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Project details

Subject : Business Presentation and

Language lab

Subject Code : HU-191

Topic : Collecting Nominal

Compound from a passage.

Assignment Type : Pair Performance.

Pair Number : Peer1 - Subir Chakraborty

Peer2 - Sanjib Karan.

Roll No. : Peer_1 - 39

Peer_2 - 50

Faculty : Prof. S.K.Das

College : P.C.M.T

Batch : MCA-I
Collecting Nominal Compounds from
the following passage

Development of ground water resources is known in India

since time immemorial. Archaeological and historic evidences
speak of the use of wells as one of the important sources
for providing water supplies. Basically the wells were
normally meant to cater to the domestic water supply needs
but records documented indicate the utilization of ground
water from wells to sustain irrigation of crop even during
the Mauryan Period (300 B.C.). Though the irrigation wells
are known to exist from the ancient times, the real
breakthrough to ground water development was witnessed
after independence and particularly with the launching of
the planned development programme.

The paradox about the ground water is that in spite of its

being present everywhere, most dependable and the
purest, its development could get real impetus during
1965-67 and 1968 when the country witnessed two
consecutive droughts. The Green Revolution in seventies and
the formidable contribution made by ground water further
fortified people’s and policy planners’ faith in the real
worth of ground water resources.

As a matter of fact, the importance of ground water as a

source of irrigation and other water supply uses is due to
its high dependability with extensive range of development
possibilities through shallow or deep wells that to, at the
point of use obviating the need for having a costly
conveyance system. The ground water structures can be put
to use comparatively with ease and speed and can be
individually or jointly owned by farmers which provide
them with just the right type of instant and controlled
Analyzing the collected Nominal

Nominal Compounds Types

Ground water resources Noun+Noun+Noun
Historic evidences Adjective+Noun
Domestic water supply Noun+Noun+Noun
Irrigation wells Noun+Noun
Ancient times Adjective+Noun
Development programme Noun+Noun
Consecutive droughts Adjective+Noun
Extensive range Adjective+Noun
Deep wells Adjective+Noun
Conveyance system Noun+Noun
Controlled irrigation Verb+Noun
High Dependability Adjective + Noun
Extensive Range Adjective + Noun
Deep Wells Adjective + Noun
Cost by conveyance System Adjective + Noun + Noun
Good Water Structure Noun + Noun + Noun
Explaining Nominal Compounds

Ground water resources : Resource of water from ground

Historic evidences : Evidences that were noted in history

Domestic water supply : Supply of water for domestic


Irrigation wells : Wells made for irrigation purpose

Ancient times : Long past time

Development programme : A programme conducted to develop

Consecutive droughts : Droughts that happened


Extensive range : Range which is extensive

Deep wells : Wells those are deep

Conveyance system : System for conveyance

Controlled irrigation : Irrigation that can be controlled