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Women’s Day –a Discussion by Social Workers in Pakistan

On 6th of March, 2012, a very senior and honoured member of the Facebook group of the Department of Social Work, University of Peshawar, posted some questions regarding women’s rights and demands. The debate went very well and some rational, to the ground and to the focus points were focused on. Other senior members of the Social Work Community took a very keen interest in the debate and shared their view points on Mam. Shahida Kazmi’s questions. In the following, I copied the same discussion and put it here as it is, with some minor editorial corrections…… IMRAN AHMAD SAJID, PhD Research Scholar, Department of Social Work, University of Peshawar.

Shahida Kazmi On 8th March, People all over the world would celebrate the "Women's Day". I want to start a discussion with all the group members on the few points. A) What is the purpose of celebrating the "Women's Day"? B) What are the rights that women generally demand? and not provided by the men folks interacting with them in any capacity or relation ship? C) What are the irrational Demands of Women? D) What are the irrational demands of men from women? E) what are the rational demands of Men from women? Pls Comment, so that we would conclude on 8th March. :)

Junaid Rehman its like awareness of women rights in the world. March 5 at 11:59pm · Like Junaid Rehman The most discriminatory feature of our society is that she is completely cornered and no one is ready to accept and give the rights in inheritance. Tuesday at 12:02am · Like Junaid Rehman the most important demand and right of the woman is that she really deserve respect. Tuesday at 12:29am · Like Junaid Rehman woman are really facing problems of respect every where in streets, offices every where she is facing the problem of hooting and harassment ! Tuesday at 12:30am · Like Imran Khan Good efforts. We need to study the cultural diversity especially referencing our society.. Its human rights awarness. Good idea:-) Tuesday at 1:54am via mobile · Like Shahida Kazmi Junaid Rehman I agree to your point of views. ‎


Department of Social Work, University of Peshawar (March, 2012)
Tuesday at 5:00pm · Like Åñå Frëûd For creating awareness in women, give them a platform to share life experiences. Tuesday at 10:11pm · Like · 1 Åñå Frëûd well, being a ‘girl’ is itself a curse in this society. Rights they demand, inheritance (but hats off to blasphemy laws), 'luv' marriage (of sure the pattern of ‘gherat’ is very strong, Honor Killing) Tuesday at 10:12pm · Like Åñå Frëûd Irrational demands of woman is their gluttony, greed for becoming a showpiece in museum (society) and when people objectify them, they asked for their ‘rights’ and asked for ‘matriarchal society’. (pity!) Tuesday at 10:12pm · Like · 1 Åñå Frëûd Sexual harassment, domestic violence, rape, seduction (with due respect ‘flirt’ and ‘dates’ included), marital conflicts (marital rape of course too), (oh! stop male chauvinism) Tuesday at 10:13pm · Like · 2 Åñå Frëûd Rational Demands of men form women... is itself a irrational question...:p Tuesday at 10:15pm · Like · 1 Afroz Alam In social context, though, the role and status of women is increasing, yet, there are certain sections of society in which, females are looked down upon, and their rights are denied on one pretext, or the other. Society, in such areas or communities, remains hostage to traditions and customs which, in some cases, are strong enough to bypass the law, and even the religion. Lust, for large dowry and ancestral land, has given birth to customs and evil practices like karo kari, burning of women in homes, denial of their right of inheritance, and marriage with Quran. Women are used as an object, to settle disputes. Tuesday at 10:32pm · Like · 1 Afroz Alam Working women are facing serious problems at workplace, and on way to or from the workplace. Their family life, especially children, suffer a lot; besides, they have to perform dual jobs in form of fulfilling their family obligations along with the job. Moreover, the work conditions are mostly exploitative, and since the trade unions and associations, too, are generally not gender sensitive, the problems of working women in formal, non-formal or even in business sectors are less likely to be addressed properly. Tuesday at 10:38pm · Like Zia Ullah Akhunzada ‎ 1.the purpose of the day is to make them aware about their due rights, 2. well as per my experience in majority of da cases thy r debarrd frm their share in inheritance but to me what women wants and desires is due respect and proper attention but unfortunately smtimes thy r not provided with it, 3. smtimes thy r demanding too much which compels a men to do UFMs. Wednesday at 7:04pm · Like · 1 Zia Ullah Akhunzada da most vulnerable segment of women r da working force. majority of them r harassed in difrnt ways. Wednesday at 7:07pm · Like · 2 Zia Ullah Akhunzada its strange fr me tht tomorrw difrnt organizations wil celebrate it but da most annyoing thing for me is tht those seminars or celebrations wil be hijacked by da elite lot.personaly i m invited in three difrnt seminars but all of them wil b hijacked by those women who r not even aware abt da basic need of thoz who r sufrng from all the abve mentioned social thr z grt need to convey ths msg to da grassroots level.women in da slum got da


