Administrator 1. What is a. b. c. d.

ADM 201 Questions -

Salesforce? (Check all that apply) Salesforce Automation Marketing Automation Customer Support Management Campaign Management I '-A-n-s-w-e-r-:-CA:--;'"""B'"';-;::)G


Partner Portal: User log in to Web Portal rather than through portal?


Calendar and Task activities are both tasks scheduled calendar events?


Inline editing updates the field when a. The field is saved / update b. When the record is saved / updated c. When the return key is pressed d. None of the above I Answer: B List view can (Choose all that apply) a. b. c. d. Show up to 2000 records in the record count display Print up to 1000 records in print view Be enabled and disabled by individual users Print list can be exported to excel I }\nswer : AlB



A company that uses custom fiscal year: A standard forecast option is unavailable. Administrator will have to build a custom forecast for the same. a. b. True False I }\nswer : p.J components of a profile (Check all that apply)


Which are the following a. b. c. d.

Page Layout Field Level Security Record Types Roles I r.A"unc;.;sw:";;_er-: AC-J":":B:-:7!"""d


Which of the following is true that can cause data loss when an existing custom field is changed? (Check all that apply) a. b. c. d. Changing Changing Changing Changing to to to to or from type Date or Date/Time Number from any other type number from Percent one Currency from any other currency type I }\nswer:



What is the number of values allowed in dependent pick list? a. 10 b. 100 c. 300 d. 500 I }\nswer: G

or other objects Can contain formulas upto 4000 character 4000 character is the limit on the compiled size of the formula Formula can reference themselves I i\nswer G 12.Do not overwrite inactive user records with new user data. Record types are used to implement custom business processes by associating them to specific a. d. EXRlanation . c. custom. Campaigns I :Answer: B 15. c. Contacts c. Account b. What are the appropriate steps to transfer Phil's account to the new associate? a. You can map a custom lead field to only one of the following objects at a single instance (check all that apply)? a. d. Opportunities I }\nswer: A/B/D 14. User Profile d. b. What statement is true regarding a custom field formula a. Cases d. Deactivate Phil's profile with Sales Associate role and transfer all the accounts. If Phil is promoted from a Sales Associate to Senior Sales Exec. Field Level Security c. 16. Formula cannot reference any field that is restricted by Field level security- a. Associate the new role to Phil's existing profile and Transfer all the accounts. 13. opportunities and leads to the new associate. a. False I Answer: f'. PageLayouts c. Overwrite Phil's User Profile with the new associate's information and create a new profile for Phil. A custom multi-select pick list can be a controlling field for a dependent field? a. True b. False I }\nswer : B 11. opportunities and leads to the new associate. Doing this would prevent you from tracking a history of past users and the records associated to them. Simply deactivate users when they are no longer using Salesforce sia and create a new record for each new user . and the new sales associate is appointed to take Phil's responsibilities. b. b. Create a new profile for Phil as well as new associate. PageLayout b. searches and reports by hiding the field at a. True b. Field-level security cannot be used to make a field required. Users can be restricted to view a particular field in views. Records d.10. Objects b. Not reference standard. None of the above I i\nswer: B 17.

What are different Types of Sharing Rules? (Check all that apply) a. True with users - 20. 21. c.Case sharing rules is based on who owns the case. Lead sharing rules are based on who owns the lead. b. Which of the following a. Set default sharing access for individual cases and associated accounts. I Answer: A I 0 Sharing rules apply to all new and existing records owned by the specified role or group members. You cannot change the specified groups or roles for sharing rules. Solutions are shared from cases. Custom Object sharing rules based on who owns custom objects. d. statements is/are true for sharing rules? (Check all that apply) Sharing rules should be used when a user or group of users needs access to records not granted them by either role hierarchy or organization wide defaults Sharing rules apply only to new records owned by specified role or group member When you transfer records from user to another.18. True 19. Case Sharing Rules Lead Sharing Rules Solution Sharing Rules Campaign Sharing Rules Custom Object Sharing Rules I Answer: AIBIDIE Ex~lanation . d. It is possible for a user to own a record and not see it a. A role has many to many relationship a. b. . You can edit the access levels for any sharing rule. e. c. b. Set default sharing access to individual leads Campaign sharing rules based on who owns the campaign. Set default sharing access to individual custom object records. the sharing rules are removed during the transfer. Set default sharing access for individual campaigns. b. You cannot change the specified groups or roles for the rule.

