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God Had It Up To Here I need help Big Homie, I hate where Im at. I need money; I need a job, Vernon prays while falling on one knee; tears falling onto folded hands inside his apartment. What now, man? I been putting out fires all day, I didnt even get 8 hours of sleep last night, God says facetiously. Youre God, you dont need 8 hours. How can you rest when people like me need your help? Vernon inquires. How can I rest? I got to deal with homicides, suicides, people disobeying my commandments and then asking for help. I need some time for myself, I need a vacation, responds God almost in a staccato voice. Whats gonna happen to mankind then?asks Vernon, slowly opening his eyes and raising his head. I dont know man. But, I had my fill with yall. Yall are never satisfied; always complaining; just like you. I gave you a job a month ago, but you was partying-it-up, like you was elite status, trying to impress people. At your job you didnt even wanna work, criticizing the boss with your colleagues and texting all day like a fake courtroom stenographer, God responds as if to a disobedient child. Vernon raises his eyebrows. My bad, Most High; but life is short, I gotta live it up. I dont know how much time I got here. By the way, how much time do I have? Vernon asks looking quizzically. I cant tell you that. I want you to live to the best of your ability; stop making puerile decisions and acting inappropriately, God says parentally. How was I wrong to go after my boss? He dont know what hes doing and its non thinking work, I get passion and joy for making him look bad. I make less than him and I know more than his incompetent self. He need to give me his salary. Life isnt fair. Its just what it is. Right God? Vernon says somewhat sheepishly. Your mind is your power. Use it! God remarks in an exclamatory tone. Big Homie, it got to be deeper than that, youre suppose to give me a plan to get this money and find employment. I cant be happy without those two. Life aint fun when youre broke. Creditors calling me; asking can they speak with Vernon. I give them a fake name and say hes not here. Hes on a spiritual retreat in Tibet, Vernon says fighting back the urge to laugh out loud. When everything is going right, you got ya head to the sky, you know everything; people cant tell you nothing, I cant tell you nothing, you wiser than Solomon! You should have had a book in the bible, God says sternly. God, I know I havent been the best person. Im only flesh; so Ill always make mistakes. I am thankful for everything youve done for me. You know; waking me up this morning and having my family; all praises due Most High, Vernon says trying to affect a pious tone. Youve been saying this since 91, Vernon; you go the right way for a minute and then backslide. But look, Im going on an extended leave, you and your human race are not gonna drive me crazy. Anyway Vernon, best of luck with everything. I m about to put my feet up on a cloud; drink some manna punch Gabriel made; and during this time off, I get a chance to ref a game of Celestial Flag Football between my angels; peace lil homie, God says finally.


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