Department of Social Work, University of Peshawar (March, 2012)
sam ryt as women living n clifton, defence.civil society r geting huge sum of money on da name of thos women but thy r spending it on thr luxuirous lives. Wednesday at 7:12pm · Unlike · 2 Zia Ullah Akhunzada seminars or workshops cant change da life of a slum women until n unless v approached her. Wednesday at 7:12pm · Like Imran Ahmad Sajid A) What is the purpose of celebrating the "Women's Day"? Ans. In functionalist perspective, these days bring forward the issues of women in the world and the world CAME TO KNOW that yes these are problems of women and these need to be solved. In critical perspective, this day is celebrated to tell the men that there are certain ways in which you CAN suppress the women. . . The celebrants of the day would raise slogans that women are suppressed, off course by some one else and women of others. . . B) What are the rights that women generally demand? and not provided by the men folks interacting with them in any capacity or relation ship? Ans. Education, Job, Freedom of Movement. C) What are the irrational Demands of Women? Ans. Freedom of movement D) What are the irrational demands of men from women? Ans. Complete submission and no demands from men. E) what are the rational demands of Men from women? Ans. A great degree of Submission, love, and care. F). What are rational demands of Women from Men? Ans. Education, Job, Property in Inheritance, Freedom of expression, and choice marriage. Wednesday at 7:26pm · Like Imran Ahmad Sajid TO ALL WOMEN. . . We, the men, we love you, we care for you, we adore you, we respect you, we admire you, .... in different capacities. . . Women! we, the men, are not your enemy. You are the RIGHT WING of our chest. We are for you, and you are for us. We both are for each other... .of course in different capacities. Women!, we, the men, are your best friends amongst all the species on this earth. We are better than monkeys, elephants, lions, donkeys, zebras, gandas, sharks, whales, cocks, birds, and all other animals. . . If you make ENEMY of us, who will be your friend? A donkey? A Lion? An Elephant? A Ganda? A Zebra? A Dog? A Cat? A Cock? A Sheep? A Got??? WHO.....???? My dear Women!, rationality demands that the thing which gives protection, food, shelter, clothing, . . a thing which works for us like Donkeys, protects us like Lions, takes our burden on the back like Elephants, run for us like Horse, jump for us from here to there like monkeys, is loyal to us like Dog, . . . the rationality demands that such a living thing OUGHT to be kept DEAR and FRIEND. . . We, the men, do all these for YOU, the women. . . MAKE us your friends, make us your companions, make us your buddy, make us your cham, make us your comrade . . . Why??? Bcz instead of keeping a Horse for running, a Donkey for burden taking, a Lion for protection, and a Dog for loyalty, just keep a MAN. . . . Your man, in whatever capacity he is, is the REPLACEMENT of all these USEFUL animals. . Dear Women! We, the men, hope that this small piece will instill some RATIONALITY in you, the women, and make you take dicisions RATIONALLY and not to look at us, the men, as ENEMY. ... FROM THE MEN OF THE WORLD Wednesday at 7:41pm · Like · 2 Shahida Kazmi I appriciate the comments of Åñå Frëûd and Afroz Alam. I disagree to the point of view of Ana here, regarding the rational demands of men from women.. Ofcourse i think and believe that women is not the perfect creature on earth, and being a gender specialist, I feel that men have also rational demands, and they should have


