VOLUME 2 Issue 47 Corpus Christi, Texas 20 November 2007 “Keep the Momentum Going and Keep ‘em Flying”

This issue…
CC-CAP SOUND OFF…….…..…..1 Upcoming Key Events.…..….....2 AWARDS, QUALFICATONS and PROMOTIONS…………..….…..….2 ATTENTION PILOTS!!! A Review of SkyVector.com with Lt Col John Barfoot……....3 Group V Operations Officer Talks about FROs……………......4 New Regulations available for Commentary………………..……....4 Proposed CC-CAP Flight Schedule………………...…….…..….….....5 RED CROSS BASH MOVES DATE to 26 November 2007…..……....5 CC-CAP 2007 Holiday Party Less than a Month Away……....6 2007 Texas Wing Ground Team School ………………………...….…7 The Events Details Page!!!…….8 BRAHMA FLIGHT LOG….....…...9 CC-CAP Almanac………….…….10

By Major Joe Ely Carrales, CAP Dear CAP Fellows,

As with all things...there is that certain series of events that adds another “level” to those good times. Most attribute it to the ubiquitous “Murphy” and his laws. We stand poised to go some of the most significant CAP activity in recent times; but there are obstacles. We are being given a great opportunity, the opportunity to protect and utilize a Civil Air Patrol Aviation asset; to fly cadets on OFlights locally and train locally in aircrew and other aviation tasks. However, Congressional Politics and the weather have other plans. Many often look at the work of Senators and Representatives (namely the latter who control funding for the US Government) as being conducted a distant place that makes little direct impact on our daily life. However, the recent stall in Congress en re the funding for the 2008 Fiscal Year means we cannot make full advantage of the aircraft in support of Cadet O-Flights. The latest news is that the 2008 budget will likely be approved in January 2008. Thus, the bulk of our cadets will have to wait until then. Fortunately, and I thank Lt Col Billman for this, there is limited money to fly some four cadets. There is little we can do about the weather other than to plan around it and emote the now famous motto of Lt Col “Chuck” Kowalewski, semper gumby (always flexible). I would like to thank Lt Col Barfoot, Major Fidel Alvarado, Capt Joe Pendergrast, Capt Dennis Bazemore and Capt Jerry Lunceford for the professional way they are implementing CAP aviation in our unit. Lt Col Barfoot has one an outstanding job in organizing our latest effort, our other pilots, including those training for the CAP Form 5, are to lauded for their efforts. Please stay tuned here for reports on our activity this THANKSGIVING WEEK. We have a long list of things in the works. Four of our cadets will fly and many pilots will take that step closer to their WINGS!!! ‘Tis a glorious time for our unit...join me in giving thanks for the opportunities that come our way, a strong CAP unit built by our membership and to the presence of close friends united in making their CAP unit something special.


Corpus Christi Comp Squadron

Upcoming Key Events and Dates
By Major Joe Ely Carrales, CAP SPECIAL DATES NOVEMBER 2007
Thanksgiving Day Thursday, 22 November 2007 CTEP/STEP Friday, Nov 23, 07 Camp Mabry, Austin, Texas

Major Joe Ely Carrales, CAP Squadron Commander

Lt Col Dawn King www.texascadet.org

Saturday, Dec 1-2, 07 Kerrville, Texas Lt Col John Hunter

Major Fidel Alvarado, CAP Deputy Commander

Monthly Report Flying Report, Vehicle Inspection, Usage Report.
Saturday, Dec 1-2, 07

Capt Sandra Phelps, CAP Deputy Commander for Cadets

Group V Holiday Party Saturday, Dec 08, 07 Quarterly appointment letter FRO Submission Saturday, Dec 15, 07 Maj R Russell

2d Lt Monica Lozano, CAP Assistant Public Affairs Officer

Wright Brothers Award: C/SSgt Philip Lozano (pending Write Brothers at National) Arnold Achievement: C/A1C Chelsie Skarda Curry Achievement: C/Amn John Flores C/Amn Joshua Morris C/Amn Melissa Bullard C/Amn Jonathan Garza

