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In The Grove News of Seagrove and Surrounding Communities March 2012 Volume 3, Issue 2
In The Grove
News of Seagrove and Surrounding Communities
March 2012
Volume 3, Issue 2
Events Calendar
Kovack Pottery Spring Event
worked at in Massachusetts.
Their first
Through April 28
“What’s Upstairs” at the NC
Pottery Center
The 19 th Annual Kovack Pottery Spring
Event will be March 10 through March 18.
Craig and Michelle Kovack spend months
creating special numbered, limited-edition
trip to Seagrove was on their honeymoon.
Special event day with Mark
Hewitt at the NC Pottery
Center (pg. 3)
pieces that come with signed certificates of
10 - 18
Kovack Pottery Spring Event
(pg. 1)
30 through April 1
“Daffie Days” at Bulldog
Pottery (pg. 2)
Pottery 101 Workshop with
Bonnie Burns begins at NC
Pottery Center (pg. 3)
These pieces,
as well as their
certificates of
will only be
during the
This year,
the event will
feature festival
While they were here, they found jobs and
an apartment. They went back to
Massachusetts to pack up and moved to
Seagrove two weeks later. A few months
after their
move, the
couple bought
their current
home and
converted old
farm buildings
into the pottery
These numbered, limited edition pots are only available
during the Kovack Pottery Spring Event and come with a
certificate of authenticity. Photo provided by Kovack Pottery
experience of
working at a
production shop helped the Kovacks
streamline the pottery process. Most of
17th Century Reenactment at
Westmoore Pottery (pg. 3)
favorites, new
items and door prizes. Visit to print a 10%
off coupon for the event. The coupon can
also be printed from Kovack Pottery’s
Facebook page.
Seagrove Town Council
Meeting at new time - 7 p.m.
Special event day with Steve
Compton and Dr. Charles Zug
at NC Pottery Center (pg. 3)
14 & 15
4th Annual NC Spring
Pottery Festival at Seagrove
Elementary School - several
Seagrove area pottery shops
will participate
The shop specializes in decorative
functional wares. Craig has had over 35
years experience as a production potter and
does all the turning at Kovack Pottery.
Michelle specializes in creating hand-
painted designs and glazing.
“It’s a marriage between a potter and a
painter,” said Craig. “We collaborate on
most pieces.”
The Kovacks met at Olde Cape Cod
Stoneware, a production pottery they both
their pieces are single fired, skipping the
bisque firing. Glazes are sprayed onto the
pots, allowing them to skip the waxing step
many potters use to keep glaze from
flowing onto the kiln shelves.
A variety of items can be found in the
pottery shop, including hand-painted items
that celebrate nature and holidays of every
kind, wood-fired salt glazed face jugs and
other items, and pots in colorful glazes.
Craig and Michelle stress that they want
their pottery to be used and enjoyed.
Although many of
the pots are quite
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In this issue
21 & 22
4th Annual Celebration of
Spring in Seagrove - Kiln
Openings and Studio Tours -
36 Seagrove area pottery
shops will participate
ü “Daffie Days” at Bulldog
ü Historical Reenactment
at Westmoore Pottery
ü Seagrove Potters Receive
Media Attention
ü NC Pottery Center
Special Event Days and
Pottery 101 Workshop
ü February Seagrove Town
Council Meeting

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decorative, they were designed to be functional, as well. In addition to their spring event,
decorative, they were
designed to be
functional, as well.
In addition to
their spring event,
Kovack Pottery is
also participating in
the 15 th Annual
Catawba Valley
Pottery and Antiques
Festival in Hickory,
NC on March 24.
The pottery shop is
open Monday
through Saturday,
from 9 a.m. to 5
p.m., and Sunday
from 12 to 5 p.m. It
is located at 1298
Fork Creek Mill
Road in Seagrove.
Independent Pharmacists that Care About You
510 North Broad Street
Seagrove, NC
(336) 873-8246
M-F 8:30 - 6:00
Sat 9:00 - 1:00
Jerry P. Moore, PharmD.
“Daffie Days” are here again.
“Daffie Days,” Bulldog Pottery’s
spring kiln opening, will be held
March 30 through April 1. Potters
Bruce Gholson and Samantha
created the
event to
of spring
the flowers
that come
with it. An
array of
Jugtown Pottery
Daffodils look lovely in this
flowing matte crystalline
vase by Bulldog Pottery.
diamond-shaped iridescent crystals
that blend subtly with the background
color. They also make functional
pottery featuring their reddish-brown
to soft cream Moka glaze, decorated
with dots, swirls and stripes.