Department of Social Work, University of Peshawar (March, 2012)
from women. Keeping apart the women's position in our country and similarly in westeron countries, we have to see the equity between the two. Wednesday at 8:34pm · Like Shahida Kazmi Zia Ullah Akhunzada, I am so happy on your comments , Bravo have rightly picked up the ‎ points .. that conferences cant change the lives of the women.. and ladies from elite class cant change the situation of the oppressed women. If ever so, that can make the changes are the legislation authorities, policy makers, and above all the civil society's advocacy. Wednesday at 8:54pm · Like · 1 Shahida Kazmi Imran Ahmad Sajid .. you are great. Wrote very well.. Let me tell you one thing..probably a crisp ‎ one..the women infect do not want a package of all the animals -ALL IN ONE, in a husband. Probaly a deprived woman, will carry all loads by her own.. women want something else.. Will let u know when i will conclude this discussion.. So be there to read what we will conclude tomorrow. :) Wednesday at 9:03pm · Like Imran Ahmad Sajid Mam. Shahida Kazmi, still waiting for the Conclusion of the Discussion. 22 hours ago · Like Shahida Kazmi I thanbk every one for participating in the discussion. Just to conclude what every body wanted to say here, that Women day is celebrated to raise the awareness of the women's rights. Those rights that women has to recive not perticularly from men, but from the other women too in different capacities. 19 hours ago · Like · 1 Shahida Kazmi I feel that there is a mafia, illitrate mafia.. who are trigering our women to the wrong side.. by telling them to raise their voices for "Freedom" But the Word freedom has a broad canvas, and a lot in itself. I dont agree with the freedom of a women, and those rights of the women that are given to the women which i think is a Women Abuse. For example, If an Advertising agency is giving the freedom to a women.. in other words, they are showcasing the women as monkey, the men blow the flute and the women start dance on it.. No product is sold/Advertised till our advertising agencies put a half nude women in it? Is this a respect? Daughter of Adam and Hwaa is brought to nudeness for just a "Selling" purpose????? 19 hours ago · Like Shahida Kazmi Why dont women have respectable choices of career? Finally the society is forcing the youth to enter in "Airhosting, bus hosting, advertising, acting, dancing, singing ( for the sake of pleaure of men folk), nursing also have come into bad choice of career. 19 hours ago · Like Shahida Kazmi The first and the foremost thing is giving the true respect to a women. 19 hours ago · Like Shahida Kazmi ‎ Proving them dignity NOT harrassing them. 2. giving them honor NOT honor killing. 3. Building the 1. charcter of our daughters NOT selling them in the market. 4. Building the character of our sons/men/other relation ships to big mutual care and esteem NOT snatching the esteem of the girls/daughters/and women. 19 hours ago · Like Shahida Kazmi ‎ Do not organise the glossy meetings and workshops of the drawing room women as they are NOT 5. the true representatives of our 95% women. 6. Do not call the men of the "mummy daddy" culture to teach them the rights of the women, CALL the men of the rural /urban mid class men, or deprived men..who would get educate about the women rights.


Department of Social Work, University of Peshawar (March, 2012)
19 hours ago · Like Shahida Kazmi ‎ Freedom to me is, freedom of education, freedom of expression NOT shutting the mouth, Freedom 7. of decision making with a BIG support of family decision making system. ( you kow what i mean here?? another learning of you all, if any one wants to know this, can talk at some other time.) 19 hours ago · Like Shahida Kazmi Freedom of getting skills, representing in an honourable way. Freedom what ISlam has given and NO other religion can give... Rights that Islam has given and NO other religion is that generous to give. Teach the women /men to follow Islam and obey Islam witha LOVE of Allah (SWT)..( trust me I can debate on this with refrences of books) 19 hours ago · Like Shahida Kazmi Women when respected, become a Mother, where Allah puts all the heaven under her feet.. When become daughter is respectable as Hazrat Fatima Slamullah Aliha, where we see that "Rehmat ul lilAlameen" Gets up respectfully before her and lay a "Chadder" for her... When Becomes Wife..becomes the symbol of extereme honor that reflects from "Umhat ul Momineen". 19 hours ago · Like Shahida Kazmi Izzat do apni khawaten ko jesay k hamaray nabiyon ney di, Khulafa ney di.. 19 hours ago · Like Shahida Kazmi For all women: Its not the men, we should always expect to give us respect and your character "spotless" that no body would point a word on you. 2. Remain in the limits of me you will get "Allah's" rehmat. 3. Try to say "NO" to those men who try to play with you. 4. Dont become a tool in Men's hand.. 5. Never indulge in any act which will be a shamefull before the Almighty Allah. 19 hours ago · Like Shahida Kazmi Allah bless you all. 19 hours ago · Like


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