VOLUME 3 Issue 47 20 November 2007

P.O. Box 671 Premont, Texas 78375-0671 Through the Air Over South Texas is a weekly publication of the Corpus Christi Comp Squadron designed to provide the unit’s members as well as those of neighboring units. It also serves as the historical documentation of the SQUADRON. Additionally, it serves as a Civil Air Patrol almanac recording an documenting critical information for the use of Unit members. Submissions are welcomed. If you would like to contribute to this newsletter, please send your article to:

UDF Team Member C/Amn Bryce Nix, CAP

C/SSgt Philip Lozano (pending Write Brothers at National) C/A1C Chelsie Skarda-To rank as per Cadet Program C/Amn Robert Beal- To rank as per Cadet Program C/Amn Christopher Carbajal-To rank as per Cadet Program C/Amn John Flores- To rank as per Cadet Program C/Amn Joshua Morris- To rank as per Cadet Program C/Amn Melissa Bullard- To rank as per Cadet Program C/Amn Jonathan Garza- To rank as per Cadet Program



STAN/EVAL Corner will be Back next week.

Until then… ENJOY a WEBSITE REVIEW from... Lt Col John Barfoot, CAP
A Review of SkyVector.com
With Lt Col John B. Barfoot, CAP Flight Operations Officer Corpus Christi Comp Squadron I recently checked out a website at www.skyvector.com. Although the number one goal of the website is to sell products such as Sectionals and other Charts it also has several free features that can assist a pilot in flight planning. When you first bring up the website there are two selections at the top, “Airports” and “Charts”. There is also a Sectional displayed. If you decide that you want to buy a Sectional or Chart you will be directed to Pilotmall.com where many products are listed. Airports. When you select “Airports” you get a list of all states including U.S. territories and the number of all airports, including private ones. By clicking on the “State” you get an alphabetical listing of each city with all airports listed next to the city. When you click on the airport you will get a short synopsis of each runway showing the surface type and condition. Be advised, this is not a substitute for checking NOTAMS. I noticed that there were runways in some states that I know are closed but are still listed with no remarks indicating that they are closed. Charts. When you select “Charts” you get a much more useful online tool for flight planning. There should be a Sectional Chart displayed when you first bring up the website. You can grab the chart and pan with your cursor or you can go to the “Chart” selection and pick either a Sectional by clicking on the U.S. map or you can look at Terminal Area Charts and Helicopter Route charts by clicking on the text to the right. When you select a Sectional Chart on the U.S. map to the left it will bring up that sectional. At the bottom right of the chart is a “zoom in/out” tool. Airports that have weather reporting stations will have a colored circle around them. If you pass your cursor over that circle it will display the weather forecast. Flight Planning. For flight planning you can use the Sectional Chart or either the Enroute Low or Enroute High Charts that are options at the top of the Sectional Chart. Simply click on the type of chart you want use depending upon whether you are filing VFR or IFR. Start with your departure point and click right on it. You may be given several options next to the word “plan”. Decide on whether you want to choose the airport or the navigational aid as your starting point. Click on the word “plan” to the left of your fix. This will start your flight plan. Go to your next point and click right on it. Again you may be given several options pertaining to which point you want to use. As you continue to build your flight plan it will appear at the right side of your screen along with a red line on the chart from point to point. Total distance will be given under your flight plan. As you advance along your route you may be required to select another chart. Your cursor will not automatically select the next chart but the name of the chart will automatically be listed at the top. Just click on it and it will appear. This is a useful tool for determining distances but is not fool proof and should only be used for initial flight planning. The bottom line. This is a website that I would use to quickly check distances during flight planning but I would refer directly to the charts in hand to verify the distances while filling out my fuel log and preparing my flight plan. I would also get current weather briefings from the local FSS weather briefer.


