Retailers are also looking at mobile store concepts and thinking of innovative ways to connect to the consumer. Brand building, and creating brand identity is the focus of every retailer in India at present. Indian retailers see a huge jewellery consumer market in India but there is a slight speculation that they might soon face stiff competition from within as well as from international brands who are rapidly setting up chain stores.

The Karatmeter is a scientific device launched by India based TATA Group which uses X-rays to give an exact reading of the purity of gold. It is an accurate, non-destructive means of testing the purity of gold and other related elements. Using this technique, the precise percentage by weight (of karat) in a solid piece of jewellery can be determined in just a few minutes. It also accurately determines the element composition of all types of gold, white gold, platinum, silver, palladium, rhodium and related alloys.

The Karat meter is a scientific device which determines the purity of gold jewelry. This machine was first launched by India based TATA group which uses X-rays to give an exact reading of the purity of gold. It is an accurate, non- destructive means of testing the purity of gold. The machine has a fixed wave length on which it determines the purity. It is rectangle in shape and very heavy. There is an opening in the middle of the machine and a lid to cover. The machine is connected to a computer. The monitor displays the jewel kept inside the machine. The jewel is then kept on the small illuminating opening in the machine and the lid is closed. The start machine starts the countdown for the X-ray to be released on the jewel and back again in to the system to determine the purity of the gold.

Tamil Nadu. India's most respected and widely diversified business conglomerate. The factory complies with all labour and environmental standards. Every product at Tanishq is painstakingly crafted to perfection. Though they faced with many difficulty in the early stages they for about six years they then came with up with good strategies The Tanishq strategy for the coming couple of years relies on two things increasing penetration in the domestic markets and going abroad in order to diversify its revenue portfolio. It exploded the market with facts about rampant impurity across India. the1. Tanishq challenged the age-old jeweller's word with TATA's guaranteed purity. Tanishq is the jewelry business group of Titan Industries Ltd .000 sq. To push penetration in other markets. Tanishq today is India's most aspiration fine jewellery brand with an exquisite range of gold jewellery studded with diamonds or colored gems and a wide range of equally spectacular jewellery in 22Kt pure gold. Tanishq is India's largest. Their main core competency is in designing a wide range of products. is Tanishq from Tata Group of Industries.35. most desirable and fastest growing jewellery brand in India. They were the first to come up with the idea of karat meter. factory is equipped with the latest and most modern machinery and equipment. This reduces distribution costs. Tanishq has set up production and sourcing bases through research of the jewelry crafts of India. It introduced technology-backed challenge . Exquisite platinum jewellery and designer silverware is also part of the product range.An Indian Brand. Tanishq will use the shop-in-shop concept that it already does in 50 stores across different West Asian markets. Tanishq is India's largest. which can make big in the global market. Diligent care and quality processes ensure that the Tanishq finish is unmatched by any other jewellery in the country. most desirable and fastest growing jewelry brand in India. ft. for the consumer it remains a Tanishq store and helps us get a foot into the market. Also. Started in 1995. which proves the quality of the gold. to win the trust of the customer.promoted by the TATA group. jewelry atTanishq is crafted in one of the world's most modern factories. Located at Hosur.

in a category completely governed by individual trust. Tanishq.Exquisite platinum jewelry is also part of the product range. Psychographic SegmentationLife Style: Tanishq has found that 40% of the Indian women are working and they targeted this segment wth a specific group of products called collection-G.Harish Bhat. Tanishq also has been positioned as a branded jewellery of luxury rather than commodity. a 9-to-5 jewellery for the working women. stylish. The brand was targeted at a niche market (However they later on started targeting the mass marketing since 1997). It moves jewellery beyond investment to the fashion and adornment sector. In the branded jewellery segment. . Tanishq also introduced professional retailing in the dis-organised Indian jewelry bazaar. BRAND POSITION Tanishq has been projected as an impeachable mark of trust by raising the awareness of the people about unethical practices in the jewellery business and then measuring the gold purity by caratmeter. as well as. Tanishq's designs had been conceptualized for the Western markets and were introduced in India without any alterations. CEO. Tanishq has established its leadership position and builta persona which is premium. Tanishq introduced innovations like Karatmeter. where women can shop with comfort and peace. the only non destructive means to check the purity of gold. very unorganized. it has remained so because this market isvery fragmented. SEGMENTATION Niche Marketing After its inception in 1995 focus on exports. Tanishq today is India's most aspirational fine jewelry brandwith 91 stores in 64 cities. without worrying about the purity of the jewelry they are buying. Tanishq positioned itself as an international brand for the Indian elite. Jewellery is one of the last great commodity frontiersin India. select from the best jewelry collections available in the Indian market. with an exquisite range of goldjewelry studded with diamonds or coloured gems and a widerange of equally spectacular jewelry in 22Kt pure gold. exquisite and pure . Tanishq hassuccessfully taken on the challenge of transformingthis frontier into a reliable consumer space bybringing to it all the virtues and benefits thatbranding offers".

