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January 2011

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Squadron News P. 1

January and February are recruiting & retention months!

A year ago we entered into 2010 with 5 senior members and 5 cadets. One year later we sit here, saying hello to 2011 with 10 senior members and 12 cadets after losing 3 cadets the later half of 2010 and 1 senior member who has moved up to a Wing position. It is important each year grow while retaining the valuable assets we currently have, so were asking your help to do just that. Word of mouth is huge, so talk to your family, your friends, even strangers, and tell them about CAP. If we havent seen you in awhile, stop by and see what kind of fun stuff were up to.

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Erickson named commander of local Civil Air Patrol squadron during holiday party
Lt Jason Erickson assumed command December 14th of the Civil Air Patrol's Southwest Iowa Composite Squadron. Erickson, the squadron's former deputy commander, now adds the title of commander to his vast list of accomplishments. Since joining the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) in leadership June many accomplishments of the past year. The following squadron awards for the 2010 year were presented: Outstanding Physical Fitness Award Cadet Logan Taylor Best Uniform Award Cadet Josh Salvato Most Improved Award Cadet William Griffey Cadet Airman of the Year At the conclusion of the change of command ceremony, Lt Col Allen Chilcote of Oskaloosa, IA was presented with a special plaque in deep appreciation for his leadership and guidance during the past two years. and administrative 2008, Erickson has held various roles within the group that, at the time, was a sister squadron under the guidance of the 072nd Des Moines Metro Cadet Squadron. With the official chartering of the Southwest Iowa Composite Squadron on December 2, 2010, Erickson is now poised to lead the group of cadets and senior members into a host of new opportunities. As a part of the cadet change of command ceremony, outgoing cadet commander Kaleb White received a special plaque commemorating his year of service. In addition to the change of command ceremony held on December 14th at the Red Oak Airport, members and their families gathered to celebrate another year with food, camaraderie and squadron awards recognizing the Cadet Katie Flora Cadet Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) of the Year Cadet Josh Salvato Senior Member of the Year 1Lt Jessa Brace Air Force Association (AFA) Outstanding Cadet of the Year Cadet Josh Salvato

December Awards & Promotions

Each month, on the 3rd Saturday during our day long meeting, we take time out to acknowledge all of the awards and promotions from the prior month. Achievement #2 & Promotion to C/A1C
Cadet Flora

Ranking Up Achievements and Levels

From cadets to senior members, we are all given the chance to earn promotions and succeed.

Achievement #5 & Promotion to C/MSgt

Cadet Salvato

Leadership Ribbon for earning his Technician Rating in Cadet Programs

2Lt T. Koppa

Technician Rating in Public Affairs

Lt Jessa Brace

Promotion to 2Lt
SM Tim Redd

Cadets Achievement #7, Robert Goddard

Robert Goddard is called "The Father of Modern Rocketry." His research led to the patent of the first multistage rocket and the development of the liquid fueled rocket, as well as many of the ideas that became standards in rocketry. In order to obtain this achievement and earn your third promotion youll need to complete the following:

CAP Certificate of Appreciation

Lt Jessa Brace Lt Jason Erickson

Pass a test on one of the Aerospace Dimensions modules (your choice) with a score of 80% or better. This test is open-book and must be completed on your own time.

Participate in a Character Development forum. Complete physical fitness testing requirements which include 2 of the followingsit ups, push ups and sit & reach and 1 of the followingmile run or shuttle run

Participate actively in unit activities. Recite the Cadet Oath.

Pass with a score of 80% or greater the chapter 7 test in your Learn to Lead Leadership book. This test is open-book and must be completed on your own time.

For more detailed information check this out. Upon successful completion of Achievement #7 you will receive your new rank for your uniforms and the Robert Goddard Ribbon.

You must also complete a drill & ceremonies performance test.

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4 January Cadet Meeting Aerospace Education Red Oak, IA Airport 1830-2030 11 January Cadet Meeting CPFT & Testing Red Oak, IA Airport 1830-2030 18 January Cadet Meeting Emergency Services Red Oak, IA Airport 1830-2030 25 January Cadet Meeting Moral Leadership & Drill Red Oak, IA Airport 1830-2030

Special Events
26 December-2 January Kansas Wing Winter Encampment 1 JanuaryNew Years Day 15 JanuarySaturday Meeting 17 JanuaryMartin Luther King Jr. Day

9 JanuaryKaleb Whites Birthday 23 JanuaryWilliam Griffeys Birthday 30 JanuaryDavid Floras Birthday

Gearing Up For a New Year of Cadet Special ActivitiesEenie, Meenie, Minie, Moe...
The deadline for cadet special activities applications is quickly approaching so dont wait to apply for a summer encampment or Blue Beret, apply NOW! Take a look at the NCSA commit now to a particular activity you need to online to eServices and following these directions for submitting your application. (National Cadet Special Acitivities) website and take a peek at all the exciting events coming up in 2011. If you know you can

Cadet Testing: What should I be studying?

