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AJENDA POINTS FOR THE MEETING BETWEEN UPRVUNL AND M/s BHEL TO BE CONVENED ON 06.02.2012 As per the Record notes of discussions of Meeting held on 12th November between highest authority of UPRVUNL and BHEL the following were agreed in respect to Parichha 2x250 MW TPP: Unit # 5 Sl. Activities Dates NO . 1. Boiler Light up by Temp. 25.11.20 chimney 11 2. Synchronization 15.01.20 12 3. 4. Start of Coal firing Full Load 25.01.20 12 15.02.20 12

Actual/ Anticipat ed Dates 01.12.201 1 06.02.201 2 April-2012 April-2012

Reason for delay

Shortage of Man power, Failure of equipments due to poor workmanship. Based on availability of permanent chimney Based on availability of permanent chimney

Unit # 6 Sl. Activities Dates NO . 1. Boiler Light up by Temp. 15.01.20 chimney 12 2. Synchronization 25.03.20 12 3. Readiness of Coal firing 25.03.20 12

Actual/ Anticipat ed Dates March-12 May-12 May-12

Reason for delay Shortage of Man power Shortage of Man power Shortage of Man power

In light of above committed dates by BHEL, Following are the agenda points: Shortage of man power and commissioning experts: All the inputs for boiler light up as well as synchronization are available but the BHEL is unable to adhere the agreed schedule to perform the activities due to the shortage of man power and commissioning experts at Parichha site, causing slow commissioning & frequent damages and replacement of equipments which should be of high reliability. Poor Workmanship:

The work is also getting delayed due to poor workmanship in BHEL supplied items. AOPs had got failed in the month of Sept. Oct. 2011 during the oil flushing of Turbine piping, due to damage in bearing leading to holding up of the work for a period of one month. Failure of D.C. JOP (Jacking Oil Pump). This failure alone delayed the synchronization by at least three days. Poor workmanship could be seen laying of High Pressure Oil Piping of Turbine side.

Unavailability of Equipments: Both AC and DC JOP not available at Parichha site. DC JOP meant for Parichha was diverted to some other project without UNLs consent. Non adherence to commitments: A meeting was convened at Parichha site on dated 01.02.201 to resolve the various issues pertaining to PEM Unit of BHEL. Although PEM has given their concurrence for the same but they did not turn up in the meeting leading to further delay in the work as the issues remained unresolved. This type of attitude is highly uncalled for at this crucial stage.

No work Progress in Unit # 6: In unit # 6, absolutely no work is going on for last one month. Both BHEL and its sub-vendors have inadequate man power to meet even the requirement of unit 5. The following major work is still lying pending in turbine side: Erection of all the CEPs. Oil flushing and Alignment of all the BFPs Turbine Deck Floating. Connection of CW pipe and condenser. Oil flushing of Turbine side. Turbine alignment and final box up. Seepage problem in CW pit and CEP pit is yet to be addressed.

Similarly many important works in Boiler side is yet to be done. These are: The entire work of Duct erection is pending.