The Martinsburg Composite Squadron of the Civil Air Patrol Lt Col Robert V. Mills, Commander Capt Russell G. Voelker, Publisher & Editor Vol. 4 No. 2 ~~~~~~~~~ Mar - June 2009

On Tuesday, June 30th a special awards and promotion ceremony was held in the 1st floor auditorium of the 167th Airlift Wing. After Capt Gary Gourley gave the invocation, Squadron Commander Robert Mills recognized the following members who have completed CAP Senior Member Level One: 2d Lt Simon Buckman 2d Lt Kim Leaton 2d Lt John Dyson 2d Lt Walter Johnson, III SM Jeannine Korte Lt Col Mills then presented 1st Lt Adam Sanders and 1st Lt Steve Petty with the Gen Benjamin O. Davis Award, which recognizes those officers who complete Level Two of the Senior Member Professional Development Program. It also recognizes members who have dedicated themselves to leadership and personal development in the CAP. Steve Petty was then promoted to the rank of Captain. Red Service Ribbons (for two years of active service) were presented to: Capt Stephen Petty 2d Lt Christine Shields 1st Lt Dirk Stansbury C/SrA Ty Stansbury Cadet Promotions: Tim Dye - C/SrA Adam Kelly - C/Amn Morgan Beebe – C/Amn Emily Metzbower – C/Amn Chloe Powers – C/SrA Ty Stansbury – C/SrA Samantha Pate – C/A1C Ryan Miller – C/CMSgt Spencer Lunsford - C/Amn Continued on page 4
Gen. Benjamin O. Davis Award and Promotion to Capt L-R: Richard Seely, Cadet C/MSgt DavidMichael Buckman and Danny Walters L-R: Richard Seely, Cadet 2d Lt Joel Lyons and Danny Walters Veterans of Foreign Wars Award

Veterans of Foreign Wars Award

L-R: Roberta Dana, Cadet C/SSgt Caleb Sullivan and Ed Dana Air Force Sergeant’s Association Award

L-R: Lt Col Dennis Barron, Cadet 2d Lt Jonah Rock and Lt Col Robert Mills

Air Force Association Outstanding Squadron Cadet Award

L-R: Lt Col Dennis Barron, C/Lt Col Mark Guiney and Lt Col Robert Mills Special CAP Activity Scholarship

L-R: Lt Col Robert Mills, Cadet SSgt Brandon Might CAP Achievement Award

L-R: Lt Col Robert Mills and Capt Steve Petty

L-R: SM Jeannine Korte, Lt Col Robert Mills and 2d Lt Kim Leaton Level I Certificates of Achievement

L-R: Lt Col Robert Mills and 1st Lt Adam Sanders Gen. Benjamin O. Davis Award


Cadet Promotions
L-R: 1st Lt Adam Sanders, C/SSgt Caleb Sullivan and Capt Steve Petty

Special Guest Speaker
June 9, 2009

He retired in December 1990. After showing a video on the restoration process of the former member of the 167th fleet, Chief Roberts talked about his personal experiences with the “Connie”. He then took questions and also reminded the members of the importance of preserving memorabilia.
C-121 Super Constellation on the 167th Ramp in 1968
Photo courtesy of Ret CMSgt James Roberts

Wright Brothers Award and Promotion to C/SSgt

L-R: 1st Lt Adam Sanders, Cadet CMSgt Ryan Miller and Capt Steve Petty

Chief Master Sgt. James Roberts retired after 34 years in the Air National Guard and 4 years in the USAF. Chief Roberts was a flight engineer during the C-121 and C-130 era. He was transferred to Field Maintenance as Field Maintenance Branch Chief and was removed from flying status in 1978.

The Connie awaits restoration
Photo courtesy of SM Devin Mungovan

L-R: 1st Lt Adam Sanders, C/A1C Samantha Pate and Capt Steve Petty

Restored 167th C-121 on display at the CNational Air & Space Museum

Other Promotions
L-R: 1st Lt Adam Sanders, C/SrA Ty Stansbury and Capt Steve Petty C/1st Lt Adam Goswick

Adopt-A-Highway Program
I want to thank the 7 cadets, 4 senior members, and one parent/non-member who helped with the Highway Clean-Up Detail on Saturday, May 2nd. These volunteers picked up 23 bags of trash along Paynes Ford Road, expending 30 man-hours on the project. Everyone who participated in this Spring Clean-Up Project received an insulated beverage cup from the Adopt-A-Highway office. In addition, some members received a "cash bonus" for helping pick up litter because we found a total of $70.10 along the highway! One very lucky cadet found a $50 bill for his efforts. It sometimes pays to volunteer for these projects! In any case, I want to thank everyone for their assistance. The clean-up on Saturday marked the beginning of the squadron's 11th year working on the Adopt-A-Highway project and brought our totals, since March 1998,up to 991 bags of litter picked up over the years; which translates to 34,685 pounds of trash, or 17.34 tons of garbage! GREAT JOB!

2d Lt
Simon Buckman John Dyson Walter Johnson Kim Leaton

L-R: 1st Lt Adam Sanders, C/Amn Morgan Beebe and Capt Steve Petty

Capt Doug Hanson

Firearms & Emergency Services Training
A firearms training class was held on April 11th, at the 167th Airlift Wing Firing Range. In conjunction, Martinsburg Emergency Services Officer, Maj. Bart Rogers continued the ground team member training course. 15 cadets and 8 senior members participated.

Thanks to the 167th AW Range Instructors: L-R: SSgt Twigg, Sgt Davis, TSgt Baldwin and TSgt Phillips

Going over the anatomy of an AR-15 rifle during the classroom portion of the course.

