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Pg. 1 of 2 Buyers concurrence on the Sellers completion of validation shall not limit, impair, or otherwise modify Buyers right to assert any legal or equitable remedy, or relieve Seller of its responsibility to provide conforming goods. Part Name * Shown on Drawing No.* Procuring Division* 5 GM Lead Engineer* 8 Supplier Resident Engineer 1 3 Application Program* 10 6 GM Validation Engineer* Part Number* Engrg Design Record Change Level* 2 4 Dated* Purchase Order No.* 9 4 7


Supplier Name* Street Address* 11 13 DUNS Number* C 12


Initial Submission

Re-submission to correct problems in initial submission

Re-submission due to Engineering Changes EWO #(s)


YES NO Not Reqd by SOR

Specified by Procuring Division in Appendix G2 and GMW3600 (formerly GMN3600) or in a separate written request. Page 2 lists more information about the required documentation. 1. 2. 3. Supplier has submitted the required Proof of Validation Letter as specified in GMW3600 Section 5.2 (GMN3600 Section 5.1) and any required regulatory compliance documentation. The Supplier has completed execution of their ADV Plan(s) including activities to resolve issues identified during development and validation. All ADV issues that are the responsibility of the Supplier have been addressed and classified as closed. This includes those Supplier commodity issues identified during development, design validation, or product validation, validation assurance testing and post-validation audits whether or not those issues are tracked by GM or by the Supplier. The information in the Suppliers issue tracking system has been updated and is consistent with the final resolution of all ADV issues. The Supplier has completed its final ADV P&R (GM1829) which indicates completion of validation to the technical requirements as specified in the Final Technical Specification, approved Engineering Work Order and/or in writing by GM. All other ADV tasks/deliverables specified in the SOR are complete. If applicable, all regulatory compliance evaluation reports and documentation have been completed and documents requested by GM have been submitted to the Validation Engineer. If applicable, the Supplier shall have obtained approval of the detailed validation results for those product technical requirements for which GM approval was specified in the Other Validation Requirements column of the Final VCRI, in SOR Appendix G2 (or G) or an approved Engineering Work Order. The Supplier has submitted to the GM CAE Engineer for the commodity the models required for the Virtual Archive Vehicle as specified in the SOR. Other: 16

4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Explanation of NO answers or comments here: Supplier Name (please print)* Supplier Authorized Signature* 17 17



Phone No* Dated* Sign-Off

18 19 Complete


Rejected Re-submit (see comments) GM Validation Engineer Name*(please print) 21 GM Validation Engineer Signature* 21 GM Lead Engineer Name* (please print) 25 GM Lead Engineer Signature* Comments: 26
General Motors Corp


Only Reqmts 1 & 5 met (see comments) (see comments)

Phone* Date* Phone* Code: 23

22 24 22 Date* 24


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GM3660 December 2008 Instructions

* - Asterisk (*) denotes required field/information. **GM3660 not required when Supplier is not responsible for validation

General Motors Corp

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GM3660 December 2008 Instructions


Pg. 2 of 2 Part Name* 1 Part Number* 2

Description Sheet, pg 2

Engrg Design Record Change Level*


Location of Documentation, etc. required for Commodity Validation Sign-Off 27 Item a. b. c. d. e. f. g. h. i. j. k. l. m. Description of Required Documentation/Material 1 Proof of Validation Letter Supplier issue tracking system final report on issues Closed Supplier Issue Reports Final ADVP&R status report (i.e., GM1829) Complete DFMEA Supplier ADV Plan Supplier Evaluation Reports: Regulatory Supplier Evaluation Reports: Other Commodity analytical models, etc. for Virtual Archive Not Required Required Required Required Required Required Required Required 28 Current Location of Required Documentation/Material (contact person title/name, organization, phone number, mailing address, etc.) 29 Will be Archived by: 2 30 Material Attached X X

Attached to GM3660 Attached to GM3660


Use the blank rows and add rows as needed to describe any additional documentation/material that is required by the SOR, or by the Procuring Division in writing. If a listed item is not required by the SOR or in writing, check the Not Required column. The SOR specifies the requirements on material to be archived. The material will generally be archived either the Supplier or GM, but the Supplier may contact the archiving of documentation to another organization, which would be identified here.
2 of 3 GM3660 December 2008 Instructions

General Motors Corp

* - Asterisk (*) denotes required field/information.

