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a wireless system designed to exploit the full potential of the tV white space spectrum
Regulators around the world are opening up tV white space. these are unused channels in the prime UHF tV band; 470MHz to 790MHz. approximately 150MHz of white space bandwidth with excellent propagation characteristics is available. this is the first time such a large amount of high quality spectrum has been made available for unlicensed use. as such, tV white space (tVWS) promises to trigger a revolution in wireless technology.
neulnEt is the first radio system designed specifically to operate in the hostile tVWS radio environment. It uses innovative, state of the art techniques to minimise aCP leakage, and to eliminate co-channel interference. as a result it can safely and legally take advantage of the entire available tVWS spectrum while complying with the stringent FCC, ofcom and other International regulations. neulnEt includes a sophisticated dual-antenna basestation unit and a portable, battery powered terminal device. together they form a network that uses the tVWS spectrum to send data over a distance of up to 10km at a maximum data modulation rate of 16Mbps and it works straight out of the box. neulnEt is available to order today. It is ideal for organisations planning tVWS trials to investigate the potential for fast, low cost, reliable data connections using prime tV spectrum.

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neulnEt Key Features

Includes basestation and terminal devices that work straight out of the box Configured to access the neul tVWS spectrum database Integrated gPS radio for accurate positioning Configured to use the neul network Management database Fully open standard with zero royalties Roadmap to $1 end user devices with 10 year battery life Fully compliant with FCC/ofcom specifications for tV white space radio aCP of <-55dBc which meets the FCC specification PagE 1 tune able over the entire global tV band (470MHz 790MHz) Compatible with 8MHZ or 6MHz tV channels Extremely resistant to co-channel interference Frequency hopping across all available tVWS channels Proprietary receiver technology reduces co-channel interference by 20dB State of the art data modulation system technology Multiple, dynamically switchable modulation schemes allow intelligent trade-off of link budget and datarate datarate of up to 16Mbps Range up to 10km

Brand Guidelines v1

tV white space radio trials and initial commercial installations for: Rural/fixed broadband, Mobile broadband, Media distribution (e.g. advertising billboards), M2M communications including smart meters and smart grid deployments.

neul Headquarters Suite 42 Innovation Centre Cambridge Science Park Milton Road Cambridge CB4 0EY

Being a good neighbour

the neulnEt transmitter has been
-10 -20 -30 -40 Power (dB) -50 -60 -70 -80 -90 -100 -110 -10 -8 -6 -4 NeulNET Scaled 802.11g Scaled FCC mask Scaled 802.11 mask -2 0 2 Frequency (MHz) 4 6 8 10

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specifically designed to concentrate virtually allenergy in a single tVWS channel. In practice this ensures that it is a good neighbourto primary users of the tV band such as tVs, PVRs and wireless microphones, eliminating the possibility of interference and ensuring that neulnEt users can safely and legally use all of the available tVWS channels. the transmitter spectral mask fully meets the FCC specifications for tVWS fixed and mobile transmitters. Figure 1.0 shows the neulnEt

neul 2011.

all information is copyright of neul and should not be copied or distributed to third parties.

Figure 1.0

transmit spectrum measured in dBm/100kHz, the units specified in the FCC specification. neulnEt achieves an aCP figure of better than -55dBc, making it compliant with the specification. neulnEt is able to achieve this exceptional aCP figure in part because it uses a single carrier modulation system. this means that it can be tightly filtered without losing signal integrity. It also results in a transmit signal that has a low, 3dB, peak to average power ratio allowing the system power amplifier to operate entirely in its linear range, greatly reducing spectral splatter. alternative wireless systems almost all use multicarrier oFdM. the spectral shape of oFdM sub carriers can not be tightly constrained since the pulse shaping is restricted to a small portion of the guard band Furthermore these systems typically have peak to average power ratios of 10-12 dB, forcing the system power amplifier to operate in its non-linear range. this leads to spectral re-growth, which would cause interference to tVs, PVRs and wireless microphones operating on adjacent channels.

thriving in the grey space

Real world measurements have shown that the tV band is an extremely noisy environment. Powerful, 200kW, transmissions from distant tV transmitters can travel hundreds of kilometres filling channels that are supposedly free. In fact tVWS might more accurately be described as grey space Figure 2.0 illustrates a typical tV band spectral environment in the UK.Eight tV channels are dedicated to broadcast signals. the remaining white space channels can be seen to actually contain interference at levels up to 70dBm/5MHz. Receiver performance is therefore crucial in this hostile environment. the neulnEt receiver uses an innovative MIMo technique to reduce static coPagE 2 channel interference from distant tV transmitters
Power (dBm/8MHz)
-30 -40 -50 -60 -70 -80 -90

8 TV Multiplexes

Digital Dividend Spectrum

-100 -110 25 30 35 40 45 50 55 60

Noise floor Channel

~50% of available channels are adjacent to TV multiplexes

Figure 2.0

by more than 20dB, despite this reduction some channels may still be blocked by strong interference. neulnEt also uses frequency hopping across all of the available tVWS channels to ensure that it does not matter if some of the channels are completely blocked; as long as one is free the signal will get through.