There has been some confusion recently with the new online cadet testing and what exactly the cadets need to be studying. Upon further researching it looks like cadets

Your New National Cadet AdvisorCol Treadwell

Cadets hooked Treadwell into service A rated mission pilot, scanner, and observer, Maine Wings Col Craig Treadwell could have Instead, the new National Cadet Advisor has committed more than slipped the surly bonds on a daily basis, performing life-saving CAP missions and enjoying the independence that can come from sailing aloft. Read More 20 years of his life to helping cadets in Civil Air Patrol become leaders.

need to be studying from the new Learn to Lead curriculum for Leadership and the 2nd Edition of Aerospace Dimensions (for phase I cadets). Please go to the website to download volumes 1 and 2 of Learn to Lead.

New Cadet Regulation Published

The 2011 edition of CAPR 52-16, Cadet Program Management, is now available online. This is the main document governing the Cadet Program. Although this regulation was just approved, it does not take effect until 1 February 2011 so that cadet program leaders will have time to review it and make note of the changes. -As of this publish date there has Many thanks to the dozens of cadet effort. programs officers and CACs who contributed to the For a summary of changes, please see the slide presentation (click here). been some discussions on the Cadet Blog regarding the changes made to this regulation. here. To see the discussions please click

Online Testing Certificates

Cadets can receive certificates for passing aerospace and leadership tests online. After successfully their completing at an the online test, cadets can find certificates link "Certificates" under

"Modules" on the left-hand side of the Cadet Online Testing module.

Meet Your New Cadet CommanderC/MSgt Salvato

Cadet Salvato officially joined CAP on March 17th, 2010 after having attended meetings off and on since September 2009. Why did it take so long to get him to join you ask? Im not sure any of us really know the answer to that. Regardless though were very happy to have him in CAP and have very much enjoyed watching him steadily progress through the cadet program in the short 9 months that he has been a member. In that time, Cadet Salvato has regularly promoted every 8 weeks like clockwork. Within about 2 weeks of receiving his most recent promotion hell usually have all of his requirements completed for his next one, barring that weve done a character development class of course. While he is not permitted to participate in the physical fitness testing due to a physical waiver, that doesnt stop him from trying to get Lt Erickson to let him run at least a half mile or beat his previous sit up record (which right now stands at 43). If not attempting to sneak in some testing, hes active on the sidelines helping us keep track of scores or cheering on his fellow cadets and helping them strive to do better. In addition to all that, Salvato has also completed numerous CAP and FEMA tests in his spare time. He has already been to 3 SAREXs, been certified as a UDF team member and is a trainee in GTM3, FLM and MSA. In October 2010 Salvato was fortunate to get the chance to get up in a glider after attending the NCR Conference in Des Moines. In fact, he got up in the air 5 times that day which completes his 5 cadet o -rides. Good thing too since he turns 18 on March 22, 2011. He is accomplished, dependable and we know hell do us all proud in the next year as he continues to push himself further to succeed.

Cadet Resources
A Quick Reference for Everything Cadet
News & Updates Help for New Cadets Information for Parents Promotions Drill & Ceremonies Upcoming Encampments CAP Scholarships Orientation Flights Leadership Curriculum Training Leaders of Cadets Cadet Special Activities

Senior Member Training

The following is a list of courses provided to all senior members to further advance their education and training within CAP. Completion of some of these classes is mandatory to promote and complete a level.

Senior Members
What keeps a good squadron on its feet and prepared at all times is a well trained and knowledgeable staff.

Squadron Leadership School (SLS)

is required for the Benjamin O. Davis Jr. Award (Level II). Available online, sign up here.

Meet Your Senior Staff

We know youve all been around for awhile now and if you were at the holiday party you heard Lt Erickson list off a bunch of names and some titles, but heres the breakdown of the new senior staff as we all gear up to really get moving in the new year. Commander Lt Jason Erickson Deputy Commander Lt Jessa Brace Deputy Commander for Cadets 2Lt Terry Koppa We have assigned assistants to these positions, but Admin/PersonnelLt Jessa Brace Public Affairs2Lt Jennifer Koppa Safety2Lt David Flora Operations/ESCapt Tony Shackelford if you are interested in trying something out please see the individual listed to that area and they will assist you in any way they can. CommunicationsLt Jason Erickson Aerospace2Lt Floyd Taber Logistics/Vehicles/SuppliesLt Jessa Brace Professional DevelopmentLt Jessa Brace Recruiting & Retention2Lt Tim Redd LeadershipLt Jason Erickson FinanceLt Jessa Brace ActivitiesLt Jessa Brace

Officer Basic Course

is required for the Benjamin O. Davis Jr. Award (Level II) Available online, sign up here.

