The British photographer Carl Warner created a series of photos using only food to make the scenery. “Foodscapes” (union of the words food and landscape) show underwater caves, forests, beaches at sunset, and even waterfalls, using fruits, vegetables, cheese, cold meat, pasta, and other grains.

英國的攝影家 Carl Warner 創造了一系列只使用了食物來製作景色的照片 “Foodscapes”( 世界上食物和景色的結合 ) 使用了水果、蔬菜、起士、凍 肉、義大利麵以及各式榖物,秀出了水底洞穴 , 森林 , 日落海灘,甚至是瀑 布。
中文乃業餘翻譯 , 如有不妥 , 請多包含 , 並參照原文 感恩 the Chinese is translated by amateur, if you see anything wrong please refer to the English. Thx

In this forest, trees are made of broccoli, with peas hanging as fruits and the highways are paved with cumin. The grass is made of herbs and the mountains, of bread. Clouds made of cauliflower, decorate the sky 在森林中,樹是以甘藍做成並吊著豆子當作果實,以及以小茴香鋪成的道路。 草皮是用香料做成而山則用麵包,雲由花耶菜做成點綴了天空。

The photgrapher says that he is well known in the neighbourhood where he lives, in Kent, England, for passing many hours in the market looking for the best broccoli or the best pepper to “compose” his scenes. To gain depth, the photos are taken on tables with 1,2 x 2,4 metres square. Besides, they are registered in”layers”, to avoid the food shrivelling before the picture is taken.
攝影者說因 經過數小時在超市尋 最好的甘藍或是胡椒來組成他的景色,他 已經被住家 ( 英國肯特 ) 附近的鄰居所熟知。

為 了要獲得深度,照片是在 1.2 x2.4 公尺的方形桌上照的。此外在照這些 圖片之前這些照片被層層註記以避免食物乾枯掉。

The edible ingredients in this rural scene of Italian inspiration include a small wagon made of lasagna slices, fields of pasta, and clouds of mozzarela. Trees of pepper, parsley and basil complete the scene, in the distance, a small village made of cheese.

在這個具有義大利靈感的 村風味風景中的可實用素材包含了由 lasagna 薄 片組成的小貨車、義大利麵的田野以及 mozzarela 的雲 。胡椒樹、荷蘭芹 以及羅勒組成了風景。而在遠處則是由起士做成的村莊。

“I like the way of how the little aspects of nature look big”, says Carl Warner. At the Italian inspiration´s kitchen – many tomatoes and olives. He confesses that, till now, he hasn´t yet convinced his four children to eat more vegetables. “At least, I can´t say that they play with food more than I do”, declares the photographer
Carl Warner 說:我喜歡天然的小地方其實看起來很 大的這個觀點。在具有 許多蕃茄和橄欄的義大利靈感廚房。他坦承,直到現在他還沒有讓他的小孩相 信去吃多點蔬菜。至少我不能說他們與食物玩樂勝過於我。 - 攝影家的聲明 -

This cavern is made of marine crustaceans. The rocks are made of bread, but, at the deep of the sea, they are made of cauliflower. To make the tri-dimensional sensation in the pictures, each scene is composed on a 1,2 x 2,4 m square table.

洞穴是由海洋甲殼綱動物所組成,岩石是由麵包組成,但海洋深處是由花椰菜組成,為 了在圖片中製造三度空間的感覺,每個場景都是在 1.2

x 2.4 公尺的方桌上組成。

Rice, coconut, many grains and a sky made of purple cabbage compose this bucolic “landscape”.


Trees made of cabbage leaves, rocks of sweet potato, the narrow canyon made of bread and the sky made of purple cabbage.


The red sea of this beach, at sunset, is made of salmon slices. The rocks are made of potato and bread. A small boat made of beans completes the scene.

這片日落時的紅海海灘是由鮭魚切片組成。岩石是由馬鈴薯和麵包組成, 豆子做的小船完成了這副景色。

Shitake mushrooms, sesame and other grains

椎茸 ( 香菇 ) 、芝麻 和其他 穀物 。

The rainbow was perfect behind the forest of vegetables and potato


Cheese houses, awnings and baskets of macarroni, grains and vegetables form this small village set.


Italian culinary delight with many vegetables and pasta. Houses (through the window) are made of cheese.


At first view, it is difficult to notice that the mountains are made of bread...

在第一眼時是很 難看出這些山是由麵包做的

Creativity is impressive, balloons made of fruits and vegetables, trees made of broccolis, rocks of potatoes, Farm fields of corn and cuccumber, city of cheese, with a carrot tower, and so on...

創造力是很吝人印象深刻的,熱氣球是由水果和蔬菜做成的,是由球花甘藍做成, 馬鈴薯石頭,玉米和小 黃瓜的田,起士城市帶著一個胡蘿蔔塔等等 ...

In this alpine scene, Grissini biscuits and Parma ham turn into a wheelbarrow that will be pulled by the way of salami with trees of bacon around it.

在這個高山景色中 , Grissini 餅乾和 Parma 火腿變成了手推車,並且 將在培樹圍繞著的薩拉米 香腸路上被拖著走

In this sight, the main ingredients are: Ham: sky, mountains, waterfall and river; Bread: rocks Grissini biscuits: house and trapiche Salami: brickworks

在這個景色 , 主要組成元素是 火腿:天空、山、瀑布和河流 麵包:岩石 Grissini 餅乾:房子和 trapiche ( 西班牙文 不知道什麼意思 ) 薩拉米香腸:屋瓦 (brickworks 原意是專建築體, 但 ...)

In this alpine scene, the stars are the cold meat. Grissini biscuits and Parma ham turn into the sleigh pulled by the mountains of snow made of other cold meats, as smoked turkey and Bologna. The Parma ham is also located on the “pines”.

在這個高山景色中 , 星星是冷肉片 ,Grissini 餅乾和 Parma 火腿變成 了拖曳雪橇 ,覆蓋著雪的山 岳是由其他的冷肉做成 , 像是煙燻火雞肉以及 Bologna 香腸 . Parma 火腿也被放在松樹 上

The photos will be used by a British supermarket chain in an advertising campaign, and Warner also thinks of putting them all together in a book to promote healthy wholesome eating habits for children.

照片將被一家英國連鎖超市用在廣告活動中 , 而 Warner 也想把他們一起放在一本書中來推行孩童的健康飲食習慣

I hope the campagin will work. I didn´t feel like eating, after seeing so much good stuff... But then again, I wasn’t really very hungry at the time. How about you?

我希望這個廣告活動能 有作用 . 在看到這麼 多好東西之後 , 我並 不想要吃 但接著再一次 , 在那當時我並 不是真 的非常餓 你 (妳 )呢 ?

中文業餘翻譯 , 如有不妥 , 請多包含 , 並參照原文 感恩 the Chinese is translated by amateur, if you see anything wrong please refer to the English. Thx Yen-Liang 2008.07

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