Brand Guidelines v1

Weightless an open standard for white space radio

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neul Headquarters Suite 42 Innovation Centre Cambridge Science Park Milton Road Cambridge CB4 0EY

M2M Service Provider

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Neul Global Network System

Cellular networks

neul 2011.

all information is copyright of neul and should not be copied or distributed to third parties.

Weightless Network #1

Weightless Network #2

Weightless Network #N

neulnEt uses the Weightless industry standard for tVWS radio. Weightless is a fully open standard; all members of the Weightless special interest group (SIg) are granted a royalty free license to the core IP that is required to design and manufacture a Weightless terminal device. any organisation can join the Weightless SIg for a nominal membership fee. Future wireless devices look certain to have extremely diverse requirements for power consumption, cost and data rate. Weightless is specified with great flexibility allowing it to be suitable for a multitude of applications. It uses time division multiple access (tdMa ) to divide up the available capacity on the downlink and a combination of tdMa and frequency division multiple access (FdMa) on the uplink allowing up to 1 million terminals per basestation. the terminals themselves are designed to be extremely simple enabling chip companies to produce Weightless silicon for $1 in high volume. to add further flexibility Weightless defines a very wide range of data rates, from 16Mb/s for wireless broadband to 1kb/s for M2M. this allows devices to make the most of the excellent propagation characteristics of the tVWS band by intelligently trading off data rate/link budget. the system dynamically selects the most suitable modulation scheme from single-carrier 16QaM, single-carrier QPSK using direct sequence spreading and non-coherent orthogonal shift keying on a per user basis according to link condition allowing for simultaneous use by different applications. For more information about Weightless, including information on joining the SIg, contact neul at

What is neulnEt?
a neulnEt tVWS basestation a neulnEt tVWS terminal unit with antenna and re-chargeable battery pack two unit wall charger unit/PSU, RF cables, connectors and power leads User guide and Quick Start instructions two single element wide band antennas for the basestation

Simple to use
the neulnEt basestation and terminal are a pre-configured system and work straight out of the box the network management and diagnostic software suite provides simple system configuration and terminal connection enabling effortless network expansion terminals have unique identities an over-the-network upgrade capability for the basestation automatic upgrade via a portal

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Brand Guidelines v1

technical Specifications
Wide band, tuneable digital wireless network basestation and terminal Frequency hopping rate 20Hz hop rate

neul Headquarters Suite 42 Innovation Centre Cambridge Science Park Milton Road Cambridge CB4 0EY

470MHz 790Mhz

tunes over the entire global tVWS band dependant upon country tWVS spectrum availability Spreads transmissions across all channels minimizing the effect of

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Selectable channel bandwidth 6MHz, 8MHz

interference Compatible with US, EU and Japanese tV channel assignment

transmitter Performance
neul 2011.
output power adjacent channel power, aCP terminal units: +25dBm -55dBc Eliminates interference to tVs/ PVRs/microphones

all information is copyright of neul and should not be copied or distributed to third parties.
Co-Channel interference reduction -20dB

Receiver Performance
Receiver sensitivity -85dBm to -120dBm Flexible, sensitivity/datarate trade off neuls proprietary technology cancels signals from distant tV transmitters maximising radio link budget

dynamic datarate
Low modulation rate 2Kbps 256Kbps FSK, dSSS Rx sensitivity to -120dBm ideal for smartmeter connectivity Basic modulation rate High modulation rate 256kbps 2Mbps FSK, dSSS, QPSK 16Mbps, 16QaM Suitable for many M2M applications Suitable for wireless broadband / rural broadband High Rate MaC Low Rate MaC MaC data rate up to 16Mbps MaC data rate up to 1Mbps

Physical Characteristics
Size terminal unit: 230mm x 180mm x 40mm Basestation: 450mm x 250mm x 40mm Enclosure Material aluminium Base station can be wall or rack mounted

External Interfaces
Ethernet Standard 10/100BaSE-t Ethernet in both terminal and basestation terminal can plug directly into Wi-Fi router for compatibility with smart phones, laptops and tablet PCs USB antenna Mini-B USB threaded n adaptable to SMa

Basestation Single element wideband dipole dual multiple element co-linear array antenna available separately terminal Single element wideband dipole

the performance figures in this document are target values for the product design, are intended PagE 4 as advanced information and are subject to change by neul without prior notice.