Group V Operations Officer Talks about FROs
By Lt Col Donald Chuck Kowalewski GROUP V— There is a change in the “paper flow” of the FRO reports (CAPF99s) and the Monthly Flight Reports (MFRs). Anyone who has ever had to reconcile those know the pain and agony that occurs each month. They frequently do not match, as the wing has noticed of late. Well, this has provoked a change in the way we report these forms. You are probably thinking, “I see where this is going… PLEASE don’t tell me that I have reconcile those things now.” No, I’m going to. At the request of the Wing DO, the group DOs (Directors of Operations) will manage these reports. However, that means I need all y’all to send the MFRs and 99s to me so that I can do it. Please don’t send them to Rand Woodward anymore – that will be my deadline. Of course, I really need you to get these to me on the 2nd so that I have time to do this task! If the MFRs don’t jive with the FRO reports, I’ll be sending them back for explanation. (So you probably want to check them over.) Remember, I need negative reports from your FROs, and if your FRO list has changed since last report – well, that too, obviously. Group 5 is not the “bad boy” on this reconciling issue, but for Rand to get a handle on all these reports, they needed to break them into the groups instead of receiving them from all over God’s Earth (aka Texas). So beginning next month, have your FROs send their reports to YOU (the DO or Sq/CC if you are “dual hatted”). YOU compare them to the MFR and send them to ME. Then, I will send them to Rand. It would be nice if you were prompt so that I can make the wing suspense. Please keep your FROs to a minimum, and of course, choose readily available peeps. (The Sq/CC, DO, and one other – often your CFII – is a good mix.)

New Regulations available for Commentary
CAPNHQ— The CAP powers that be at Maxwell A.F.B. announced 14 November 2007 that commentary on two important CAP regulation revisions is open to the general membership. This will allow for a grassroots treatment of these items. Please avail yourself of the opportunity to review these...either way they present a glimpse of what is to come via the CAP aviation and Communication programs. Below are the links and contact information for these regulations… http://level2.cap.gov/visitors/member_services/publications/publications_for_comment.cfm CAPR 60-1 Draft CAP Flight Management: The draft CAPR 60-1 update should be considered a stopgap measure until such time that CAP and CAP-USAF are able to finalize and publish a greatly shortened version of the regulation. The lengthy coordination process to shorten 60-1 is ongoing and the field will get the opportunity to comment on the future draft regulation in the coming months. Comments are request by 1 Dec 07, through your chain of command. POC: Mr. Pete Kalisky, NHQ CAP/DOV, pkalisky@cap.gov CAPR 100-1 Draft Communications Comments are requested by 1 Dec 07, through your chain of command. POC: Mr. Malcolm Kyser, NHQ CAP/DOS, mkyser@cap.gov


