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Introduction: Library is regarded as the brain of any institute; many institutes understand the importance of the library to the

growth of the institute and their esteem users. LMS supports the general requirement of the library. Library management system offers many flexible and convenient features, allowing librarians and library users to maximize time and efficiency. It will track on the how many books available in library and books issued to the members.

Purpose: Improved customer service through greater access to accurate information. Increased productivity and job satisfaction among staff members as it eliminates duplication of effort. More economical and safer means of storing and keeping track of information. Easier access to Information like management reports and stock etc, as well as more accurate and faster results from statistical analyses. Reduces errors and eliminating the ennui of long and repetitive manual processing. Greater accountability and transparency in operations. Improved efficiency and effectiveness in administration and management as it has unprecedented access to real-time information. More reliable security for sensitive and confidential information. Appropriate knowledge-based action and intervention can now take place in a timelier manner.

Actors: Member/Patron Administrator Librarian Guest

Use Cases: Login View User Details View Books View Members

Reserve Books Search Books Issue Books Return Books Add/Remove Books Add/Remove Members

Diagrams: Actor Goal List Use Case Model Extended Use Cases Domain Model Activity Diagram Class Diagram Functional/Non-Functional Requirements This section gives the list of Functional and non-functional requirements that are applicable to the Library Management system

Function Requirement

The Librarian 1. Add Article 2. Update Article 3. Delete Article 4. Inquiry Members 5. Inquiry Issuance 6. Check out Article 7. Check In article 8. Inquiry waiting for approvals 9. Reserve Article MEMBER 1. Authentication 2. Search Article 3. Request Article 4. Check Account

Asst. Librarian Prepare Library database

Guest Register

Non-Functional Requirement

Safety Requirements The database may get crashed at any certain time due to virus or operating system failure. Therefore backup is required.

Security Requirements Depending upon the category of user the access rights are decided. For example if the user is an administrator then he can be able to modify the data, delete, append etc.

Software Quality Attributes The database should be user friendly.

Hardware Constraints The system requires a database in order to store persistent data. The database should have backup capabilities.

Software Constraints The development of the system will be constrained by the availability of required software such as database and development tools.