The Martinsburg Composite Squadron of the Civil Air Patrol Lt Col Robert V. Mills, Commander Capt Russell G. Voelker, Publisher & Editor Vol. 3 No. 1 ~~~~~~~~~ Jan - Mar 2008

Members Receive Leadership Training
Seven cadets and four senior members from the Martinsburg Squadron participated in a grueling Wing sponsored weekend of leadership training, conducted at the U. S. Mining Academy, in Beckley, WV, during March 7 - 9. The senior members attended the Unit Commander's Course (UCC) while the cadets participated in the Cadet Leadership Training Course (CLTC). The purpose of the weekend training was to enhance the leadership skills of both the cadet and senior members in order to assume more responsibility for the management of the squadron. The UCC was coordinated by Major Brad Williams, while Lt Col Dennis Barron served as the director of the CLTC. In the cadet leadership course, Uniforms, CAP Core Values, Team Front Row L-R: Maj Williams, C/CMSgt Behrmann, C/Maj Work, Drill & Ceremonies, Public Speaking and Basic Leadership Skills Guiney, C/1st Lt Frey, C/MSgt Kroening, C/MSgt Dye and were just some of the focus of their training. As part of the course reC/MSgt Lyons. Back Row L-R: LTC Barron, C/MSgt Rock, quirements, the cadets had to present a prepared three minute speech 1Lt Petty, Capt Voelker which was judged on content and delivery. Out of the 24 cadets attending the CLTC from around the Wing, C/MSgt Joel Lyons was judged to have presented the best speech during the weekend training. Other cadets attending the training course from Martinsburg were C/CMSgt Matt Behrmann, C/MSgt Jennifer Kroening, C/MSgt Jonah Rock, and C/MSgt Joseph Dye. In addition, C/Major Mark Guiney and C/1Lt Chris Frey served as instructors/mentors for the CLTC. Attending the UCC course were Capt Russ Voelker and 1Lt Steve Petty. Their training concentrated on the Wing Banker Program as well as Recruiting, Membership Retention, Uniforms, Becoming Successful Leaders, Creating a Successful Unit, Being a Committed Volunteer, and many more. The Martinsburg Squadron was not only well represented at the training weekend, our senior and cadet members really shined with their accomplishments, dedication, and preparation.

Reflecting on the CLTC by C/Maj Mark Guiney
The Cadet Leadership Training Course (CLTC) program has been an extremely successful endeavor for the cadets of the West Virginia Wing. The CLTC program provides an environment that allows young cadet leaders to grow in confidence and develop crucial leadership skills, which have applications in all aspects of everyday adult life, as well as in CAP. I have attended five CLTC’s during my cadet career (three as a student and two as an instructor) and all were exceptional, but CLTC VI easily ranks among the best. It was my privilege to serve as a cadet instructor/mentor for this activity, which drew West Virginia Wing’s finest upcoming cadet leaders from around the state to Beckley, West Virginia, for a weekend of cadet leadership training. This group of 24 cadets proved itself resourceful, ingenious, and very impressive overall. They excelled in (among other things) such activities as public speaking, practical problem solving, and analysis of leadership traits. The five cadets who represented the Martinsburg Composite Squadron at this activity deserve to be commended for their outstanding performance, even among this group of exceptionally talented cadets. All did their squadron proud, emerging as leaders among their peers. Congratulations to all the WVWG cadets who attended on a job well done! 1

Squadron Christmas Party
December 18th (167th AW Cafeteria)

Seniors enjoy a laugh during the festivities

Santa’s helpers pass out gifts

Cadets play a game while a bountiful buffet awaits

Cadet Special Activities
C/Maj Mark Guiney has been selected by CAP National Headquarters to participate in the International Air Cadet Exchange Program (IACE) http://www.iacea.com. He will be traveling to Canada July 19 - Aug. 4. IACE is an international program designed to foster international goodwill through common interests in aviation shared by the youth of participating nations. C/MSgt Joel Lyons will be spending two weeks in Oshkosh, WI during the July 2008 Experimental Aircraft Association annual fly-in as a part of the CAP National Blue Beret Program (NBB) http://www.blueberet.org. The National Blue Beret [NBB] offers the chance to work at one of the largest and most prestigious air shows in the world.

2008 Safety Forum
By Capt B.J. Davis Squadron Safety Officer

1st Lt Steve Petty presents a $750.00 donation, from his employer (Verizon), to squadron commander Lt Col Robert Mills.

On March 26th the squadron also received a $1,000.00 donation from the Martinsburg Wal-Mart.
Weekly Schedule Leadership Dress Blues Moral Leadership Dress Blues Aerospace Ed BDU’s Physical Fitness Civilian PT Clothes

During 2007, our squadron had NO safety accidents or incidents. I certainly need to thank all the individual senior and cadet members of our squadron for working together to make that goal a great reality. It certainly could not have been done with my efforts alone. Since the squadron did an outstanding job of conducting our missions safely last year, we certainly want to be as safe this year as we were in 2007. This year, our squadron is facing some unusual challenges which could jeopardize our safety record unless we continue to use good safety practices. We should be moving into our new hanger soon and, in the very near future, also taking delivery of a brand new Cessna 182 aircraft with the G-1000 avionics package. As I review the accident and incident reports from National Headquarters, I see a lot of incidents that involve moving aircraft in and out of hangars. Most of these incidents could have been easily prevented by using better judgment and sound safety practices. With our squadron taking delivery of a brand new aircraft, with a very sophisticated avionics package, it is certainly going to be a learning curve for all of us and, consequently, a safety incident could occur without proper training. As I have mentioned in some of my safety briefings, we have the CAPF 26’s to address safety issues that could pose a safety threat to our squadron. I want to encourage everyone to use this form to report a safety violation or safety issue that you feel should be addressed. If anyone has any questions about operating our new aircraft or operating out of the new hanger, please feel free to contact me at anytime. I will be glad to assist in anyway I can to keep our squadron one of the safest in the nation. Let’s all work together to be safe and if any of us observes something that is unsafe, please speak up immediately. 2

