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In the famous Maruti Stotra by Samarth Ramadas Swami; there appears a word SHOONYA MANDALA. What is SHOONYA MANDALA? We have to go deep within our experiences to understand and appreciate SHOONYA MANDALA and its relevance in our day to day life! However; though we are taught to stand, walk, jump, run, talk, read, write and perform many skills; we are not inspired and guided to go deep within; and be ourselves! In fact we dont seem to realize that such inspiration and guidance is even needed! As a result; we live reflexly, superficially and casually in accordance with the stimuli impinging on us from environment inside and outside our body! This kind of life ignores and separates us from ourselves. This separation from ourselves; is the root cause of stress (conscious and unconscious) in individual and global life; effected through inappropriate perspective, policies, plans and actions; at individual and global levels. The sinking experience of the temporary nature and vanity of such life; constitutes SHOONYA MANDALA; the whirlpool of zero! It is the experience of frightening darkness, loss, hopelessness, emptiness, and nothingness. We may experience it; although vaguely and ambiguously; irrespective of success and failure, richness and poverty, fame or otherwise.

This state sometimes termed acute or chronic depression; is linked and corroborated with central nervous activities, genes, neurotransmitter concentrations and complex and multifactorial influence of inner and outer surroundings. But we have to realize that all these factors are born out of being miserably separated from ourselves; and trapped in SHOONYA MANDALA the whirlpool of zero! If we carefully search for the existence of zero, then we realize that existence of zero is only with relation to three dimensions and their influence on our brain. Absence of a particular entity (zero) has a limited meaning in terms of absence of that entity in that place at that time with respect to that particular observer. Actually; how can zero per se; i.e. nothingness exist? Any reference to zero implies presence of time, space, background or field and the observer and the activity of observation! In fact; the origination of the concept of nothingness and its designation in terms of zero, have given rise to the dreadful concept of end and death. This constitutes the state and experience of the SHOONYA MANDALA; the whirlpool of zero! SUPERLIVING the core of which is NAMASMARAN; involves conquering; the whirlpool of zero (SHOONYA MANDALA) and its by products; viz. the sectarian perspective, destructive and divisive ideas, lowliness, insecurity and fear; and the consequent petty actions. SUPERLIVING is being ourselves; the immortal blissful reality viz. the SACCHIDANANDA.