Samantha often creates porcelain
paintings of insects or foliage, and
Bruce often creates fossil fish imagery
drawn in slip.
Samantha and Bruce studied
ceramics at Alfred University in New
York. Bruce received a BFA from the
University of Georgia in Athens and
his MFA from Alfred. Samantha
attended Virginia Tech for four year
before transferring to Alfred and
earning her BFA.
330 Jugtown Rd.
Seagrove, NC
(910) 464-3266
Tues. - Sat.
8:30 - 5:00
Bruce and
Samantha’s studio art pottery,
including a variety of vases will be
available during the event. The potters
will be on hand to discuss their most
recent work and offer tasty treats to
those who visit.
Bruce and Samantha work side by
side, experimenting with glazes and
forms in their pottery shop on Old U.S.
Highway 220, just five miles south of
the Seagrove stoplight. They sum up
their working environment best in their
artist statement – “Our studio is a
collaborative environment that
provides us with support to express
our independent voices; more than we
could achieve individually.”
Both potters produce elegant vase
forms that showcase rich flowing
glazes, including their molybdenum
crystalline glaze, which forms
437 N. Broad Street
Seagrove, NC 27341
(336) 873-8066
Upton Accounting, Inc.
Professional Accounting Service
Bulldog Pottery is one of the ten
shops that share the Co-op of Seagrove
Potters in Seagrove. Their work can
be purchased at their shop and the Co-
op. Bulldog Pottery will be featured in
an exhibit at the PAF Gallery in Siler
City from March
Seagrove Professional Village
508 North Broad Street
Seagrove, North Carolina 27341
(336) 873-7690
Fax: (336) 873-7650
James P. Upton, III
Enrolled to Practice Before the
Internal Revenue Service
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16 to April 13. They will be participating in the Celebration of Spring in Seagrove
16 to April 13. They will be
participating in the Celebration of
Spring in Seagrove on April 21 & 22,
and will host other potters at their shop
for “Cousins in Clay” on May 26 &
To find out more about Bruce and
Samantha, visit their blog, “Around
and About with Bulldog Pottery”
They can also be found on Facebook
and Twitter.
History buffs may
be pleased to know
Westmoore Pottery
will host the New
Amstel Militia
reenactment group for
Fresh Food!
a 17 th century
reenactment on March
31. The group will be
20% Off
dressed in full period
garb and will portray
individuals from the
Homemade Soups
Dinner Entrees
Wine by the Glass
Photo provided by
New Amstel Militia
colonies. They will be
engaged in living
history demonstrations
that reflect what life
was like in 17 th century
America. Although
they primarily represent
Dutch individuals, the
unit has expanded to
include some kit from
Virginia and the
Carolinas, as well.
Entire bill with this ad
Tuesday & Wednesday Only
(offer expires 3/30/2012)
Dine In or
Take Out
Dutch colonies at New
Amsterdam and New Amstel in the
17 th century. They will use historically
accurate replicas of 17 th century
pottery made by Westmoore potters
David and Mary Farrell, who are well-
known for their historical pottery.
The Farrells will be available
during the event to discuss and answer
questions about the past uses of
available wares, methods of
production and other topics of interest.
The militia represents an early
period of cultural blending in the
Some members possess
more than 15 years of living history
“We are looking forward to having
them here,” said Mary Farrell.
“Revolutionary and Civil War
encampments are fairly common in
this part of the country, but a 17 th
century group like New Amstel Militia
is a rare opportunity for us.”
Westmoore Pottery is located at
4622 Busbee Road in Seagrove. More
information can be found at
121 E. Salisbury St. • Robbins • 910-948-9976
Open Tuesday - Friday 10:30 a.m. - 7:30 p.m.
Unique Bed & Breakfast
Owned and Operated by Potters
Bed & Breakfast, Retail Gallery & Studio
136 West Main Street, Seagrove, NC
(336) 707-9124
The North Carolina Pottery Center
(NCPC) has announced two special
event days that coincide with the
“What’s Upstairs?” exhibit that began
last month. On March 10, the NCPC
will release a new catalog of Alamance
County historical stoneware. The text
2199 S. Pottery Hwy 705
Seagrove, NC 27341
910-464-2261 - or - 336-879-2262
is by potter and curator Mark Hewitt.
