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Edible Cell Project

Name:___________________________________Date: __________________ Mark:______/58

Use this worksheet to help you plan your cookies

Decide what candies might best illustrate those parts and explain your choice.

Organelle Type of Candy Reason for

Function to Use Choice


Sketch and title your plant cell and your animal cell 10 marks

Label all the organelles in your cells (use the list below. Not all of these will be in
both cells) 18 marks

 Cell membrane  Cell wall

 Cytoplasm  Golgi body
 Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER)  Nucleus
 Mitochondria  Chloroplast
 Vacuole  Lysosome

Teacher Notes:

 Use large flat cookie, round cookies are good for representing the animal
cell and a square cookie is good for representing a plant cell. This activity is
a great way to expose the students to the organelle names and their
functions as a review. Some students like this abstract assignment and find
it helps them remember the organelles since they have to put thought into
the design of their cells, and explain them.

 Icing works great as the cytoplasm because it holds everything in place like
the cytoplasm should.
 I listed the candies that were available on the board and allowed the
students to choose how they were going to use them in their project. I used
smarties, jelly beans, different colored licorice (red green and blue),
sprinkles, fruit loops, mike-ikes, gum balls and a couple more.

 Make sure that you make it clear that the students need to work on their
own for this assignment and they cannot start building their cells until they
finish their data table and it is checked by the teacher. This keeps the
volume down and allows for more order. The very last page where they are
to draw their cells I photocopied on legal paper so they would have more

 I gave all my students a little of everything and wrapped it up in a couple

pieces of paper towel so that they could build on the paper towel. Doing
this will allow you to quickly hand out the candy after checking their work

 Do tell the student that if they drop anything on the floor they are to clean
it up! If you don’t you’re going to have a messy classroom. Whenever I
heard a candy hit the floor I reminded them to clear up their messes.

 For the sprinkles I got the kids to come up at the end a I helped them put
sprinkles on their cookies over the sink, or over a garbage can.

 This is a great project and every single one of my students enjoyed it. I did
this with Science 14’s and they all did an amazing job.