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SouthBaydigS.com | 3.09.2012

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it’s an old adage repeated often in daily life, “where there’s smoke there’s fire.” however, the saying doesn’t hold true for cocoon fires and its designer federico otero. Starting the company a little over three years ago in miami, otero uses an ethanol based fuel in his fireplaces, creating a smoke free environment that requires no flue. “it is fairly a new system. we are trying to maximize it and that is how we came up with the shape of the fireplaces,” otero said. “it was always a thought to make it light and have a retro-modern feel.” and light it is, weighing only 16 pounds. the fireplaces also come in three different models and six different heights, from 3.3 feet to 4.8 feet. the aeris model, otero’s original concept, hangs down from the ceiling, while the terra model has three legs that allow it to stand on the floor and the Vellum model can be placed on a wall. “it was my hope from the beginning to create something graceful and simple, to try and make it an appealing object that was fun to look at and truly be an accent piece to any room,” said otero. Born in peru, otero studied at purdue university and has traveled the world to find inspiration in the pieces he creates. yet, it wasn’t until he was working on an interior design project that otero found out about the technology of using ethanol and decided to use it in creating fireplaces. “i’ve learned so much from everywhere i have lived and traveled,”otero said. “my designs have a strong link to the architecture, materials and techniques i have seen and even practiced myself.” Selling the fireplaces across the globe, from egypt to england, cocoon fires began selling fireplaces in the united States last year and now have three distributors in california and three others in atlanta, chicago and alexandria, Virginia. with prices ranging from $2,250-$3,450, depending on the type of finish, otero is also hoping in the near future to expand the company with new colors and finishes, as well as new fireplace designs. “i always wanted to work with eco-friendly and sustainable products,” otero said. “i believed and still do believe that is a great opportunity and something that is important and real.” for more info ViSit: www.cocoonfireS.com

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