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TECHNIQUES OF MYSTICAL MEDITATION FOR ACHIEVING PROPHECY AND THE HOLY SPIRIT IN THE TEACHINGS OF ISAAC LURIA AND YAYYIM VITAL A Dissertation Presented to The Faculty of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Brandeis University Department of Near Eastern and Judaic Studies In Partial Fulfiilment of the Requirements of the Degree Doctor of Philosophy by Lawrence Brian Fine December, 1975 TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION 6 6 ee ee eee ee ee Chapter 1 MAGGIDIC REVELATIONS IN THE TEACHINGS OF ISAAC LURIA . 2 THE PRACTICE OF YTHUDIM: PART ONE... 2... ++ 3 THE PRACTICE OF Y7HUDIM: PART TWO... . +... +. + 4 READING IN THE MISHNAH: A TECHNIQUE OF MEDITATION TAUGHT BY HAYYIM VITAL ©... eee eee ee eee Selected Bibliography... 1. eee ee ee ee eee Appendix vi 18 43 76 135 174 180 vii LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS Illustration Page 1 Meditation Outline... 1... ee eee eee or) 2 A Chart showing Forty-two Names of God which are the basis for one of the yihudim. It is teproduced from Shar Ruah ha-Kodesh, Jerusalem 1864, 4Ub-45a, ee + 989 3 Circular patterns of the Seventy-two Letter Name of God from Sefer Hayyei Olam ha~Ba® Ms. Heb. 8 540 folio 7a of the Hebrew University... .... 107 4 Matar Hitbodedut, fourth chapter of Hayyim Vital's Shakret Kedushah, Ms. 749 British Museum, folio 10a... .. 00050 e ee eee 1465