During the time of American colonization, the early Filipinos didn’t know how to speak the languages of the

“aliens” in our country. It was shown in the movie “Amigo”, a film by John Sayles, that they really had a hard time understanding and communicating the universal language. They needed the Spanish priest to translate and interpret what is being said to them by the Americans. Without the interpreter, somehow they understand, but it is very minimal. To have a unified country, that is what they have lacked to have without understanding each other languages. The early Filipinos were called “indios” or illiterate of speaking English or Spanish. They were treated as slaves for they don’t know anything but to work and make food for themselves. Rafael Dacanay, who have introduced himself as “Amigo” to the colonizers has faced different problems – on how they will cope up with the concurring country and how they will live just like before. I do believe that his loyalty should be first in his country, for it will lead him and his countrymen to a united group that should over power the civilians. It will be followed by their religion, family, and their personal code of ethics. But that time they were afraid of the Americans so they were divided as separate groups – one is living with the colonizers and the other is hiding and preparing to combat them. Each group in the story has their own prejudices against other groups. They had an opinion for each side that made them want to fight for what they think is right. It was useful because it inspired them to characterize their beliefs. In the scene where they were celebrating the feast of their patron saint and the other day the American leader came and knew about it caused them to fight. The Americans did not believe in their religions so it was a circumstance that they tend to combat each other’s prejudice. A revolution becomes destructive when different groups think that betrayal is happening between them. In the scene of fiesta, we can notice that Americans and Filipinos were having their good time with their companionship to each other; they almost forgot they were rebelling. But when the leader of the Americans came, it all ended up because they always believe in their aim – that is

just like Blessed Virgin Mary who was there in every moment of Jesus’ sufferings. . played by Ms. I prefer to be identified with the wife of Amigo. Rio Locsin.to colonize our country. I will do the same thing as what she did – to be there for Amigo until the last day of his life. Filipinos see themselves as people with every right a man should have – to leave with freedom and trust in God. The world thinks that Filipinos belong to the low classes of people that were meant to be slaves because most of them were illiterate. I think that people began to acknowledge themselves as Filipinos when Amigo was being punished by the Americans. The ideals of freedom of the Filipinos were kept alive through their prayers and believing that they can overcome what is happening to them. On the other hand. If I were in her feet. who was a very loving wife and mother to their son. to the point that they had executed him. and not to make friends with us.

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