Roselyne Bosch


September 23, 1991




We start on a man's elegant slipper. He is seated in a splendid chair. Moving up the stocking leg, we pass the garter of Castile, coming to rest on a pair of delicate hands. His fore finger impatiently plays with a large topaz ring. Over this, we hear distant footsteps, echoing on marble floors.


A Castilian face: aquilaine profile, olive complexion, dark eyebrows and meticulously sculpted beard. This is TREASURER SANCHEZ.

A door slams somewhere, the footsteps getting closer. We can now here a subdued conversation.


The door opens at the far end of the large gilded room. A WOMEN, magnificent in somber taffeta, enters. QUEEN ISABEL OF SPAIN moves towards him.

He bows slightly as she sits at the end of the large table. She is followed by a PRIEST, BROTHER BUYL, and

three dignitaries of Church and State.

All sit beside her. TREASURER SANCHEZ takes a document and starts to read aloud.

On screen the words: GRANADA - SPAIN - 1500

SANCHEZ Your Majesty would wish to know the true facts concerning the island of Hispanola, our first settlement in the New World, and the activities there of your servant, Christopher Columbus, Admiral of the Ocean Sea, Governor of that Island. You will remember with what hopes and promises he beguiled us -- the truth is that he now presides over a state of chaos, degradation and madness beyond imagining.

SANCHEZ punctuates each word carefully.

SANCHEZ From the beginning, Columbus proved

himself incapable of managing the affairs of the island. He appointed his brothers to important positions, at once injuring the pride and dignity of the nobles who had gone with him. He promised to build a city, the City of Isabel, named after Your Majesty. What he actually built was nothing but a collection of huts, and that in the wrong place, for all of it was easily swept away by rain and mud. Is that not so, Brother Buyl?

The PRIEST nods.

BROTHER BUYL Yes, Your Honor.

SANCHEZ He promised gold. Not finding the easy quantities he promised, Columbus commanded each Indian to pay an annual tribute. Most being unable to, they were barbarously

ISABEL Could it be so? BROTHER BUYL Yes. ISABEL lowers her eyes..punished. SANCHEZ But there is worse. ISABEL looks over at BROTHER BUYL. SANCHEZ Since provocation and injustice never ceases. many of the Indians have fled to the forests. Your Majesty. From the beginning. all of them reduced to slavery. against the express wish of Your Christian Majesties. or have begun to slay the Christians. treating them equally with the Indians.. When . he forced the nobles to undergo physical labor.

SANCHEZ He has lost control. Brother Buyl? BROTHER BUYL Yes. All of it. Your Honor. Silence. but he has made a hell full of all its horrors.. He promised a paradise. It is all true. He encourages our soldiers to marry the native women. ISABEL Is that the man I knew. Treasurer .the nobleman Adrian de Moxica protested against such treatment... he was executed.. His great arrogance has led him into depravity. (pause) Is that not true also. (he pauses) . I saw it with my own eyes.

ISLAND . "Nothing that results from human progress is achieved with unanimous consent. . There is a dripping sound of water. COLUMBUS stands up and moves to the table.) Of all the words my Father wrote and there were many.O... sweating heavily in fever. A lizard scuttles into the shadows. Your Majesty. Insects crawl over his face. I remember these the most." Rain is falling into the room over documents spread on a table.Sanchez? SANCHEZ Yes.DAY CLOSE ON the FACE: COLUMBUS is stretched on a bed. CUT TO: INT. Some of the walls have been blackened with smoke and flames. clearly delirious. FERNANDO (V. HUT . he makes no effort to swat them away.

FERNANDO (V.O.) "And those who are enlightened before the others are condemned to purse that light in spite of others..."

COLUMBUS stares down at the documents, moving them away from the rain drips. He stares out by the window, and we see:

A devastated landscape. Flooded roads, half-destroyed huts, broken trees... A dog picks its way through the mud.

FERNANDO (V.O.) There was a time when the New World didn't exist...



A vast stretch of ocean. It fills the screen. Unbroken, infinite, luminous, mysterious -- it stretches away, meeting and blending with the sky in pale ribbons of pearl

and misty light.

FERNANDO (V.O.) ... The sun set in the west on an ocean where no man had dared to venture. And beyond that, infinity...

Pulling back, we discover:

A TEN-YEAR-OLD BOY and a strongly built man in his middle thirties, are riding a mule. The MAN'S weather-beaten face frames unusually bright eyes.

On the screen these words: ANDALUSIA, 1491

COLUMBUS AND HIS SON are following a windthrashed path at the top of the hill. COLUMBUS hums a song, and FERNANDO looks up at him in adoration.

FERNANDO (V.O.) Once I asked my Father where he wanted to go. And he replied: "I want to travel all over the seas. I want to get behind the weather..."

FERNANDO laughs. He then starts to hum along with his FATHER.



A rugged landscape, remote and steep, with lines of stone walls and thousands of sheep.

FERNANDO, rushes down a slope, barking like a dog, chasing the sheep who fan out in droves in front of him. Highspirited and wild, FERNANDO laughs and tumbles over.

COLUMBUS rides his mule along the narrow track, watching his SON'S antics with amusement. In the distance, the solitary figure of A MONK SHEPHERD.

COLUMBUS calls out to his son:

COLUMBUS Fernando!

FERNANDO runs over. COLUMBUS lifts him up onto the mule.

As they move along the track we now see, perched on a distant hill, isolated and austere, the Monastery of La Rabida, their destination.


As they dismount and walk into the quiet cloisters, FERNANDO suddenly spots a familiar FIGURE, standing under the ROMAN arches.


He rushes over, full of joy, to kiss his BROTHER -- an adolescent dressed in the novice-robe, with a solemn, delicate face. DIEGO'S response is constrained.

COLUMBUS Diego! Aren't you going to kiss your brother?

DIEGO smiles a little, and kisses FERNANDO -- who is immediately distracted by a procession of hooded MONKS,

a pleasure to teach -. .. Brothers should be raised together. He pats FERNANDO'S head and turns to DIEGO.. Colon.. He must be hungry. MARCHENA Diego is a bright boy -. DIEGO Yes. COLUMBUS and MARCHENA begin to walk across the cloister.and a monk cosmographer. MARCHENA'S gesture is broad and elegant as he opens his arms to greet COLUMBUS. Father.but so serious. elderly man -. The MONKS all turn to greet ANTONIO DE MARCHENA. MARCHENA Diego. Both CHILDREN leave under the arched roof. Even brothers from different mothers.hurrying to the refectory. take Fernando to the dining hall. as a bell begins to chime.. a whitehaired.

Several MONKS. a recent German discovery.DAY Hundreds of books lined up on the shelves.LA RABIDA . are busily "ILLUMINATING" some of these massive volumes. MARCHENA laughs at the compliment. Rays of light fall diagonally through high openings. perched on high stools behind lecterns. INT. And he has the teacher I would have chosen for myself. displaying the miracle of printing.COLUMBUS Father. delicately painting around the letters in bright colors and gold leaf. . I am doing what I think is the best for him. MARCHENA pushes open a door. MARCHENA Just be careful you don't lose him. They have crossed the cloister. A HUGE LIBRARY .

... COLUMBUS stops dead in his tracks. Almost casually. he hands COLUMBUS a letter. As MARCHENA and COLUMBUS move forward their conversation is punctuated by light and shadow. COLUMBUS God. That's in a week! MARCHENA That's what it says. MARCHENA (fumbles in a pocket under his robe) I have something for you.projecting geometric patterns on the tiled floor. hardly able to believe his eyes. COLUMBUS . Almost frantically he tears open the letter.. MARCHENA You will be heard at the University of Salamanca.

With practiced familiarity. MARCHENA lights a candle and considers the mess. he slowly sweeps it from in front of him with his sleeve. Books are piled up on the floor. Then methodically.How did you manage it? MARCHENA (smiling) With some difficulty. along with maps.LA RABIDA . exposing a large map underneath.which indeed they have -. STUDY .. the desk. on every shelf. MARCHENA pushes open a second door. I had to promise them you were not a total fool. and COLUMBUS opposite him.. hidden behind a wooden panel.DAY MARCHENA is not a tidy man. . the visible evidence of an inquiring mind.MARCHENA sits behind his desk. INT. instruments of astronomy. as if they had done this a hundred times -.

the journey takes a year.. from west to east. and points to the map spread out on the desk.. COLUMBUS By sea.When he looks up again. He leans forward. MARCHENA Why do you wish to sail west? COLUMBUS To open a new route to Asia. At the moment there are only two ways of reaching it. COLUMBUS Or by land... He turns over an hourglass. there is a new severity in his expression.. . sailing around the African Continent -. His finger traces the journey..

. We notice that the outline of the European continent is familiar.. in that great expanse of ocean. Trading with the Orient has become arduous.S.) .We are CLOSE now on the map.. the whole American continent is missing. CLOSE ON MARCHENA'S FACE. COLUMBUS By sailing West across the Ocean Sea. COLUMBUS (O. But we also notice that. (he pauses) There is a third way. MARCHENA How can you be so certain? The Ocean is said to be infinite. .. if not dangerous. as we watch his finger tracing a line between Europe and the Far East. But the Turks have closed this route to all Christians. touched by the mystery.

COLUMBUS Ignorance! I believe the Indies are no more than 750 leagues west of the Canary Islands. and already you're a dead man. MARCHENA How can you be so certain? COLUMBUS The calculations of Toscanelli Marin de Tyr. COLUMBUS So was Christ! MARCHENA throws his quill in the air in frustration.. Don't let passion . Esdras.. MARCHENA (interrupting) Esdras is a Jew. He glances at the hourglass: MARCHENA Two minutes...

.. MARCHENA Father Marchena! COLUMBUS (ignoring this) Passion is something one cannot control! MARCHENA (heatedly) You get so carried away when you are being contradicted! COLUMBUS I've been contradicted all my life. Marchena.overwhelm you. Eternity! MARCHENA . COLUMBUS (mockingly) I'll try to remember that. Colon...

EXT.EVENING DIEGO and FERNANDO wait in the courtyard. DIEGO turns to go. COLUMBUS Would you like to come and stay with us? Uncomfortable with the proposition. DIEGO cannot find an answer. COLUMBUS appears and lifts FERNANDO onto the mule. my son. squats down so their eyes meet. COLUMBUS .LA RABIDA . He looks at his SON for a moment.(amused) Only God knows the meaning of such words. COURTYARD . COLUMBUS Diego. COLUMBUS walks over to him.

as a gap opens in the crowd. Father.. EXT. COLUMBUS reaches out -. The noise grows. rumbling.I'll do whatever makes you happy. through narrow streets. DIEGO I am happy. rowdy. Holding the mule by its reins. CADIZ . who waves back to his BROTHER as they ride off. shouting with excitement. There's a clamorous noise in the air. Suddenly. Then more people. He climbs up behind FERNANDO. . carrying the sleeping FERNANDO. we see the cause of the excitement: in the center of the square stand three pyres. COLUMBUS tries to push his way through. Huge CROWDS have thronged the massive old square outside the cathedral. already alit. run up the street and brush past them. sharp with excitement and violence.NIGHT COLUMBUS leads the mule.and touches his shoulder. Suddenly a large group of YOUNG MEN.STREETS AND CATHEDRAL SQUARE .. FERNANDO sits up straight.

lighting up the square with a lurid glow. FERNANDO Look. COLUMBUS tries to follow him. Flames leap into the night sky with a terrible crackling. Prayers are being chanted somewhere. Father! Before COLUMBUS can stop him.we see cabalistic signs. The heretic wears the "sambenito".HOODED EXECUTIONERS are busy around the fires. THE MAN'S eyes are mad with fear. FERNANDO has elbowed his way to the front of the crowd. indicating that the man is Jewish. COLUMBUS Fernando! But the BOY has been swallowed into the mass of people. a robe made of coarse fabric on which his sins have been crudely illustrated -. A PRIEST brandishes a crucifix in front of the face of a MAN bound to a post. But he refuses to kiss . FERNANDO has slipped off the mule and into the crowd.

INT.HALLWAY AND STABLE . . his mother.NIGHT COLUMBUS and FERNANDO lead the mule into the white-washed. stone-floored hallway of the modest house. shocked by what he just witnessed. takes the BOY'S hand. COLUMBUS takes the mule into its stall.the crucifix. Then the whole body collapses into the fire. FERNANDO is transfixed by the scene. as a sign of his repentance.. He is too close to the platform to see what is in the flames of the other pyres. and the head falls on one shoulder. COLUMBUS Fernando! He motions to his son. but still doesn't realize what is happening.THE MAN'S face is distorted in a silent scream. and drags him away from the scene. FERNANDO is mute. BEATRIX'S HOUSE . The distance now allows him to see inside the flames.. But FERNANDO looks back. and as he does so. A HALF-CHARRED FIGURE -. The neck snaps like burning wood.

FERNANDO glances at his MOTHER but looks subdued and doesn't say anything. BEATRIX'S HOUSE . He goes to the stone butt and pours water on his hands.KITCHEN . COLUMBUS . He walks to her. BEATRIX nods. Her face lights up with a smile. strong. INT.NIGHT COLUMBUS joins BEATRIX in the kitchen. He explains Fernando's subdued manner. COLUMBUS They've agreed to see me in a week. She is a beautiful woman in her twenties. and kisses her. appears from the kitchen to greet them. COLUMBUS tousles the BOY'S hair.BEATRIX. In the square. domestic personality. where a MAID is cooking. COLUMBUS Executions. a calm. BEATRIX puts the candle on the table.

But you're never here! They laugh and kiss. I have a child by a man who won't marry me! Who's always leaving...I could be gone for years. COLUMBUS Are we going to argue? BEATRIX I'd love to argue with you sometimes.. COLUMBUS I haven't given you much of a life. that's true. COLUMBUS Perhaps I was never meant to live . BEATRIX I know.. BEATRIX (amused) Well.

then looks over at BEATRIX. BEATRIX'S HOUSE . to distract him. COLUMBUS pours a little wine into FERNANDO'S water.NIGHT They are eating around the table.KITCHEN . BEATRIX (still kissing him) I find that hard to believe. BEATRIX smiles. DISSOLVE TO: INT. don't you think we are lucky to live with such a beautiful woman? He winks at FERNANDO.with a woman.. COLUMBUS smiles. and FERNANDO is unusually silent and thoughtful. FERNANDO looks up at him. surprised. COLUMBUS Fernando. INT.NIGHT .BEDROOM .. BEATRIX'S HOUSE .

A drop of wax falls on her skin. A MONK comes from a door. EXT.DAY A medieval "campus". She flinches. Students-novices are playing "pelote".The room is dark. hurrying to their class. SALAMANCA UNIVERSITY . We find COLUMBUS watching the game from the steps above the court.. They run with their robes tucked around their waist. murmurs. Others are waiting with him. revealing white legs. Others are studying. BEATRIX looks up at him intently. As COLUMBUS approached the bed with a candle. They make love.. reading. and looks around the group. with basket-gloves and a hard ball. it illuminates the naked body of BEATRIX. MONK (hesitant) Christopher Columbus? .

A MONK (Don AROJAZ) holds a stick with an ivory claw at the top. Only one of them is richly dressed in the grand Spanish fashion -. AROJAZ . AUDIENCE ROOM . Candles throw a gloomy light on their faces. sculpted seats.INT.his off-hand manner only makes him more impressive than his peers. Languidly. Some are Churchmen.UNIVERSITY OF SALAMANCA .he is SANCHEZ. A tableau of twenty MEN sitting on dark. your Eminence. Treasurer of the House of Aragon. others are dressed in bourgeois outfits. AROJAZ You say Asia can be found by sailing west? COLUMBUS Yes. The voyage should not take more than six or seven weeks. he scratches his back -.DAY An El Greco painting.

(he leans forward) 22.. satisfied. AROJAZ But you may have found new evidence proving that these men of knowledge are totally mistaken! . Don Colon.. that is precisely where our opinions differ.. (pause) Are you familiar with the work of Aristotle? Erathostene? Ptolemeus? COLUMBUS I am. the circumference of the Earth is approximately. Which makes the ocean.000 leagues or more.Unfortunately.. and pauses for effect. Your Eminence AROJAZ Then you cannot ignore that according to their calculations... He leans back. uncrossable.