seductively.wealth in the form of jewellery ² from her parents. VP ² retail and marketing. Innovation mantra The most important factors spurring Tanishq's success are innovation ² in the businessmodel. changed all that. Adorning herself with jewellery is an everyday affair. d e s p i t e ma n y n e w e n t r a nt s t o t h e b us i n e s s . The difference is that most of these are predominately p ro d u c t b ra n d s . not restricted to occasions and festivals. Tanishq is no longer the only brand wooing the Indian woman. s p e c i a l mo me n t s a n d w ha t a re i t t h a t w i l l b r i n g a s p a r k le t o a woman¶s eyes? The flash of diamonds! The glitter of gold! The glorious glint of jewels! An Indian woman's penchant for jewellery is perhaps greater than that of women elsewhere. T he c o mp a n y h a s b e e n g ro w i n g a t t he ra t e o f 4 0 p e r c e n t p e r ye a r fo r t he p a s t fi v e ye a rs a n d ha s re g i s t e re d t urnover of over Rs 750 crore in 2005-06. In June 1995. No wonder jewellery has always been big business in India. a n n i v e rs a r i e s . T h i n k b ir t h d a ys . bangles dangle from her wrist and anklets t i n k l e a s s he mo v e s . when Tanishq entered the segment. T he c o n v i c t i o n ha s n o t c h a n g e d s i n c e t h e n. the market was dominated by the neighborhood sonar¶s (goldsmiths)who would craft designs in gold for women. w h il e Ta n i s h q is a re t a i l b ra n d . as the first brand of jeweler in the Indian market. Nakshatra. Govindraj. Since then. It promised pure gold and offered elegant designs at transparent prices. A n d w he n s h e ge t s ma rr i e d . in design and in promotions ² and the trust the Tata name evokes. B y t h e t i me s he is a t o d d le r. in the 1953 hit movie Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. s h e re c e i v e s a s g i ft s streedhan.000 crore in the current fiscal. As a baby. Sangini. The target now is to achieve a turnover of Rs 1. explains. g i v i n g c u s t o me rs a u n i q u e s ho p p i n g experience. often the gold would not be pure. s he ha s a d d e d e a r r i n g s a n d p ro b a b l y n o s e r i n g s t o he r j e w e l l e r y c a s k e t . Tanishq. Sometimes the finesse would be missing."Diamonds are a girl's best friend!" sang Marilyn Monroe. "Tanishq is available only at e xc lus ive outle ts a nd this was the co mpa ny's first . Asmi. Tanishq has built on its first mover advantage and remained the market leader t h ro u g h t h e ye a rs . Damas at all are also in the race. The love affair starts from the cradle.

Our range of gold jewelry has been designed to suit all occasions from wedding to everyday wear. Tanishq propagates ethical practices not only by assuring the customer purity and selling policies. w o me n w e re d e l i g h t e d . In India Gold has always been associated with security and is the most valuable form of investment. expressing the wearer's individuality but each piece is subject to the intricate process of design. chains. Tanishq has created specific collections that have set a new fashion in jewellery. there is a lot to choose from at Tanishq.From the traditional harams. under valuation of the gold sold and unfair buy back policies due to the lack of awareness about these issues. crafting and stone setting with stringent quality standards at every point. Aware that a woman plays different roles at work and at home. T he k a r a t me t e r us e s t h e principle of spectroscopy to test the purity of gold without damage to the ornament or loss of any of the gold. It won the trust of its customers by installing karat meters in its outlets to check the purity of gold. teen's collection and regional specific designs." says Venkataraman. but also fair policies to the karigars who craft the jewelry Tanishq's designs in Pure 22k gold are not only unique. bracelets and rings. men's wear. mangalsutras and thalis to the more fashionable earrings. we cater to every occasion. from the stunning Aarka collections to the exclusive Nakashi work. Our collections in gold abound from the grandiose wedding collection to exotic kundan and polki. At Tanishq. We ensure that we have something for everyone with our baby range."This was not the only weapon in Tanishq's arsenal. Tanishq's unique designs are created with the Indian woman in mind. Tired of not being sure of t h e q u a l i t y o f g o l d t h e y h a d b o u g h t . T o d a y w e h a v e 8 0 showrooms in 60 cities.i n n o v a t i o n . GOLD COIN . However. it has been observed that consumer is an easy target to several malpractices like under karatage. Tanishq offers you a wide range of gold jewelry in pure 22k. "We are aligning ourselves by contemporizing traditional jewellery and making it relevant for them. and dresses differently for every occasion. 9 to 5 for the working woman and high fashion.

Saibaba. two. gold coins an excellent form of investment and are available in various denominations ranging from half a gram. five. one. eight. Cross and any other motifs. four. Balaji. Coins. a full value exchange is done on the same. available in 24K (9999 purity standard used by Swiss banks) and 22K Gold. . Om. Allah. We also undertake institutional orders. When you exchange any Tanishq gold coin with jewelry. At Tanishq. Ayyappa.Every Tanishq gold coin is precisely engineered with care using the latest state-ofthe-art facility and modern technologies to turn the solid gold into master crafted coins. Gold Bricks of 1 kg and Biscuits or Bars in denominations of 100 and 500 gms are also available These coins are also available with images of Ganesha. ten and 50 gms. you get the benefit of the appreciated current gold rate and there is no deduction. Laxmi.

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