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How we differ from others

1. The clinic has two modern methods used to treat addiction

using buprenorphine (agonist – antagonists), clonidine-naloxone protocol, detoxification using efferent therapy (plasmapheresis or hemosorption, laser, quantum hemotherapy), N.E.T. therapy, xenon therapy, cryotherapy. Our clinic cooperates with numerous renowned specialists for treatment of addiction throughout the world (e.g. Nazaralijev, Waismann method opiate detoxification clinic, Prometa). We regularly attend international conferences dedicated to treatment of addiction (Milan 2009, San Francisco 2010, etc.). Clinic staff consists of specialists in various fields of medicine (psychiatrists, neurologists, addictologists, doctors in intensive care, hepatologists).

(rapid and ultra rapid detoxification, detoxification

2. The clinic has modern equipment required for the process of treatment and diagnostics.

equipment enabling costant monitoring of basic, vital functions, equipment for blood oxygen levels, equipment for

In addition to

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measuring arterial blood pressure and pulse, and ECG, there is also an apparatus that influences the synthesis of natural endorphins, which considerably facilitates a crisis, as well as xenon therapy, and an apparatus for audio-visual stimulation, which reduces the crawing for drugs, the mental need for narcotics or alcohol. Information technologies are also present (eye movement integrator, 25 frames), which efficiently deletes thoughts, the crawing for narcotics.

3. A unique method that reduces obsessive crawing for narcotics. Simple discussions about the harmful effect

of narcotics, even if performed by the most experienced therapists, offer insufficient results. During the discussion, the addict must obediently agree that he needs to stop this malignant habit, while that same evening he will again use the

substance. This happens because the power of the crawing for narcotics is much stronger than voluntary mechanisms. For this reason, modern medicine is searching for ways to influence those deep layers of the human psyche where behavioural models are formed, to erase addictive habits, and to enable the individual to once regain

soberhomes drug treatment detx teen adolescent Thailand treating substance abuses treatments

control of his thoughts and behaviour. This is achieved by hypnosis, apparatuses, information therapy, by influencing the subconscious during sleep.

4. Psychotherapy and psychological help. Special pedagogues, medical clinical psychologists, university degree

psychotherapists, trained in Switzerland, Germany, the Czech Republic, Italy, contribute to treatment. Their task is to perform diagnostics, to prepare the psychological portrait of the patient and his family, to educate and to form in the patient an adequate, introspective relationship with his problems and mistakes, to increase motivation for leading an austere life, as well as to form mechanisms of protection against recidivism. The patient must regain self-control and self-confidence, to normalize family relationships.

5. Blockade method. Medicine has been using the principle of “pharmacological isolation” or prohibition for a

long time. This method enables the individual not to hide in maintains and deserts created by narcotics, but to remain socially active.A chemical substance (blocker, chip, implant, vaccine) is inserted into the body, and it neutralizes the effect of the narcotic or alcohol, or causes an unpleasant and dangerous reaction to their use. Numerous investigations, performed since the first administration of naltrexone or disulfiram in many countries in the world, have shown their high efficacy as protection against recidivism.

6. One year of support . The treatment protocol usually implies 12 regular monthly controls, which are free of

charge. During the control, the doctor obtains information from the patient and from relatives about the course of the previous month, evaluates politests for narcotics, corrects therapy, assesses if protective measures are required. In case of a change of the patient’s state, depression, restlessness, crawing for drugs, contact the hospital immediately, without waiting for the regular control. In addition, unscheduled controls are free of charge.

7. Long term rehabilitation. Narcotics sometimes destroy a person’s life to such an extent that several months are

required for the individual to recuperate, gather strength and begin a new austere life. Our Russian clinics offer the

option of long term rehabilitation, or we can advise that this process can be undertaken in some commune or rehabilitation centre in Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, Montenegro.

During a period of 15 years thousands of patients have undergone clinical treatment. They were mainly Russians, citizens of the former Soviet Union. Since 2007, when “Dr Vorobjev” clinic was opened in Belgrade, annually some 300 individuals from the Balkans are treated. Since 2009, the clinic also operates in Mexico, with patients frequently coming from California, as well as from the countries of South America.

California, as well as from the countries of South America. Categories Addiction Clinics Russia Drug Rehab
California, as well as from the countries of South America. Categories Addiction Clinics Russia Drug Rehab