COLUMBUS The Florentine Toscanelli and the French Cardinal Pierre d'Ailly both think that Marin de Tyr is accurate in his calculations. COLUMBUS Your Excellencies are aware of the statements of Marin de Tyr? HERNANDO DE TALAVERA We are. COLUMBUS Then you are also aware that his theories contradict Ptolemeus. But Columbus is determined to press his theories.. A murmur of protest spreads among the members of the Commission. De Tyr believes the Ocean to be only 750 leagues. And therefore.... .A ripple of mirthless laughter.

. let us suppose Marin de Tyr is right. how long would the voyage be? COLUMBUS Seven weeks. Indignant and amused murmurs.. DIEGO DE DEZA (to Columbus) In your opinion. Six. (the laughter subsides) Are we here to examine this proposal or not? Silence. DIEGO DE DEZA raises his voice to quiet the assembly. during the summer months..that the ocean can be crossed. The murmur increases. DIEGO DE DEZA Gentlemen.

an experienced captain such as yourself will understand our . VICUNA How would the crew survive without being able to land for fresh water? Water is undrinkable after six weeks! You'd never be able to turn back! COLUMBUS We wouldn't have to turn back! We would find land at this point! AROJAZ Senor Colon. would take a year! A MAN of simple bearing. Don Colon.and has been corrected many times over the centuries by the finest geographers. Your voyage. interrupts. that COLUMBUS identifies as being a seaman.AROJAZ Marin de Tyr is wrong -.

as a modest man... I wonder: who is right? . Instantly.. the protests stop. you are right.. and starts walking in front of the experts. But as a simple man craving for knowledge. I am not willing to have on my conscience the loss of men who would have relied upon our judgment. COLUMBUS Therefore. I have read all the work of these renowned geographers and discovered that none of them could agree on the exact width of this ocean. COLUMBUS Excellency. COLUMBUS I am a seaman. as a lawyer before a grand jury. not a scholar. He pauses.concern with the crew.

there is only one way to settle the matter. CLOSE ON SANCHEZ'S FACE. . COLUMBUS Your Eminence. He walks and stops before TALAVERA. with passion) I am ready to risk my life to prove it possible. and that of others! COLUMBUS If they agree to follow me. COLUMBUS Who is right? This question remains unanswered. yes. AROJAZ Your life. and catches the look of SANCHEZ. And that is to make the journey. sitting just behind him. impressed by the boldness. (to the assembly.The experts listen.

What would Spain do there? Conscious of a friendlier voice. Even the meanest buildings are roofed with gold. COLUMBUS Trade. will find other populations -- . Suppose you reach Asia.S. The Portuguese have already discovered black-skinned people. AROJAZ (interrupting) Is that all that interests you? Gold? COLUMBUS No. I. Your Excellency. According to Marco Polo.) Suppose you cross this ocean. too.SANCHEZ (O. an imposing man in his fifties. the Kingdom of China is one of the richest of the world. COLUMBUS sees the Treasurer SANCHEZ.

THE MONK smiles thinly. CLOSE ON SANCHEZ -.watching COLUMBUS . do you believe he would have waited for you to show it to the world? COLUMBUS Did He not choose a carpenter's son to reveal Himself to the world? A hum of interest.the Bearer of the Cross! MONK (ironic) And Colon -.and bring them to the word of God.Christo Ferens -. AROJAZ If God intended our proximity to Asia.the one who populates! Another small rill of laughter. AROJAZ Christopher -.

AROJAZ Don't you realize your words could be considered heretical? COLUMBUS (calmly) Blind faith is what I consider heresy! The murmur turns to an audible gasp. COLUMBUS .intently. a hint of an admiring smile on his lips. COLUMBUS meets the MONK'S gaze unflinchingly. AROJAZ So you consider yourself the chosen one? A pause. the flame of a candle only inches from his face. There is absolute silence. threateningly. AROJAZ gets to his feet and leans forward.

SANCHEZ The State has some reason to be interested in this man's . AROJAZ IF-GOD-WILLS-IT! EXT. In the distance. students' cries carry over the conversation. Food and wine has been laid out on tables. TERRACE .and I will prove it. SANCHEZ approaches. AROJAZ The Treasurer of Spain honors us with his presence.DAY The JURY is alone to deliberate. SANCHEZ bows slightly.(quietly) Asia can be found to the west -.UNIVERSITY .

when it benefits them. SANCHEZ helps himself to some grapes.and states often make use of them. AROJAZ The Judgment is ours! SANCHEZ Naturally.. looks round at the other members of the committee. Your Eminence.. dispute over a point of geography. But I would really deplore the loss of such a potential opportunity for Spain for a. The world is full of mercenaries -.proposition. AROJAZ (interrupting) He is a mercenary! Did he not already try to convince the King of Portugal of his absurd notions? SANCHEZ Indeed.. who pretend not to be listening.. .

who automatically lifts his glass. SANCHEZ You know. and replaces it on the table. pours himself a drink. AROJAZ You would use your influence to assist this. intriguer? SANCHEZ reaches for a decanter of sherry.. and stops smiling. SANCHEZ .. AROJAZ understands the hint. But instead. SANCHEZ pulls back the decanter.(casually) My only concern is the welfare and prosperity of Spain. Your Eminence.. the fascinating thing about power. can so easily be taken away. .. He offers the decanter to AROJAZ. is that what can be given so effortlessly. leaving AROJAZ staring at his own empty glass...

INT. MARCHENA . puts the letter down. COLUMBUS looks appalled. and therefore nothing could justify the participation of Your Highnesses in the venture that relies upon such feeble assumptions. if not impossible. . They didn't want to listen! He paces about the book-lined room. and which any man of knowledge would take to be impractical. LA RABIDA .MARCHENA'S STUDY . devastated. He shakes his head.EVENING MARCHENA reads aloud the Commission's letter.... COLUMBUS They didn't listen.And he drinks with a smile..

MARCHENA You mustn't give way to despair. COLUMBUS (angrily) Damn God! MARCHENA is shocked. then you will go. COLUMBUS Wait! I've waited seven years already! How much longer do you want me to wait? MARCHENA If God intends you to go. You must wait. MARCHENA Colon! COLUMBUS Damn all of you! You all set up .

! My books.. MARCHENA No.. COLUMBUS All of them! Just lies! . MARCHENA is horrified.! COLUMBUS seizes more books from the shelves..theories based on what? You never leave the safety of your studies! Go out! Find out what the world is about and then tell me something I can listen to! He seizes a beautiful book from MARCHENA'S desk. just sweeping them to the floor.. COLUMBUS These don't mean anything! They're full of assumptions! Out of the heads of old men who've never been past the end of their gardens! He hurls the book across the room.

. CHAPEL OF LA RABIDA . He is dressed in a homespun robe. struggling with this big.! One can't speak to a .MARCHENA Colon! Don't! MARCHENA tries to stop him.EVENING COLUMBUS lies face down on the stone floor.to almost comical effect. a short. His arms are stretched out in penance. In his fury. they try to stop him. His cries bring three MONKS rushing into the room. FERNANDO Father? DIEGO Sssshhhh. Finally. As COLUMBUS continues to rage and scatter books everywhere.. FERNANDO and DIEGO look down at him. INT. powerful man -. COLUMBUS accidentally knocks the poor old MAN to the ground. muscular MONK delivers a quick punch that sends COLUMBUS crashing to the floor.

stocky MAN approaching: a . in silence. DIEGO is left looking on. EXT. and stretches out his arms in the same way. CLOISTER .S.DAY Along the cloister. maps are drying.) Senor Colon? COLUMBUS turns.and then FERNANDO lies face down on the floor beside his FATHER. FERNANDO What can you do? DIEGO Nothing. Fernando.man doing penance. PINZON (O. COLUMBUS pins up a new addition. That's the point.LA RABIDA . hanging like laundry in the light breeze. A pause -. unable to bring himself to join them. Another MONK works nearby. to see a small.

middle-class gentleman. thank God! I've been looking all over Seville for you! Never expected to find a sailor in a monastery. but doesn't say anything. and walks a little way down the cloister. COLUMBUS smiles. PINZON is yet more surprised by this strange behavior. PINZON Name's Pinzon. PINZON (indicating the monk) Is he a spy? . PINZON is clearly a little surprised. PINZON Ah. by the way.. He nods. Martin Alonzo Pinzon. away from the other MONK. eh? He laughs.. I'm a ship owner from Palos. gesturing for PINZON to follow him. COLUMBUS glances around cautiously.

wiping his forehead with a silk cloth. You just nod. I'll do the talking for both of us.COLUMBUS shakes his head. PINZON stares at him. PINZON What is it? Are you a Trappist? COLUMBUS shakes his head again. PINZON Jesus! Just my luck! He takes off his hat. .? Penance? COLUMBUS nods vigorously. perplexed... PINZON Listen. PINZON Vow of silence. Agreed? Just as I do with the wife.

PINZON You wonder why I believe in you? Hey.. COLUMBUS gives him a glance like one throws a question in the air. COLUMBUS looks at him. PINZON I don't look like it. and bursts out laughing. And we don't like to be told where to go.COLUMBUS nods.. PINZON lowers his voice. PINZON I know that the Commission turned you down. COLUMBUS ducks behind a map. PINZON following him. I am a seaman. and where not to go. The Treasurer of Aragon. but I have friends at the Court. The other MONK looks round severely. for example. right? What do you expect? You're a foreigner. But I want to help you. He finances .

the world and his mistress -. PINZON So. His name's Santangel. PINZON He can get you an audience with the Queen! You know why. then speaks: COLUMBUS Where can I meet this man? PINZON .? She owes him money.me -. Ever heard of him? COLUMBUS shakes his head. You -.agreed? COLUMBUS nods.. catches the disapproving face of the MONK. but looks increasingly interested by what he's hearing. That's how it is.the Queen -.me. What do you say? COLUMBUS looks around.. crosses himself.

All around them. bedraggled columns of the defeated MOORS. Astride horses. To the ecstatic cries of the crowd. COLUMBUS and the Treasurer SANTANGEL are watching the scene. Ragged. SANTANGEL . women and children.. bearing only a few possessions. SOLDIERS are holding back a crowd at the foot of the tower..(indicating with a nod) Immediately.DAY A huge Islamic Crescent being pulled down from the minaret of a mosque. SPANISH SOLDIERS are herding. STREETS OF GRANADA . EXT. examining the maps. a Cross is hoisted up in its place. COLUMBUS turns and sees an elegant Lord in his fifties. half-starved men. They push through an extraordinary scene. The city of Granada has just been reclaimed from the moors after several years of siege.

DAY .GARDENS . EXT. The noise is tumultuous. COLUMBUS Is this a good time to meet her? SANTANGEL It couldn't be better. The gates of the Alhambra Palace are in sight. ALHAMBRA PALACE . Don Colon -and yet what a tragedy it is! The THREE HORSEMEN pass a procession of grateful PENITENTS. chanting psalms and flagellating themselves. They ride towards the magnificent palace.. Bells are pealing triumphantly. At the head of the procession. HOODED PRIESTS carry a statue of the Virgin Mary swathed in silk and lace.These people built Granada. Centuries ago! It is a great victory over the Moors. who are crawling on their knees. Victors can't say no..

as ever. SANCHEZ appears.Fabulous Moorish gardens: ponds filled with golden carp. They stop by the Lion's Fountain.. As they approach the inner sanctum. and motions for COLUMBUS to follow.. SOLDIERS pass by. Then a DUENA appears. there are fewer people.. SANTANGEL and COLUMBUS walk through the gardens. escorted by HALBERDIERS... They bow. truly grateful.. SANTANGEL Your Excellency.. where several DIGNITARIES are waiting patiently for an audience. a half-smile forming on his lips. SANTANGEL approaches to murmur a compliment.. your help. The distant sounds of victory. and looks over at COLUMBUS. . carrying coffers or piles of documents.. however.. SANCHEZ protests softly. exotic bird cages hang from lemon trees.

windows open onto a view of Granada's rooftops.. ALHAMBRA PALACE .. since my council said no. the delicate silhouette of QUEEN ISABEL OF SPAIN.sculptured colonnades. ISABEL Rise..INT... . The light in her blonde hair creates a halo around her head as she turns. that you are not a fool.DAY An ornate Moorish door is pushed open by the DUENA'S hand. We enter the Throne Room -. mosaics. ISABEL scrutinizes him quickly. stopping close to her. Against this dazzling light.THRONE ROOM . COLUMBUS falls to his knees. ISABEL I should not even be listening to you.! Come forward! He approaches the window. And Sanchez. At the far end.. But Santangel tells me you are a man of honor and sincerity.

ISABEL The ocean is uncrossable? COLUMBUS What did they say about Granada before today? ISABEL (a beat) That she was impregnable. ISABEL I cannot ignore the verdict of my council. ISABEL smiles.COLUMBUS (bold) No more than the woman who said she would take Granada from the Moors. enjoying the lack of obsequiousness. ISABEL smiles again. COLUMBUS .

. A direct challenge. Now we sense COLUMBUS scrutinizing her.. COLUMBUS May I speak freely? ISABEL (with a smile) You show no inclination to speak otherwise! COLUMBUS I know what I see.. . I see someone who doesn't accept the world as it is. I see a women who thinks. She doesn't know what to make of this man. This little hint of vulnerability subtly reverses their positions for a moment. "What if?". Who's not afraid. ISABEL How little you know.Surely you can do anything you want..

ISABEL How old are you.ISABEL (amused at his familiarity) A woman? A slight pause. She bursts out laughing... Your Majesty. since you are the only sailor I know! A beat. ISABEL Then we are equal. but you're the only Queen I know. And .. Senor Colon? COLUMBUS Thirty seven. COLUMBUS Forgive me....

TREE-LINED ROAD . ISABEL You will be informed of our decision.. ISABEL Thirty eight. As the DUENA opens the door for him.. ISABEL flushes. I thought you were younger than me! And he goes out. and turns away slightly to hide it. COLUMBUS Actually. COLUMBUS bows and goes to leave. A pause.you? Once again taken off guard. EXT.DAY . he turns back. SANCHEZ'S ESTATE . leaving her stunned.

SANCHEZ is training a magnificent young horse. In the paddock. lined with trees. They are overtaken by an ADMINISTRATOR who hurries along the road. with documents under his arm. EXT.A chalk white road.LATER SANCHEZ pours himself some wine. making it step sideways.DAY The CLERK enters an imposing stable block. SANCHEZ'S ESTATE . SANCHEZ'S ESTATE . tucks into his his food.STABLE BLOCK AND PADDOCK . with covered dishes of food. Two liveried SERVANTS are walking down the road. a decanter of wine. The ADMINISTRATOR watches him. . one carrying a large silver tray. They begin to lay them out on a table.STABLE BLOCK AND PADDOCK . bending it to his will. EXT. Behind him the two SERVANTS can be seen bringing in the silver trays. the other a smaller tray. unable to interrupt.

SANCHEZ. ADMINISTRATOR ....which will be extended to his descendants for ever more.. Governor of all islands or lands discovered or as will be discovered with his help.. ... SANCHEZ Go on! ADMINISTRATOR He will be named Great Admiral of the Ocean Sea.. with the right to bear the Golden Spurs! He will receive the title of Don Cristobal Colon -.. He is reading the contract that COLUMBUS has proposed. reads from a document. he DEMANDS to be made a Knight. and he demands. clearly working himself up into a frenzy. Viceroy of the West Indies. gestures for him to continue. his mouth full.. The ADMINISTRATOR looks up.while the ADMINISTRATOR.

Wipes his mouth. ADMINISTRATOR (exploding) . Continues reading. He smiles. ADMINISTRATOR The highest titles of nobility.. SANCHEZ It's very underdone. calmly: SANCHEZ Furthermore he will receive one eight of all wealth or monies. metals. Your Excellency! To an immigrant sheltered by monks! SANCHEZ gestures for the document. pearls..The ADMINISTRATOR looks up again. hands the document back. spices and other lucrative sources conquered within the boundaries of his admiralty. precious gems.

The man will have to lower his demands. And he carries on eating. COLUMBUS I WON'T! A WOMAN'S HAND quietly. Excellency! SANCHEZ No.Underdone! It's monstrous. . Carvajal. It's almost raw. carefully opens a cover of a spy hole in the wall. ALHAMBRA PALACE . he WILL! INT.. Believe me. SANCHEZ You worry too much.A RECEPTION ROOM . into the next room. the pheasant. Two beautiful eyes peer through a grille..DAY Close up on COLUMBUS.

excessive. scans it quickly. Senor Colon. COLUMBUS If I am right. He offers the document to COLUMBUS. Your expectations are.. COLUMBUS tightens his fists. in every way..What they see: SANCHEZ and COLUMBUS together. COLUMBUS . tries to remain calm. my requests are fair! SANCHEZ holds up a document.. SANCHEZ (calmly) We have considered your -. COLUMBUS is visibly upset.. who takes it.demands very carefully.. shakes his head.. SANCHEZ We have prepared our own contract.