Proposed CC-CAP Flight Schedule
By Lt Col J. Barfoot, CAP Corpus Christi Comp Squadron— Lt Col John Barfoot, CAP, our Flight Operations Officer, is currently handling the task of organizing the WEEK. The WEEK refers to the week of 18 November to 24 November 2007 where the Unit has been trusted with the local use of CAP Aviation assets. Please respond to Lt Col Barfoot at… lbullet@aol.com to provide him in your availability to fly this occasion. “This is my first effort to putting together a flight schedule for the CAP” says Lt Col Barfoot, “Please let me know if there are any problems. There are several sections here. I am working on a spreadsheet with a schedule on it. It has a lot of "unknowns" on it. Please let me know when you are available.” Transporting the a/c. Initially the plan was for Capt Lunceford and to pick up the airplane in VCT and fly it back to Kleberg Co (IKG) where he was to conduct some Cadet O flights on Saturday 17 November. However, weather put the kibosh on that and Capt Dennis Bazemore instead flew the aircraft to T.C. McCambell airport 18 November. Schedule. Lt Col Barfoot needs to know everybody's availability. This is what drives the schedule. Since Lt Col Barfoot, Capt Bazemore, Lt Garmon and SM Messenger live in the vicinity of T.P. McCampbell it makes sense to initially work out of T.P. McCampbell after some cadet O-flights if all of our schedules work out. Capt Bazemore will email Lt Col Barfoot of his work schedule for the WEEK. If we bring the a/c to T.P. McCampbell, Capt Bazemore and Lt Col Barfoot may do a Form 5 or Form 5 practice on Monday and then take it to Robstown if required/desired. Additionally, Capt Lunceford intends to fly O-Flights for Cadets at Kleberg on that Monday. We have not figured out the transport back yet but I am available both Sat and Sun, 24/25 Nov. Personnel who maybe ready to get training completed. Lt Col Barfoot will be ready to get a Form 5 and an IPC/BFR. He has completed his Form 5 test and has a Class 2 medical. He is making a continued study of CAPR 60-1 and the Wing attachment along with the PTS. SM Renee Velazquez needs to ensure that his MS training has been entered to indicate his Preparatory Training is complete. He completed BCUT and Level 1. Additionally, SM Velazquez completed his GES training on Saturday evening. SM Robin Schubauer had her Level 1 tests reviewed. She has also completed CPPT and OPSEC. She also needs a uniform. You can't fly without a uniform. Make sure you print out your 101 card after everything is completed. If you want we can complete the rest of her MS training this weekend. SM Rob Messenger. You need to finish your Form 5 test. Rob has the 21st off all day. FROs. Capt Lunsford, Capt Bazemore and Maj Carrales will be the FROs. Lt Col Kowalewski will also be available. Personal schedules. Please Lt Col Barfoot know what your schedule is, this will greatly help in planning.

RED CROSS BASH MOVES DATE to 26 November 2007
Please change your calendar, the Red Cross Bash meeting scheduled for Monday, November 19 HAS BEEN MOVED TO Monday, 26 November 2007 at 11:45 am at the Solomon P. Ortiz Center. If you have questions or concerns, please call either of the co-chairs: Cathy Chatham at Mobile – 815-7194 and Gary Chatham Mobile – 815-8775, Home: 8555116, Fax: 855-5796 Linda Whitmire
Assistant Chapter Manager Coastal Bend-Texas Chapter American Red Cross 361-887-9991 ext. 17



CC-CAP 2007 Holiday Party Less than a Month Away
By Major Joe Ely Carrales, CAP Corpus Christi, Texas– One of the most important aspects of a CAP unit is to gather and enjoy each other’s company. CAP is about service, service is the glue that holds the unit together. No place is this more evident than at our annual Holiday gathering and Christmas Party. This year’s Party is under the direction of Unit Deputy Commander Major Fidel Alvarado, principal Project Officer. “Major Carrales has given me the privilege to find us a place to celebrate Christmas,” began Major Alvarado, “The place is the Longhorn Steak and Ale restaurant located at 4307 Alameda, that is very close to Robert St.” There appears to be seating for 60 chairs, and was the CAP place of choice in the 1990s. The date is set for 11 December 2007 from 6:30P.M. until closing time. There was no time limit. Major Alvarado reports that they have a nice grill (wood burning) and bar, also a fairly decent list of wines to select from. Initially the guest speaker was to be Mr. Bert Alvarez, however, Mr. Alvarez and his wife will be out of town and unable to attend. The Squadron will present him with a token of affection at a later date. Mr. Fred Segundo, the new director of operations at CRP international airport will be our guest speaker for the evening. It is hoped that the unit can impress him as well as ask him questions about his vision for the future of Operations at Corpus Christi International Airport. Address information and questions on the party to Major Fidel Alvarado Jr., CAP TX026, Deputy Commander Corpus Christi Composite Squadron Pho. (361) 2421234 and Cell (361) 739-6194

The 2006 Holiday Party saw the first CC-CAP Aircrew in over four years. Capt Joe Pendergrast, then 1st Lt Jerry Lunceford, then 2d Lt Mike Garmon and then 2d Lt John D. Hoelscher

Then Cadet Airman Philip Lozano reports to Major Joe Ely Carrales at the Silverado Smokehouse for the 2006 Holiday Party. Cadet Lozano is currently a candidate for the Wright Brother’s Award and a promotion to Cadet Staff Sergeant.

