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Investment opportunities in the Global Carbon Markets

The international carbon credit markets provide investors with exciting opportunities for long term capital growth. Certified Emissions Reduction carbon credits, known as CERs, are a fast-growing, globally traded commodity and are likely to appreciate significantly in value as the global markets mature and the international demand for carbon credits increases.

Market volumes and prices for CERs are forecast to grow significantly between 2012 and 2020. Volumes for the global carbon market reached $142bln in 2011 and are expected to reach $2-3trillion by 2020. The price of carbon credits could rise as high as 90 per tonne if Europe is to meet its carbon targets, according to a Bloomberg report in 2011.

The Return

Certified Carbon Credits

CERs are a SIPP approved investment and are traded daily on international exchanges.

Safe Custody Account

The carbon credits you purchase through our UK provider will be held for you in a custodianship account on an internationally

recognised carbon credit registry by an FSA regulated firm. Safeguarding client assets is of paramount importance to our UK provider and this relationship provides stability and peace of mind to the investor.

with an emissions trading scheme starting in 2015. The introduction of these new markets will significantly increase global demand for CERs.

Investment Horizon

Investments in carbon credits are best suited to investors who have a mid to long term investment horizon. Carbon credits are a traded commodity and as such holdings can be liquidated at any time.

Exit Strategies

Beside the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme, Japan, South Korea, Australia and China have presented plans to introduce national or regional trading systems. Australia has set a price of AUS$23 ($23.50) per tonne on carbon from July 2012,

High Quality Carbon Credits

The carbon credits you purchase from us are Certified Emissions Reductions known as CERs. CERs are carbon credits that are accredited to internationally recognised and rigorous emission reduction standards, and are an integral part of the United Nations Clean Development Mechanism. They are a standardised commodity and can be bought and sold on global carbon credit exchanges or banked for future use. Individuals and private or public organisations can participate in the CER market. Projects that generate CERs are designed to encourage investment in and the transfer of environmentally safe technologies to reduce harmful greenhouse gases.

UN certified credits that are traded by the major international banks and institutions such as the World Bank, who themselves are trustees of 12 carbon funds and facilities capitalized at $2.7 billion. This demonstrates the significant commitment of global institutions to support market based instruments such as CERs to fight climate change.

The Kyoto Protocol

CERs are traded by the World Bank

The carbon credits that you are able to purchase from our UK provider are the same

In 1992 over 180 countries at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro adopted the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). In 1997, 55 countries adopted the Kyoto protocol, which created the Clean Development Mechanism (the CDM), carbon credits and the carbon cap and trade scheme that is in place today. CERs are part of the Kyoto Protocol, and their purpose is to assist developing countries to

achieve sustainable development, and to assist developed countries to reduce their carbon footprint.

scheme. All of these programmes will significantly increase the volume of CERs that are traded globally.

Carbon credits the fastest growing international market

Hailed as the "Kyoto surprise", the carbon trading mechanism has enjoyed unexpected support from developing countries, and has been a success story that is today being rolled out across the word. Japan, South Korea, Australia and China have presented plans to introduce national or regional trading systems, and discussions are also underway in Canada, Brazil, India, Mexico, South Africa, Russia and Ukraine to introduce new carbon trading schemes that all take their lead from the Kyoto Protocol. Several countries such as Chile, Turkey, Mexico and China could launch pilot carbon market schemes by the end of 2012 under the guidance of a World Bank

Important Information
Our clients carbon assets are held in a secure registry account managed by FSA regulated firms appointed by us to provide you with a secure custodianship service for the carbon credits you have purchased. Your credits are held securely and you are able to access them at any time should you wish to sell them or move them to another account. No-one else can do anything with your carbon credits without your written permission.

Risk Warning
1. All investments are speculative and will fluctuate in value. It should not be assumed that the value of investments will always rise. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results. You may get back less than the amount originally invested or even lose the full amount. 2. You should carefully consider in the light of your financial resources whether investing in Carbon Credits is suitable for you. 3. Changes in currency exchange rates may adversely affect the value of any overseas investments or investments denominated in a foreign currency. 4. There may be a big difference between the buying price and the selling price of Carbon Credits. If you have to sell them immediately, you may get back much less than you paid for them. You may have difficulty in selling Carbon Credits at the price you wish to achieve and, in some circumstances; it may be difficult to sell them at any price. It can be difficult to assess what would be a proper market price for these investments. You should not invest in Carbon Credits unless you have thought carefully about whether you can afford to do so and have taken appropriate independent advice. 5. Representations made by our sale consultants, agents or sales literature either orally, in paper or electronic form do not form part of our Terms and Conditions. We give no warranty as to the future value of Carbon Credits. 6. Forwards, options and other derivative contracts in relation to Carbon Credits are regulated investments in the United Kingdom. However, Carbon Credits sold by our UK provider are not derivatives and, as such, are not regulated investments. Accordingly, our UK provider is not required to be regulated by the Financial Services Authority ("FSA") or any other regulator in the United Kingdom. This means, among other things, that a person buying Carbon Credits from our UK provider will not benefit from any protections afforded by the FSA and would not have access to the Financial Services Ombudsman or the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. 7. our UK provider is not regulated by the Financial Services Authority and is not able to give financial or investment advice.

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