COLUMBUS I'm not bargaining! SANCHEZ (steely) . SANCHEZ No? COLUMBUS NO.. Now you expect me to take all the risks while you take the profit! No.No.the mouth.! I have waited too long. forming a little smile... Senor Colon. fought too hard. I will not be your servant! The eyes behind the screen -. that you are in no position to bargain with me. SANCHEZ I remind you....

As COLUMBUS goes out. Excellency? Or is ambition only a virtue among the nobles. ISABEL appears through a secret . Excellency -I'll become a monk! He turns. COLUMBUS smiles. strides towards the door. a fault for the rest of us? SANCHEZ (abrupt) If you won't accept our proposal. faces him.Then you are too ambitious. COLUMBUS leans over the table. COLUMBUS And were you never ambitious. COLUMBUS If you can do that. we'll simply find someone who will. We hear a WOMAN'S muffled laughter.

Especially signed by Royal Hands. Your Majesty.POV . His demands could never be granted.DAY SANCHEZ joins ISABEL at the window. questioningly... towards him.. They see COLUMBUS striding out and away. ALHAMBRA PALACE GARDENS . ISABEL You were right. SANCHEZ Never.. ISABEL goes over to the window and looks out. Although one may always renegotiate a contract. Don Sanchez. SANCHEZ ..door. . Although. EXT. SANCHEZ bows.. She turns.

Into a monk.INT. He is expressionless and distracted. wouldn't it? (turning to Sanchez) Call him back! EXT. COLUMBUS . COLUMBUS pushing his way through crowds. stops walking. He looks around him. shouts.. ISABEL (with a smile) Yes.A RECEPTION ROOM .DAY BACK TO SANCHEZ SANCHEZ (quietly) . And then..EVENING Teeming life.. It would be a pity.. unexpectedly. ALHAMBRA PALACE . STREET .

She smiles. COLUMBUS She said yes. COLUMBUS turns and looks at her. by himself.YEEEEEEES! All heads turn as if he were totally insane. almost sad. There is a movement behind him. INT. COLUMBUS . in a night-shirt. But he seems to be unable to share her happiness. BEATRIX is standing at the foot of the stairs. BEATRIX (moved) Thank God.. with a glass of wine.. BEATRIX'S HOUSE .NIGHT COLUMBUS is sitting at the kitchen table. He walks on as if nothing happened.

If I ever come back, I swear I will...

She crosses to him quickly, placing her hand gently on his mouth.

BEATRIX (softly) I'm not asking you to swear to anything.

COLUMBUS I don't want you to wait for me.

BEATRIX (smiling) That's something you can't decide.

COLUMBUS kisses her.


Strange, unearthly music... A flickering light in a dark tunnel. FERNANDO, holding a candle in front of him, walks

slowly down the dark corridor.

Quietly opening a door, he walks into COLUMBUS' study.


CLOSE ON: A huge illustrated map of western Europe and Asia. FERNANDO'S candle moves slowly across the Atlantic Ocean, to the edge of the map. There, the illustrator's imagination has created monsters: terrifying demons; creatures half-human, half-animal.

Sitting at his desk, COLUMBUS is looking at the map.

FERNANDO (O.S.) You can't go there!

Turning, COLUMBUS finds his son beside him.


FERNANDO points at the monsters. He pulls the boy to him.

COLUMBUS There aren't any monsters, Fernando. The only monsters are in here... (he taps his own forehead) Watch!

He takes a pen, and draws a smile on one of the terrible monsters, transforming it at once. FERNANDO laughs immediately.

FERNANDO I want to go with you!

COLUMBUS There'll be a time.

FERNANDO You promise? (Columbus nods his head) Do you swear on St. Christopher...?

FERNANDO pulls the chain with the St. Christopher medal from under COLUMBUS' shirt.

FERNANDO Do you swear on all the Holy Saints in heaven?

COLUMBUS (laughing) Yes... Yes, I do... On all of them!

And he hugs his SON tightly.


A luminous procession passes through a Moorish stone gate, down to the harbor. We see the faces of the SAILORS and their FAMILIES -- COLUMBUS, PINZON AMONGST THEM -- We sense the fervor and apprehension of the departure. The procession is lead by MARCHENA and four young NOVICES carrying the Madonna. All hold long, burning tapers, saying the rosary. A SAILOR pushes through the crowd, and kisses the Madonna's feet.


Hundreds of candles flicker in the pre-dawn light, held by the FAMILIES and FRIENDS of the SAILORS.

The SANTA MARIA the PINTA and the NINA nestle against the quayside. Dwarfed by the hulls, a flotilla of smaller fishing craft, returning from night fishing, accidentally witness this event.


MARCHENA sits on a barrel and crosses himself. Behind a curtain sits COLUMBUS.

MARCHENA In Nomine Patris et Filius, et Spiritus Sancti.

COLUMBUS Forgive me, Father. For I have sinned.

MARCHENA recognizes COLUMBUS' voice.

MARCHENA I am listening, my son.

COLUMBUS Father, I have betrayed my family. I betrayed my men. And I betrayed you.

MARCHENA What are you saying?

COLUMBUS I lied. The journey will be longer than I said.

MARCHENA How long?

COLUMBUS I am not sure... It could be twice the distance.

A pause.


May God forgive you...! You must tell them! You must tell your men!

COLUMBUS If I tell them, they won't follow me. You know that I am right, Father. You trust me...

MARCHENA My son, my son... (he shakes his head) Your certitudes are sometimes frightening... (pause) Christopher, you must speak to them. And if you don't I will.

COLUMBUS You are bound by an oath, Father.

A long silence.

MARCHENA I believed in you...

DISSOLVE TO: EXT. HARBOR AND SHIPS . Christopher Columbus. COLUMBUS Give me absolution.COLUMBUS Give me absolution.S. EXT.) Ispo Te Absoluto.DAWN . Go in peace. No response. May God forgive you and have mercy on your soul.DAWN COLUMBUS walks over to where BEATRIX and FERNANDO are waiting.LATER . HARBOR AND SHIPS .PALOS . MARCHENA (O. He kisses and hugs FERNANDO. Father! Devastated. MARCHENA reluctantly makes the sign of the cross.

and instead they clumsily hug. orders are being shouted. Do you promise? FERNANDO nods.. Now the SHIPS are slowly moving parallel to the quayside.The CROWDED QUAYSIDE. BEATRIX Speak to Diego.. splashing into the water. CUT TO: Activity on the ships. COLUMBUS stands in front of FERNANDO. She whispers into his ear. they hug. Wordlessly. He turns around to see SANTANGEL. ropes fore and aft are cast off. COLUMBUS Be good to your mother. The CROWD starts walking abreast to the VESSELS. Then COLUMBUS embraces BEATRIX tightly. WOMEN . tears in his eyes. Someone taps COLUMBUS' shoulder. Fernando. But COLUMBUS and DIEGO are unable to find words.

THE SANTA MARIA is now two meters from the QUAY. BEATRIX. COLUMBUS suddenly unties the chain around his neck. COLUMBUS Diego! Here! DIEGO catches it. elated. HER SONS. old PARENTS crying. Opening his hand he looks at the medallion. Then looks up at his FATHER. SANTANGEL (casually) Take care of my investment. blowing kisses. SANTANGEL is now opposite COLUMBUS. and throws it at DIEGO. wherever you're going! COLUMBUS (ambiguous) I have to tell you Santangel..holding up babies. I don't know where on earth I am going! . AND SANTANGEL are among them..

SAILOR Vaya con Dios! (Go with God!) They wave back.DAY THREE SHIPS ON A BOUNDLESS OCEAN. He stares up at the SAILORS leaning on the rail. He sees: CUT TO: EXT. capable of unpredictable .They both laugh. standing in his shrimp-boat lets his hand slide gently along the gigantic hull. all powerful. A living being. He finally turns. A FISHERMAN. sad and distraught. The sea resembling a DORMANT MONSTER. holding its breath.WHALES . SHIPS AT SEA . CUT TO: MARCHENA walking towards the Moorish gate.

TEN MEN heaving on a heavy rope.NIGHT The crystalline north star -. punctuating their efforts with a sailor's chant. Sinking back.as if seen through an instrument. EXT.. their cries taking precedent over the music. Music reflects the loneliness. A SAILOR is busy clearing the ropes around the mast. ENORMOUS WHALES moving slowly alongside. the fear of the unknown. A COOK is blowing life into a brazier. raising the top sail. DECK . EXT. the anxiety of the crew.metamorphosis. in preparation of the evening meal.. disappearing. .DAY A SHIP'S BOY is throwing buckets of water on the deck. SANTA MARIA . surging majestically through the waves.

COLUMBUS (softly) Due west. MENDEZ doesn't move. And may God be with us.. He nervously clears his throat. stocky Basque. continuing to observe COLUMBUS.COLUMBUS' silhouette. a rough. SOME SAILORS are watching with curiosity. Captain Mendez. COLUMBUS What is it Mendez? Speak! MENDEZ is hesitant. He senses MENDEZ standing next to him. on a tressel. . by an oil lamp. One of them is ALONSO. standing at the prow. Near COLUMBUS. Then goes back to his quadrant. He makes an entry in the log. MENDEZ God be with us admiral. Holding a quadrant he is aiming at the stars. various books and charts..

It's the men... and some approach to hear the conversation. We've lost sight from land days ago. I surely know what a quadrant is! But I've never seen it used at night before. Sir. COLUMBUS (still taking readings) And what do you think Mendez? MENDEZ Well.MENDEZ Well. COLUMBUS Now.. then motions to COLUMBUS. find the North Star.. COLUMBUS Come over here. They wonder how you know our position. Do you . The SAILORS are watching. MENDEZ hesitates.

COLUMBUS Don't move! A mistake of one degree and we'll be off 6.and loses equilibrium.have it? CUT TO: The picture swims across the heavens. COLUMBUS (O. COLUMBUS .. until we see the north star. The picture steadies. CUT TO: MENDEZ nods -. The plumb line swings.! Keep the plumb line vertical...000 leagues! MENDEZ tries again.) Steady yourself.S..

DAY A blazing sun. . And we'll follow it until we reach land. SANTA MARIA . the blistering heat making the air shimmer over the decks. The ship is like a furnace.What do you read? MENDEZ Twenty eight. The twenty eighth parallel. COLUMBUS That's it.DECK . its brass fittings too hot to touch. ALONSO does not seem convinced. MENDEZ turns to COLUMBUS. ALONSO How do you know land is on the twenty eighth parallel? EXT.

disfigured by a hair lip. ALONSO watches him. tries to ignore them. The SHIP'S BOY throws an empty bucket attached to a rope over the side and hauls it back up again. As he turns. The BOY.. ALONSO I never seen heat like this! Not even in Las Minas! .Desperate for shade. He drenches himself. ALONSO Chicken-ass face! The others laugh. brimming with water. we see his face. From the shade. ALONSO'S hand accidentally touches a brass fitting. ashamed. he reacts like he was burnt. sailors are sheltering under the sagging prow sail.. ALONSO Shit! He sucks his blistered fingers.

You hear? . and Admiral Colon. leave him alone. ALONSO With a face like that? (to boy) I don't want you looking at me. ALONSO What are you listening to. chicken ass? SAILOR Ah... He's doing no harm. ALONSO You'll be drinking your own piss.. For the glory of Spain.! Bastard! The SHIP'S BOY glances round at them...SAILOR The water's going putrid in the barrels..

dropping the bucket back into the sea.. (Chicken ass mouth is the devil's child.The BOY turns away... ALONSO He's the devil's child. A SAILOR takes his guitar. SANTA MARIA .. SAILOR We'll all go crazy... Born from the loins of a stinky old goat etc. SAILOR Culo de galina es el hijo del demonio...) They all laugh. hearing this.RIGGING AND CROW'S-NEST .. climbs to the crow's-nest like a monkey. The BOY throws more water over the deck. EXT. . The BOY.. high above the rolling deck.DAY We experience a sense of vertigo as we near the top of the main mast. and starts singing an improvised song.

The BOY curls like a fetus in the swinging crow's-nest.. He breaks its neck. SAILOR We left three weeks ago. and scared. THE COOK takes a chicken from a cage. CUT TO: EXT. THE SAILORS do not seem to care.DECK . Smells like a cunt. SANTA MARIA . ALONSO We should have seen land. ALONSO Can't be that far. The OTHERS continue their bitter conversation. Also. exhausted by the heat. Alonso. His eyes are turning white. I say. Can't be that near. and starts plucking it. .DAY Piss is dripping on the deck. He begins to piss himself. I don't like the smell of the sea around here..

scrutinizing the horizon. ALONSO And why does this one take to the sea? Nobody knows.Bad sign.. COOK (shaking his head) Of course it smells like it! That's why sailors take to the sea! They all laugh.. MENDEZ has sensed the danger of this lack of respect. . MENDEZ To your post! At once! They split in silence. waiting for the land to appear.. They turn to him. The COOK starts laughing. Alonso looks up at COLUMBUS standing on the poop deck. He approaches them. Never says a word..

another SAILOR shouts "MARK". As it reaches the poop deck.EXT. melancholy voice.DECK .SAILORS sleep on deck.. COLUMBUS is making entries in . The SHIP'S BOY throws an "ampoulette" over board. Despite his hair lip he has a pure. passing the full length of the hull. A very primitive system of calculation for distance and speed. SANTA MARIA .DAY CLOSE UP ON AN HOUR-GLASS. staring ahead.. leaning over the prow rail. hears it carry over the darkness. nearly through its time. EXT. pushed by a hot wind -.NIGHT The SHIP is plowing on. SANTA MARIA . The SHIP'S BOY is singing to himself.DECK . COLUMBUS. We follow the bulb attached to a rope. Sitting near the SHIP'S BOY.

watching the hourglass. COLUMBUS converts the mark into a daily average for distance and speed. looks across at the SANTA MARIA.DAY PINZON. his OFFICERS beside him. CUT TO: EXT. Sir! THE HOUR-GLASS runs out. Twenty nine. SHIP'S BOY Mark.a log-book. THE SHIP'S BOY cups his hands to his mouth to shout. PINTA . . SHIP'S BOY Six hundred and twenty nine! AN OFFICER turns to PINZON to repeat the message. COLUMBUS Six hundred and twenty nine.

I don't understand. PINZON I think I do. OFFICER Captain. THE OFFICER examines his own calculations. CUT TO: EXT. on what seems to be a prairie of weed.OFFICER Six hundred and twenty nine.DAY ABSOLUTE STILLNESS. Sir! PINZON does not seem too pleased. PINZON I heard. He goes back to his cabin. The three ships like dots.SARGASSO SEA . . SHIPS . A FURNACE.

followed by the others. rowing.The caravels are being towed by three rowing boats. ALONSO pulling at his oars stares at COLUMBUS' distant figure with hate and resentment. Total silence. COLUMBUS is staring at the horizon. He then starts to beat a rhythm on the hull with his fist. FROM THE PROW. the MEN begin to follow suit. MENDEZ and ALONSO stare at each other. In the two other boats. Chaos. CLOSE ON THE MEN. throwing the whole boat into disarray. . ALONSO suddenly ships his oars. beating a rhythm of protest on the hulls. drenched with sweat. MENDEZ Continue rowing! ALONSO To where? ALONSO defiantly stares at MENDEZ.

MENDEZ looks up to COLUMBUS. in panic.DAY COLUMBUS Granted. PINZON You lied! You cheated! We're way past 750 leagues! . COLUMBUS' CABIN . SANTA MARIA . an OFFICER cups his hands to his mouth.DAY PINZON enters. CUT TO: EXT. He looks furious. ON BOARD PINZON'S SHIP. OFFICER Captain Pinzon requests permission to board. INT.

! COLUMBUS We have to keep the hopes of these men alive! PINZON We're on the verge of a mutiny.COLUMBUS (calmly) Six days ago.. yes. Colon! COLUMBUS You think I don't know that? PINZON We're lost! COLUMBUS The land is there.. I know it! PINZON . PINZON You must be mad.

remember? PINZON You bloody. Pinzon. You did all the talking for both of us... COLUMBUS Pinzon. right? So I'm telling you we're turning back! COLUMBUS And then what? Half of the water has gone..You don't know anything! Listen Colon. these are my ships. All we can do now is go forward! Think about that! . the rest is nearly putrid! You know that! PINZON (apoplectic) Jesus Maria! I should have never listened to you! COLUMBUS You never did..

