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LCTS PUBLIC SCHOOLS Activity Code Selection Flow Chart

What is the purpose of the activity you were performing at the time of the random moment?
"Health/Medical" services include medical, dental, mental health and chemical health

Health / Medical Child Welfare Academic and General

IEP / IFSP / IIIP Activity Related Activity (Non-Medical) Other Services Admin

Was the activity "face to face" with the child? • Determination of Risk
• Contacting pregnant and Code A • Classroom instruction • General
YES NO parenting teenagers to Code J staff meetings
discuss MA prenatal or Other Child Welfare Code K
• Observing the child • Evaluating test results well baby care services • General meetings on child welfare topics
• Performing non-health related • Meeting with parents • Referring a student • Providing info for approval of • General education
assessments and testing and colleagues or family to the county to foster/adoptive parents activities • Completing
(pre-IEP) • Collecting data apply for MA benefits Code C - Part 1 Code J time sheets
Code J (pre-IEP) • Assisting with MA Code K
Code J eligibility determination • Staff training on issues related to students
• Providing mental health Code G who are currently in foster care or have • On-going charting and
services, nursing, speech/audiology, • Developing (or assisting), been identified as Title IV-E Candidates documentation of a • Providing
occupational/physical therapy monitoring, reviewing or • Making referrals for Code D student's education or receiving
and other MA billable activities evaluating the outcomes of Child & Teen Check-ups performance LCTS activity
• Performing health related ACADEMIC goals • Making referrals to • Training Foster/Adoptive Parents Code J code training
assessments and testing in the IEP / IFSP / IIIP family planning services Code E Code K
Code I Code J • Arranging for health/
medical screenings STOP… • Contacting parents to • No School
• Counseling or Therapy and • Accessing… • Accessing, arranging, You can only select the following codes discuss their child's • At Lunch
Treatment for a student • Arranging… coordinating, referring, if the student is currently in foster care academic needs, • On a Break
who is currently in foster care or • Coordinating… monitoring, evaluating --OR-- discipline issues or to • On Vacation
has been identified • Referring… HEALTH / MEDICAL the student must have already been obtain parental sign-off • Out Sick
as a Title IV-E Candidate • Monitoring… services determined as a Title IV-E Candidate or data sharing forms • On Leave
Code F • Evaluating the effectiveness of… • Program planning related by county human services Code J Code K
HEALTH / MEDICAL to health/medical services
• Counseling or Therapy and services within the IEP / IFSP / IIIP Code H • Service coordination of the services • Not working
Treatment for a student Code H necessary to prevent the student • Contacting parents to at the time of
who is not currently in foster • Providing speech, from being removed from the home discuss available special random moment
care or has not been • Service coordination for a student occupational, physical, Code B ed services, the Free Code K
identified as a Title IV-E Candidate who is currently in foster care and other therapies; or & Reduced Lunch program
Code J or has been identified as a MA billable services Court Related or to discuss vocational & • Completing the LCTS
Title IV-E Candidate Code I • Provide info for a student's court hearing educational programs Title IV-E Candidacy
• Other face to face Code B • Assisting with a truancy petition Code J Determination Form
IEP / IFSP / IIIP activities • Services billed Code C - Part 2 Code K
Code J • Other non-face to face directly to an
IEP / IFSP / IIIP activities insurance company • Counseling or Therapeutic Treatment DHS Financial Operations
Code J Code J Code F March 17, 2006

See "LCTS Activity Code Table" and "LCTS Activity Code Reference Guide" for more detailed examples if at any time you are uncertain.