By Capt Sean Hansen

As we improve the Emergency Services capability of the Martinsburg Composite Squadron, it is important that all members be familiar with the 24-hour clock and Zulu time. By using 24-hour time in our logs and communications, specificity is ensured. For example, if you scheduled report for Ground Team duty at one o’clock, or 1300 hours, which is clearer? Military & Civilian Time Designation From A - Z: There are 25 integer World Time Zones from -12 through 0 (GMT) to +12. Each one is 15° of Longitude as measured East and West from the Prime Meridian of the World at Greenwich, England. Each Time Zone is measured relative to Greenwich, England. There are both civilian designations, which are typically three letter abbreviations (e.g. EST) for most time zones. In addition there are military designations. These use each letter of the alphabet (except 'J') and are known by their phonetic equivalent. E.G. Greenwich Mean Time (civilian) or Z = Zulu (military and aviation). TRIVIA Q: What GMT Time Zone are we in? A: Eastern Standard Time is GMT – 5 R for Romeo time. Q: Who is the official source of time for the Department of Defense? A: The Department of the Navy, U.S. Naval Observatory Time Service Department.
This information came from U.S. Army Recruiting Battalion Beckley, WV, (http://www.usarec.army.mil/1stbde/1obn/FS/Terms.html) and from http://wwp.greenwichmeantime.com/info/timezone.html

Hangar Project Update
Our hangar/HQ now has three walls enclosed, electric service and the front bi-fold door has been ordered. The search for a contractor to install the door is in progress and we’re still waiting on paperwork to apply for state financial support.

New Squadron Aircraft
Lt Col Shelton Davis (R) and Capt B.J. Davis (L) departed on March 23rd, from Washington Dulles International Airport, for the Cessna Aircraft factory located in Independence, Kansas. During their six-day stay they'll complete the very intensive FAA Industry Training Standards (FITS) course for Technically Advanced Aircraft. After the training, the two pilots will return to Martinsburg with the wing's newest Cessna 182T aircraft. The aircraft instrumentation, a Garmin G-1000 Avionics System, consists of two 10-inch computer screens that supply all communications, navigation and engine instrumentation functions, along with an integrated Automatic Flight Control System. The aircraft has a built in Stormscope Weather Mapping Sensor as well as Nexrad radar and current aviation weather through the Satellite XM Radio data link. 3

Lt Col Michael D. Elins
Lt Col Michael D. Elins, a member of the Martinsburg Composite Squadron since January 1982, died Monday, March 10th of multiple medical complications. Lt Col Elins was 58 years old. He is survived by his wife, Charlene, and one brother, Daniel.

Senior Promotions

Sean Hansen Russell Voelker

Steve Petty

Dan Hanson

In past years, Lt Col Elins had been a very active member of the Martinsburg Squadron serving as an instructor and misW99 SAREX sion pilot. He taught several cadets how to fly over the years but had become inactive in recent years. In addition to servCapt Larry Dean and Capt Russ Voelker participated in the WV ing at the squadron level, Lt Col Elins had also served several years on Wing Staff as the Standards & Evaluation Offi- Wing SAREX held at Petersburg, WV on Saturday, February 16th. cer.

The Moral Leadership Program
By Squadron MLO 1Lt Gary Gourley

It is essential that both CAP cadets and officers take an active part in the process of adopting the CORE VALUES of the Civil Air Patrol. These Core Values are adapted from the U.S. Air Force Core Values and play an important part in the training and participation in all activities of the Civil Air Patrol. One method of instruction and implementation of the Core Values is the Values For Living - Moral Leadership Class. These classes are provided by the CAP Headquarters staff and written by our own Air Force Reserve Chaplain Corps. A special thanks to all who have had a part in preparing these lessons and guidelines. The effectiveness of the program is best measured by the wonderful participation of the cadets. They are involved as discussion leaders and group participants. The topics are timely and have a real “relevance” to daily life, which is reflected in a high degree of moral standards. (Values For Living 1979) We invite all interested personnel to join us in serving as a Chaplain or Moral Leadership Officer. You will receive a special blessing for working in the program and seeing our members benefit from the program. It will also give you a wonderful feeling knowing you have helped someone along life’s highway.

Welcome To Our Newest Members January - March
Cadets: David E. Browne Nick R. Huffman Veronica A. Lademan Caleb T. Sullivan Seniors: Franklin W. Huffman William A. Johnson Jr. Cindy J. McNay Jon R. McNay

Upcoming Events
April 5 (0930) Adopt - A - Highway & Hangar Landscape Detail April 18-20 Joint SAREX with Maryland Wing - Petersburg, WV May 16-18 Observed USAF SAREX - Clarksburg, WV June 13-15 WV Wing SAREX - Bluefield, WV June 21 - 28 WV Wing Summer Encampment - Camp Dawson, WV Applications for the encampment must be received NLT June 15. (Staff reports on June 20)

Congratulations to the New Grandparents!
Maj Brad and 2Lt Patricia Williams Alisa Daniele Williams, 6lb 14.2 oz, 19.5 ", was born March 25th at City Hospital, Martinsburg

CAP - “It’s more than meets the skies”

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