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Valve Seat Material Selection Guide

Tech Bulletin Page 180-07

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Choosing The Right Seat Material is the Most Challenging Decision in Ball Valve Selection
Flanged End
Valve Seat (2)

3 PC Valves
Body Seal (2)

Body Seal (1) Spiral Wound 316 / Graphite

Valve Seat (2)

Flanged End, 2 and 3 PC Valves share the same stem packing. V-Ring Stem Seal (5)

Thrust Washer (2)


Seats - Body Seals - Stem Packing - Thrust Washers Our listing of seat materials has been prepared to assist the specifying engineer and the end user in the proper seat selection. This information should be used in conjunction with the pressure temperature-rating graph found in our catalog for the applicable valve.


Seat Code Material Technical Description SUPER-TEK TFM offers all of the properties of reinforced TFE with greater strength, toughness, and improved thermo mechanical properties offering lower coefficient of friction for lower torques and less permeability, reduced cold flow deformation and enhanced deformation recovery. Temperature Range - 50F to 550F Color Valve Torque Adder



+10% less Than RPTFE


Flo-Tite, Inc.

Tech Bulletin Page 181-07


Seat Code Material Reinforced TFE Technical Description 15% Glass Reinforced TFE rated suitable for temperatures -50F to 450F, chemical resistance is compatible to virgin TFE with improved cycle life and greater pressure-temperature rating than TFE. This material is the basic seat material used in most Ball Valves. Its chemical compatibility is excellent for almost all media service applications. Temperature range -50F to 400F. Super-Tek II Glass Filled TFM-25% Glass Reinforced with 75% TFM, is good for temperature ranging from -320F to 572F. This material offers a wide temperature range with better cycle life than TFM. Ideal for steam, hot gases, thermal fluids and a variety of process chemicals. Color OffWhite Valve Torque Adder Standard As indicated in literature Standard As indicated in literature

Virgin TFE


Reinforced TFM



Combines the strength of metal with the lubricity of TFE. 50% Stainless Filled 316 powder combined with 50% TFE. Offers the abrasion resistance of metal with higher pressure and temperature ratings TFE than RPTFE. -20F to 550F / Steam rating 250 SWP. Special Nylon seats are offered for higher pressure and lower temperature service. They can be used in high-pressure air, oil, and other gas media but are not suited for strong oxidizing agents. Temperature rating -30F to 200F. Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene. Ideal for use in lowlevel radiation service. This seat also meets the requirements of the tobacco industry where TFE is prohibited and it offers an excellent resistance to abrasive media. Temperature range -70F to 200F. Recommended for service with severe flashing or hydraulic shock, abrasive media or where possible trapped metal may exist. Flo-Tites metal seats are hand lapped to the ball as individually matched sets, assuring line contact between valve ball and seats, resulting in smooth operation and tight shut off class. Flo-Tite offers metal seats in different classes of Shut Off including Class IV, V and VI. Polyetheretherketone high temperature semi rigid elastomer. Best suited for high pressure and temperature service. Also offers very good corrosion resistance. Temperature rating -70F to 550F. Designed to reduce the possibility of contamination by entrapment of process fluids in the void normally found behind the ball between the valve body in conventionally designed ball valves. Ideal for application where cross contamination is a concern, such as paints and dyes.




Translucent White


UHMWP Polyethylene

Opaque White


Metal (Stellite)







Cavity Filler



Consult factory for availability of all additional seat material.

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