Clear on the left, clear on the right, clear on the firing line…...commence fire!!

Cadet Nick Keefe (on left) assists Joel Lyons as he describes a 24 hr pack

Cadet’s John and Joe Dye practice land navigation with Maj Bart Rogers (center)

Lt Col Dennis D. Barron


Weekly Uniform Schedule
Dress Blues

Middle East Region Conference, Richmond, VA
April 25, 2009

Character Development
Dress Blues

Aerospace Education

Physical Fitness
Civilian PT Clothes

Scholarship Winner
Congratulations to this year’s CAP scholarship winner Lt Col Mark Guiney ($1,000.00). CAP National Headquarters evaluated and then ranked over 150 applications. The Scholarship Committee members based their decisions based on academic achievement, CAP accomplishments and participation and community service participation.

Representatives from the West Virginia Wing

L-R: Wing Commander, Col Rodney Moore, C/Lt Col Mark Guiney, Wing Chief of Staff, Lt Col Dennis Barron and Capt Russ Voelker

Welcome New Members
Cadets: Morgan G. Beebe, Jacob P. Calo II, Andrew C. Calo, Adam L. Kelly, Spencer Lunsford, Samantha B. Pate, William G. Slonaker and Shaun S. Hagerthey. Seniors Member: Alexander Keefe, Jeannine Korte, Devin F. Mungovan and Nick G. Vindivich Jr.

WV Wing SAREX Petersburg, WV
April 17-19, 2009

Upcoming Events

Those participating: Maj Bart Rogers, Maj Jim Cramer, Capt Larry Dean, Capt Russ Voelker, 1Lt Adam Sanders, 2Lt Doug Hanson, C/Capt Chris Frey, C/1Lt Adam Goswick and C/SSgt DavidMichael Buckman.

July 11-18 WV Wing Cadet Summer Encampment - Camp Dawson, WV July 14 NO MEETING July 24-26 WV Wing SAREX, Petersburg, WV August 14-16 WV Wing SAREX, Petersburg, WV September 4-6 WV Wing SAREX, Petersburg, WV

Counter Drug Training
May 2, 2009

Capt Larry Dean and Capt Russ Voelker attended a (counter drug) Eradication Class held at the Fort Indiantown Gap National Guard Base, PA..

USAF Graded SAREX, Clarksburg, WV
May 16, 2009

Participants: Lt Col Barron, Maj. Bart Rogers, Capt Russ Voelker, Capt Larry Dean, Capt Doug Hanson and 1st Lt Adam Sanders.

WV Wing SAREX W99, Petersburg, WV
June 20, 2009

FYI: Always check the squadron activities calendar, on the members page of our website, for updates.

Participant: Maj Bart Rogers.


DAR CG Detail MRB Holiday Inn

NARFE CG Detail Cacapon State Park
May 20 & 21 The squadron's color guard traveled to Cacapon State Park, near Berkeley Springs, WV, where they Posted/Retired the Colors for the regional convention of the National Association of Active and Retired Federal Employees.

Photos by 1st Lt Steve Petty

I wanted to let everyone know that the squadron's award winning Color Guard made an outstanding presentation, on April 18th, at the State Convention of the WV State Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution. The ceremony was held at the Holiday Inn, in Martinsburg, and attended by approximately 100 ladies. Following the Posting of the Colors, the DAR read a lengthy description of the Civil Air Patrol and made some very nice comments about our Color Guard. That was followed by a presentation of a framed Certificate of Appreciation to the squadron and a cash donation of $50.00 Be sure to congratulate the Color Guard members: C/2Lt Joel Lyons, C/2Lt Jonah Rock, C/TSgt John Dye, and C/SrA Caleb Sullivan on a job well done! (Lt Col Dennis Barron)

Following the Posting of the Colors, a lengthy description about the Civil Air Patrol was read, including the names of color guards members: C/2Lt Jonah Rock, C/TSgt John Dye,C/2Lt Joel Lyons and C/SrA Caleb Sullivan. Color Guard members were also treated to a buffet lunch. Following the Retiring of the Colors, the Color Guard received a Certificate of Appreciation and a $50.00 donation Congratulations to our color guard members on another job well done! Also, Thanks to Maj. Dan Duckwall and the NARFE members for all their assistance and hospitality.

Photo by Dr. Coy Rahman

Hangar Update
from Page 1

VFW Outstanding Cadet NCO Award - C/MSgt DavidMichael Buckman. Air Force Sergeant’s Association Award - C/SSgt Caleb Sullivan. Air Force Association Outstanding Squadron Cadet Award - C/2d Lt Jonah Rock. Special Activity Scholarship C/Lt Col Mark R. Guiney. After the presentations were complete Lt Col Mills expressed his sincere appreciation to the cadets parents for all their support. Their efforts have helped our squadron maintain a high level of excellence. Afterwards, a reception was held in the 167th AW Dining Facility. Special thanks to SM Jeanine Korte for her assistance.

On Monday, May 11th, Kubic Construction started construction of the hangar’s office, ready room and bathrooms.

Cadet Caleb Sullivan was presented the Wright Brothers Award, for completing all requirements of the "Learning Phase", which is phase one of the five phase cadet training program, and promoted to C/SSgt. C/MSgt Brandon Might received the honor of being the first member in the state to receive the new CAP Achievement Award for his valuable assistance in improving the functionality of the squadron’s website. Other awards included: VFW Outstanding Cadet Officer Award - C/2d Lt Joel Lyons.

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07/03/09 Almost ready for priming and painting!



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