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Hiring A Foreign Worker In

New Zealand
What are your Options?
Your Employment Need Your Best Option What you need to do

Check that the job meets immigration

I need skilled, permanent workers Employ people under the Skilled skill level requirements. Provide a
from overseas. Migrant category (SMC). job offer to assist the SMC

Employ people under the Talent Apply to become an Accredited

I have a long-term need to
(Accredited Employer) Work Employer. Once accredited provide
regularly employ skilled workers
category. They can then Work to job offer to facilitate applicant’s
from overseas. Talent Work visa application.

I have a temporary skill shortage Employ people under the

Provide a job offer to assist
in an occupation on the Essential Skills work policy
candidate’s application.
Immediate Skill Shortage List. (temporary).

I have a temporary skill shortage Employ people under the

Provide a job offer to assist
in an occupation on the Essential Skills work policy
candidate’s application.
Immediate Skill Shortage List. (temporary).

I need to fill a temporary position

Employ people with a work permit Apply for Approval in Principle and
or positions for which I’m unable
under the Essential Skills work prove that you have been unable to
to find suitable workers in New find staff in New Zealand.
policy (temporary).
Work Visa or Permit Application Process
Employer checks if job vacancy is on the Long Term Skill Shortage List

Employer ensures job meets appropriate criteria (24 months, minimum 30 hours per week, etc)

If so, employer locates an appropriately skilled overseas worker

Worker fills out Work Visa/Permit Application

Employer supplies a job offer to the overseas worker that meets the criteria

Employer fills out designated sections of Employer Supplementary Form and provides this to the
worker to send in

Worker submits application to nearest Immigration New Zealand branch

Successful worker issued visa or granted permit by Immigration New Zealand

Employer to check work permit before overseas worker starts work

Worker can apply for residence under the Work to Residence policy after two years
Letter of Offer
When providing a letter of offer for an Overseas
Employee you will be asked to provide the following:
• Job Title or Description
• Address of the place of employment
• Type of work; duties and responsibilities involved
• Details of remuneration or payment and conditions of employment
• Duration of the job
• Qualifications, experience or training required
• Confirmation of whether or not registration in New Zealand is
• How long the offer of employment is open
• Name, address, telephone, and fax number of the employer
How to become an Accredited Employer
Step 1 Step 2 Step 3
•In order to be eligible •The following factors are also
for accreditation, •INZ should be satisfied considered in determining
employers need to that the business: whether an employer is
prove that their •Is in a sound financial eligible for accreditation:
business currently position; and •How long the employing
meets, and will organisation has been
•Has Human Resource established as a going
continue to meet, the Policies and processes concern;
following requirements which are of a high •The employer’s relationship
set out by Immigration standard; and with their Industry Training
New Zealand (INZ). •Has a demonstrable Organisation (ITO);
commitment to •Whether the employer is a
training and member of the Equal
employing New Employment Opportunities
(EEO) Employers Group;
Zealanders; and
•Has good workplace •Whether the employer is IOS
(International Organisation
practices, including a for Standardisation)
history of compliance certified;
with all immigration •How long the employer
and employment laws intends to maintain
accreditation and how this
relates to any visas and
permits held by employees
under the Talent (Accredited
Employers) Work Policy.
How to become an Accredited Employer
Duration of
Application Fee Application Guidelines
Approved employers are granted The initial application fee is NZ If INZ receives information which
accreditation for 12 months. $1400 and must be paid with the may be prejudicial to a positive
Accreditation may be renewed application. You can pay by cheque outcome, that adverse information
annually, on application by the or credit card. will be put to the employer for
employer, provided INZ is satisfied comment. The Business Relationship
the employer still meets accreditation Advisor will then consider all the
requirements. A lower fee is payable information and evidence provided
for accreditation renewal. against the operational policy in
coming to a decision.
A035-55D8D1A8A1F9/0/1090.pdf -
Employer Accreditation Application
How to become an Accredited Employer
Offers of employment made by accredited employers to non-New Zealand
workers under the Talent (Accredited Employers) Work Policy must be:

For genuine employment in New Zealand in the capacity or position stated

For employment in the accredited employer’s core area of business activity and where
the employer will have direct responsibility for the employee’s work output

For a position with a salary of NZ$55,000 or more

For a period of at least 24 months

For full time employment (that is, amounting to, on average, at least 30 hours per week)

Current at the time the holder’s work visa and permit application is assessed, and at the
time he or she is issued a multiple entry work visa and permit

Compliant with all relevant employment law* in force in New Zealand, and

When submitted by the holder to INZ, accompanied by evidence of full or provisional

registration (or of eligibility for such registration) if registration is required by law for
that person to take up the offer.
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