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Health and Global Recession: Dr.

Shriniwas Kashalikar

The root cause of global recession is petty perspective that enhances antagonism and suppresses; the holistic perspective that consolidates complementarity, inclusive growth and harmony.

This conflict is not new. But it has now crossed the regional and national boundaries and hence its impact has become global.

How does petty perspective cause global recession?

Petty perspective embodies inner cravings for physical, monetary, political, cultural and other kinds of supremacy and control; beyond physiological needs and the unscrupulous pursuits to gratify them.

Thus the industries produce and aggressively market (by emphasizing individual physical fitness) cosmetics, sexual stimulants; tonics, exorbitant spas, so called fitness clubs; for more profit (as against holistic health).

Similarly; the political leaders and their medical expert advisers; support such industries favoring the hegemony of respective different systems of medicine (as against holistic medicine); for petty personal gains.

We support such industries and policies due to our ignorance and/or indolence.

As a result of this; the economic activities in different fields of life; revolve around the petty perspective; and lead to exorbitant growth of utilities and services for serving petty demands of few and for ensuring the petty gains for few!

In poor countries; markets of jewelry, five star and seven star hotels and hospitals, unproductive glamor, wasteful glitter, petty luxuriousness, and vulgar yet expensive entertainment flourish; while neglecting

the urgent needs of the majority. As a result; few of us become rich, glamorous, arrogant, but hollow, weak and sick; but glorified by media and gullibly worshiped by us.

Since a large majority does not have money to avail these five star services; the sale begins to fall. Then the rabid competition begins. This is often called free market, free completion etc. This is followed by the frantic and unscrupulous efforts to market such useless and/or counterproductive commodities and services, through mutually exploitative ways! This involves colossal waste.

The economy revolving around pettiness is sustained first by; the sickeningly rich for some time. In fact the economy is made to appear booming; by the show of glamor and glitter! But soon these industries begin to slow down due to wasteful marketing efforts and lack of purchasing power in the majority.

But the economy revolving around pettiness is still sustained by the political leadership through loans, subsidies and waving of loans. In other words; public funds are pumped in these wasteful and petty ventures; while the majority is further throttled!

But the economy revolving around the petty perspective; and mutually antagonistic and wasteful activities; goes in loss when the last drop of blood of common man is finished and nothing is available. The industries can not get loans and cannot get buyers for its shares. The share prices plunge. Production of essential commodities being least profitable suffers most. The misery of we millions thus multiplies exponentially!!

We the common people all over the world suffer maximum, the investors with buffering power suffer less and the business houses with much greater buffering power; suffer least!

How to manage the global recession?

1. Teach the measures of inner blossoming and empowerment; such as hymns, prayers, jikra and NAMASMARAN; right from the beginning.

2. Nurture the productive domain and self reliant economic independence (stop production of unproductive economically dependent and helpless graduates)

3. Evolve holistic medicine and holistic health and practice in all the fields of life; thereby making the different fields; (industrial, agricultural, horticultural etc) complementary and synergistic to holistic renaissance by fulfilling the physiological needs of all; and not the morbid interests, whims and fancies of few.

4. Superficial measures such as changes in repo and reverse repo and other measures to save the diseased and dying industries would not only fail but further precipitate the misery of we millions.

5. The details in terms of laws, rules and their execution; however; have to be worked out by the experts with holistic perspective in the different fields.