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ca Software Requirements Specification

1. About Soft Solutions
Soft Solutions India has been a leading Web Design, Development and SEO company since 2000. Soft Solutions has been serving to clients ranging from Individuals, Professionals, Small and Mid Sized Businesses and Corporates. In 2006, Soft Solutions has entered into IT outsourcing and successfully partnered with many offshore web and seo companies of US, UK, Germany, France, Ireland, Canada, Australia etc. to provide them on time and quality services. Soft Solutions has a reputation for delivering quality services to keep its clients updated with the latest technologies. Address: Soft Solutions S.C.O. 45, Level 1, Sector 30-C, Chandigarh: Phone: +91-172-2652555, +91-9888-758-101

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1.1 A

Professional Approach:

With many new and existing businesses wishing to exploit the incredible potential of the Internet, it is important to have a professionally designed and maintained website. Database driven websites and e-commerce solutions Interactive customer communication and service applications Database driven dynamic pages to keep site content up-to-date Intranet development for improved corporate communications and cost savings Online credit card and payment processing Solutions that meet your needs built on either a Linux or Microsoft platform.

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- Blog Setup - SEO friendly web design - Third party software installation, setup, template, customization - Website Redesign - Website Maintenance services


The website will allow add ability for sites visitors perform shopping without significant changes of customer sites. Site visitors (users) will be able select some flowers from customer site, then user will be redirected to order area inside Shopping cart system site and will be able refine order it includes ability modify products quantity, enter invoice/delivery details, use vouchers and enter payment info. Customer will be able visit system admin area and collect users orders. Customer will process orders and payments manually, for free account, or customer may upgrade account to premium type and use external payment processing systems. Also admin area will allow for customer set-up own account that means ability define rules for order price calculations (with shipping value, tax, discounts, vouchers); modifying look & feel (fonts, colours, buttons, ect) and localization (currency, messages, ect) for user order area; define participation in affiliate programmes.

3. Users Of the Web Site

Following users can access the site 3.1 User: User is the site visitor who uses Shopping cart service to perform shopping on customer site with help of Shopping cart system. 3.2 Administrator: This is the person who able review list of registered customers and, in particular, credit card info for customers with premium account. He can manage all the customers of the Site

4.1 User use-cases 4.2Register Customer should be able register into system. Customer must enter here personal details and select login name and password that will be later user for login into user area. a) Registration: After Registration using Captcha code Verification a confirmation mail will be sent to user with an Activation Link. Only after clicking on the link user will be treated as the active user of the website. Others will be automatically deleted from the system after 15 days. b) Newsletter Subscription: User can subscribe to newsletter during registration by enabling Subscribe to Newsletter Option. c) Login Area: User can login with their Email and Password d) Forgot Password: User will be asked for email address and new password will be sent to user on specified Email Address. 4.3My Account a) Edit Profile: User should be able change personal details entered in registration form. b) Change Password: c) Order History: Users can view their Order and Payment History placed with the website User-Case Reports

d) Log Out:


Edit products quantity Add product to order <<include>>


Point vouchers

<<include>> User Edit order <<include>> Enter invoice and delivery details

Select payment method Enter payment info

6. Add product to order

User (visitor of site) may press link or button on some page of customer site near to some products. This action will open order page on system site where user may review product list with product quantity and prices (for each products and with shipping, tax and discount).

7. Edit order
Here user may edit products quantity and use vouchers codes. Then user may return and continue shopping, or complete order: enter invoice/delivery details and then select one of available payment method (credit card, check, cache on delivery, ect) and then enter info for this method. Payment info is method specific, for example, if selected method is credit card user will be asked for card type, holders name, cart number, expiration data; if selected method is check user will be asked for account holder name, bank name and address, check No; or, for some methods, no additional info will be asked. Activity diagram for user


Customer site

Order page on Syntone system site


Select product [ continue shopping ] [ go to payment ]

Enter invoice/delivery details

Add product to order

View order

Edit quantity

Select payment method

Enter vouchers code

Enter payment method specific info


This is activities description for user, spited by customer site and system site.


View list of customers

Syntone administrator

Manage Customers

Change customer type

Delete or disbale customer account


Administrator should be able review list of customers and main customers details name, creation date and other main account details. For some rare cases it may be useful to have possibility delete or disable customer account. View User List Delete (Permanent) or Disable(Temporary) User Account View Customer Order History Confirm Order


1) a. b. 2) Add Categories: Admin can add Product Categories. Currently there will be two categories Wedding Flowers Corporate Flowers Manage Categories: Admin can Disable, Delete Or View Categories


1) 2) 3) Add Product: Products will be added under specified Categories Manage Products: Delete, Disable , Change Product Image, Change Product Category. Automatically two product images will be created.

a) Thumnail, b) Full Size Image


Administrator of the website can send newsletter to all Subscribed Users or Specific Users


1) 2) 3) Add Pages (FckEditor Implementation) Edit Cms Pages Manage Pages (Delete, Disable, Change Page Order)


1) 2) 3) 4) 5) Emails. Product Search: There will be a Keyword based search at Front End . Url Rewriting: Url Rewriting will be implemented in the website to support SEO friendly URls Payment Gateway: Secure Paypal Integration will be used as a Payement Gateway. Wedding Section: Cms pages will be displayed in the wedding section Newsletter Subscription: Visitors and Registered Users can subscribe to Newsletters by providing their

11. Technical Requirements Minimum Software Requirements

Windows Server Php My-sql

12. Time Estimates

Module Project Analysis Website Designing Admin Module User Area Front End Integration Total Hours 250 Duration (hr) 10 40 90 60 50