for software maintenance, In-process quality metrics. Quality concepts quality, quality control, quality 05 assurance, cost of quality Software quality assurance SQA activities, software reviews, inspections, audits, Software reviews, inspections, audits, Software reliability Quality Attributes correctness, reliability, usability, integrity, portability, maintainability, interoperability. Ishikawas Seven Basic Tools CMM Following KPAs : requirements 06 management (RM), software project tracking and oversight (SPTO), software configuration management (SCM), organization process definition (OPD), software product engineering (SPE), peer reviews (PR), quantitative process management (QPM), defect prevention (DP), process change management. Basic concept of ISO 9000 & 9001, CMMI, 6 sigma.


Quality Assurance

Quality Standards


Trends Research

and Object Oriented Testing: Testing OOA and OOD 04 Models, Object Oriented Testing strategic, Testing strategies, Testing methods at class levels Client server Testing, web application testing, testing security.


1.Iien Burnstein, Practical Software Testing, Springer Publication.


2.William E Perry, Effective Methods for Software Testing, Second Edition, Wiley Publication. 3.Norman E. Fenton Software Metrics A Rigorous and Practical Approach, Second Edition, Thomson Publication.

Reference Books

1.1EducatioStephen H. Kan Metrics and Models in Software Quality Engineering Pearson Education. 2.Pressman, Software Engineering , Fifth Edition, TATA McGraw Hill. 3.Pankay Jalote CMM Practice Pearson n.


Internal Assessment 20 marks

Tests + Assignments

Term Work-25 marks

Continuous Assessment of Performance in the Laboratory, Journal Written

Final Theory Paper 30 marks