General Motors Corp

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GM3660 December 2008 Instructions

GM Commodity Validation Sign-Off Form Description Sheet, pg. 3

Part Information 1. Part Name: Enter the part name as indicated on the Design Record (i.e. the UPC/FNA name) 2. Part Number: Use the assembly part number. If parts are identical except for color or left-hand or right-hand part, parts can be included on one sign-off form; list all part numbers. 3. Shown of Drawing Number: Identify the part drawings, specifications or electronic data used to transmit information necessary to produce the product 4. Engineering Design Record Change Level and Dated: Use the proper engineering change level that the part submission represents and the associated date. 5. Procuring Division: Use GM Unit (e.g. GMNA, GME, GMNA Powertrain) 6. Application/Program: Indicate the model year and vehicle or powertrain on which the part is to be used. 7. Purchase Order Number: Enter the sequence number issued by the procuring division for the purchase of the prototype part. 8. GM Lead Engineer: Procuring Division's Design Release or Designing Engineer's name. If no GM Design Release or Designing Engineer enter GM Lead Engineers name (typically Vehicle System Engineer or GM Release Engineering Group Manager). 9. GM Validation Engineer: Procuring Division's Math Owner Subsystem Validation Engineer's name. 10. Supplier Resident Engineer: Suppliers Design Release Engineer when resident at GM. Manufacturing Information 11. Supplier Name: Name of the Supplier (i.e., company/corporation) assigned by the purchase order 12. DUNS Number: Enter the DUNS number assigned to the Supplier's manufacturing location as shown on the purchase order. 13. Supplier Address: Complete address of the Supplier assigned by the purchase order. Reason For Submission 14. Identify why Commodity Validation Sign-Off is being submitted: Initial Submission, Engineering Change, etc. If Engineering Change, enter EWO number(s). Commodity Validation Sign-Off Requirements 15. Check the correct box for each item on the checklist. Add additional items as specified in the SOR or in writing by GM. 16. Explanation of "No" Answers or Comment Here: Explain all "No" responses to the above checklist and provide additional details regarding this submission in the space provided. Use attachments if necessary. 17. Supplier Name, Title & Supplier Authorized Signature: The name, title and signature of the Supplier official who is responsible for Commodity Validation Sign-Off requirements. This official must have first hand knowledge of these parts and the submission package. 18. Phone No.: Phone number with area code and country code. 19. Date: Date of Supplier official's signature. GM Decision 20. The GM Subsystem Validation Engineer checks the correct box. 21. GM Validation Engineers Name & GM Validation Engineers Signature: GM Math Owner Subsystem Validation Engineers name and signature. 22. Phone No.: The outside phone number of the GM Engineer. 23. Code: The engineer code for the GM Lead Engineer. 24. Date: The date of the GM Engineer's signature. 25. GM Lead Name & GM Lead Engineer Signature: GM Lead Engineers name and signature. 26. Comment: Provide an explanation in the comments area whenever "rejected", "resubmit" or Only Reqmts 1 & 5 Met are checked. Required Documentation: Add more rows as needed so that there is one row for each required deliverable. 27. Not Required: Check this box if the deliverable is not required per the SOR or other contractual document. 28. Location: Provide the location of the listed item as of the date of this Commodity Validation Sign-Off. Describe the contact information (e.g., person's name, phone number, mailing address and/or e-mail address) that an authorized person would need to request copies of, or access to, the material. If appropriate, state when the material will be available at the specified location. 29. Will be Archived By: If the material will be archived, name the organization that will archive the documentation/material per the archive requirements specified in the SOR. This will generally be either the Supplier or GM, but the Supplier may contract the archiving of documentation to another organization, which would be identified here. 30. Check if Attached: If the listed item is included as an attachment to the Commodity Validation Sign-Off Form, check the "Material Attached" column. The Proof of Validation Letter and the final GM1829 (ADVP&R) indicating completion must be attached.

General Motors Corp

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GM 3660 December 2008 Instructions