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HOLISTIC RENAISSANCE is the development of perspective, policies, plans, programs and implementation; of these for individual and global blossoming. The message of Geeta is; HOLISTIC RENAISSANCE is bound to manifest; through the life struggle (DHARMA YUDDHA) irrespective of whether we support it or oppose!

Appropriate care and nurturing of all the components and their subservience to absolute consciousness would be evolved and inbuilt; in the machines, industries, institutions, organizations, state machineries, nations, and universe; and of course; in the individual life; in coming future.

The instincts such as physical activity, locomotion, urination, defecation, cleanliness, hunger, thirst, safety, sexual desire, parental care, breast feeding; and emotional needs such as friendship, dialogue, expression of conscience through art and literature would be fulfilled in an appropriate manner culminating in the imminent process of individual and universal blossoming!

Some examples of how this would manifest are;

The education policy would be evolved into holistic education policy nurturing creative, productive, psychomotor, affective and cognitive domains. It would ensure promotion of self empowerment, self sufficiency and self esteem and freedom from the need and dependence on certificates.

The indiscriminate killing of animals for taste, sacrifice and/or other vested interests; would be stopped; spontaneously as well as by law. Abundant availability of healthy vegetarian food would be ensured by different agencies/organizations/governments.

There would be evolution of voluntary efforts and laws, which would promote the practitioners of different disciplines of medicine; to grow into holistic healers and make it easy for the patients to get holistic advice and treatment for holistic health promotion and healing.

The divisions such as spiritual, material, theist, atheist, superstitious, rationalist etc would begin to dissolve in common pursuit of HOLISTIC RENAISSANCE through the common minimum program of NAMASMARAN.

The peculiarity of this age; is optimal conditions for holistic health i.e. SELF realization.

The objective cosmic reality, truth or God; manifests Himself; in many ways. These optimal conditions; is also a manifestation. It can be linked to the previous manifestations in the form of the penance, enlightenment and expressions of the thousands of seers, sages and prophets.

Eternal universal consciousness is NOW manifesting; in an identifiable form of NAMA; so that billions can access Him!

In common parlance; the imminent universal process of NAMASMARAN and realizing the true SELF; by billions; and the holistic renaissance - the individual and universal blossoming - a changing contingent without a regimentalized uniform pattern; is the will of God!

Intuiting this reality and sharing it with others is simply ecstatic.