PINELLAS SENIOR SQUADRON Civil Air Patrol - Florida Wing Albert Whitted Airport, St. Petersburg Phone (727) 821-8354 October, 2009 Vol.XXVIII,No.6 Major Eugene Olson, Commander
Adrian Cuarta, 1 Lt Robert Smith, 1 Lt Jack Wholley, Maj Kenneth McMahon, LtCol Daniel Antrim, 2Lt Vivian Olson, LtCol Sal Valentino, 1Lt Emergency Services Officer, Deputy Commander Safety Officer, Personnel Administrative Officer Communications Officer, Logistics Officer Finance Officer Aerospace Education Officer, Historian Information Technology and Web Master

Saint Petersburg Squadron Civil Air Patrol– Florida Wing SAINT PETERSBURG SQUADRON Avenue S.E. 579 8th Civil Air Patrol - Florida Wing P.O. Box 352 St. Petersburg, FL 33701

St. Petersburg, FL 33733



Wynelle Deese, 1Lt Larry Tellier, LtCol Larry McConnell, LtCol Walter Pleasants, Major Henry Jones, Capt Joyce Nader, Capt Dr. David Johnson, Capt Dr Cynthia Moody, SM

Public Affairs Officer, Propwash Editor, CISM Operations Officer Aircrew Training Specialist Flight Release Officer, Deputy Comm, Glider Ops Chaplain Legal Officer Medical Services Officer Professional Development Officer

SQUADRON LEADERSHIP SCHOOL A Squadron Leadership School for Group 3 was held at the Albert Whitted Civil Air Patrol building Saturday and Sunday 12-13 September 2009. Maj. Gene Olson was the course director. Lt Adrian Cuarta acted as the project officer with assistance from Safety Officer, Lt. Bob Smith. The Pinellas Senior Squadron hosted the event and provided a continental breakfast and lunch both days. The first of three segments started with Volunteer Service, Officership, Public Trust and Intro to Professional Development, all by Maj Gene Olson. A second segment included the Role of Squadron, Staff Officers, and Individualized Training in Staff Specialities were presented by LtC Larry McConnell. A Safety presentation was given by Lt. Bob Smith. A third segment included The Foundation for Leadership and an Introduction to Leadership by Lt. Jim Chism and Maj. Doug Jessmer discussed Staff Officers as Communicators for Creative Thinking and Problem Solving. There were 18 students with one as a refresher from several years ago. Six of the students were from the Pinellas Senior Squadron: Lt Adrian Cuarta, Lt. Michael Lombardo, Lt. Cynthia Moody, Capt. Joyce Nader, Lt. Freddie Perez and Maj. Jack Wholley. This class is required for completion of Level II in the Civil Air Patrol advancement. The Corporate Learning Course is next in progression and will be present next year by Florida Wing. Submitted by LtC Vivian Olson

NEW MEMBER Bradley W. Berry is a pilot and joined CAP to get into the adult program. He was a cadet in West Virginia and wanted to use his talents as a pilot. He wants to become a Mission Pilot and to volunteer at aviation events. He was born in Charleston, W.V. and grew up in that area. He studied Martial Arts as a child and always wanted to fly. He has achieved those goals and is into the Martial Arts, “Kung Fu” and “Aikido”. He is married with one stepson. He currently drives Limousines in his current job. We Welcome him into our enthusiasm for flying. CRITICAL INCIDENT STRESS MANAGEMENT The Civil Air Patrol authorized this course to be taught at MacDill AFB on 18,19,20 September, 2009. Lodging, course and meals were at the expense of each attendee. Sixteen individuals attended with Alma Wynelle Deese being the only CAP member from the Pinellas Senior Squadron. Others included Roy Hall, Jose De La Rochas, James Martinez-Ruiz, Jim Bendickson, William Rogerson, Chet Malanowski, Linda Pugsley, Robert Rector, Steven Solomon, Phillip Zedonek, David Mosely, Kimberly ThomasBowles, Destiny Valentine, Jon Petersen, and Larry Fernald. Instructors were Dr. Sam Bernard and Carol Jewett. LtC Bernard is on the National Staff and is a licensed pilot. LtC Jewett is an RN and the FL Wing CISM Director. The completion of this course gave each participant 14 hours in Group Crisis Intervention and 13 hours in Individual Crisis Intervention and Peer Support. Members will be part of the Florida CAP Crisis Team and will continue their training in regularly scheduled conference calls.

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