PINZON You tell that to them! COLUMBUS You're right. He walks slowly over to them. All. As an afterthought.DECK . Let the men decide.DAY Most of the men are now back on board. are surly.. COLUMBUS Who gave you the order to come on board? He looks up and down the line. finishing on ALONSO. threatening. . EXT. COLUMBUS moves to the door. he takes his scarlet-embroidered jacket from a hook. They stare at one another. including ALONSO.. They go silent as COLUMBUS appears. SANTA MARIA .

.. What comes out of your is evil. The voyage is cursed..! This voyage is cursed! Some of the MEN murmur their agreement.. God has abandoned us. The BOY lowers his eyes. stands him in front of ALONSO. with his hair lip. COLUMBUS moves towards him. Some of the men laugh at this statement. COLUMBUS Cursed? ALONSO We set sail for greed. pulls him forward. ALONSO is ill at . COLUMBUS This boy has the voice of an angel. ALONSO glances towards the SHIP'S BOY. There are signs. What comes out of his mouth is blessed.ALONSO God doesn't want us to cross the ocean. Alonso.

The MEN are listening. will find their rewards. COLUMBUS Listen to me! Every man is afraid who does something for the first time.. I do not know if it is God's will that we cross this ocean -. COLUMBUS points at the SHIP'S BOY. COLUMBUS pauses.but I am certain it is the devil who puts fears into our hearts..ease. looks around at all the MEN. But those who overcome their fears.. COLUMBUS This jacket to the first man who sights land! I want a man up that mast day and night. COLUMBUS You start first. We sense a subtle change of mood. ..

. As he climbs. COLUMBUS Pinzon. MENDEZ Alonso! Jaime! Don't let this wind escape us. PINZON stares at COLUMBUS. CRIES from the other ships.The SHIP'S BOY rushes up the mast. COLUMBUS walks away to his cabin. This movement under their feet seems to imperceptibly erase the fears and the angers. the mainsail starts to fill with wind. as the sails snap taut. the more I sail... MEN rush to their posts. The deck begins to move under their feet. then turning back to PINZON. PINZON (murmuring) You lucky bastard. the luckier I get. shaking his head in disbelief. filling with wind.

wrapped in his cape. isolated at the prow. SANTA MARIA . CUT TO: COLUMBUS' head nods lower and lower to his chest. he enters his cabin. EXT. He stares at it for a .MISTY NIGHT COLUMBUS is seated. We become aware of a sharp buzzing sound. and starts drinking from the bowl. MENDEZ Shall I take my turn? COLUMBUS shakes his head no.a spot of blood. a crushed mosquito. A mosquito lands on his temple. He is asleep. struggling against the sleep. MENDEZ approaches him with a bowl of soup.Turning abruptly. and looks at his fingers -. He wakes up.PROW . COLUMBUS reflexively slaps it. It becomes louder as we move closer to COLUMBUS' face.

COLUMBUS is standing. stares into the darkness. desperate to see the land that must be close. He kneels by MENDEZ. wrapped in a blanket. . and opens one eye. COLUMBUS (murmuring) Mendez! Mendez! MENDEZ grimaces. He touches his shoulder. COLUMBUS turns. staring up at thousands of insects that wheel around the mast lantern. COLUMBUS Land.NIGHT In the luminous moonlight.moment.DECK . EXT.. Then slowly gets to his feet. We hear the flutter of their wings and see the bats as they swoop and dive in a feeding frenzy. SANTA MARIA ..

and standing on the shrouds. holding their breath. a SAILOR falls to his knees and burst into tears. staring forward as if to pierce the mist. COLUMBUS watches this . revealing a single palm. The entire CREW stand and stare. SHIP'S BOY TIERRA. As the sun begins to rise. COLUMBUS.! TIERRA! COLUMBUS strains his eyes. so close it seems almost as though they could touch it. silent.DAWN An opaque dawn.slowly.. Suddenly. Near COLUMBUS. the SHIP BOY'S voice cracking with emotion. the fog dissipates -.. Others laugh with joy. exquisitely. he still can not see anything. riveted. SHIP . Then a white slash of beach.CUT TO: EXT. The entire crew are clinging to the rail.

BEACH . his mouth open as if it were difficult for him to breathe.vision in disbelief. 1942. As the first boat beaches.DAY They stand on the beach. Behind him the rest of the landing party splash through the sun-dazzled water. On screen the words: OCTOBER 12. He closes them.. MENDEZ is in the second. PINZON the third. almost in a dream.. The land is there -a green paradise. Then opens them again. They stare entranced at the lushness of the foliage. and the blue clarity of the water. COLUMBUS stands in the prow of the first boat.DAY Three row boats plunging through the surf towards the beach. BOATS . COLUMBUS leaps out and wades ashore. There is . EXT. carrying the banner of Castille and Aragon. GUANAHAN ISLAND EXT. Tears come to his eyes.

stumbles over to COLUMBUS and holds out his contract and a pen. Coming to his rescue -.... tries to speak. ludicrously overdressed. The ROYAL NOTARY. He is so moved he cannot continue. I claim this island and name it San Salvador.. .silence. and by all the powers vested in me. COLUMBUS (pulling himself together) In the name of their Gracious Majesties of Castille and Aragon.THE SHIP'S BOY starts to roll the drum. filled not only with new respect. now wet through.. COLUMBUS turns to them. but with something amounting to awe. Tears have sprung to his eyes.. The MEN stare at him. He swallows. by the Grace of. COLUMBUS By the. COLUMBUS scrawls his name. God. He then stops.

JUNGLE . Another stops. The impossibly-loud CRIES of EXOTIC BIRDS.The MEN cheer as the flags are rammed into the sand. The sounds and smells intoxicate their senses. EXT. and in silence the rest follow. Then PINZON stops. flapping in the wind. They move forward. like the roof of a magnificent cathedral. Rays of sunlight pierce through the high canopy of leaves. the CHATTERING of MONKEYS. The SPANIARDS are overwhelmed.. then a third. COLUMBUS starts to walk towards the jungle. staring ahead of them. He has seen something.DAY Immediately they are met by an incredible wall of SOUND! The jungle is filled with NOISE. MENDEZ (whispering urgently) . They are filled with wonder..

and then. PINZON (warningly) Colon! . As if they had materialized from nowhere: the rest of the HUNTING PARTY. The SPANIARDS nervously finger their weapons. with a shock. Naked. They stare back at us. and starts to walk forward. removing his sword. fixing his gaze upon the first INDIAN he saw. pointing them into the jungle. COLUMBUS slowly lifts his hand into the air: a clear signal not to fire.Arquebuses! Several of them raise their weapons to their shoulders. Then. For a moment we don't see anything -. he drops it on the ground. From COLUMBUS' POV we slowly scan the face of the thick jungle ahead. carrying a hunting lance. Silent. with their bows and spears. we see the first INDIAN. painted like an idol. Watchful.

pulling at his beard. now laughing. Some of them laugh. and this gesture of affection seems to put the INDIANS at their ease. We begin to hear Indian music. they touch COLUMBUS.but something excites them. The SHIP'S BOY. the rest of the MEN lower their weapons. walks out of the jungle. They come forward slowly. totally naked. She is pregnant and holds a child. They start talking and pointing. start to tentatively touch the BOY'S jacket. COLUMBUS laughs too. COLUMBUS puts his arm around the BOY. has followed COLUMBUS and now stands close to him. An apparition: a beautiful young INDIAN GIRL. wearing COLUMBUS' embroidered jacket and the drum.COLUMBUS ignores him. even though some of the INDIANS have raised their weapons. He is the cause of their interest. The INDIANS don't move -. Sensing their innocence. CUT TO: . played on a flute. He stops in the no-man's land between them. Then.

Pillage will be punished by the whip. Neither are you free to take what you will.EXT. They are not savages and neither will you be.DAY A large post is lifted from the ground by two SPANIARDS pulling on ropes. COLUMBUS We have come here in peace.and then we see that it is a large wooden cross. .. The post is fixed into position -. INDIAN VILLAGE . Rape by the sword. and we will behave with honor.. The INDIAN VILLAGERS watch the ceremony with some interest and amusement. Treat these people as you would your own wives and your own children. You will respect their beliefs. for a seashell you give a bandana. COLUMBUS looks over at the men and gestures at the INDIANS.

.. COLUMBUS sits with MENDEZ. curious.. indicates his interest in it. and laugh. to a small gold ornament on the nose of one of the INDIANS.and offer them. for the first time. who are drinking and enjoying themselves in this strange world. Laughter.SUNSET The smoke from fires. Music playing. Other INDIANS stand around. VILLAGE . He points to it. The MEN are entranced. PINZON.. The INDIANS talk among themselves. The WOMEN openly suckle their babies.EXT. they offer the INDIANS wine. The INDIANS have prepared food for the SPANIARDS. The ELDERS smoke primitive cigars -. PINZON Gold. The SPANIARDS cough and choke at first. with good humor. PINZON draws out attention. ELDERS OF THE VILLAGE. In return. smiling.. the INDIAN CHIEF. to their guests. Dogs roam around the campfires.! Gold! ..

We see that some of the other INDIANS also have small gold ornaments. PINZON repeats the INDIAN word for gold. laughing. gives it to PINZON. PINZON shakes his head. who indicates that he wants to have it. about to argue -. The INDIAN nods -. indicating that he wants it in return. stops the INDIAN from taking it. the INDIAN has taken it by . COLUMBUS (to Pinzon) Give it to him! PINZON looks at him.but COLUMBUS insists. PINZON takes out the dagger and offers it to the INDIAN.The INDIANS says the word in his own language.but points to PINZON'S dagger. PINZON (irritated) By God! That's the worst trade of my life! His friends laugh. Innocently. The INDIAN removes the ornament from his nose.

. I believe no man will ever see this land again as we do. and the ELDERS laugh too. He looks up. COLUMBUS takes more ink on his quill and begins to sketch UTAPAN'S face in the . TENT .) October 21st. and the INDIAN laughs.. we see the first INDIAN we saw. A moment of tension..the strange.O. Then MENDEZ laughs at his clumsiness.. INT. Surely this is how the world once was.. He yelps. UTAPAN is squatting in the doorway of the hut. for the first time. COLUMBUS (V... I think we have returned to Eden. before the beginning of time. wonderful sounds of the jungle all around. This is UTAPAN. looks down at the blood welling up. Just outside this circle.the blade. watching. He's been there all night. 1492. COLUMBUS writes in his journal. squatting on his haunches.DAWN The first light outside -..

A gap in the dense vegetation. UTAPAN is shocked and amazed. and indicates that he too has something he wishes to offer.. The sun is rising. and COLUMBUS does the same. A mass of gold.. COLUMBUS obeys.. and filters through the foliage. UTAPAN gets up. and laughs. As if the time had come. UTAPAN stands up. UTAPAN orders COLUMBUS to sit. COLUMBUS follows him. He gets up and walks over to UTAPAN and shows him the drawing. Something is glittering. Then he is happy. EXT. As they approach. UTAPAN looks up at the tops of the trees.MORNING UTAPAN expertly scampering through the jungle. At first he is rather frightened of his own image. It's an electrifying moment. Gold. JUNGLE .margin of his log-book. COLUMBUS .. and COLUMBUS laughs with him and puts a hand on his shoulder in a gesture of friendship. He draws well.

discovers -- A large pool of fresh water. DISSOLVE TO: EXT. THE SHIP BOY'S cranium is shaved like UTAPAN'S. INDIANS AND SPANIARDS are traveling together in the canoes. and we notice that some other crew members are beardless. RIVER .DAY Wide shot -. UTAPAN leads the expedition in COLUMBUS' craft. The morning sunlight has turned the water into liquid gold. he fills his palms with liquid gold.A flotilla of canoes are going upstream.DAY . The surface ripples with the breeze. some even wearing tribal patterns. RIVERSIDE . UTAPAN smiles. EXT. It the stranger satisfied? Isn't this what he came for? COLUMBUS plunges into the pool. As he emerges.

watched by COLUMBUS.DECK . chatters away to UTAPAN. points into the distance. SANTA MARIA .DAY . MENDEZ and PINZON. UTAPAN repeats several times the word for GOLD. EXT. UTAPAN talks to an ELDER MAN. The OLD INDIAN shakes his head no. Far.INDIAN VILLAGERS confronting the SPANIARDS. indicating another distant place. UTAPAN Say not here! Cuba! COLUMBUS What is it? A tribe? An island? UTAPAN Island. showing some artifacts. OLD INDIAN Cuba! Cuba! THE OLD MAN nods.

This is inhospitable terrain. and grabs his foot. CUT TO: RESTING PLACE . It's hard work. ALONSO yelps. While his COMPANIONS rush to him.he sees the . UTAPAN rejoicing at the speed. his long dark hair floating in the wind.ALONSO is seated under a tree.Standing at the prow of the ship. examining the blisters on his toes. THICK JUNGLE . He then goes and kneels -. He takes off his boot.. CLOSE ON a snake sliding out of the empty boot. EXT. The MEN sweat. grasping his ankle.. and decapitates it with his sword. UTAPAN glances at the dead snake. Even the noises of the jungle seem somehow more sinister. a SAILOR spots the snake. he jumps screaming in pain. the SPANIARDS hack their way through thick jungle.CUBA . As he puts his foot back into the boot.DAY Led by UTAPAN.

His companion shouts at UTAPAN. There is nothing he can do. One of them cries. Others simply move away.bite on ALONSO'S ankle. EXT. horrified. RIVER . ALONSO starts convulsing. He has grabbed the forearm of a SAILOR. supported by one of his friends. HIS FRIENDS hold him. His look is already far away. His eyes are looking around at his companions. desperate in their helplessness. UTAPAN shakes his head. ALONSO is now leaning back.DAY . COLUMBUS Help him! ALONSO is quiet and silent. SAILOR Do something! Help him! UTAPAN He dead.

DAY UTAPAN and the SPANIARDS are trekking in the hills.they look discouraged. The group of SPANIARDS are resting. Finally. they are now suffering intensely from the heat and the vicious insect bites. MOUNTAINOUS JUNGLE . and beaten. who tirelessly trots forward. Fully armed... . tired. others soak bandanas. and tie them around their necks. they stand up slowly -.. nobody. exhausted by the humidity. He then looks up at COLUMBUS and PINZON and just throws the stones back into the water without a word. COLUMBUS doggedly keeps up with UTAPAN. COLUMBUS turns around and sees. Some are drinking from the river.Standing in the stream up to his thighs.. A SPANIARD (a gold expert) examines some stones. EXT. He calls out to UTAPAN. One after another.

and rushes back to COLUMBUS with comical energy. On their way back. His hair sticking to his forehead. Pinzon? . he burns with fever... It's enough. COLUMBUS No.. they find one SOLDIER sitting. As COLUMBUS and UTAPAN walk back.what he sees: exhausted men and jungle. Ashen. they find another SAILOR. then another. He attempts a smile.COLUMBUS Utapan! Wait! UTAPAN stops obediently. He has removed his helmet. What would you say to a drop of Jerez. then the whole group gathered around PINZON. You'll have to continue without me.. COLUMBUS looks around him -. as far as one can see. leaning against a tree. PINZON Well.

UTAPAN once again at the front as the ambassador. They all laugh as the OFFICER helps PINZON to his feet. gold. His eyes are closed. PINZON And a nice slice of Santa Fe lamb! I'd sell my soul for it. (to his officer) Help me up.PINZON grins.DAY A line of SPANIARDS and INDIANS threading their way down a mountainside. JUNGLE . his face thick with sweat. Suddenly dizzy. to the surprise of the INDIANS.starts to urinate. PINZON walks a few yards into the jungle -. PINZON is being carried on a makeshift stretcher. They enter a village. I've got to piss. EXT. he reels and collapses. It is red. .

