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officine ambrogio

officine ambrogio


1. Its 1914: the establishment of the first company named Melesi & Selva marks the beginning of a long, profitable journey that has brought our firm to the foreground amongst perceptive observers of the needs of a market in constant evolution. From the manufacture of agricultural implements to the production of superior quality forged tools, we have moved with the local history of an area which has traditionally based its solidity on the metallurgic industry.

2. Flange production begins, workspace is extended, new companies are acquired. Between 1952 and 1975, advanced criteria of production optimization usher the company onto the wider international scene, with installations in the fields of oil, gas, chemical and petrochemical production. Our product range widens, demand increases. The company is growing.

3. During the last twenty years, in line with the manifold challenges of an ever- changing market, we have begun to work towards complete productive industrialization, whilst promoting maximum efficiency and professionalism to provide not only a top-quality product, but also a network of technical and administrative services able to satisfy and manage any contract requirement.

Since the beginning of the 20th century, between tradition and innovation

A question of style

Fifty thousand square metres of workspace, of which sixteen thousand indoors. One hundred people at work. A smooth and agile handling of transactions and enquiries guaranteeing real-time delivery of relevant information and services, be they relative to our well-stocked raw material warehouse or to the highly sophisticated forging, stamping and machining equipment. Customer-centered service is our style, and it is the most important factor at the basis of Officine Melesis increasing renown on the international market.


Strong as steel

We pride ourselves on our raw materials: carbon steel, ferritic alloy steel, austenite stainless steel, duplex, high nickel superalloys, copper alloys (cupronickel), aluminium alloys, titanium. This range of raw materials, always available in any size from our warehouse, is the widest ever used in the field of chemical, petrochemical and oil production.


Stamping, deformation, heat

Each piece has its own identity. The first phase of production defines the features of each flange, which is individually identified by means of a sophisticated computer system: this is the cut, followed by the forging, which is the heart of the process. The heat treatment then ensures the products full compliance with the guidelines laid down in the strictest regulations. Finally, machining completes and defines each piece down to the tiniest particular.

Precision, reliability, control

Separate forging and stamping lines ensure full range coverage and productive flexibility: power presses for drop forging, counterblow hammers, hydraulic presses and rolling mill, double-acting presses and hammers for short runs, electrical and gas furnaces endowed with recorded, calibrated thermocouple temperature control. Our machining equipment, relies on modern CNC devices for medium and short runs and on fully automated workstations for long runs, according to the core criteria inspiring our fundamental philosophy: quality and flexibility.


Technology for efficiency and flexibility

For several decades, the world over, from the vast on-shore plants in the Middle and Far East to the advanced North Sea oil rigs, wherever there is a demand for forged pieces to be used as plant components, our products have been on target with adequate and flexible solutions. Our flanges, forgings, rings and specially forged pieces are available in any size and material to satisfy the constantly diversifying requirements of modern machining.

Availability and speed from order receipt to delivery

Processing your order, from its receipt through to the final delivery, involves a series of complex steps: smooth and speedy handling of each phase is the final result of careful assessing of production resources and stocks of raw materials, semiprocessed, and finished pieces. This means you can count on delivery times tailored to your specific requirements, even in emergencies. It means deadlines are respected. It means, in a word, the customer is respected.

Adherence to standards, a caring approach

Quality is our mission, the keyword that enables us to comply with all legal guidelines relative to both on-shore and off-shore operations for the biggest petrochemical, and chemical industries. The ISO 9002 Quality Control System, approved by Det Norske Veritas, ensures our total adherence to current norms. The necessary checks are entrusted to our fully equipped in-house lab, making use of sophisticated instrumentation for destructive and non-destructive checks, P.M.I. and product analysis. Production is carefully checked before the final marking and packing, carried out in purpose-built island departments.

UNI EN ISO 9002 (ISO 9002)

W0/TRD 100
Sistema Qualit Certificato

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