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Toroidal bend is like motor guard of the bike.

Make a plate type structure.

Advance- Toroidal-variable-one side-curved bend
Select the longer dimension
Then select the Area of cross-section and draw the type of curve.
Later select the opposite faces of the area of crossection. In one go using the control

Spinal bend: Something like rounded kunda: The rectangular sheet is made to bend
according to a curve.
Make a rectangular sheet.
Select the option to sketch spine and select the plane (longer side crossection).and sketch
the spine.
On the longer side cross section make a spine which must be tangential along its length.
(The rectangular plate will change as per the profile)
Select the area of crossection that is smaller in area and is normal to the sketching spine

Conic surface and n sided patch:

Take three planes and draw one sketch on each. The first and last curve will act as
boundary curve and the third the one in the middle will act as shoulder curve.
Draw a figure with n side. Using the N sided surface option and selecting each boundry
one by one a surface can be created.

Blend section to surface:

How to open a drawing
File -> properties -> add model -> location
Use the general vies icon

How to give a specific orientation:

There are options
View type -> use geometry references
Whatever plane has been taken in reference 1 that will be highlighted

Visible are: full half partial

Making a sheet format

Open a sheet for format just below drawing option in the new. Make the format for the
drawing sheet and save a copy for it. While opening the drawing sheet a new drawing
open a empty with a format and later browse the location whre the drawing sheet format
has been saved.
Drawing Views:

How to bring a drawing: It is in the file menu go to properties and from there Add a
model to regenerate it go to create general view icon.

View state-> explode component view

Use the customized explodes option to make more changes in the placement of the items
as per your choice.

Drafting view state:

In this u can use the offset option and in the window that appears use the sketch tool and
finally on closing the window make the click of the central button on mouse on the side u
want to preserve.


Making of table:
Once a table has been formed the size of the columns and rows can be changed to
accommodate the character: use control to select the entire row and column and in the
there options there is width on clicking it there are options to change the size.

Repeat regions are used to get the user defined data automatically

To insert a jog first select the dimension with dimension line it becomes highlighted then
in the witness line select a point and make appropriate changes as desired.

Inserting break