The CC-CAP Holiday Party is a recently resurrected Squadron Tradition. Last year’s party was held at the Silverado Smokehouse on Weber Drive in Corpus Christi Proper. The party is traditionally the official close of the units regular activities, however, training and public appearances are encouraged for the hiatus. The unit has grown in number as well as in ability. To the left are the members of the unit that attended. -SEMPER VIGILANS


2007 Texas Wing Ground Team School
By Major Sean Crandall, CAP 2007 Texas Wing Ground Team School Commander All Unit Commanders, Cadets and Seniors The 2007 Texas Wing Ground Team School will take place on the sandy dunes and grass lands of South Texas, in Brownsville , Texas from 26 – 31 December 2007. We are now ready to accept applications for the Ground Team School from Cadets and Seniors who have a desire to enhance individual, and ground team skills in a week long, in the field, “Red-Cap” setting. The activity will be held at the Brownsville Composite Squadron Training Center , located at the Brownsville International Airport , Brownsville , Texas , and using facilities and/or field training locations on or near the airport. The primary purpose of this activity, as approved by the Director of Operations, is to provide basic skills for Ground Team Members (GTM) 3 and 2, and advance skills for GTM 1 and Ground Team Leaders (GTL) skills in ground search and rescue to eligible cadets and seniors. Qualification and Application Requirements. The requirements for cadet participation include: • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
- C/SrAmn or above - Complete CAPT 116 (Jun 04) - 14 years of age - GES Qualified - Complete CAPT 117 (all three parts) - Completion of encampment - Physical Category I (must pass CPFT upon arrival) The requirements for senior participation include: - Complete CAPT 116 (Jun 04) - GES Qualified - Completed Level 1/ CPPT - Working knowledge of drill and ceremonies (talk to your cadets) - Complete CAPT 117 (all three parts) - Physical Category I (must be able to complete senior physical assessment test)

Basic and advanced ground team skills will be taught and learned to improve leadership ability through classroom and practical exercises. TWGTS will conduct Emergency Services training leading toward the following certifications: • • • • • • •
- Classes required for ground team member certification as a GTM-3, GTM-2, GTM-1, and GTL. - Urban Search and Rescue Training - Airport Ramp Checks Other activities include: - Practical simulated mission - Practical exercises in teamwork and leadership - Overnight bivouac will be for the entire training school (26 Dec. 07 until 31 Dec. 07)

All applications must be received NO LATER THAN December 1st, 2007. Late applications will not be accepted. The Texas Wing Ground Team School will be full of in the field training, day and night sorties, survival skills, land navigation, UDF and airport ramp checks. Please feel free to contact me CAPTXSC@aol.com, or 956-456-3590 if you have any questions, and I hope to see members from around the state attend the first annual Texas Wing Ground Team School.


The Events Details Page!!!
See what’s going on in the Texas Wing you can get in on!!!

November MEETING SCHEDULE for the Corpus Christi Comp Squadron November
Tuesday 20 November 2007– Kingsville Meeting 1600-1800 hrs CAP STATION KINGSVILLE Tuesday 20 November 2007– Senior Meeting 1900 hrs SIGNATURE FLIGHT SUPPORT– CC International Airport/ Cadet Meeting 1900 hrs Coastal bend Chapter of the American Red Cross Thursday 22 November 2007- THANKSGIVING Tuesday 27 November 2007– Kingsville Meeting 1600-1800 hrs CAP STATION KINGSVILLE Tuesday 27 November 2007– Senior Meeting 1900 hrs SIGNATURE FLIGHT SUPPORT– CC International Airport/ Cadet Tuesday 29 November 2007– Kingsville Meeting 1600-1800 hrs CAP STATION KINGSVILLE