GUARIONEX hands COLUMBUS a parcel made of leaves. HUT . The helmet is too big.NIGHT In the half-light. COLUMBUS nods -.INT. The ELDERS appraise the gift with solemn wonder. Inside: a GOLD grimacing mask. UTAPAN He cures.NIGHT A INDIAN SHAMAN is forcing a milky fluid into PINZON'S mouth. INT. COLUMBUS unwraps them. almost covering his eyes. In return. MENDEZ and UTAPAN watch the CHIEF GUARIONEX putting a Spanish helmet on his head. COLUMBUS attempts a gesture to prevent him. COLUMBUS is unable . The first real piece of gold.COLUMBUS. CHIEF GUARIONEX'S HUT .he obviously trusts UTAPAN. But UTAPAN stops him. figures wreathed in smoke -.

but the CHIEF only looks at him.trinkets. we see other presents offered by the SPANIARDS -.. Tell him we are leaving men here -. On the ground.. UTAPAN Chief knows. He waits for the CHIEF to speak. UTAPAN translates. UTAPAN (to Columbus) You come! You speak first! COLUMBUS Tell the Chief we thank him. COLUMBUS .to conceal his excitement at this first real evidence of the metal. COLUMBUS Tell him his country is very beautiful. and necklaces.to build a fort.

Tell him we will return very soon. UTAPAN translates. UTAPAN Chief says -. For the first time he seems to be caught short. COLUMBUS To bring the word of God.he has a God. The CHIEF GUARIONEX asks a simple question.how many? COLUMBUS Thousands. COLUMBUS . Many of us. UTAPAN Why? COLUMBUS doesn't seem to understand the question. UTAPAN Chief says -.

. awards COLUMBUS with a smile.(pursuing) .. UTAPAN Chief says. and also to bring medicine. and walks out of the hut. And the CHIEF gets up.. (pause) Tell him we admire his people.... UTAPAN Chief says he knows you like his. leaving COLUMBUS alone. UTAPAN translates... COLUMBUS . the ELDERS following. COLUMBUS (interrupting) He has medicine. (searches for the word) Women.

the boats pull out towards the two remaining ships.. The boats continue to pull away. SHORE .. COLUMBUS. EXT. and four other INDIANS are in the same boat. PINZON is laid out in the bottom of the boat. Thirty nine of my men volunteered to stay behind.O.. CUT TO: .DAY Watched from the shore by the INDIANS and by about forty of the SPANIARDS. who are staying behind.(with a little smile) That's a beginning. UTAPAN.... COLUMBUS (V. God willing we will be back in less than a year. the figures on the shore growing smaller.) March 1493.

COLUMBUS is writing with difficulty in his log-book.. Things fall from the table.) . no temples.NIGHT CLOSE ON: a golden mask.NIGHT .O... My ships are not filled with the spices and the gold that Spain was hoping for... COLUMBUS' CABIN .. as if the mask was alive. COLUMBUS (V. creating strange shadows. We did not find signs of civilization. the lamp in the cabin swings violently back and forth. Suddenly the cabin seems to lurch over... is to return to these untamed lands.. Nothing that resembles Marco Polo's descriptions. EXT.. COLUMBUS nearly falls.. Several men are ill.. And all I can think of.. But this land intoxicates the senses like the strongest of perfumes. No cities. SEA .EXT. smashing on the floor..

The deck jumps and rolls. loud enough to be heard above the storm. COLUMBUS (screaming to the sailors) Get below! All of you! Go! The MEN start to scramble below decks. Waves sweep over the decks.of terrifying proportions. It rises five meters into the air then falls into space and hits the water with a terrible crack.NIGHT Five MEN are struggling to lash down the tiller. along a lifeline. COLUMBUS and MENDEZ are crawling towards the mast.We are in the middle of a violent storm -. dwarfed by the massive seas. . The thunder is deafening. We see the two caravels. We hear desperate cries for mercy from the terrified crew. Light irradiates the darkness. DECK . EXT.

the other around his waist. Another gigantic wave crashes over them. The wood groans. COLUMBUS (screaming out) I'll stay here -. The ship rises into the air again. Help me! With MENDEZ'S help. COLUMBUS grabs some rope. crashes down. the deck disappearing beneath them for a moment.to decide if we cut it. COLUMBUS We may have to cut it! MENDEZ nods.. COLUMBUS is tied to the mast: one rope under his arms. . COLUMBUS and MENDEZ crawl towards the mast. tons of water falling like cement. MENDEZ hands him a horn. They reach the mast..COLUMBUS (to Mendez) Stay with me! The ship rolls again.

four.. COLUMBUS screams at him again. The ship keels over again. Mendez! MENDEZ crawls away. He emerges. dropping down and down.COLUMBUS (screaming) Now go! MENDEZ seems to hesitate.. its eerie light making it seem at times like bright daylight. There's an enormous thunderclap on "four" -.it indicates how close they are to the eye of the storm. seeming never to rise. COLUMBUS I said -.. three.. The storm rages. almost suffocated.below deck. COLUMBUS begins to count: COLUMBUS One. .. Another huge wave washes over COLUMBUS. two..... But as the lightning flashes.. COLUMBUS lifts his head to the heavens.

. four. another flash of lightning that illuminates the sky and the sea. We start to hear the "Te Deum". Then... five. something seems to move through the air towards him...screams out: COLUMBUS Damn you! As if in answer.. two. COLUMBUS starts counting again.. majestic and heavenly. knowing the storm is moving on.. CUT TO: . COLUMBUS One. a craft. COLUMBUS stares up at it. amazed..COLUMBUS starts laughing. it looks like some kind of projectile.. in the strange light.. Another terrible clap of thunder on "five" -.. with a trail of vapor. three.

A magnificent "Te Deum" is being sung -. FERNANDO and DIEGO are staring in fascination at COLUMBUS' triumph -.SPAIN . to see an incense burner. CATHEDRAL OF CORDOBA . beside KING FERDINAND and QUEEN ISABEL and other GRANDEES. COLUMBUS passes by.INT.. gliding swiftly across the ceiling. and other INDIANS in tribal regalia. walking proudly down the long central alley. The procession is followed by UTAPAN.in honor of COLUMBUS' achievements and return. . He turns to his family. The whole cathedral is packed with nobles and dignitaries in their gorgeous robes. trailing a think vapor of incense.. all eyes are upon COLUMBUS. BEATRIX.DAY COLUMBUS looks up at the vast roof. keeping his eyes on BEATRIX until she is out of his vision. As they move through the crowds.somewhat separated by the grandeur of this occasion. swinging.

SANCHEZ (whispering) . a PRIEST finishes giving the Last Rites and a sheet is pulled over the head of MARTIN PINZON. COLUMBUS sits on it -.DAY A stool passes from hands to hands. To one side sit AROJAZ and SANCHEZ. AROJAZ leans over to whisper to him. It is placed at the Queen and King's side. His WIFE and CHILDREN weep at the bedside. ROOM . CUT TO: INT.CUT TO: INT.DAY In a simple room. AROJAZ It won't be easy to get rid of your prophet now.SEVILLE (PINZON'S DEATH) . Don Sanchez.a supreme privilege. CATHEDRAL .

DINING ROOM . QUEEN ISABEL. The rest watch him with rapt curiosity. COLUMBUS You must not inhale. He hands the cigar back to MOXICA. SANCHEZ.NIGHT CLOSE ON: the face of a young. It seems to me the man is preparing his own cross. Hesitantly.. SPANISH NOBLEMAN. INT. We discover other people around the magnificent candle-lit table. COLUMBUS. With a casual air..then pauses.On the contrary. COLUMBUS takes the cigar from MOXICA. NOBLE MEN and NOBLE WOMEN. blows out the smoke through his nose. but simply allow the palate to enjoy the flavor of the Tobacco. COLUMBUS inhales deeply then. ADRIAN DE MOXICA. . to their astonishment. he brings a lighted cigar to his lips -. Your Eminence. ALCAZAR'S PALACE IN SEVILLE .

much to the amusement of the others.MOXICA himself inhales deeply -. ISABEL Do they have such thoughts? COLUMBUS They come and go as naked as the day God created them. He gulps down a glass of wine.. ISABEL blushes slightly..almost chokes to death. COLUMBUS They don't see sin in their . MOXICA (deeply embarrassed) And you say this is an Indian vice? By God! I don't see any kind of pleasure that would make this a sin... Don Moxica. COLUMBUS The Indians have no such word.

COLUMBUS These are gifts for Your Majesty. . filled with blossoms and fruits. in a never ending summer. dressed as a tribesman. The WOMEN around the table fan themselves furiously at the sight.and in comes UTAPAN. and steps back. revealing the gleam of gold inside. carrying a casket. SANCHEZ (interrupting) Forgive me.nakedness. turns and whispers something to a SERVANT standing just behind his chair... UTAPAN puts the casket down in front of the QUEEN. Don Colon. a bracelet and then the mask. And. She takes out some of the little golden ornaments. They live according to nature.. But what about gold? COLUMBUS nods.. ISABEL opens the casket. The islands are covered with trees. The SERVANT goes to open the door -.

The image is somehow powerful enough to reduce even the ARISTOCRATS to silence. The guests laugh obsequiously. MASTER Si! Si! Muy bien! Excellente! (Yes! Yes! Good! Excellent!) . who is staring at him. INT. looking across at COLUMBUS. He is fighting an adversary we do not see.DAY A SWORD MASTER advances towards us with determination. She speaks from behind the mask. his sword flashing. ISABEL raises the mask to her face. somehow moved by its crude beauty. coldly. ISABEL We are more than gratified. and comments his movements. COLUMBUS bows a little -looks up and meets the eyes of SANCHEZ.She holds it. ROTUNDA .

SANCHEZ You defend yourself admirably. He bows at his teacher. A dozen duellists are practicing in the magnificent rotunda.. who salutes him in return. Out of breath.We discover the SWORD MASTER is fencing with COLUMBUS. for a commoner? SANCHEZ laughs and raises his glass.. COLUMBUS stops the exercise. in a fencing outfit and boots. SANCHEZ To your second expedition. COLUMBUS walks to a tressel laden with food and beverages. he hands him a glass. .. COLUMBUS . Upon seeing COLUMBUS approaching. surrounded with a two-tiered colonnade. SANCHEZ. and removes his protective canvas padding.. is having a glass of wine.

somewhat ugly man.They drink. BOBADILLA I understand that you will soon be appointing Governors for the islands? Is it not so? COLUMBUS Forgive me.those positions have already been taken. approach them.Don Alonso de Bobadilla. . with some kind of imposing energy. A man who knows our laws. BOBADILLA (disappointed) May I ask by whom? COLUMBUS Bartolome and Giacomo Colon. Don Bobadilla -. SANCHEZ Don Colon -. A short. BOBADILLA bows.

SANCHEZ looks at him in surprise. SANCHEZ (amused) Don Bobadilla is already a judge. my Dear Don Cristobal. BOBADILLA glances at SANCHEZ. . COLUMBUS But we do have a lack of notaries. You should contact my administration. BOBADILLA I trust they are men of quality. Except there are no thieves! A grin disfigures the face of BOBADILLA. COLUMBUS Good! We are also in need of judges. BOBADILLA reddens.

INT. (kindly) A little hypocrisy goes a long way.. ROOM .ADMINISTRATION ... SANCHEZ fills his mouth with a slice of ham. Don Colon has no need for my services..DAY . SANCHEZ (amused) You seem to have a special talent for making friends. COLUMBUS What.? Do I have so many already? SANCHEZ (seriously) To rise so high. And he walks off. is a dangerous occupation.BOBADILLA (to Sanchez) I see I was mistaken. in so short a time.

The youngest. There is obvious tension in the room. is thin and fit. BARTOLOME is angry. COLUMBUS' brothers. more capable than I will ever be. and GIACOMO thoughtful.. around thirty. BARTOLOME You might have given us a choice! GIACOMO Bartolome is stronger.. COLUMBUS Are you saying you refuse to help? . no more than twenty five.COLUMBUS with two MEN: the oldest. GIACOMO You know I never shared those dreams with you. COLUMBUS I need both of you. These are BARTOLOME and GIACOMO COLON. What are you afraid of? We are living what we always dreamt of. is a strong-looking man.

CUT TO: EXT.. murmurs vaguely.COLUMBUS looks at them with such pained surprise. BARTOLOME (amused) You bastard.DAY The large gallery courtyard is crowded with PEOPLE -applicants for the voyage. COLUMBUS nods. touching his sleeves as if he were a saint. you always had your own way. He opens the door to a terrace.. COLUMBUS Let me show you something. they all press forward.. They crowd around COLUMBUS and his BROTHERS. here and there. trying to get his attention..... COLUMBUS . As COLUMBUS appears. calling out his name.. GALLERY .

. Who can I trust? (almost amused) We're brothers! We must be a House. COLUMBUS (indicating the applicants) Now -. plans. Soon... The cries from the ... maps.... reaching the other side of the gallery.. Thank you. A bloodline! In this country one can't exist alone! I need you.! Both of you! He walks then to the balustrade..Of course... Yes. We get glimpses of the incredible activity down below.you tell me. ADMINISTRATORS. MERCHANTS are busy around tressels covered with documents.. the BOTHERS press their way...... MILITARIES. Of course. COLUMBUS puts his arms around them. Soon. preparing the second expedition. We'll see to it. Fighting their way through.

COLUMBUS I know. some of the applicants begin to look up.. aware of his presence. MAN Admiral! The horses have arrived. the SOLDIER who was shouting is brandishing a document. . COLUMBUS He is here! What is it? He leans over the balcony. SOLDIER Where is the Admiral? Has anyone seen the Admiral? Everybody laughs. In the middle of the overcrowded courtyard.courtyard down below subside. I saw them! Who did we hire today? ANOTHER ASSISTANT raises his eyes..

UTAPAN falls to the ground. COLUMBUS walks beside BEATRIX.ASSISTANT Thirty blacksmiths. a hundred farmers. EXT.. twenty miners. twenty carpenters.. twenty eight halberdiers.DAY UTAPAN is lying in his hammock. and Doctor Chanca.VICEROY'S HOUSE . ORANGERY . COLUMBUS (looking at his son) He's growing up! . COLUMBUS The royal surgeon? Then we can count on royal health! The whole courtyard bursts out laughing. the royal surgeon. FERNANDO turns him over.

BEATRIX (with a smile) You don't usually ask. looks at him. BEATRIX stops in her tracks. COLUMBUS It is a great honor. We could not hope for anything better.BEATRIX smiles. COLUMBUS (after a pause) I can arrange for the Queen to take Fernando and Diego into her service. BEATRIX . BEATRIX nods. They walk on. but bites her lip. and looks back at FERNANDO. I want to ask you something. COLUMBUS Beatrix. nods.

FERNANDO becomes pensive. and UTAPAN. COLUMBUS stands beside his BROTHERS. EXT. He slowly straightens up to watch COLUMBUS and BEATRIX disappear. UTAPAN is pushing him gently.For once I wish you weren't right. SLOW DISSOLVE TO: EXT. they move away.DAY FERNANDO is now swinging expertly in the hammock. The arbor is empty. turns to his parents. . somehow sensing there is a dilemma. FAR END OF THE ORANGERY . BEACH AND EDGE OF JUNGLE . FERNANDO noticing UTAPAN'S reaction.DAY FIFTEEN HUNDRED MEN spread along the beach. pulling her closer. and MENDEZ. We become aware of the rustling of the jungle. COLUMBUS puts his arm around her waist. looking towards the jungle.

MENDEZ looks at him. MOXICA suddenly spurs on his horse. fanning out as they do so. A signal cannon is fired from one of the ships. but can't answer. COLUMBUS stares into the jungle.DAY Ruins. COLUMBUS glances at MENDEZ. complete and ominous. The order is given for the rest to follow.but then silence. CLEARING . weapons at the ready. each with a moldering tuft of human hair attached to the flight. .no welcoming party from the MEN they left behind. No one to greet them -. The camp has been burned to ashes. Birds scatter into the air from the jungle -. All are waiting. and guides it into the trees.MOXICA. prances back and forth across the sand. EXT. Nothing.JUNGLE . A strange sight: arrows are stuck vertically into the ground. astride a magnificent black horse.

Kicking one over with his shoe. But of the living. GUEVARA These animals should be shown what savagery can be! Other SPANIARDS join in. a SOLDIER discovers that his coconut is actually a human skull. Don Colon? COLUMBUS looks around in dismay. A YOUNG NOBLEMAN. NOBLEMAN Three heads for every life taken. repeating this last word.In silence the SOLDIERS pick their way through the devastation. takes out his sword. MOXICA Is this your new world. there is no sign. No mercy before God! . The gaping mouth has been filled to the brim with gold. The ground is littered with coconuts. HERNANDO DE GUEVARA.

Everyone looks at COLUMBUS.. They are all listening. COLUMBUS If you want to keep your head on your shoulders. We will wash this in blood. Silence. He walks among them. Thirty nine brave men who trusted me. friends.GUEVARA No mercy! Let's find them. . COLUMBUS No Guevara.. I lost friends too. COLUMBUS Moxica. MOXICA We lost cousins. you'll do as I say. There will be no revenge.

