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Auto Video Recorder

(Jser Guide

{, lnstall the TF card

Open the battery-compartment

cover and find a card slot at the front of the battery, make sure the card circuit connector is facing upwards and put it in the card slot till a clicking sound is heard. Unf oad the TF card: Press the TF card softlv, it will pop up


2. Power on the vgOO-Q2 device

Turn the power switch of device



(/ /
PIR audio recording / /y/ /1 \ // /,/



3, Recording



When V900-Q2 device is power on, if any motion activates the sensor, V9O0-Q2 will aulomatically start recording video and for 30 seconds. After 30 seconds, the V90O-Q2 will stop and turn to standby mode, il will start to record when the PIR sensor

is activated again. Response time period: When V900-Q2 device works with external power, the response time period from PIR sensor activated to start recording video is about 2 seconds. The response time period may need 5 se@nds if the device works with battery only. When the device memory is full, lhe V900-Q2 will automatically

oveMrite lhe TF card by deleting the earliest video. . Lioht indicator


lndicator status
Constant light Flash sl Constant liqht

Camera status Standbv orwithout memory card

Enter USB mode Recordinq Transfer videos to computer


Flash slowlv Flash quickly

4. Gheck the videos

Stepl: Put the power switch to "OFF' position to power off the device

Step2: Connect V900-Q2 with computer via a standard USB cable. Step3: Press and hold "SET" key and turn the power switch to 'ON" position. Keep pressing 'SET" key until the device indictor constantly light in green color. After 1-3 seconds the @mputer will notify 'found new hardware", which means that the device has been working on
USB mode.

Step4: Find the

filesas belowstructure.

&tItITt folder on the V900-Q2 "removable ot,) $*m*


disk", double click to expand the

-E ttffffi o


. These folders are named The videos are saved in the auto created folders such as according to the date and video recording orders. The first two numbers from left mean year, the

frlmlm S161s

third and fourth numbeB mean month, the fifth and sixth numbe6 mean day, the last two


numbeG mean the ordering of the videos created- And every folder can max. save 180 video .''

LiL -T_--f-LIL-.lL -T_- --r' si* Pq


I lr t'l'

L-l liLf ''lT'

For example, the file named 10012700 means that the videos saved in this file were created at Janvary 27th,2O'lO and they are belong to "Oo"batch. lfthe file quantity in this folder is over 180'

the device will aulecreate a new folder named 100'12701. Then the 181st to 360th videos created at the same day will be saved into this folder and they will be belong to '01' batch The
361st to 540th videos will be saved into folder named 1OO127O2,etc. Step 5: Double click the folder ect!?lr..J'1g i to see the video files such as


S*to* m


The files

are named with exact time when the videos are created. For example, "0741-23.AVl' means the video is recorded at O7:41:23. Double click the file n replay the video

4. Modify the time of the device

V900-e2 device had been set the time in the factory The iime will resume to its default value of January 'lst. 2008 if the power of the device (including battery power) is cut off lf this happened, you can reset the lime of the device according to below two methods'

Method 1: Through software

Step 1: Enter the USB mode.(Refer to chapter 4. Check the videos' stepl to step 3.). Step 2: copy f cniisar to root directory Step 3: Double click l!.*ig *. to show an interfa@ as below:

Step 4: Double click Isynchronize Time) to show an interface as below:

step 5: click ( oK

to quit and a


1 TTilncFc

rxT will be created in the root directory this file

save the current time of the computer Step 6: Disconnect lhe device from computer, switch the device power to "OFF", then power on g IIilEtlG rxr will be the device again within 20 seconds. The device time will be configured and

deleted from the root directory automatically. lf you can still see lhis flle after restarting the
device, please check if there was any false operation from stepl to step6

Method 2: Edit the time configure file

Stepl: Switch device to USB mode. (See chapter3' stepl to step3) Step2: Create a new text file named "TIMECFG TXT" onto the Q2 removable disk (Right click yourmouse,choose"New-TextDocument",you'llcreateanewtextflleChangethelllename

Step3: Double clicks "TIMECFG.TXT" to open it. Edits current time as the following format:
TEM E,YYYY/l\,4 l\4/DD/hh: mm :ss;

For example: lf you want to set the time as July.1 sth.2009 1 8:20:30(hour:minute:second), please input TlME,2009/07 I 1 51 1 8t20:30; Note: A gap or space is not permitted within this cha.acter string. All English characters must be capitalized.

Steo4: Save the file. Close the device removable disk.
Steps: Power off and then power on the device. Step6: Trigger the device to record the video. The current time will be activated and written into the new created recording files. And the TIN.4ECFG.TXT file will be deleted automatically. lf you can llnd this file again, it means that the modification is failed. Back to step 2 and try again.

6, ExcePtion clause

the'right to make changes and development We reserue . We operate on a policy ol conrlnuous prior notice' in this document without prooucts Oescribed improvements to any ot tne We don't guarantee . For the latest product informaron'

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