Kerrville SQUADRON LEADERSHIP SCHOOL Details The Kerrville Composite Squadron will be hosting a SLS during the weekend of 1-2 December 2007. Any CAP member wishing to take advantage of this opportunity should contact Captain Chuck Seeber at... ccseeber@worldnet.att.net

2007 TEXAS WING ENCAMPMENT Col ROBERT F. ELDRIDGE, CAP The 2007 Texas Wing Winter Encampment will take place on Camp Swift, Bastrop Texas from 26 – 31 December 2007. Cadets who are attending an encampment for the first time will need to complete the application process as outline in the Operations Plan posted on the wing web page at:

http://texascadet.org/programs/activities/0712_winterencampment/documents/ ...or go to Application Instructions at: http://texascadet.org/programs/activities/0712_winterencampment/application/
All applications must in NO LATER THAN December 1st, 2007. Late applications will not be accepted. Group IV to host Squadron leadership School, Corporate Learning Course and Unit Commander’s Course Group IV is sponsoring a SLS, CLC, and UCC course on 08-09 December 07 at the host squadron facilities of 7-6 Air Calvary Composite Squadron located at Lone Star Executive Airport (CXO) in Conroe , TX 77303-4355 . Members wishing to attend should send or email their TXWGF 17a’s to the Project Officer, Lt Col Don Wheeler not later than 05 December 07 at the following address: Donald Wheeler, Lt Col, CAP Group IV SLS/CLC/UCC 3522 Graz Drive College Station, TX 77845 wheelerdc@suddenlink.net This activity is open to all TXWG seniors. Please enroll in these courses early as space is limited.


KINGSVILLE, TEXAS VOL 2 ISSUE 12 20 November 2007 “Tales of the Civil Air Patrol from the Heart of the Wild Horse Desert”

KINGSVILLE CADETS to SUPPORT Teachers at Memorial Middle School
By Major Joe Ely Carrales, CAP Kingsville, Texas—CAP Cadets from the Corpus Christi Comp Squadron’s Brahma Cadet Flight will support teachers in morning monitoring of the hall ways starting on 20 November 2007. “As a method to teach CAP Cadets their General Emergency Services materials, “said Major Joe Ely Carrales, CAP, “cadets will assist teachers in monitoring the hall ways. It will be a mock IC situation.” Teachers at Memorial Middle School currently “pull duty” at the front and back doors of Memorial Middle School. They provide a supervisory presence as well as to greet persons who enter the school. These professionals often find themselves without means to communicate with the schools Administration, who are stationed in the cafeteria and gym. CAP cadets will stand station with these teachers and serve in an assistance roll. Cadets will also set up a makeshift Command Center in the gym where information will be relayed to administrators. A Cadet Incident Commander will be appointed and work under the supervision of Major Joe Ely Carrales, CAP. If communications equipment is available, qualified Cadets will use them in support of the mission. Cadets have been briefed that their roll is not to serve as “law enforcement” or “security,” but rather to support the educators by running errands and relaying communications. Cadets will meet in the Memorial Middle School Library at 0745 hrs on Tuesday 20 November 2007. Uniform of the Day will be Service Dress. A promotion Ceremony will held for Cadets Bullard and Garza. -Semper Vigilans
KINGSVILLE ALPHA FLIGHT Flight Commander: C/Amn Bryce Nix Flight Adjutant: C/Amn Chelsie Skarda Element Leader: C/Amn C. Carbajal C/Amn Celeste Resendez C/Amn R. Beal C/AB Sammie Watson C/AB Dylan Morris C/AB D. Fuentes Cadet Candidate Lidia Perez BRAHMA CADET FLIGHT COMMAND Squadron Commander: Major Joe Ely Carrales, CAP Deputy Commander for Cadets: Capt Sandy Phelps Communications: Major Paul Treptow, CAP Testing Officer: 1st Lt John D. Hoelscher, CAP Cadet Flight Commander: C/A1C Bryce Nix Cadet Executive Officer: C/A1C Michael Beal Flight Admin: C/Amn Morgun Bedynek Flight Logistics: C/Amn Chelsie Skarda Flight Assistant Logistics: C/AB S. Watson Flight Safety: C/Amn John Flores Flight Public Affairs: C/AB Melissa Bullard Flight Protocol: C/AB Joshua Morris Flight Operations: C/Amn Christopher Carbajal Flight Communications: C/AB J. Garza Flight Aerospace: C/AB Dylan Morris