In this forest. .DAY MOXICA mounted on his magnificent BLACK STALLION canters to the edge of the deserted village and enters the village. We are a thousand. INDIAN VILLAGE . And in the name of those who died. EXT. there is enough danger to sweep us away in days! So we will be brave and swallow our grief. UTAPAN is terrorized by the absence of anything living. They outnumber us by ten! Who will you kill? Which tribe? MOXICA We don't need to know. COLUMBUS We came here to stay! To build! Not to start a crusade.COLUMBUS You want a war? Fine. we will accomplish what we came for.

THE INDIAN jumps back comically. brandishing his lance. Slowly. UTAPAN encourages the YOUNG WARRIOR to approach the centaur. UTAPAN They here. . The muscles shudder. rearing. Shy and scared. The animal. except for one. UTAPAN calls out in dialect. THE INDIANS retreat in terror. an impressive mass of muscle. who stands his ground. they begin to appear. one after the other -materializing from the jungle. They stare at this "Centaur" (the HORSE and the HORSEMAN seem to be one -. prances nervously.All we can hear is the breathing of the horse. accompanied by the rest of the tribe. To impress them even more. MOXICA makes the beast move sideways and backwards.a God). He places his hand onto the shoulder of the animal. its front hoofs pawing the air.

A moment of tension. retreating then touching until they fill the compound. took them away. UTAPAN Another tribe made war on them.. and their crossbows...... towards the CHIEF (GUARIONEX) we meet before.. and the horse.. COLUMBUS and his SOLDIERS appear all around them. Now more have ventured from the jungle. The bravest of them approach MOXICA. COLUMBUS walks forward. pointing their muskets. MOXICA climbs down from the saddle. At this moment. More INDIANS step back in fear and absolute astonishment. .Without warning. daring to touch him. BROTHER BUYL God have mercy on their souls. COLUMBUS Ask the Chief what happened to my men? The CHIEF answers. came by sea.

(to Utapan) Tell the Chief we will not harm his people.! you'll do it my way. eager for blood. even though we have the power to do it.. UTAPAN looks anxiously at COLUMBUS. COLUMBUS We will work with his people.. The SPANIARDS shifting. We want peace. Don Colon. UTAPAN translates. The CHIEF listens in silence. Ask the Chief if he understands? . A pause.MOXICA The monkey is lying. MOXICA We should kill them. COLUMBUS No.

MOXICA watches the scene. COLUMBUS Don Moxica -. COLUMBUS. it's clear the wheel is far too heavy and the mud too deep. clambers out of the pit and approaches him. plastered with wet mud. They are attempting to raise the huge wheel of a watermill. on horseback. CUT TO: EXT. Despite COLUMBUS' shouts of encouragement. COLUMBUS Ask him if he will help.we need your horse. WATERMILL AND DAM UNDER CONSTRUCTION . supervising a mixed work-force of SPANISH and INDIANS. COLUMBUS is floundering in the mud.UTAPAN He understands.DAY It is raining hard. Close by. .

COLUMBUS Forgive me. A beat. Not my horse. COLUMBUS wipes some mud from his eyes. He starts to turn away. COLUMBUS grabs hold of the reins. MOXICA My horse doesn't work.MOXICA looks down at the sodden. MOXICA stares down at an equally determined COLUMBUS. But it was your horse I was talking about. Then. Don Moxica. A beat. COLUMBUS We can't raise the wheel without it. MOXICA You did not hear me. in front of everyone. Don Colon. COLUMBUS Don Moxica -.we all have to work. dirty figure. MOXICA has to .

DAY Water thundering into the new canal. WATERMILL AND DAM UNDER CONSTRUCTION . CITY OF ISABEL . COLUMBUS leads the horse away. The MEN cheer and congratulate each other. the horse pulls.DAY Harnessed. and suffer the disgrace of it. CUT TO: EXT. with COLUMBUS and the MEN. CUT TO: EXT. Don Moxica. his eyes full of hatred. WATERMILL AND DAM . MOXICA looks at his mud-splattered and foaming horse. EXT. The wheel is raised into position. The huge wheel begins to turn.dismount. COLUMBUS Thank you.TWILIGHT .

cooking for them. talking quietly in their own language. high shot of the new "City". In the twilight.no more than a muddy main street bordered by a hundred bamboo and stone shanties. and a naked YOUNG INDIAN GIRL comes out of the house. MOXICA calls out something in their language. MOXICA To the Governor of the Mosquitoes! They laugh. dirty and tired. We see the smoke and flames from a fire.A wide. VERANDA OF MOXICA'S HOUSE . dominated by a huge wooden cross -.TWILIGHT MOXICA and GUEVARA sit out on the "veranda". watching the MEN return. MOXICA raises his glass in an ironic salute. EXT. A main square with the Governor's Mansion. Four or five INDIANS are squatting on the earth nearby. and the foundations of a church. with candles burning in the doorways. COLUMBUS and the other WORKERS returning. bringing more .

NIGHT In an already Spanish-colonel dining room. smiles at him. MOXICA lets the GIRL go with a peremptory order. DINING ROOM . and she disappears back inside.unsteadily -. GUEVARA stares at her lasciviously.NIMA. GUEVARA nods. my friend! To the new world! INT. says ironically: GUEVARA To the new world. BARTOLOME and GIACOMO. . MOXICA Do you want her? He turns the GIRL round so that GUEVARA can admire her properly. COLUMBUS is having dinner with his brothers. GIACOMO eats with gusto.and sweeping his arm round in a broad gesture.wine. GUEVARA suddenly stands up -.GOVERNOR'S MANSION . letting his hand casually brush against her flank. served by an INDIAN WOMAN -. MOXICA.

as NIMA smiles at him. the other BROTHERS laugh. GIACOMO I'd like to know what I'm eating. GIACOMO returns to the topic of the food. To cover his embarrassment. . As he sees BARTOLOME stifling a laugh. GIACOMO What is it? COLUMBUS Eat! I'll tell you later.GIACOMO (as Nima pours the wine) Nima's a good cook! BARTOLOME She's more than that! Seeing GIACOMO'S sudden blush and discomfort. GIACOMO pauses.

COLUMBUS eats a mouthful. The BROTHERS laugh again. grimacing) And they have very good cellars. COLUMBUS What wrong with it? The Indians eat it! GIACOMO I'm not an Indian. puts down his fork. BARTOLOME He wishes he were back in the seminary. he wretches slightly. glances at BARTOLOME. A look of horror crosses GIACOMO'S face. and gulps down some wine. (tasting his wine. Priests always eat well. GIACOMO . COLUMBUS Iguana.

From the balcony they can see the dark mass of the jungle stretching away. BARTOLOME sees it. and elbows COLUMBUS. the jungle beyond. looking down at the city. BALCONY . GIACOMO is already dozing in his chair. EXT. (pause) Eat your Iguana! Reluctantly this time.NIGHT They are drinking and smoking cigars. GIACOMO goes back to his dinner. COLUMBUS We've got to learn to live like the Indians. They both smile at their younger brother's exhaustion. Then COLUMBUS gets up and leans on the balustrade. COLUMBUS How much gold have we found? .GOVERNOR'S MANSION . The wheat and vines wither before we can harvest them.Nothing grows here! Everything rots in the ground.

and kills a mosquito by slapping his arm.. COLUMBUS looks out over the jungle.a melancholy sound.. COLUMBUS (jokingly) Then I'm Governor of the Mosquitoes.BARTOLOME Not enough to justify a single shipment. CUT TO: . COLUMBUS Perhaps it doesn't exist anywhere but in my imagination. BARTOLOME Then let's hope not. (pause) What will happen if we can't find enough gold? They begin to hear the sound of a flute -.

INFIRMARY .there is so little they can do. and other NOVICES. A NOVICE attends to an INDIAN. They are attended by a doctor. DOZENS OF SPANIARDS lie sick. On a segregated part of the room are the INDIANS. BROTHER BUYL. several coughing. covered in open sores. They die of our most . The NOVICE joins him.CITY OF ISABEL . BROTHER BUYL looks down at the body of a SPANIARD. In the gloomy interior of the long hut. DOCTOR CHANCA. It seems almost as if we have exchanged diseases with the Indians. helping him to drink -.INT.NIGHT An INDIAN is playing the flute. in the most primitive conditions. BROTHER BUYL What kind of disease is this? DOCTOR CHANCA I don't know. gently lifting his head.

She is in a ward full of patients. The patients are emaciated. ROYAL HOSPITAL . attended by a DOCTOR. their faces and bodies covered with virulent sores.SPAIN . ISABEL turns away.COURTYARD . BROTHER BUYL God forgive us! CUT TO: EXT. thrashing in his agony.DAY A MAN covered with sores is screaming.common cold. SANCHEZ and other members of her court. and we of their plague. shocked. DOCTOR It seems to be caused by intimacy with the native women. Your Majesty. NUNS move between the beds. He is held down. ISABEL Will he survive? . his voice muffled.

But ISABEL. despite her words. EXT. Your Majesty. MINE . We must give time for time.DAY . Your Majesty. ISABEL We weren't expecting immediate profits. They go mad -then they die. SANCHEZ Every ship returns with a cargo of sick and dying. There is nothing we can do. were we? We must have faith. SANCHEZ bows in acknowledgement. But with no gold! The new world proves expensive.NEW WORLD . looks distressed. appalled. ISABEL looks around at SANCHEZ.DOCTOR No.

GIACOMO sits at a table beneath an awning. they hand over a small quantity of gold. It is a blisteringly hot day. MOXICA hits him across the face with the thonged crop. . The INDIAN shakes his head. At the foot of the hill. TRANSLATOR He says he has not found any! MOXICA He's lying! Again the INDIAN pleads and gesticulates. MOXICA impatiently gestures the INDIANS to move faster with a thonged crop.Excavations carved into a hillside. starts to speak rapidly. He doesn't produce anything. and notes down each contribution. In turn. He is nervous. The CLERK weighs it on a scale. with MOXICA and several CLERKS. ONE HUNDRED FIFTY INDIANS standing in line at the table. The INDIAN tries to run away -. An INDIAN approaches the table.but is held by a SPANISH SOLDIER. gesticulates.

MOXICA Tell him to put his hands on the table.MOXICA Bring him here! The frightened INDIAN is brought back to the table.DAY . One of the CLERKS slips away. OTHER SIDE OF THE SITE . who was talking to a FOREMASTER. CLERK Don Giacomo. MINE . the CLERK sprinting to GIACOMO. you'd better come at once! EXT.DAY At the other end of the site. Like this! CUT TO: EXT.

The INDIANS flee. CLERK Don't Moxica! You can't.. ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE. CUT TO: MOXICA (to the clerk) I can't? I can't? With a single swift action. MOXICA draws his sword and cuts off the INDIAN'S hands. still passively waiting. looks back at the long line of INDIANS.MOXICA turns. disappearing .. CUT TO: GIACOMO and the CLERK running to the scene. MOXICA Tell them I want them to watch this! The terrified TRANSLATOR speaks to the INDIANS.

GOVERNOR'S MANSION . and flanked by his council. COLUMBUS presides. MOXICA stands before them. Until you are returned .into the jungle. you have created chaos. COLUMBUS In one act of brutality. INT. GIACOMO arrives at this moment. He stares at the dismembered hands in horror. Sitting behind a table with his brothers.EVENING A tribunal. COLUMBUS You'll be held in detention. Tribes who were fighting each other are now joining forces against us! All that because of your criminal savagery! MOXICA (casually) Savagery is what monkeys understand. deprived of your privileges and possessions.

EXT.to Spain where you will be judged. TWO SOLDIERS are drinking in turn. He laughs as he hears repeated banging behind him. BARRACKS . Have you anything to say? MOXICA (with exquisite insolence) You will regret this. and cracking jokes. BARRACKS . One of them leans against the wooden wall.NIGHT Everything is quiet on the mine site. He strolls to the GUARDS at the back of the room. On the terrace. CUT TO: INT.NIGHT A THIRD SOLDIER is fucking an INDIAN WOMAN against the wall. .

the SOLDIER believes the intruders to be his friends. INT. BARRACKS .NIGHT On the terrace. He is nailed to the wood behind him. their faces painted. transfixed. BARRACKS . A whooshing sound. THE OTHER SOLDIER stares at him. SOLDIER . his eyes facing the wall. Still busy with the WOMAN.NIGHT FOUR INDIANS in full warrior outfit. unable to cry out for help.CUT TO: EXT. He collapses. his two COMPANIONS laugh and encourage his efforts. until an arrow pierces his throat. An arrow embeds itself in the chest of the SOLDIER who was leaning against the wall. burst into the room.

slowly. and starts to scramble to the front door. AN INDIAN takes his knife from his leggings. EXT. TWO INDIANS force his mouth open. jumps off the WOMAN. terrified. She starts sobbing and imploring in her language.DAY PAIRS of bloody red legs hanging still. He turns around. trying to put on his trousers. THE INDIAN slowly walks to her.(without stopping) You animals! Can't you wait! Discovering the FOUR TERRIFYING FIGURES staring at her. THE SOLDIER chokes and suffocates. and force him to lay on the ground. THE FOUR INDIANS catch him. and plants the knife in the lower part of her belly. MINE . high in the air. the INDIAN WOMAN starts screaming and pushes back the SOLDIER. his eyes rolling in terror. THE MAN struggles. . THE WOMAN still stands half naked against the wall. A THIRD ONE kneels and starts stuffing it with gold dust.

Our ways don't work! BARTOLOME turns to UTAPAN. BARTOLOME (aggressively) Moxica is right. One of the CRUCIFIED BODIES is gently laid on the ground. uncomfortable among the SPANIARDS.Pulling back. Some hands and noses have been removed. we discover: A DOZEN SPANIARDS have been crucified on the scaffolding of the excavations. He is still alive -. BARTOLOME (aggressively) Can you find them? . UTAPAN is standing.not for long. COLUMBUS and BARTOLOME are silent with rage. A SOLDIER removes a huge iron nail from a wrist.

UTAPAN looks distraught -- this is the first time he is being asked to do something against his own people. He looks up at COLUMBUS for help in confusion.

COLUMBUS You have to find them, Utapan. Look what they did!

UTAPAN You did the same to your God!

COLUMBUS is caught short.

COLUMBUS We have to stop this war.

UTAPAN nods. He walks and takes an arrow. He examines it.

COLUMBUS Do you know them?

UTAPAN nods, uncomfortable.



Around a campfire, two dozen INDIANS are squatting. They are arguing over a musket and some woolen hats they stole from the mine. CLICK! CLICK! The INDIANS raise their heads. All around them, crossbows and muskets are pointed at them. Two INDIANS try to run away. They are shot.

This sound triggers the SPANIARDS' response. They start shooting at random. UTAPAN is horrified. COLUMBUS stands up shouting.

COLUMBUS Stop! Stop this!



MOXICA and a group of rebels (GUEVARA among them), silently approach the entrance of the mansion.

A GUARD is stabbed and falls on his knees with a cry.


MOXICA tears COLUMBUS' plans of the city from the wall. On the table, the model of the future city.

Watched by the other ARISTOCRATS, MOXICA sets fire to the parchment he has rolled up. He blows the flames from the torch onto the model. Fire races up and down the streets of the miniature, as if burning the city of Isabel.

A mad gleam in MOXICA'S eyes...


The half-burnt remains of the Mansion. COLUMBUS stands in the square, looking up at it. Behind him, his SOLDIERS, his BROTHERS and about thirty captured INDIANS.

GIACOMO walks slowly across the square. COLUMBUS looks at him in disbelief.


(through cracked lips) Moxica...


COLUMBUS leads his party of SOLDIERS through the jungle, looking for the MUTINEERS.

They reach the river -- scan the far bank. Nothing. COLUMBUS nods. His MEN start to enter the river, led by a HALBERDIER.

Others follow, wading across, their weapons held above their heads.

A crossbow arrow pierces the HALBERDIER. Without a cry he falls forward into the water, and is carried away by the current.

Two more MEN are hit. One cries out, thrashes around in the water, an arrow protruding from his side. The river stained with blood.

