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In this Programme your job is very simple, just you have to post free ads in different classifieds, blogs, forums and directories. We will provide the admatters for you; just you can copy & Paste them in to the required fields. We will create a new website for you. Each and every Registration that is generated from your website will earn you Rs.100/-. We will also provide you with a private login and password so that you can check your earnings online at anytime. After registration, we will provide all the details about how to place your ads, list of websites to place your ads, admatters and tools to increase your earnings. You can post as many ads you want. There is no limitation for your earning. You can receive your Payments every 7 days. No matter you Reside anywhere in INDIA your Payments are 100% guaranteed, SUNBIZTEAM is already known to the world for its successful online business. Working1-2 hrs/ day seriously can earn you Rs 30,000/month. Just Imagine, if you post 10 ads / day and each ad give

you 1Registration you will earn Rs 1000/- per day (i.e.),

10 x Rs 100 = Rs 1000 / day

=> 30 days x Rs 1000 = Rs 30,000 / month

So the earnings depend upon your own efforts Note: Thousands of Internet users are increasing everyday and everybody wants to earn extra income to satisfy their needs. So no doubt this Programme will earn you healthy Income. Also remember that you can receive your payments every 7 days

UNIVERSAN INFO SERVICE: Universal Info Service (UIS India-India based) is World wide Online related Home-based Job DATA ENTRY WORK Service provider. We are sure that you will find the various types online data entry job work service a source of great value and convenience no matter where you go. Universal Info Service brought to you in association with Online data entry job, online ad posting job, online proof reading job and many more related of Work from Home, the leading job provider worldwide. Our procures a wide variety of services from companies around the world. In all these transactions, we strive to build relationships which are mutually beneficial. We try that this business should be good and beneficial activities through the Internet. Universal Info Service have been offering own home jobs works to Internet literates Since 2005.We are achieve An ISO 9001:2008 Certification for "Universal Info Service" after going through audit








2011, we are

successfully maintenance the QMS system and continually Improve by updating records at all levels. Anyone can do it & all jobs are Work from Home- It is really easy! You simply fill up the application form and submit with the registration fees as per work of Universal Info Service. This type of work is 100% legal, honest & ethical. You can enter data for different types affiliate program companies. We provide data different companies, organized into relevant categories (business, job, home-based jobs, and service). These companies need people like you to enter data as it spreads about their products helping them to generate sales. This is how they can pay you so much. They are splitting their profits with you. We will show you how to make even more money through our very simple Online Data Entry Job work. The more forms submitted, the more money you can make


At OnlineWork101, we will basically help you out to discover how you can use systems like Amazon Online Work, Walmart Online Work, Face book Online Work, Esty Online Work, angies Online Work, NewEgg Online Work, eBay Online Work, Craigslist Online Work and many more other systems to make money on a regular basis. All the systems we discuss here are legitimate and well tested to offer you paychecks surely at the end of every month. We will also guide you to show how you can make money from online surveys which are ready to offer you $5 $75 per survey, participate in online focus groups which pay handsome money, to try and test new products and many other online work systems. These systems have been awarded the No #1 in Extra Income Program Awards. So the trust factor

is always there on your side. Just register with us and start making money online through online work.


This is a simple copy paste work for part time home job seekers. The basic work consists of copying text from pdf files and pasting into msword, after pasting formatting and page setting has to be done as per the technical documents. Good knowledge of ms-word is required for this work. This is project can be done on part-time or full time work from home basis. A person can take maximum of 1 seats work, this work is not available to international customers. Primary Details of the Project is as provided below. Nature of work Tools TAT Contract period JPEG/GIF to Ms-Word. You have copy and paste pdf text to MS word. 18 Days first month subsequently monthly 6 months Processing fee is refundable if user gets above Other details 98% accuracy in first 2 assignments. Work dispatch. Will be sent as email attachment. Work Submission Through email attachment Project Work load ( One time Income Per Name pages per processing fee. Month month. Red 400 pages 2500Rs fee 4000Rs income pm

Green Blue

600 pages 800 pages

3500Rs fee 4500Rs fee

6000Rs income pm 8000Rs income pm


For Untrained Individuals the course is designed for 4 months. We will send you English, Medicine text material along with wave files, text files, English and Medicine exercises and software. We will send you tests every week and assess you and tell you how to improve. You will receive job opportunities to your mail ID after joining of day one. While training, if any doubts arise, you can chat with us online at anytime or you can come down and discuss with us. It is not all that difficult if you have interest in it. Once we find you doing good work on the audio files, we will place you on job. FIRST MONTH: We will send you CD with text material consist of beginner's medical transcription training part-I. Beginners-1 consist specialty wise files like introduction, gastroenterology, orthopedics, cardiology, neurology wave files and text files. We will also send you software consist of typing tutor, medical dictionary, drug reference, wave file software, English dictionary etc.

SECOND MONTH: We will send you a CD with material consists of beginner's medical transcription training part-II along with that English material will also be dispatched. Beginner's-II consist psychiatry, OB-Gyn, pharmacology, pulmonary, dermatology, internal medicine, urology etc. wave files and text files. THIRD MONTH: We will send you a CD with material consist of intermediate medical transcription training of different subjects. Intermediate consists of operative reports, wave and text files. We will send you wave and text files of particular home transcription clients that you are going to work along with details about practical problems in live work. You will receive abbreviations and A-Z words in transcription. FOURTH MONTH: We will send you a CD with wave and text files of particular home transcription clients that you are going to work along with British and American language differences etc. We will send you another CD with wave and text files of particular home transcription clients that you are going to work along with AAMT guidelines, Americanisms.


We are having a home based and bulk project in E-library Data entry from home. This project is part of big library digitization projects taken on behalf of various libraries in India, Europe and USA. This project is also available in bulk for BPO companies. The basic work consists of typing scanned jpeg files into the software provided by us. This is a fulltime project. Primary Details of the Project is as provided below. Nature of work Tools Work Load TAT Contract period Remuneration Processing Fee. Other details Work dispatch. Work Submission JPEG to TEXT Software provided by us. (MS office required) 200 pages per week. 7 Days 10 weeks. 2000/- Rs. Per Week 3000/- Rs. (One time fee.) Non-refundable processing fee. project available world-wide To be downloaded from our website Through email attachment


The converted files from data entry / data conversion have to be converted into html pages for web publishing. You will be getting 1000 text pages containing around 30 lacks characters per month for which you have to give html tags as per the instruction provided at the time of work allotment. It is highly recommended that people with previous training and experience should only take this work.

Nature of work Tools Work Load TAT Contract period Remuneration Processing Fee. Other details Work dispatch. Work Submission

TEXT to HTML Work has to be done in notepad 1000 Pages per Month or 30 lack characters per month. 30 Days 6 Months. 10,500/- Rs. Per Month 4000/- Rs. (One time fee renewable.) Work will contain numerical and equations. Work available worldwide. To be downloaded from our website Through email attachment


As we go forward, I hope we're going to continue to use technology to make really big differences in how people live and work.