KINGSVILLE BRAVO FLIGHT Flight Commander: C/A1C Michael Beal Flight Adjutant: C/Amn Morgun Bedynek Element Leader: C/Amn J. Flores C/Amn J. Morris C/Amn M. Bullard C/Amn Jonathan Garza C/AB Emily Garcia C/AB C. Mumford Cadet Candidate Joe Longoria


Corpus Christi Comp Squadron Almanac
13 November 2007

CC-CAP GOALS—Forth Quarter 2007 Forth Quarter– All pilots, when qualified, will be required to fly 2 hours per month and attend monthly Stan/Eval meeting. The Primary Goal is to be mission Staging Area capable by First Quarter 2008 1) FAA pilot proficiency (Wings Program) required for all pilots. IN PROGRESS 2) 3 Pilots MP qualified–IN PROGRESS Capt D. Bazemore begins training. 3) Unit qualify as Form 4 CAP Pilots– IN PROGRESS, Lt Col J. B. Barfoot training/ TRAINING TO BE HELD IN CORPUS CHRISTI in 18-24 November 2007. 4) 2 Additional Mission Scanners- IN PROGRESS, Training to begin 18-24 November 2007. 5) 4 Additional UDF qualified CAP Officers/Cadets– In training, Cadets M. Beal, P. Lozano, S. Johnson and M. Bedynek have begun UDF training. C/A1C B. Nix qualified. 6) Addition of 2 GT3 members– cadets attending GSARS will qualify in this as well as UDF 7) Setup a Stationary COMM set up– Resolving Antenna Issues, work to begin at CAP STATION KINGSVILLE 8) Squadron Winter/Christmas Banquet– IN PLANNING 11 DECEMBER 2007, MAJOR ALVARADO is Project Officer will be at the Longhorn Steak and Ale 9) 10 total cadets at Corpus Christi Proper– 4 currently, potential 5th cadet attended 13 November 2007/ 10) Refine communication drills to test the hardware and train the squadron on use of equipment and proper communication protocols– IN PROGRESS, BCUT held in Corpus Christi on 13 November 2007 11) Identify and develop plans to setup land based communication needs for mission base located at Robstown Airport 12) Bolster/Refine CISM– In progress, Lt Phelps has attended CISM Activity needs one more course 13) Plan out Goals for all Quarters of 2008

CORPUS CHRISTI COMP SQUADRON EMERGENCY SERVICE RESOURCES AND UNIT STRENGTH by QUALIFICATON MEMBERSHIP Total Membership: 42 Level I membership: 19 CAP Officers: 21 Cadets: 21 Cadets with Curry Achievement: 14


Skills Evaluators: 11 SAR-EX: 0

Ground Team 3: 1

Ground Radiological: 1

AVIATON/FLIGHT OPS RESOURCES CAP Airplane Pilots: 2 CAP Command Pilot Rated: 1 FAA Wings Program: 2 Mission Pilots: 1 Mission Observers: 2 CAP Air Crews: 1, 1 in training Cadet Orientation Pilot--Grp 1: 2 Cadet Orientation Pilot--Grp 2 1 CAP Check Pilot - Airplane: 1 COMMUNICATONS Basic Communicators: 12

CAP Transport Pilot: 3 Mission Scanners: 7 Cadet Orientation Pilot - AFROTC 1 CAP Instructor Pilot - Airplane 1

Advanced Communicators: 1

Mission Radio Operators: 5

The new aircraft maintenances rates effective 1 March 2007. Cessna 172 rate is 30.00 Cessna 182 rate is 41.00 Gippsland GA8 rate is 37.00


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