Now. An exchange of arrows.. He spots MOXICA at the foot of a cliff. COLUMBUS kills him with a thrust of his sword -. A MUTINEER is shot down from the branches of a tree.Still no sign of the enemy. JUNGLE CLIMB TO CLIFF TOP . with swords and other weapons. others continue to wade across the river. Already. The first MEN come ashore.. MOXICA kills one of COLUMBUS' men -. Musket fire. The MAN next to him is killed. In the midst of the fighting. with . on the far shore. COLUMBUS is now wading across..DAY MOXICA starts scrambling up the rocks behind him. EXT. creating a shield. sword drawn. There is hand to hand fighting. the enemy have shown themselves. pulls himself out of the river: A MUTINEER lunges at him. COLUMBUS' MEN nevertheless start to return fire from the bank.but his own are outnumbered and outmatched. COLUMBUS.and walks forward into the jungle.. some are beginning to surrender. and carried away by the current.

We are everything. to see COLUMBUS coming up behind him.DAY MOXICA bursts out of the undergrowth. TOP OF CLIFF . He turns frantically. We are immortal! . He steps backwards towards the edge. MOXICA You are nothing! You bastards will never inherit your titles. EXT. Knowing he is lost. MOXICA You know what they will say in Spain about my death -.don't you? He takes another step backwards. The climb through the dense undergrowth is so exhausting. they are now almost climbing in slow motion. as COLUMBUS moves towards him. He is at the edge of emptiness.COLUMBUS following. swept by a violent offshore wind. MOXICA regains his natural arrogance.

He is held fast. ROCKS BELOW CLIFF TOP . CUT TO: A MUTINEER -.DAY COLUMBUS stares down as his body is swept away.DAY His body falls. SQUARE OF ISABEL . CUT TO: EXT. EXT. His arms are tied behind his back. bounces off the rocks below. . TOP OF CLIFF . he is crying and trembling. and steps back into space.He smiles. a rope is put around his neck. EXT.his face is white. crashes into the water.DAY CLOSE ON COLUMBUS' expressionless face.

GIACOMO has covered his eyes.QUAYSIDE . BROTHER BUYL crosses himself and murmurs a prayer. their heads straight. sitting not far away beside his BROTHERS. A grimace suddenly transform THE YOUNG MAN'S face. The drums cease. Justice has been done. We hear the choking. ISABEL . A wider view shows the bodies of three other ARISTOCRATS from the rebellion. the rope still tight around their necks. The YOUNG MAN'S feet dance frenziedly.COLUMBUS. CUT TO: EXT. He is being garroted -. gives a signal. attached to chairs affixed to a pole. COLUMBUS stands up.his throat crushed with a rope. The members of the COUNCIL rise in silence. deeply distraught. BROTHER BUYL looks on impassive.DAY . Drums begin to beat.

COLUMBUS stares at the INDIANS. Brother Buyl -. I have no desire to remain in this godless place. BROTHER BUYL You treat Christians equally with heathen savages. SOLDIERS guard them. almost with astonishment. They are packed together. Don Colon.CLOSE ON several large wooden cages.though your departure will not help me to make it more Godly. You execute members of the nobility. BROTHER BUYL I wish to go back with them. They stare out with vacant eyes. BUYL at his side. BROTHER BUYL looks at him. COLUMBUS You may do as you please. A ship against the pier. And what do you offer in return? . Inside we see the INDIANS that COLUMBUS captured.

. Brother Buyl. Doors bang inside the building. ISLAND .COLUMBUS (quietly) A new world. INT. After a few moments. a melancholy sound.. They are silent. A gust of wind disturbs the roof of the jungle. GOVERNOR'S MANSION ... COLUMBUS sits on the balcony with his BROTHERS.. BROTHER BUYL Nobody wants one. three black waterspouts join the sky to the sea. almost as if he were speaking to himself.EVENING Against the livid horizon.EVENING The wind grows stronger. EXT.! Only you! And he walks away. COLUMBUS begins to speak quietly.

GOVERNOR'S MANSION . He has sat here all night. the wind even stronger. COLUMBUS This is not how I imagined it to be.. The BROTHERS do not answer.DAWN The sky is dark and threatening. When it begins. BALCONY .. everything is still possible -. EXT.. JUNGLE .every expectation. every dream. but now alone. We find COLUMBUS where we left him. . CUT TO: EXT.NEAR ISABEL ..COLUMBUS Perhaps hope only exists in the journey.NIGHT UTAPAN begins to shave his head.

won't you speak to me? You used to know how to speak to me.. in his own language) You never learned how to speak my language.. UTAPAN (sadly. He looks up -. staring at him. A strange and mysterious figure now.and sees a few yards from him: the naked FIGURE OF AN INDIAN. COLUMBUS Utapan! UTAPAN is still and silent. COLUMBUS Utapan.Shutters bang violently. UTAPAN is gone. . his face and body painted. COLUMBUS realizes who it is.

.. EXT. CITY OF ISABEL .DAY The hurricane is full force. . and all hell breaks loose.. Groups of INDIANS look up at the sky. Then. stronger and stronger.. horses. (the wrath of God) With a loud thunderclap. and the landscape is drenched in torrential rain. INDIANS Urracan. they hear another noise. equipment.... The wind doubles its strength.. Like a collective murmur..DAWN The wind is whipping the trees now. carrying everything away in their paths: houses. over and over.. Rivers of mud are washed down from the hills. In a few seconds it has risen to violent proportions.. Urracan. the storm suddenly breaks. almost in one voice. the INDIANS repeat. Urracan.. Urracan..EXT. above the sound of the wind. carts. SQUARE .. Trees are being ripped up by their roots.

DAY Timbers creak and strain. Suddenly.ISABEL . BARTOLOME.DAY The mine workings flooded with mud.DAY COLUMBUS. DAM . EXT. APPROACH TO DAM AND WATERFALL . MINE . MENDEZ and a DOZEN other MEN are trying to save the dam... frighteningly. BARTOLOME and MENDEZ struggle through the teeth of the hurricane towards the dam. the dam begins to crash. EXT. COLUMBUS.EXT. COLUMBUS (screaming) Let it go! Let it go! The MEN scramble away as the dam wall buckles. and burst .

AUDIENCE ROOM . MENDEZ. From the bank. CUT TO: INT.ALHAMBRA PALACE . SANCHEZ (V.DAY . Rain falls over a table covered with documents. A column of ants is threading its way across the floor. in his devastated bedroom. COLUMBUS' face is covered in dried mud.. Water floods over them.open.. He subjects the natives to violence.) He promised us gold but has failed to find it. INT.O.DAY COLUMBUS is stretched out on his bed. a roaring torrent. provocation and injustice. He sent them to Spain against the express wishes of Your Majesty.BEDROOM . each ant carrying a piece of leaf. BARTOLOME and COLUMBUS survey the ruins of their dreams. GOVERNOR'S PALACE .

In the vast. SANCHEZ . I saw it with my own eyes. ISABEL listens impassively to the voice of SANCHEZ. Brother Buyl? BROTHER BUYL Yes. but on the point of victory. representatives of the church and state. expressionless. glittering room. ISABEL Is this true. It is all true. ISABEL seems to struggle inwardly with her emotions. ISABEL Then. A pause.. SANCHEZ waits.. Also present. Your Majesty. He ordered the execution of five members of the nobility. what do you suggest..We are back to the first scene. opulent. other GRANDEES. Don Sanchez? . But there is worse..

A devotee to Your Majesties. ISABEL And who would you think of. QUAYSIDE ...DAY We see a buckled shoe -. DISSOLVE TO: EXT. The horse is mounted. STREETS OF ISABEL .as it rises. for such a task? CUT TO: EXT.O. it slips into a stirrup. A man extremely motivated. The shoe digs into its flank.DAY ..) I am thinking of a man.ISABEL . SANCHEZ (V. The sound of hoofbeats..SANCHEZ He must be replaced.

People look at them curiously. Some other MEMBERS of the COUNCIL are with them. We recognize him as ALONSO DE BOBADILLA. Through some has been rebuilt. BOBADILLA Don Alonso de Bobadilla. I remember. COLUMBUS Yes.. The MEN dismount and walk into the Palace..DAY One of the MEN in black clothes removes his hat and steps forward. COLUMBUS is sitting at his desk. the man COLUMBUS humiliated at the rotunda. ... GOVERNOR'S MANSION .. canter down what used to be the main street of Isabel. dressed in fashionable clothes. studying plans with GIACOMO. INT.FIVE MEN on HORSEBACK. the effects of the hurricane are still visible.. We see them stop near the Governor's mansion.

COLUMBUS Appointment to what? BOBADILLA Viceroy of the West Indies. happy to give COLUMBUS a low blow. BOBADILLA smiles wickedly. who comes forward and gives him a roll of parchment. gestures to one of the other MEN. BOBADILLA My letters of appointment. By another Italian. Weeks ago. . Then I am free to search for the mainland. bearing the royal seal.BOBADILLA turns. BOBADILLA Didn't you learn? The mainland was discovered. COLUMBUS Congratulations. I forgot his name.

Then. COLUMBUS pales. But I heard it is no more than a week at sea. CUT TO: INT.SEVILLE PRISON . BOBADILLA I am afraid this is not the worst news. Excellency. I hope you are not too disappointed.. Exactly as I said it would.. COLUMBUS How could I be? The mainland has been found.DAY . CELL .A MAN IN BLACK Amerigo Vespucci. COLUMBUS How far from here? BOBADILLA I am not a seaman.

A key turns in the lock. He looks feverish.. COLUMBUS slowly sits up.! He laughs.. Embraces DIEGO. blinking in the light. We can just make out COLUMBUS' face as he lies on the hard bed. COLUMBUS. He is sweating heavily. COLUMBUS Fernando. like his hair. overcome with joy. The JAILER lets in two fashionably dressed YOUNG MEN. his beard is filthy and matted. COLUMBUS A man! Diego. how did this happen? . turns his head to stare at them.! My God.All is dark. The YOUNG MEN come forward into the light. FERNANDO (quietly) Father? Unable to believe it. His eyes are reddened with infection at the corners...

seeing his filthy clothes.DIEGO Santangel is going to see the Queen.. COLUMBUS I have to explore the mainland. his eyes rimmed with dried mucus. charts. DIEGO Go back? There's a new excitement in COLUMBUS' voice.. incredulously. drawings. He walks over to the table. figures. COLUMBUS Good! I have to go back! DIEGO and FERNANDO look at one another. then back at COLUMBUS. FERNANDO This time with me! . The candlelight illuminates maps. We are going to get you out of here.

.COLUMBUS laughs and DIEGO looks at them both in astonishment. DIEGO In your present state it is madness. Father! FERNANDO glances at DIEGO. A pause. FERNANDO Nobody is forcing you to come with us. DIEGO is hurt. DIEGO I can't go anyway. Diego is getting married. FERNANDO She's very beautiful! The Queen has very good taste.

AUDIENCE ROOM . Diego. then at SANCHEZ. ALHAMBRA . Yes.DAY Like Lucifer and Gabriel.. a hundred times! But the man is still remarkable.. mainland. COLUMBUS hugs him. SANTANGEL Granted his faults. SANTANGEL presses his point. SANTANGEL and SANCHEZ sit on either side of ISABEL. ISABEL looks at him. INT. MOVED BUT CLEARLY UNDECIDED. COLUMBUS I am happy for you.DIEGO seems saddened by his brother's attitude. . Once again DIEGO feels like the outsider. SANTANGEL All he asks is a chance to explore this.

..? He is suing us for breach of contract! ISABEL Is he? She starts to laugh. (to the Queen) I beg Your Majesty to receive him. To hear him.SANCHEZ It does not belong to him. ISABEL Really? . SANCHEZ Penitent. He will make no more demands. He is penitent. Don Sanchez. SANTANGEL (quietly) In a way. it does... He has changed.

COLUMBUS Now I do look older than you.DAY COLUMBUS is shown into the room. ISABEL smiles with relief to see it. This time she walks towards him. COLUMBUS gets slowly to his feet -. clearly moved by his white-hair.. ISABEL is waiting for him.SANTANGEL tries to stop himself laughing. as they meet hers. and other signs of physical deterioration. as if it means to console him. He looks back at her. are as clear as before.but his eyes.ALHAMBRA PALACE . she offers her hand for him to kiss. ISABEL Rise. . AUDIENCE ROOM . Her hand is dying to comfort. INT.. Please. He drops to his knees before her. But instead.. Her hand hovers over his head..

Nor are you to return to Santo Domingo or any of the other colonies..then again. ISABEL But without your brothers. COLUMBUS Thank you. COLUMBUS starts to interrupt. Why do you want to go back.She smiles -.. ISABEL We have decided to allow you to undertake another voyage to the new world. You may explore the continent. ISABEL There is one thing I'd like to understand. tries to restrain it. and keeps her dignity. she stops him with a gesture.. after all this? ..

. he has obviously been listening.only pauses. He looks at her. then goes out. ISABEL I know. ALHAMBRA PALACE .some men are content to read about things. I must see them with my own eyes.COLUMBUS Your Majesty -. turns slightly.ROOM NEXT TO THRONE ROOM . I should not tolerate his impertinence.DAY SANCHEZ is standing alone in the next room. She almost bursts out laughing -. INT. SANCHEZ Then why? ISABEL Because he is not afraid of me. I cannot be other than I am.

COLUMBUS Call them. SANCHEZ All I have to do is call the guards.and doesn't call.INT. SANCHEZ I am not afraid of you. As he reaches a corner with a wide window. along a corridor. You are nothing but a dreamer. SANCHEZ nevertheless turns. COLUMBUS Look out of that window. in another direction. a hand seizes him. towards his office. SANCHEZ looks at him -. Surprised. ALHAMBRA PALACE . looks out.CORRIDOR . . COLUMBUS lets go of him.DAY SANCHEZ. COLUMBUS.

COLUMBUS' MANOR HOUSE . vanishing down the echoing corridor. towers. spires.COLUMBUS What do you see? SANCHEZ Roofs.. I did it! You didn't! COLUMBUS turns abruptly and walks away... there's something that will never change between us. COLUMBUS All of them created by people like me. palaces.DAY . Sanchez.. COLUMBUS No matter how long you live. SANCHEZ turns round again to face him.. EXT..

nothing. COLUMBUS God... Everything seems deserted.. There's no one about. rugs.. sees BEATRIX standing in a doorway. They are both moved.. He turns. BEATRIX They tried. BEATRIX . INT... They don't dare to touch. MANOR HOUSE .. She smiles.COLUMBUS dismounts in the courtyard. There is nothing left: no furniture. you're so beautiful! I can't believe no other man has ever taken you away from me. looking back at him. pictures..DAY COLUMBUS walks slowly through the great rooms. no sign of life. BEATRIX looks round the empty room. but I didn't let them..

. empty room. CUT TO: INT.They took everything. COLUMBUS (looking at her) Not everything.. .EVENING All that has been left is a simple table and one chair. They laugh. COLUMBUS God.. There's a pause. they only make him busier.. and on their faces.. Riches don't make a man rich.. as BEATRIX sits on his lap.MANOR HOUSE . DINING ROOM .. Do you think I care? I'm a free man again. how much I've missed you! And they throw themselves into each other's arms. though the candles throw a warm.. sensuous glow on the figs and hams and wine. They are having supper by candlelight in the vast.

when he tries to sue the Crown? They laugh. With only a little embarrassment... Santangel..SANTANGEL (O.) One chair. COLUMBUS I owe you everything. BEATRIX goes to the kitchen. SANTANGEL On the contrary. I have been an adventurer. (pointing to his .... (he points to his head) And here. BEATRIX gets off COLUMBUS' knee. SANTANGEL comes forward.S. and COLUMBUS embraces him like an old friend. but as you see. Through you.. an explorer! It's true I shall never see the new world. It is I who owe you everything.. I can't repay you. One table. but it's here. What more can a man expect.

SANTANGEL I wish you could have compromised. He takes the wine BEATRIX offers. a discoverer. a man of imagination. have we? They all laugh... . BEATRIX returns with a plate and glass for SANTANGEL. and drink. COLUMBUS But as least we haven't been bored.heart) COLUMBUS smiles. and raises his glass. not a politician.You cannot be all things to all men.. You weren't meant to govern -. SANTANGEL What you are.. is a sailor. It would have made your life easier. Colon.