Two catalogs will be released on
April 14. One highlights pieces from
the NCPC’s permanent collection,
with text by exhibit curator, Steve
Compton. The other catalog is a rare
grouping of 19 th and 20 th century grave
markers, with text by Dr. Charles Zug.
Both events are open to the public
and will be held from noon to 2 p.m.
The catalogs will be for sale. Curators
will sign catalogs and answer
questions. Visitors are encouraged to
bring in old North Carolina pottery
pieces to learn more about them from
the experts.
Great White Oak Gallery’s Bonnie
Burns will teach a Pottery 101
Workshop in the NCPC Education
Building on March 27, 29 and April 3,
5, 10 and 12, from 2 to 4 p.m. each
Over the course of the six day
workshop, Bonnie will teach students
how to turn a pot on the wheel and
other aspects of pottery making.
Students will be able to take finished
pots home once they are fired.
(336) 873-8979
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Bonnie has over 14 years experience in making pottery. She performs demonstrations at the NCPC
Bonnie has over 14 years
experience in making pottery. She
performs demonstrations at the NCPC
on occasion and has mentored several
students for their senior projects over
the past few years.
More information about the
“What’s Upstairs” special events and
the Pottery 101 Workshop can be
found at
Congratulations are in order for
Seagrove potters, Ben Owen III and
David Stuempfle. Owen received
honorable mention in the Arts &
Culture category of Southern Living’s
“Heroes of the New South,” featured
in the March 2012 issue of the
magazine. He was also featured in a
special called “Pottery Live! With Ben
Owen III” that aired on UNC-TV
February 27.
Stuempfle is featured in the March
issue of Martha Stewart Living. A
behind the scenes photo blog about the
story can be found on the Martha
Stewart website, http://thecraftsdept.
Bonnie Renfro, president of the
Randolph County Economic
Development Corporation, spoke with
the Seagrove Town Council during the
February meeting.
Renfro said 231 new jobs were
created in the county last year. She
also spoke about how the water and
sewer lines that will be installed in
Seagrove will help the town grow and
develop more.
Commissioners voted on a new
Planning and Zoning Committee. The
committee is typically made up of five
people, but commissioners voted to
allow six after former commissioner,
David Fernandez expressed interest in
being on the committee. The
committee will consist of five voting
members and a chairman, who will not
have voting rights.
Commissioner Katherine Hewitt
told board members that Kevin Hill
would like a variance to the ordinance
for the new grocery store that calls for
six trees and 20 bushes every 100 feet
to act as a buffer to neighboring
properties. Hill would like to increase
the number of trees and omit the
bushes. Property owners who live
next to the grocery store site expressed
concern about the variance. A motion
was made to set up a meeting between
property owners, commissioners,
Kevin Hill and a landscaping expert.
Park Commissioner Ruby Mullin
put together a bid package for
maintenance at H. Clay Presnell
Memorial Park. Sealed bids will be
opened during the March meeting.
Police Commissioner Mike Mullin
said the new VIPER systems have
been installed in Seagrove police cars.
Portable VIPER radios should arrive in
April, according to Mullin. Two HP
Pavilion computers have also been
installed in police cars. Mullin said
the cost of each computer was $379.
Mayor Allen Hale announced that
the Seagrove Police Department has a
new phone number, 336-873-8870.
Calls will be forwarded to the cell
phone of the officer on duty.
Mike Mullin presented a bid
package created by his son, Chris
Mullin, for the town Web site. The
package stated that the Web designer
fee could be between $500 and $1,000.
Eck McCanless Pottery
Discover one of
newest pottery
6077 Old U.S. Hwy 220
Seagrove, NC 27341
(336) 873-7412
motion was made to table the issue
creating a Web site until the next
meeting so that commissioners could
determine whether it is necessary to
put the project up for bid.
Finally, Justin Ingold, Zach
Gonzalez and Rick Hollenbeck spoke
with commissioners about the
possibility of installing a disc golf
course at Presnell Park. The group
said they wish to use areas in the park
that are not already being used to
create the course. Commissioners
made a motion for the group to write a
business plan proposal to present at the
March meeting.
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