23. you can give some team members read-only access and others read/write access Account teams are not available in professional edition. So. d. Adding a user to the sales team group will give access to opportunity previously a restricted account. c. they must also have at least Read Only access to the account record associated to the opportunity. you can specify the level of access each account team member will have to the account and any opportunities associated with that account. 1 MB 3 MB 5 MB 25 MB I Answer: C 26. 25. What statement is/are true for Account teams (Check all that apply) a.In order for a sales team member to be granted access to an opportunity record. b.q Explanation: Disabling account teams removes all account teams from all accounts and . EXp'lanation . True False 27. Author and the owner have same access to the document a. b.22. Users with access to opportunities records a. b. records that was a. c. True False I Answer: A as sales team members cannot extend sharing for those 24. c. Account teams share roles with the sales teams on opportunities. b. Which statement is/are False for Folders (Check all that apply) a. d. d. that role will no longer be listed as an opportunity sales team role Disabling account teams removes all account teams from all accounts but does not removes the page layout Account Team related list from all page layouts Depending on your sharing model. b. I Answer: A/c. If you remove an account team role. Access is defined either as Read or Read/Write Access to folders does roll-up through role hierarchy The document tab contains a control version capability Access to folders does not roll-up through role hierarchy I Answer: BIG c. The size limit for documents uploaded is - a. b.

create multiple tasks as outcomes of the rule A single task can be assigned to multiple users The due dates for workflow task is based on number of calendar days. b. 10 20 30 d.l\nswer: A/B/CjE 29. d. 28. Approver B accepts your request after Approver A rejects it. 30. True b. 33. Workflow Outbound Message c. What statements is False for a workflow task a. Explanation: When importing data.l\nswer: B 31. e. c. Workflow Task b. b. c. Workflow Rules Consist of the following components a. The rule fails to recognize only working business days by default Historical tracking is allowed for workflow task I . To assign tasks to multiple users. Approved Denied Approval process is revoked Yes . b. Is your request approved or denied. Multiple Approvers have received your request for approving a discount that was invoked by the approval process? Approver A rejects your request. Can a delegated approver revoke a previously approved process? a. The maximum number of time trigger actions are a. b. Workflow cannot be triggered upon import. 32. user creates new records and hence it is able to trigger the workflow. c.removes the Account Team related list from all page layouts. a. Workflow Field Updates Workflow Actions Workflow Email Alerts I . (Assume you need only one person to approve out of all the approvers) a. d.

True True for summary and matrix report only for reports True You can set conditions that when met will report the calculated fields. 39. Which of the statements is/are true for data validation a. Data Validation can prevent duplication of records. b. not just their own a. Data Validation run on the client machine after the user clicks the Savebutton. Validation rules can be activated / deactivated by the user. Approval changes to pending stage due to conflict within approvers I ~nswer: B 34. and sales force content count towards Data Storage a. b. You can use conditional highlighting a. Set thresholds for report analysis Lets you make calculations on custom fields . File attachments. c. d. Data Validation can enforce data integrity as well as make a field required in the page layout. 35. The running user doesn't override the sharing role while allowing users to see high-level sales data for everyone. Recycle bin houses deleted data for how many days - a. b. What is conditional highlighting a. 38. document tabs. 30 60 90 36. c. 37. b. I i\nswer: AlB EXRlanation - Data Validation runs on server after the user clicks the save button.d. Validation rules can be activated / deactivated by the admin. c. d. d. e. b. b. Data Validation rules are not enforced when using API & import operations. Data validation rules are executed for API & Import operations.

43. d. 1 2 11 45. Can be assigned only automatically manually at later time. b. How many lead assignment rules can be active at one time? a. Which statements are true for the integrated campaign builder? a. d. Who can view campaigns? a. Charts Graphs Tables Metrics Gauge c. 42. c. b. Is it true that campaigns and opportunities have many to much relationship? a. d. 44. Administrator Administrator Marketing and Marketing User only Users only c. b. e.000 c. Which of the statements are true for Cases a. b. d. True b. Choose the correct Dashboard components a. b. I }\nswer: A !C I D !E 41. The maximum is 250 number of Leads/Contacts that can be added from the wizard at one time Can add converted leads to a campaign e. by rule assignment . however it can be reassigned Automatically generated by an email or website c.40. Manually entering the case received from an email form. Cannot filter views by more than one campaign number of Leads/Contacts at a time a report at one time is The maximum that can be added from 50.

I ~nswer: A/B/D 46. The roll-up summary field is a custom field that aggregates child record information in to parent record. 50. product categories. console is not for occasional users of Salesforce. When you delete a product. c. The console is best set up for users who view Salesforce for 3 or more hours a day a. customer types or service levels is called a a. d. A virtual storage that can be used to group on criteria such as skill requirements. b. A roll-up summary fields lets you rollback the data that was changed last week. c. d. As a system administrator a. c. The roll up summary field is only accessiblevia API. b. 49. b. 10 20 30 you can create page layout in the console and assign it to profiles 48. b. True False I Answer: A 51. The number of business hours that can be set for the organization to operate CaseQueue CaseAssignment Rule Solutions Queue a. b. 47. b. the opportunity associated with that product will be suspended until further action is taken - a. d. What is a roll-up summary field? a.d. Associated to Contacts and Accounts. According to Sales Force. .

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