. COLUMBUS How are you feeling. trying to control it.. as the smoke blows over FERNANDO'S face. staring out at the darkness. who is leaning against the rail. but COLUMBUS knows he'd feel better if he did.FERNANDO'S POV ...) Steady as she goes.. SHIP'S DECK .the moon shines on the waves and we hear the creaking of ropes and timbers -.. FERNANDO won't give in to the sickness.. Then looks at his SON again..EXT.. He is smoking a cigar.. southwest.NIGHT Night on the open sea -. MENDEZ (O.the loneliness and mystery of the night passage. Captain Mendez. COLUMBUS leans against the rail next to him.S. SAILOR'S VOICE West. It's clear he's feeling seasick. Fernando? . FERNANDO wretches. COLUMBUS walks over to FERNANDO.

pats him on the back. and vomits copiously.DAY . puffs out some smoke. FERNANDO winces.FERNANDO (in a strangled voice) Not bad. At the thought of the pork fat. gags slightly. COLUMBUS (almost casually) You know what I always used to do? FERNANDO shakes his head. COLUMBUS smiles. COLUMBUS nods meditatively. EXT. SHIP'S DECK . COLUMBUS Swallow a piece of pork fat on a string. It always worked. FERNANDO jerks his head over the side.

FERNANDO and his FATHER stand together.As it plows through heavy seas.DAY . EXT. COLUMBUS.. directing operations despite an obvious fever. Suddenly a cry from the mast head: SAILOR (O. COLUMBUS watches his SON. Discreetly. a coat wrapped around him. PANAMA (SURREAL IMAGES) .! Tierra! SAILORS and FERNANDO rush to the side of the ship. peering through the spray. a speck of land.) Tierra. enjoying his happiness. FERNANDO looks excited. is sitting on a chair topside.. COLUMBUS The mainland. watching the low cloud formation sitting on the horizon. and then he sees it: there in the distance.. FERNANDO wipes his eyes..S.

golden paste on his body. an INDIAN. EXT.DAY From the INDIAN treehouse.. A FIGURE emerges from the mist.. slowly. We move above it slowly. COLUMBUS. At first only a silhouette -.SUNSET .then. FERNANDO. a golden figure. gold artifacts. The INDIANS point and talk gently..A most wonderful and surreal image. The GOLDEN FIGURE turns. covered in gold. into an unknown distance. TREEHOUSE . A heavy mist lies over the forest.. CAMP . and points. so beautiful. FERNANDO has never seen anything so fresh. EXT. MENDEZ and several INDIANS are gazing west over a necklace of magnificent lakes.

MENDEZ and FERNANDO gather round. also looking at the map. he sketches the Panamanian coastline -. then growing excitement. MENDEZ We can't be. talking quietly all the time. Then. We see the outline of the continent of Asia.an isthmus. An INDIAN TRANSLATOR listens. A fire is burning. The OLD INDIAN continues to sketch. FERNANDO is still confused.. he takes a piece of charcoal from the fire and begins to draw on the map. COLUMBUS watches the OLD INDIAN with initial puzzlement. COLUMBUS looks over his maps. Ignoring the Asian continent. food cooking. He's saying we're on an isthmus. MENDEZ What's he doing? COLUMBUS He's drawing an isthmus.A magnificent sunset. trying to figure out where they are.. . slowly and very deliberately. An OLD INDIAN squats beside him. silent.

A big lake. The TRANSLATOR asks. Says those are lakes. emphatically.as wide as here. way beyond the other lakes..COLUMBUS Tell me what he's saying.? He's says it's an ocean? FERNANDO . TRANSLATOR He says -. points to the west. Water on other side big -.water on the other side. COLUMBUS Ask him if he means a lake. much land. Above and below. COLUMBUS (stunned) An ocean.. The OLD INDIAN shakes his head. TRANSLATOR No. laughs.

. another continent! FERNANDO stares west. the continent of Asia. COLUMBUS is too stunned for a moment to explain. COLUMBUS There must be a passage to that other ocean. But there's something in between! Another continent! We've found. COLUMBUS looks very feverish. COLUMBUS Here is Europe. for his son. and begins to draw on the map.. . The INDIANS laugh.. Then COLUMBUS takes the charcoal.. FERNANDO Father. then back at his FATHER. and over here. his face bathed with sweat..I don't understand..

NIGHT COLUMBUS. until they form a sticky pulp. FERNANDO lets him go to his FATHER. A little reluctantly.NIGHT . The INDIAN crouches over the bed. COLUMBUS chews.COLUMBUS' CABIN . quickly falling asleep. then opens COLUMBUS' mouth and puts the pulp inside. He shivers violently.CUT TO: INT. MOONLIT VISION OF VAST LAND MASS . EXT. feverish. encouraging COLUMBUS to chew with the motions of his hands. lies on the bunk. He chews the leaves himself for a moment. takes out a handful of leaves from a pouch. bathes his eyes. FERNANDO anxiously watches over him. SHIP . TRANSLATOR I help. Suddenly THE TRANSLATOR enters.

. COLUMBUS walks outside.NIGHT COLUMBUS' fever has subsided.DAY . the speed accelerating. the bay beyond. the caravel at anchor.We see things from COLUMBUS' hallucination. CUT TO: EXT. He raises his head and stares at the mainland passing in the night. RIVER .HIGH WIDE SHOT . closer and closer. JUNGLE AND BAY . CUT TO: EXT. We are plunging through layers of clouds. He smiles. giving us a sickening sensation of falling to land. DECK . EXT.DAY The roof of the jungle. COLUMBUS wakes up with a jolt. Everything is silent..

Stepping back accidentally. THE SOLDIERS spread out into the empty village.DAY Smoke rises lazily above the trees. CUT TO: The boats reaching the bank. deeper and deeper into the jungle. EXT. A famished SOLDIER dips his hand in one of the bowls and devours its contents: some kind of stew. revealing the remains of meat marinating in liquid. THE FIRST HUTS of a village. FERNANDO. FERNANDO . COLUMBUS and MENDEZ preceded by TWO ARMED SOLDIERS enter one of the huts. JUNGLE AND VILLAGE . FERNANDO bumps into a large earthen jar behind him. The remains of a meal is still warm in bowls on the matted floor.Two canoes going upstream. There is something disturbing about the appearance of the content. It rolls and crashes.

He runs at the back door. The remains of human beings. Oh Madre de Dios. COLUMBUS (approaching) What is.. SOLDIER . rams his fingers deep in the back of his throat.. (Oh Virgin Mary. like a sheep carcass.. he notices: A HEADLESS HUMAN TRUNK spread open.Oh my God.. Disturbed flies rise in clouds.. SOLDIER Oh Virgen Maria. Oh Mother of God. and vomits.. stunned.? He stares at the remains......) But as he vomits and cries.. He drops the half-empty bowl he was still holding. THE SOLDIER stops chewing.

TWO CANNIBALS drag him and cut his throat to finish him.. The CANNIBALS materialize among the trees. Bounding. They are running through the dense forest for the river bank. y todos los Santos.Jesus. Maria... and all the Saints. frightening FIGURES. their brutal faces painted in black. COLUMBUS (urgently) Out! Get out! THE SPANIARDS back out of the village. kneels to the ground. Mary.. but he is pierced by a spear. All have made the same horrific discovery. A SOLDIER stops. skipping.. crossbows pointed at the invisible enemy hidden in the jungle.) CUT TO: COLUMBUS and the SPANIARDS meet in the center of the village.. fires his crossbow and kills one of the CANNIBALS. running alongside. (Jesus. . They release arrows at the running SOLDIERS.

FERNANDO. A GIANT BLACK BUTTERFLY alights gently on his bloody fingers. he stabs the CANNIBAL. MENDEZ. COLUMBUS. screaming at his FATHER.. who collapses. launching them .. he raises his hand and stares at it. SPANIARDS and CANNIBALS moving in hand to hand combat. Frenzied. FERNANDO. Shocked by his own fury. A CANNIBAL comes sprinting at FERNANDO. CUT TO: THE SPANIARDS. all running hard to the boat. COLUMBUS jumps on the man. They run. drags him to his feet..CRIES AND CONFUSION. nearly capsizing them. brandishing his lance. and plants a knife in his abdomen. He stops and looks at his forearm -. ARROWS whistle around them as they leap into the canoes. Blinded in sweat.soaked in blood. COLUMBUS staring fascinated at its palpitating wings. COLUMBUS stabs over and over again..ELSEWHERE IN THE JUNGLE -.

He seems in a state of shock: he is pale and shaking. the caravel plowing.DAY FERNANDO is crouched on the poop deck. and soon. SHIP AT SEA . His FATHER'S forehead is dripping with sweat. SOME CANNIBALS still follow them along the riverbank. FERNANDO notices that his hands are shaking too.into the current. he hands him a flask of alcohol. Drink. As COLUMBUS goes and sits near his son. wrapped in a blanket. they are left behind.DAY Endless seascape. brandishing the flask. But the canoes are faster. Come on. SHIP'S DECK . As COLUMBUS insists. COLUMBUS (kindly) Take it. . EXT. EXT.

lurches. with sudden anger.FERNANDO drinks a gulp and grimaces. He raises his hand to his eyes. and has to lean against the rail. COLUMBUS I. COLUMBUS immediately hides his hand and stands. COLUMBUS Will you ever forgive me? .fever is eating him up. COLUMBUS' eyes are already fixed somewhere -.. I have to see Mendez. Then. I should have never taken you with me. as if they were burning. He drinks again and hands the flask back to his FATHER. FERNANDO notices dried blood on his FATHER'S fingers. Never! He walks a few steps. FERNANDO scrambles to his feet and rushes to him. who does the same. I'll never forgive myself. grimacing in pain. COLUMBUS Your brother was right..

believed to . COLUMBUS Captain Mendez! INT. After years of service to the Crown..DAY COLUMBUS is lying on his couch. CUT TO: FERNANDO is writing under his FATHER'S dictation.. I did not undertake these voyages for honor or wealth -. Your Majesty allowed me to explore the continent.FERNANDO turns around for help. SHIP'S CABIN . I do not have a roof to put over my head. COLUMBUS I came to Your Highness with honest purpose and sincere zeal.that is certain. COLUMBUS is drenched in sweat. FERNANDO is bathing his eyes. sweeping off the pus that continuously forms in them.

quietly continues to read COLUMBUS' letter aloud. DUENA "I should be judged as a Seaman who by Divine Will discovered a New World. of unknown proportions and wealth. and thereby placed it under the sovereignty of Your Majesties.GARDENS . whoever has charity. truth and justice." .DAY The DUENA. DISSOLVE TO: INT...be Asia. I humbly beseech Your Majesties that if it pleases God to remove me hence. ALCAZAR PALACE ... you will help the name of Columbus to be remembered with honor. Life has more imagination than we carry in our dreams. I now believe that it is an new Land.. sitting beside ISABEL.. Weep for me.

.the new geography. West by south west for 750 leagues to Santo Domingo. We slowly move across the arena.S. filled with PEOPLE attending a lecture of "Nova Geographica" -.the end of the back scratcher belonging to AROJAZ -.. AROJAZ stands in front of the assembly. From . AROJAZ . INT.. including SANCHEZ. ISABEL turns her face away. UNIVERSITY OF SALAMANCA . We see a large amphitheater.indicates a line across a large globe: the route between Europe and America.She stops reading. is KING FERDINAND. passing attentive faces.) The sunset route to the new continent is now well-established. enthroned.DAY An ivory-sculptured hand -. surrounded by COURTIERS.. AROJAZ (O. Facing him.

CLOSE ON COLUMBUS' eyes. Tierra Incognita. Then onto the mainland. listening impassively. leaving San Juan to the north.by Your Majesty's grace -has confirmed for all humanity the existence of an unknown continent.. On a highest tier..there.... This continent was first discovered by a sailor commissioned by your Majesty... AROJAZ . .. we stop on the face of CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS.... reaching the island of Hispanola on the northern cape of San Raphael.. AROJAZ Spain -. west north west. We continue to rise up the tiers of seats.. at the Cape called Gracias a Dios..

COLUMBUS stands among the students at the back of the CROWD. EXT. on horseback. . as they move off. AROJAZ My God..AROJAZ His name. a CROWD is kept back by SOLDIERS.. AROJAZ suddenly spots COLUMBUS in the crowd.! I thought he was dead.. On COLUMBUS. CUT TO: AROJAZ rides next to SANCHEZ... Amerigo Vespucci. AROJAZ is mounting his horse. surrounded by the KNIGHTS. They pass close enough to touch COLUMBUS.DAY Around the KING.. SANCHEZ is waiting for him. UNIVERSITY OF SALAMANCA . But he does not see them.

EXT.KITCHEN GARDEN .. If your name..now a FACE IN THE CROWD.DAY ANTONIO DE MARCHENA.then cranes his neck round. He is sitting in a simple armchair.. AROJAZ looks at SANCHEZ in surprise -. what a waste of a life. . is taking a siesta next to his grapes. is ever remembered -.SANCHEZ You can see for yourself... AROJAZ What a tragedy. a very old man now. or mine. a rosary wrapped around his fingers.it will only be because of his..? Let me tell you something. and looks back at COLUMBUS -. Arojaz. SANCHEZ A waste. LA RABIDA MONASTERY .

I forgave you a long time ago. hurting yourself -. he recognizes COLUMBUS and smiles. After a moment. COLUMBUS sits down. You see. I was proud of you. You were like a willful child. They laugh. You wouldn't accept what others told you.and . Bees drone lazily in the sunlight. COLUMBUS Have you ever forgiven me? MARCHENA nods his head. COLUMBUS You'll always be older than me. You had to find things out for yourself. MARCHENA Yes.The presence of someone wakes him. Both MEN are very moved. Father. MARCHENA I suppose we're both old men now.

He pauses. COLUMBUS nods. sighs contentedly. COLUMBUS I have to disagree. . smiles again gently. leans back in his chair. tiring. and looks up towards the sun.others -.. but fill them with the same people.and yet it seems the same. MARCHENA. The world changes -. MARCHENA More than ever I wonder what it is we do achieve by leaving our gardens. but never leave their gardens.. We find new worlds.. MARCHENA Do you remember when you said that people talk about the world.in the process. MARCHENA looks at his plants.. looks across at COLUMBUS.

and those like you! They both laugh. MARCHENA God bless you.. MARCHENA Oh? So you are a new man? COLUMBUS I don't know. COLUMBUS New worlds create new people.. EXT. I have the impression that I didn't change that much.MARCHENA I knew you would. BEATRIX'S HOUSE BALCONY .EVENING . I still can't accept the world as it is! MARCHENA starts laughing.

She places it on a small table near COLUMBUS and touches his shoulder. he holds her back. carrying grapes and a decanter of water.. He looks even older now. COLUMBUS has wrapped a shawl around his legs. examining documents and letters. He smiles. with his mass of pure white hair. BEATRIX comes out with a tray.FERNANDO is sitting in front of his FATHER. COLUMBUS . now? Tell me. COLUMBUS Can't you stay with us a little? BEATRIX I am busy inside. intrigued. As she is ready to return inside the house.. BEATRIX What is it. She looks at him smiling.

FERNANDO It's Diego. He says they hope to get your privileges restored.I can't keep my eyes off you. COLUMBUS looks at him with a fake air of reproach. FERNANDO opens a letter and reads it quickly. FERNANDO looks up at them above his letters. And maybe the house. .. He is at the Court.. with Santangel.... COLUMBUS What are you listening to? FERNANDO I am not listening. COLUMBUS smiles and nods -.. I would like to catch up with all the moments I didn't spend with you. amused and slightly embarrassed. Father. But I can't help hearing.all this seems to be of very little importance to him now.

COLUMBUS What does he say? FERNANDO He asks when he can come to visit . He says he received many letters for you. FERNANDO Fine. mostly.. He opens one of them.COLUMBUS But how is he? And Dona Maria? FERNANDO continues to read. Diego is thinking of starting a pearl trade. Some of your men. glances at it. in Santo Domingo.. it seems. FERNANDO This one is from Mendez! COLUMBUS' eyes brighten with joy.

and yet... His eyes are . He left his address.. FERNANDO Tell me the first thing that comes to your mind. and leans back on his chair. except aboard my ships! FERNANDO laughs -.you.. I wouldn't know where to start. Father. From the beginning. COLUMBUS (smiling) He never had one. COLUMBUS Really? (pause) God. COLUMBUS sighs... suddenly serious.. Everything.then.. FERNANDO I want you to tell me everything you remember.

Then. resting on a slash of white sand.. COLUMBUS I remember. .fixed somewhere.DAY A MOVING IMAGE.. as seen from the rolling deck of a ship.. almost in a murmur. We see: A majestic forest. CUT TO: COLUMBUS' eyes.. CUT TO: EXT. FERNANDO is waiting. searching.FIRST LANDING . A drop of ink falls from the quill onto the page and the words. We see the page.. and deep blue sea. I REMEMBER.. FERNANDO writes: .. BEACH AND JUNGLE ..


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