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Linebacker Techniques WALL

Wall technique can be used in our zone and man coverages. Wall is telling our outside linebackers that if pass there resonbility is the first receiver that comes inside they must reroute them to the outside. On the snap of the ball linebacker will take read step to play run as always. Once pass is read they must open to the sideline with their outside hip and immediately identify their first threat. (ex. If two receivers to LBs side #2, the inside most receiver is first threat). LB should not attack receiver but wait for receiver to come to them aiming for receivers inside shoulder and using a hard jab technique with palm open towards shoulder pads of that inside shoulder. If first threat goes to outside LB should not follow but wait for next threat coming to inside. As receivers come to middle LB needs to swivel head back to QB to read QBs eyes. If eyes facing towards your threat swivel back to receiver and play ball. Once receiver has gone through your zone do not follow, square up to line of scrimmage looking for next threat to come into your zone.

Wall to flat applies the same principles as wall. The flat is a reminder to the LB that this is the open spot in our coverage. The LB should only go to the flat if the ball is thrown to the flat. Plays LB should be looking for are bubble, screen and swing. Only then should they attack the ball carriers inside hip, forcing them laterally to the sideline, and securing an open field tackle.

After making read step towards run hooks refers to LBs zone drop, on the hash, inside the numbers The hook is mainly used in our Cover 2, creating 5 underneath with the corners sitting on the numbers. LBs should open hips to sideline, with head on swivel going from QB to inside most receiver. If inside receiver evacuates either expect another receiver from your side to come into that zone or a receiver on the opposite side of the field crossing into zone. The hook area can alter pending where the ball is spotted and if your playing to the boundary or playing to the field. Ideally if ball is spotted in the middle of the field the LB should be at 8-10 yards on the has to their side. IF playing on the boundary, the hook becomes more of a straight back drop at 8-10 yards so you can keep spacing with the corner.

Receivers coming into zone should be passed off to other zones through communicating with a cross call to either fellow LB or corner. Never should a receiver be followed out of zone.

Middle drop is strictly for the Mike Linebacker. Usually used in a Cover 2 or Man to man call. After taking run read step the MLB should open to either the strength or the field (wide side of the field). IF aligning at 5 yards the drop should be two simple crossover steps to 8-10 yards, settling in the middle, reading the QBs eyes and putting head on swivel looking for crossing receivers. Although not designated as a spy the MLB has to be aware of the QB stepping up in the pocket and taking off to run, where then he would have to react and come up to make the play.