Corporate Learning Course (CLC)

is required for the Grover Loening Aerospace Award (Level III). Available online, sign up here.

Duty Position Continuity Books are HERE!

My big office printer is back online and as such Ive finally been able to get stacks upon stacks of documents we all need to properly execute our duties printed out and put into binders. While this is a pretty big improvement, Im sorry to say that the binders are not yet done. Truthfully, the binders will never really be done. From here on out it will be the up to the duty officer to maintain the binders (keeping the regulations and other required documents up to date as changes come out) and mold them into a continuity book that best serves the purpose of the duty position. As we all learn and keep moving forward as a cohesive unit we will inevitably learn new tips and tricks to help do our job more efficiently, and when we do we should We all strive to be the best and it is our goal to do so with the help of these new binders. In these binders will be a monthly checklist of different things we need to make sure we complete in order to keep everything up to date and running smoothly. Each month that checklist should be signed, both by the duty position officer, their assistant (if applicable) and the squadron commander. This will ensure that the squadron continues to run smoothly. In addition, once a quarter a review with the squadron commander will happen to discuss any concerns, ideas or anything of interest to your position. remember to make notes in our binders and update them to reflect these new ideas.

Unit Commanders Course (UCC)

is advised for those wishing to serve on the Command Staff.

Training Leaders of Cadets (TLC)

is a component of the Cadet Programs Officer Specialty Track

CAP membership soars past 61,000

Jennifer S. Kornegay Contributing Writer

Hitting 60,176 in July marked the first time membership had surpassed 60,000 since immediately after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, when the figure shot up to nearly 65,000. Current 35,048 membership senior includes and






Guimond, national senior adviser for support. It means we are accomplishing our mission,

Announcement: New North Central Region Commander

MG Amy Courter has announced that Colonel Sean Fagan will become the next NCR commander effective 13 January 2011. Due to the uncertain weather

NATIONAL HEADQUARTERS In the wake of a national economic recession and on the uphill climb out of that slump, service organizations across the country are struggling to simply maintain membership numbers and carry out the basics of their mission statements.

demonstrating not only to our members, but also to the public at large, that we are serving the country and our local communities. It shows our efforts are worthwhile and worth participating in.


26,335 cadets 61,383 at the end of October. Consistently increasing volunteer

conditions we have this time of year and the financial cost of travel, there will be no formal change ceremony. I would like to thank all of you for the support you have given to the North Central Region while I have had the honor to serve as commander. have strong accomplished and We many of of command

Yet Civil Air Patrol is once again proving itself to be one of Americas strongest and most committed nonprofit service organizations.

numbers is crucial to CAPs success, Courter said, particularly in its ongoing role as the official auxiliary of the U.S. Air Force. Since the Air Force relies upon

Julia Long, age 12, joined CAPs Baranof Composite Squadron in Sitka, Alaska, as a cadet airman basic in August. Her greatgrandfathers and fathers military service sparked her interested in CAP, and her uncle was a CAP cadet. She joined because she knows how beneficial the cadet program will be as she strives to reach her career goal. Read More

Today, CAP boasts a force of close to 61,500 volunteers. Its an honor to have so many people willing to serve their nation through membership in CAP, said Maj. Gen. Amy S. Courter, CAPs national commander. Im very pleased to see us regain the 60,000-member milestone.

us to assist them with performing a significant number of Air Force missions in the continental United States, our membership strength is important to fulfill our service to the nation, Courter said. We are citizens serving communities and every one of our members is important to our service. This achievement means a

things and the Region is very capable accomplishing it's missions. A number of staff members have already indicated your desire to leave the Region staff in conjunction with the change of command. To you and all who have served I thank you very much. The success of the Region was due to your hard work and commitment. later on this. Steve W. Kuddes, Colonel, CAP Commander, North Central Region I will send out a personal message

Meet Your SW Iowa Composite Squadron Commander

1Lt Jason Erickson joined CAP on June 19, 2008 after searching the web looking for something to do. He was extremely interested in something to do with flying, especially since he was looking into flight lessons in order to attain his pilots certificate, and thats how he found CAP. He liked the idea of a military-style based organization that not only focused on flying, but also focused on the youth in our communities. While he did join primarily for the flying, he stayed for the love of watching our cadets and fellow senior members succeed. Since joining he has participated in 6 SAREXs, numerous fly ins (too numerous to count at this point) and attained certifications in UDF, GTM3, GTL, FLM and FLS. He has also attending 2 SLS (squadron leadership school) classes, 1 CLC (corporate learning course) class and has been asked to assist with another squadrons SUI as an evaluator. From the start he has taken on the role of leader, serving in many capacities such as admin, personnel, character development instructor and deputy commander for the 072nd DMMCS before accepting the position as commander of the Southwest Iowa Composite Squadron.