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I ve recently got a retail white 16GB Galaxy Tab 10.1 over at BestBuy.

com and was happy to find out it can be rooted indeed! Why root Galaxy Tab 10.1 Android Tablet? People always ask me, why do you have to root your Galaxy Tab 10.1? Well, simply, you can do more with a rooted Galaxy Tab 10.1 such as installing 3 rd party programs or being able to run Ubuntu Linux on top of it. There s also apps like ScreenCapture app which can only run properly with a rooted tablet. Basically, rooting an Android b 10.1. Now, for those who don But for those of us tinkerers erritory, you can root your Tab tablet device gives you super-user access to your Ta t care for all that extra jazz, you don t need root. who need to overclock our Galaxy Tab into 2Ghz t 10.1.

How to Root Your Galaxy Tab 10.1! Before we begin, these instructions are for retail versions of Galaxy Tab 10.1, wh ich come with a locked bootloader. If you bought your Tab 10.1 from BestBuy or Amazon, a U.S. retailer, these instructions should work for you. I am not sure if it works on the Tab 10.1v (UK version) so that s up to you to find out. Also, my Galaxy Tab 10.1 shipped with Android 3.1 so if these instructions still might work later on with Android 3.2 but that s up to you to find out. The steps are a bit complicated as you have to unroot your Galaxy Tab 10.1 back to Android 3.0.1, then install root/SU files, ClockworkMod Recovery, then revert b ack to Android 3.1 with another install of root/SU. But in the end, you will en d up with a stable rooted Android Honeycomb 3.1 Galaxy Tab 10.1 so follow these directions carefully. Step 1 How to Put Your Galaxy Tab 10.1 into Downloader Mode!

The first thing you will have to do is to put your Galaxy Tab 10.1 into download er mode by powering off your device. Then hold down the Power button to start t he device. Next, while you are holding down the Power button, you should see the Samsung Ga laxy Tab logo pop up, when you see this, immediately also hold down the Volume D own button. (Remember, the Volume Down button is the one closer to the Power bu tton!) Now you are holding down the two buttons, after couple seconds, you will see an Android guy icon pop up, when you see that, immediately let go of both of your f ingers/buttons. Now you have two choice, the Android icon with Downloading gets you into downloadi ng mode (which we want right now) and the other gets you into the stock Recovery . So, without hesitation, hit the Volume Up button (The button on the most right). If you see a screen like below, you are done, that s how you get into downloading mode. Step 2 Install Galaxy Tab 10.1 drivers!

First, these instructions are for Windows systems. For Windows, you need to ins tall Galaxy Tab 10.1 drivers so you can flash the Android 3.0.1 using Odin.

You can download Galaxy Tab 10.1 Drivers here and install them simply by running the EXE program. Next, connect the USB cable from your Galaxy Tab to your computer. Step 3 Download and unzip/uncompress!

I ve made it simpler for you by putting all the files you need for rooting your Ta b 10.1 in one zip file. Simply download the and unzip/uncompress us ing your favorite program. When you unzip the zip file, you should get a folder called run the Odin program as shown below: Step 4 Run Odin to flash Tab 10.1 back to Android 3.0.1 tabroot . Open it, and

When the Odin program opens up and you see 0:[COM4] or something similar with yell ow highlight, that means your computer is connected to your Galaxy Tab 10.1. If not, you will have to make sure the drivers are installed correctly, go back to Step 2. Next, hit the PDA button and choose the PDA_SIGNED_P7105.tar.md5? file inside the tabroot folder. Next, click Start and your Tab 10.1 will be reverting back to Android 3.0.1. This should take about 5 minutes, below is what your Tab 10.1 should look like n ow, showing the progress download bar moving. When it s all done, your Tab 10.1 should have rebooted by itself like shown here: And Odin should show complete as shown here:

You can verify that you are now reverted back to Android 3.0.1 by going to Setti ngs->About tablet. You WILL get lots of force-close , do not worry as we are not d one yet. Step 5 Install stable Root/SU!

Next, we are going to connect the Tab 10.1 as a disk drive, copy over our root/S U zip file so we can install stable, working root/SU on the Tab 10.1. First, make sure your Tab 10.1 is NOT in USB Debugging Mode by going to Setup->A pplications->Development and make sure USB Debugging is checked OFF. Next, connect the USB cable from your Tab 10.1 to your computer. Your Tab 10.1 should show that it s in Kies mode and you should be able to access the internal s torage drive of your Tab 10.1 on your computer. Simply copy over the file from the tabroot fold er to the root folder of your Tab 10.1. Next, turn mode) like the Volume th go when off your Galaxy Tab 10.1 then get into the Android icons (bootloader we did in Step 1 by holding down the Power Button, then holding down Down button when you see the Samsung Galaxy Tab logo, then letting bo you see the Android icons.

Next, hit the Volume Down button (the one closer to Power button) and hit the Vo lume Up button to select the stock Recovery:

Next, use the Volume buttons to choose ton.

apply update from /sdcard

and hit Power but

Using the volume buttons, choose and hit the Po wer button. This will install the stable/working Root/SU files on your Tab 10.1. Next, choose reboot system now and hit the Power button.

When your Tab 10.1 has rebooted, connect your USB cable from the Tab 10.1 to you r computer again and copy over the file to the root folder of your Tab 10.1. Next go to the Market and search for ersion of ROM Manager app. ROM Manager . Download and install the free v

Open up ROM Manager app and choose Flash ClockworkMod Recovery . This installs a c ustom ClockworkMod recovery, which allows us to flash any type of zip file, so w e can re-install the Android 3.1 and zip the Root/SU files And choose Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1?. SuperUser app should pop up, just hit Allow . You should get Succesfully flashed ClockworkMod recovery Next, hit Reboot into Recovery and Okay . install zip from sdcard (using Volum message.

Once you are in ClockworkMod Recovery, choose e buttons) and hit the Power button. Next, choose choose zip from sdcard

and hit the Power button.

Now, choose the file and hit the Power button. And choose Yes Install and hit the Power button. choose

When that is done, we are going to zip the Root/SU files again by going to zip from sdcard and hit the Power button.

Choose the file and hit the Power button, the h it the Yes button When that is done, you just need to reboot your Tab 10.1 and you should have a f ully-rooted Android 3.1 Galaxy Tab 10.1. Congratulations, you should pat yourself on the back now.